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Silk blouse designs/Raw silk blouse designs - Fashion Friendly

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Text Comments (145)
Pushpa Diddy (9 days ago)
👌ede adare edara ret yest heli please
Leela Kishore (9 days ago)
Very nice
sha shab (10 days ago)
Nice #doiteasy
bavya Sri (11 days ago)
prakash Gohil (12 days ago)
nice design blouse
Khadar Basha TM (20 days ago)
Hourly 300 Rs jitna hour work utna Paisa. First payment through bank or paytm then only u can work ok. If interested reply
Indian Blouse Designs (29 days ago)
nice blouse designs.....thanks for sharing
amuli prajapati (1 month ago)
Nice designs he
Maheswari 7695 (1 month ago)
Nice collection...
Sonam ghadge (1 month ago)
veluduti Umadevi (1 month ago)
amar. ra balobal (1 month ago)
Gangadar Gangadar Kori (1 month ago)
superb designs mam
Fashion Friendly (1 month ago)
Thank you 😊😊
fashion world (1 month ago)
For more designs https://youtu.be/WLp44iBMK6w
Paul Raju (1 month ago)
Yogita Temgire (1 month ago)
Wow it's to good
Harsh Kumar (1 month ago)
green bale blouse me aapne paipin di h kya
Najuk Lanje (1 month ago)
Shay N (1 month ago)
Kharch khup chan ahe collections.....
manisha kute (1 month ago)
Very nice design
Renuka Swami (1 month ago)
simple and nice designs
S A W (2 months ago)
Super #doiteasy
Janhvi Jamdar (2 months ago)
Can u tell me how can I steech this design
Suchita Tikhe (2 months ago)
Barathjay Barathjay (2 months ago)
shopp vechurukingala????plss rply mee
Fashion Friendly (2 months ago)
Hey, these pictures are only for reference purpose, we don't sell any product. Thanks 😊
Samitha pelluru (2 months ago)
JINDAM DEVADAS (2 months ago)
Lang fraks csting
Pooja K (2 months ago)
muthu selvi (2 months ago)
Semma Designs
Prachi Katekar (2 months ago)
Nice designs
Raj Sai raj (2 months ago)
Suresh Amrutwar (2 months ago)
Simple blause cating bolo
Madhumaanu Ch (2 months ago)
Super .
great video.....thanks for sharing
Sharon Smart (2 months ago)
Are you stitching this modern blouse plz tell...looking beautiful love all those blouses 😍
ashwini kumari (2 months ago)
Hi... All blowse designs are very neet & nice. I like the collection..😊
Fashion Friendly (2 months ago)
Thank u..😊
vijay wankhade (2 months ago)
ye blause ki ctting our stiching kaise dekhe pleez bataye
Renuka Sonnad (2 months ago)
vijay wankhade (2 months ago)
३३ number blause ki katting aur sticcing bataye pleez
Ahesan Baig (2 months ago)
14No. Ka bloiuse ka kis type me krte h vo batao plz...
Barathimohan Mohan (2 months ago)
Malu Mokashi (2 months ago)
Taheera Shaik (2 months ago)
Rajalakshmi K (2 months ago)
TECH TAMIL (2 months ago)
Where is ur shop
ramchandra malile (2 months ago)
komma srihari (2 months ago)
Mahi Maganti (2 months ago)
The best designs
Raj Kumar (18 days ago)
Priyanka Bhovi (2 months ago)
Raghunath Ghadage (2 months ago)
Nice disaenas
A. Dhana Lakshmi (2 months ago)
Very nice designs. I like it
A. Dhana Lakshmi (2 months ago)
Hai how are you.
Fashion Friendly (2 months ago)
Simran Hate (2 months ago)
Nice 👌👌
Jyothi Negalur (2 months ago)
Shraddha More (2 months ago)
GOKILA S (2 months ago)
All designs r very nc.....
om Pathak (3 months ago)
Nice dejaen
mohan r (3 months ago)
D Santoshi (3 months ago)
sathaiah 2109193 (2 months ago)
sathaiah 2109193 (2 months ago)
Rohinth Jj (3 months ago)
Blacky super
DIVYA Appana (3 months ago)
Nice design
Ash Mahapure (2 months ago)
DIVYA Appana so
POLINAIDU DOKULA (3 months ago)
Very nice
Barbie Doll (3 months ago)
VERY nice design superb
Mandla Madana Gopal (3 months ago)
Barbie Doll
Fashion Friendly (3 months ago)
Thank you...😊
Getha S (3 months ago)
Joshni Ni (3 months ago)
nice designs
Fashion Friendly (3 months ago)
Shivakumar Shivakumar (3 months ago)
Very nice
Fashion Friendly (3 months ago)
As Creation (3 months ago)
Dinesh dharni (3 months ago)
Revathi Karuppu Samy (3 months ago)
super mam
Fashion Friendly (3 months ago)
Shreesadguru Krupa (3 months ago)
Very Beautiful design
sarswati borate (3 months ago)
Super video
Jugal Singh (15 days ago)
Stariharistsri .
Rushi Shirvat (1 month ago)
sarswati borate on
Fashion Friendly (3 months ago)
Binita Pariyar (3 months ago)
Nice designs..
Fashion Friendly (3 months ago)
Thanks binita...😊
Pritampati Tripathi (3 months ago)
Very nice
Fashion Friendly (3 months ago)
Kuna Revathi (3 months ago)
Nice designs
Fashion Friendly (3 months ago)
Thanks 😊
priyanka dhotre (3 months ago)
Nice designs I love it
Karthika Karthika (3 months ago)
Super design
Fashion Friendly (3 months ago)
Thanks karthika...😊
MRC Newton (3 months ago)
Is that designs? Very worst
Sania Sania (3 months ago)
E designs ni stiching chesi chupinchachu kada
Mandla Madana Gopal (3 months ago)
Sania Sania
Mandla Madana Gopal (3 months ago)
Sania Sania
Annapoorana Kurabara (3 months ago)
kalla Anjali (3 months ago)
Adi Narasimhudu V (2 months ago)
Hvaunuu Birajadar (2 months ago)
Fashion Friendly (3 months ago)
Kiran Kumar (3 months ago)
ramubarati ramubarati (3 months ago)
cutting pettandi
Sanjabrao Gangawane (3 months ago)
Very nice desines
Fashion Friendly (3 months ago)
Thank you....😊😊
Beauty Blender (3 months ago)
New Model Kurta https://youtu.be/Gt94t-tqh7U
Sudha Manju (3 months ago)
Abburi uma maheswari (3 months ago)
super blouses patch work designs super ga udi
Madan Jatwar (3 months ago)
Uma Maheshwari
Fashion Friendly (3 months ago)
Thanks Uma ji....😊😊
manisha yadav (3 months ago)
Nice nack design mam.katori blouse 36 chest ka catting& stiching ka video banao na pl
As Creation (3 months ago)
Plzz subscribe me
Anant Joshi (3 months ago)
KARTHIK REDDY (3 months ago)
Hi,please click the below link and partcipate on the giveaway contest.pls support us. thank you to channel fashion friendly for letting me a comment here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVqIHDCsiUA
Nethra S N (3 months ago)
Super design bloose
Raj Kumar (18 days ago)
Ekwoww0 ddkekrkrkrk
Suman Sharma (2 months ago)
ASHWANI SHARMA (2 months ago)
Ranganath Ranga b
Ranganath Ranga (2 months ago)
please click the below link and partcipate on the giveaway contest.pls support us. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVqIHDCsiUA
Rakhi Singh (3 months ago)
Please Golden black Master film full video bana kar dikhaye
Rakhi Singh (3 months ago)
Golden blue blouse ka full video bana ke dikhao
Asha Rani (3 months ago)
qtypie piu (3 months ago)
nic design
Raj Kumar (18 days ago)
Raj Kumar (18 days ago)
+Anju Anjan ejek2kwkwk
Raj Kumar (18 days ago)
Devanaboina Praveena (2 months ago)
Rho hepcidin
Saratha M (3 months ago)
wov super all
Raj Kumar (18 days ago)
+Fashion Friendly dmem2k2o2osjwsksksiwenzndowozmxmxkffirifn xmx
Raj Kumar (18 days ago)
please click the below link and partcipate on the giveaway contest.pls support us. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVqIHDCsiUA
Fashion Friendly (3 months ago)
Thanks saratha.....😍

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