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Professional Roy Lichtenstein style Photo into a Comic cartoon NO FILTERS

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http://masterpaintingnow.com click the link to discover more FREE drawing and painting lessons. free writing tips http://masteredit.info Learn how to transform a photo into a Roy Lichtenstein comic book style cartoon using Photoshop. No filters used. If you would like to be made into a cartoon I can do it for $25. Message me. view my art http://discipleneil777.deviantart.com
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Ash Lil Lady (3 years ago)
This is the best video out. I can now draw cartoons of any photo so quickly. I also learnt new things with photoshop that I can apply to other things I do. GREAT WORK.... Its a shame about the stolen video though. I watched this through that stolen link. Thank goodness for your comment as I was about to post this review on their video.... Thank you!!
TheCartoonist (3 years ago)
I got here through the "stolen" video of yours! What a sad thing.. I hope they don't do it with my own video. Anyway, Iike your style I'm not as good as you with my linework on Photoshop :)
Learn2Draw (3 years ago)
Even if you can only draw okay, you can easily do this and make money doing it.
Tiffany Kosa (4 years ago)
what about the dots?
Learn2Draw (4 years ago)
I should make another one of these as this one is old and the sound sucks, lol. Someone actually stole this video, renamed it and put it on their channel. Lame. 
ManateeRL (4 years ago)
Agreed with scorpion, I reported his video as well; As I said in my reply on his video, it's completely unethical to steal your hard work, so go here https://www.youtube.com/copyright_complaint_form  And fill out the required boxes, youtube should remove "his" video swiftly.
VscorpianC (4 years ago)
I just watched that video, then I noticed your comment, ( I watch a lot of your videos on your channel) searched and found this...these thieves are lazy losers.  I flag/report every stolen video of mine.
teddycul (5 years ago)
Use the pen tool and add a stroke. You dont need to finish the stroke apply it as  you go. Gives just as good as a result as AI
Claudia Green (5 years ago)
Brilliant. Thank you!
Elyzha Bates (5 years ago)
Is a normal Photoshop?
Saundra Jackson (5 years ago)
Great video.  I will try this.
Bryant Dodd (5 years ago)
Very nice work, I have inspiration now to try it.
Pascal Viaene (5 years ago)
really amazing, thanks for posting this. love you're work.
Stafford Gregoire (5 years ago)
thanks, that was helpful You make it look easy
Capsule (5 years ago)
are you using a mouse ? 
Learn2Draw (5 years ago)
I use a cintiq, but this can be done with a mouse.
NrekTV (5 years ago)
Learn2Draw (5 years ago)
Learn2Draw (5 years ago)
thx everyone
mohamed alsawi (5 years ago)
2010Kuwaiti (5 years ago)
you are amazing
Michael Timmons (5 years ago)
i loved it
JLDesignsOfficial (5 years ago)
You can do this on gimp which is free
JLDesignsOfficial (5 years ago)
I make these too but I make them on my iPad
Engelhafen (5 years ago)
Don't just say this and that layer - identify what you are doing more
Lina A (5 years ago)
GIMP isn't a bad softwater, and it is a good alternative for people who can't afford Photoshop. I am sure you can do this on GIMP.
Laura Nasta (5 years ago)
Please tell me what brush do you use:)
emmanuel quainoo (5 years ago)
All write.
Fenrid7 (5 years ago)
Thank you!!! this tutorial was great
sheltondk43 (5 years ago)
very cool
David Anderegg (5 years ago)
I would have kept her brown eyes. Much prettier.
Rayn Elyse (5 years ago)
That was very helpful thanks a bunch for all the detail, one thing I didnt catch was when you made a copy of the layer with the black lines in order to enter int he different colors, what setting did you use to make it only color in the sections instead of the whole art board?
Bred Pit (5 years ago)
my brush tool look like in paint,how can i fix that,to looks like comic book line,not paint line
Malkasten (6 years ago)
Wich Tablet are you using ?
Amer sinjawe (6 years ago)
Mixed_By_FLEX (6 years ago)
I tried it and i failed :/
BagioNinjaDancer (6 years ago)
great tutorial man!! thanks alot :)
kellyjdrummer (6 years ago)
If you weren't 15 years old, living in grannies basement and playing Guitar Hero, you'd get a job and be able to afford it. Oh, maybe not, you'd be spending all of your spare 'dosh' on pot. Doh. $25 is a drop in a bucket.
kellyjdrummer (6 years ago)
Why do you people never state which version of Photoshop you're using, the OS and mouse or stylus?
Barroco Studio (6 years ago)
Amazing !!!!!!!!
Andrew Sullivan (6 years ago)
wait did you even read my comment? wtf are you talking about?
Jonah Levien (6 years ago)
i charge $4
Jonah Levien (6 years ago)
i charge $4
Jonah Levien (6 years ago)
i charge $4
Jonah Levien (6 years ago)
i charge $4
Andrew Sullivan (6 years ago)
do you have multiple people on staff at ipaintgirls or do you just have a really amoebic voice?
Thom Bengtsson (6 years ago)
This is amazing!
кто российский
egy dentist (6 years ago)
i know it is too late but wow
Learn2Draw (6 years ago)
Go to to contact page on my site. Thanks.
Dima Ma (6 years ago)
I don't know how to get the brush that you're using, Any Help? :(
Learn2Draw (6 years ago)
To make it darker use multiply. If you have to, copy the layer, having two layers set to multiply. Or, even better, after you set the layer to multiply, then adjust the layer itself with levels to make it darker, or with brightness and contrast, or with curves, etc.
tomsan84 (6 years ago)
thanks great tut. I used this to learn some more on layer masks and layer type's. It was really helpful. I just made a picture cartoony using your shading technique (I used to shade using black on seperate layer with low opacity). What annoys me though (in your technique) is that you have maximum darkness with white which in my case wasnt really dark. making the shade softer/lighter was not a prob, but I couldnt make it darker.
bittenbyazebra (6 years ago)
Awesome job. Now I need to get a bamboo tablet! :)
Masterful job. Bravo. Great tutorial! Even though I do caricatures professionally, I've always wanted to know how to do this!
SquidkidMega (6 years ago)
Because money is used in exchange for goods and services
kendahke (6 years ago)
your lines will be smoother if you turn the spacing down to 0 or 1, instead of the 25 default setting.
xenmasterxenon (6 years ago)
suspekt29 (7 years ago)
@architectus777 LOL.
Learn2Draw (7 years ago)
@whatachola I don't think so. Magazines print in dots. Even if he wanted dots, he would use mesh, not paint perfect dots.
positiveKani (7 years ago)
V-Way (7 years ago)
@iiHazHax haha
Learn2Draw (7 years ago)
@iiHazHax No one said you had to, but if you wanted me to transform you into a cartoon, that's what I charge.
Learn2Draw (7 years ago)
@franksterling I don't know if I can teach that part. It really comes down to experience and intuition. But as a general rules outer lines are thicker.
Dustin W (7 years ago)
for real
Risky Malano (7 years ago)
Where i can get, a brush like yours, because i search it, and i cannot find it
Five people don't have Photoshop...
Zahier Zulkafli (7 years ago)
dude, use pen tool.
Olya Rambo (8 years ago)
way too fast
FLskater3DDI3 (8 years ago)
@architectus777 but mine no have paintbucket
Barry Francis (8 years ago)
Great tutorial
Triz G (8 years ago)
SABOTAAGEBEATZ (8 years ago)
Moon Dementia (8 years ago)
thank you so much for making and sharing this! wonderful work! I am gonna try and make one myself right now :)
SimpsonLover (8 years ago)
@architectus777 right!..but i see that many paint the layer that shows in the right panel and that won't work for me so i do use it to paint the actual layer
Learn2Draw (8 years ago)
@SimpsonLover Use the paint bucket.
SimpsonLover (8 years ago)
I have a silly q..how do get to fill the layer of the desired color you want?..cuz did what u do in the vid but it wouldn't apply,is there like a shortcut for that or what am i doing wrong?..ps:this tutorial is awesome and i u are quite pro ^^
Lorena Diaz (8 years ago)
I loved!!! Thanks.... You'r excellent!!! :D
Josef Cloud Ballecer (8 years ago)
@architectus777: where can i find Wacom tablets?
Josef Cloud Ballecer (8 years ago)
what kind of pen did you use? nice tuts by the way :D
Jermaine Haggerty (8 years ago)
Thanks i just learned something today lol
Cheentje (8 years ago)
Learn2Draw (8 years ago)
@Queenweezy1 There is nothing special about it. Look up Wacom tablets. You need a tablet in order to use pen pressure and pen size set to pen pressure. You CANNOT do what I do with a mouse, the way I do it.
Jd`C (8 years ago)
@architectus777 also, how do i make my brush like yours.... pointed i mean 00:38
Jd`C (8 years ago)
@architectus777 ok thanks gonna try it
Learn2Draw (8 years ago)
@jheckdota Round brush set with nothing but size for pen pressure.
Jd`C (8 years ago)
what kind of brush did you use??? Nice tutorial by the way
Learn2Draw (8 years ago)
@mugichan There's no point. The goal is to convert a photo into a cartoon in the quickest way possible and get paid.
jessicashadow (8 years ago)
Thank you this was very helpful for me =) and i now find this fun to do =D
James Adams (8 years ago)
50Jamesw (8 years ago)
hi, all of your tuts are very helpful. this one is a good tut on how to do old work . you said you do line work in illustrator. can you do a tut on line work in illustrator.I like working in illustrator. I'm trying to get better with that program. thanks , Jimi
ana carrillo (8 years ago)
how did you do the backround lines?
Learn2Draw (8 years ago)
@KubaBooba That is one opinion, but as an artist, I find it harder to draw on the PC, even with a Cintiq. Do to this, I could say real art is done on a computer with some sort of drawing tablet, but that would simply be wrong. Art is art, regardless of the medium used.
Learn2Draw (8 years ago)
@scoobytheboxer I typically don't make tutorials for beginners. the only beginning tutorial I have right now is the Pear Tutorial.
axis media (8 years ago)
You don't have any content posted. Your words mean nothing.
MediaFuser (8 years ago)
Excellent Work. Negative criticism of good work is usually coming from talentless people with little imagination. You Rock. This is what youTube should be used for more often. Keep it up.
Sarmed Alazawi (8 years ago)
thank you very much that was very helpful
Rodland Angelo Torres (8 years ago)
Thanks for this nice tutorial... but, how can I make the hard round brush pointed on both ends? the default brush is not in that form...?
Learn2Draw (8 years ago)
@Mau372 Everyone's intitled to their opinions. :p And everyone's a critic.
Some Dude (9 years ago)
i want a pointed end brush too :( where can get 1...
mexgangsta1 (9 years ago)
Kool! Thanks for the tut!
Deniz Oğuzer (9 years ago)
great :) loved it
Learn2Draw (9 years ago)
@arcimon Wacom Intuos
arci mon (9 years ago)
r u using a mouse?

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