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Dirito Industries Hi-Tech FishFink Bite Alarm & Strike Indicator

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For more information please visit our website: www.diritoindustries.com Do you REALLY like to spend all day staring at your rig when you go fishing, looking for that movement of the rod tip, signaling that a fish might be or is showing interest? How many times have you been fooled by that movement that it wasnt a fish but some environmental condition such as wave, wind, current, or tidal action? Now you no longer have to watch your rod tip or be fooled when you are. Let FishFink monitor your rod tip for you. Our patented technology discriminates between all environmental conditions and a fish showing the slightest interest in the bait. No other bite alarm or strike indicator has this capability. FishFink converts line stress and motion, rod deflection and vibration into electrical signals that are processed through a discrimination circuit. When the right combination of line stress and line rapid motion occurs, the discrimination circuit triggers the alarm to alert the angler. This technology is what makes FishFink so unique, along with all it's other advantages! Superior Design Features Include: ·Fits all size fishing rigs from heavy saltwater to light freshwater to ice fishing ·Works on all species of fish ·Works in lakes, rivers, streams, ocean and for ice fishing ·Extremely compact - weighs just 2.4 ounces (battery included) ·Durable, quick and easy to set up and use ·Does not require any special rod holder ·Use from shore, docks, piers, boats or vehicle ·Casting, playing or reeling in fish can be done with indicator on the rod ·Adjustable volume & tone control ·Weatherproof operates in rain, snow, cold ·Ease of attaching line of any size
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sniperserg (9 years ago)
i was plunking for summer steelhead during the night and i kept hearing the alarms going off from a hog line of boats all night. this sound beats having to listen for a bell....where can u buy them at?
hug2pugs (10 years ago)
I bought one of those Carp alarms for my boyfriend and I, and the Carp alarm doesn't work on all species of fish plus it doesn't work well in rough conditions. This looks like it would be a great alternative for all kinds of fishing. Would like to know more.

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