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PS Vita - Akiba's Trip 2 - Mini Games

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Today we take a look at one of the min arcade games in Akiba's Trip 2 on the PS Vita. This is a shooting type of game and is pretty good for a mini game. Please note that this was shot with my previous camera the HDR-TD10. Enjoy!
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jjt022man (5 years ago)
OMFG!!!! THEY ANNOUNCED THE LOCALIZATION ON SILICONERA!!!!! http://www.siliconera.com/2014/03/05/akibas-trip-undead-undressed-coming-north-america-summer/       YESH!!!!! AKIBA'S TRIP GET!!!!!!
Easy mode (5 years ago)
good graphics
airion1324 (5 years ago)
You know what I should do? I should make a gravestone in my backyard and write any game that is not going to get localize like in Sword Art Online's giant gravestone in the center of the beginner's town. 
Greg Adkins (5 years ago)
The could release a free dlc Japanese to English translation pack.  You could leave the Japanese voices i'd buy it in a heartbeat. 
KajiKingStarzky (5 years ago)
considering how long it takes to translate a game it most certainly will not be free, I would pay for it if they do decide to go that route which is highly unlikely.
Tsukasa Tan (5 years ago)
Everybody should buy this Game, Its really awesome and i even doesnt understand japanese. 
Whats your real job?
Cippo (5 years ago)
how big the game area is??
MsDeathbox (5 years ago)
kaholkiller (5 years ago)
I order this game alrd
Ali Almisbaa (5 years ago)
Don't stop please
Shun Sun (5 years ago)
it's like mini gta to me
kevin rodriguez (5 years ago)
I want this game looks like a lot of fun.
hey new OB ,did you know the mean of each converation on that game ?
Rockstar 110Percent (5 years ago)
Can a person who cant understand japanese still be able to play this randomly?
Tria Chanda (5 years ago)
Awesome Game!
DavisX2Chao (5 years ago)
Game is looking fun
lenikai (5 years ago)
i hope this game will localized in EU/US, oh yeah that would be awesome. oh wait it's a japan only game... well have to practice my japanese
ThatGamer (5 years ago)
I love the commercials in this game xD
FarEast Armadildo (5 years ago)
Why is this game full of good girls?
fr0schi (5 years ago)
i think i'll buy this game, even if i understand nothing xD it's just awesome!
Chillzz (5 years ago)
Babas013 (5 years ago)
really interesting
Charanari13 (5 years ago)
Why is that TV working like a real tv?
Charanari13 (5 years ago)
I bet this has so,etching to do with fighting and striping people
airion1324 (5 years ago)
What is the main objective of this game? Out of curiosity... Great video again XD
DAMIAN Fuller (5 years ago)
I yetting a ps vita soon i saving up my moneymoney
fieryelf (5 years ago)
Good choice, you won't regret it, I'm lovin mine :)

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