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Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2019

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Alexander McQueen Spring Summer 2019 Full Womenswear Runway Fashion Show Collection by Sarah Burton #Bayoucool2Favourite
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G Jacky Roxas (2 days ago)
Lana Crowley (4 days ago)
Same patterns every single collection. It's like the "100 people in a room and 99 don't believe, but 1 does" of fashion
bert long (9 days ago)
It fell apart towards the middle. It started looking like salsa sagging ballroom costumes with flats. It was all over the place. It didn't have cohesiveness.
FatBlackPussycat (16 days ago)
Vittoria Ceretti 7:07 love her so much
Sarah Leach (21 days ago)
So fabulous
Sarah Leach (21 days ago)
Dream Creature (22 days ago)
Expected... which is not "McQueen"
Dream Creature (11 days ago)
+TheThelandofsmiles I know this. Hence the quotations around the name, was more referring to what the name stands for/what his vision for the brand was.
TheThelandofsmiles (12 days ago)
Because he is dead
Dream Creature (22 days ago)
The future dystopian warrior version of romance has gone on too long everywhere. Bring back the haunting looks, maybe it's the styling that's ruining it. Also, Everything looks more gorgeous in the back than the front. I feel like women want to wow people when they step into a room, not only when they're leaving the room
Sharon Grissom (23 days ago)
The dresses are very feminine and elegant a beautiful collection of futuristic with a touch of the past
Ruzana Orel (1 month ago)
Rome' Miller (1 month ago)
Fresh !!!...Enough of the comments about the lack of Lee's vision . What we saw last from Lee was the last collection we saw from him .." Get It ' ... meaning that this new wonderful talent was appointed to take his vision into the future !!!!!...She's doing a fantastic job .
Ms. Marvelous (1 month ago)
Absolute Genius. Is this where Beyonce's Stylist got her idea for her video or vice versa?
Beautiful design
Talenas sy (1 month ago)
Sonny Girl (1 month ago)
I really like your collection but it is not really alexander why can’t the person who designed it run under there own name they are very talented.
vagent nica (8 days ago)
If you know Alexander McQueen signature. They are not that different. Both creative directors have the same signature style such as their silhouette (body conscious),, the armor or protective pieces in some looks, also the gothic and romantic look, and they manipualtive construction look. The only differences they have are The late Creative director Alexander had the avant garde look in some of his collections and the dramatic intesity of his design. Ok, Have a good day.
Maria Elvira (1 month ago)
Вау!Класс!Шикарные модели!!!
April Chartrand (1 month ago)
Love the collection, just need more variance in body types.
multisphere1 (1 month ago)
Pietro Vitali (22 days ago)
Gav Astro (1 month ago)
BREXIT Iceberg reference
Bongjun Letada (1 month ago)
Gemma Ward 5:07
Vale Cata (1 month ago)
José Pherrera Silva (1 month ago)
They are great, I like it,
Sharmani Tascos (1 month ago)
nice clothes but alexander mcqueen no longer has any art or vision to it, love live mcqueen
Consrignrant (26 days ago)
Think of something original to say. Your comment is a cliche and has become tiresome.
six FangYuan (1 month ago)
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Armstrong Chan (1 month ago)
Witches in style!
Lorelei (1 month ago)
The hairstyle was weird and the low waist pants a catastrophy to be avoided at all costs, but I loved the shape of peplum dresses.
someone you might know (1 month ago)
I thought the hairstyle was really great and inspiring as the epidemy of a strong and feminine hairstyle
Ornate Muse (1 month ago)
its braids... lol
Massimo Giordano (1 month ago)
Frida kahlo collection....
Angela Bender (1 month ago)
Leather and veil wow!
Ro AVerde-Ramo (1 month ago)
Interesantes referencias a la cultura mexicana y en especial a Frida Khalo
Sergey Tovkusha (1 month ago)
1.58, 2.58, 3.18, 6.10, 6.20 👍👏💕
Lin Ziye (1 month ago)
This collection is stunning. The "vulnerable" parts of woman are boldly accentuated with chivalry elements and thus transformed to power.
Iwanda Yusup (2 months ago)
All the bags n clutchs
Clay Byrd (2 months ago)
what a beautifully romantic collection that somehow never succumb to be girly or sweet. Sarah Burton at helm of Alexander McQueen gives women a opportunity to express strength with a sense and softness .

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