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Remembering Video Game Rentals: Femtrooper

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Femtrooper Remembering Video Game Rentals OFFICIAL SITE: http://www.thefemtrooper.com FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/thefemtrooper TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/thefemtrooper
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Jon Doe (1 year ago)
Your dad sounds like a great man....I can imagine him smiling watching this video 😀
Brian Huang (2 years ago)
I bought a bunch of used 3ds games recently, and I got that excited feeling from seeing the previous owners' saves.
Damian Smith (2 years ago)
Jebus I'm getting old. I remember it was such a big deal when we finally got a blockbuster(we had movie rental place but they never had anything good and block buster had everything) And then a few years later they go bankrupt. Time flys don't it.
HotCheatos91 (3 years ago)
I remember renting Mega Man x3 at a Hollywood Video thats was by my house. I wasn't so good at it and I just remember calling my cousin to come help me beat it XD Oh man I miss renting games :/
danielplaystation84 (4 years ago)
Our video game rental store was called Video 2000. It's out of business now. So many memories of renting snes and genesis games.
Kurai Kusanagi (4 years ago)
I loved renting games with my mom and sis growing up. :-) I honestly wish that they would let you rent any game like on the psn or xbla. I wouldn't mind paying a couple dollars to see if the game is worth it, just so I wouldn't be putting down far more on something I knew nothing about. Re iees help, but actually playing and trying the games out is far better
ByronIsTheBestEver (4 years ago)
You are SO Awesome.
chris lucas (4 years ago)
Girls who love retro gaming 😍
Chris B (4 years ago)
i love you
J G (4 years ago)
Great video!
Krizx600 (4 years ago)
I love your channel, subcribed! You should definitely do a review while playing video!! Awesome!!
relewis2011 (4 years ago)
YES YES YES! I seriously have some of THE best memories going into the rental store (either Blockbuster or Hollywood Video), and when my mom told me I was able to rent a game...best feeling ever :D Some of the games I have very fond memories renting and playing were games on the N64 and PS2. For N64, Scooby-Doo: Classic Creep Capers and Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers are two that I vividly remember. Really not great games, but the memories tied to them are unforgettable. For the PS2, it was movie-based games. The first 3 Harry Potter movie games especially, but another one was Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb. Surprisingly, an awesome pre-Uncharted game that took some of the best things from Tomb Raider, and the action of Uncharted, with Dr. Jones as the lead. I just recently got it for the Xbox :) Really fun little gem. Such an awesome video, Paige. Loved hearing your thoughts and memories playing Super Mario RPG. Lol! Trying to get the exact cart that had your save :P That's utterly fantastic.
Ben Teel (4 years ago)
I remember the one video game I ever got to rent as a little kid because usually it had to be a movie. It was Mario Power Tennis for the gamecube. XD I was so excited when I finally got to play it and I didn't mind that I didn't have a memory card :P sadly, Hollywood Video went out of business and I think that store is still a vacant place :(
WigglyMalmsteam (4 years ago)
I REMEMBER. I love your enthusiasm.
Nerdy But Worthy (4 years ago)
She's has such an amazing smile :D. Sorry had to post this one.
WigglyMalmsteam (4 years ago)
This is true and you shouldn't be ashamed to write such a compliment.
newcoolnarutard1 (4 years ago)
I'll never forget the excitement of travelling back from blockbuster in my mum's car as a kid :P just waiting to get home and have two to three days of pure enjoyment :')
GNARK1LL420 (4 years ago)
I know me and one of friends would try to take turn renting certain games (mostly RPGs) every week that way we would have a good chance of us being to continue our saves and not have a high chance of our saves not being erased.
ballinnick1982 (4 years ago)
I have been meaning of doing a video about this for so long. I will definitely do a video response to this!
Natebit (4 years ago)
Just wanted to share a video response I did today regarding this video... I really enjoyed this topic. http://youtu.be/5a5ALe0fiZE
ClydeLeeM (4 years ago)
Playing video store is a bizarrely fun experience my siblings and I did a couple times in some ways too.
coupdeforce (4 years ago)
It was amazing how every town had at least one independent video store.  During the peak of the era, the videos were VHS tapes.  Every store was unique, and had their own inventory system.  Every store had empty tape and game boxes sitting on the racks, which were the original boxes that they came in.  Some stores had empty plastic cases sitting behind the boxes if the rental was available, which you would carry to the counter, and the clerk would get the tape or game from behind the counter and put it inside.  Some stores had tags hanging on pegs next to the boxes instead, and the clerk would find the tape or game already in a plastic case based on that.  The video games came with photocopies of the original instruction booklets that were stapled together, and you were lucky if it was completely intact (which is why they were copied in the first place).  If your town had more than one store then you would learn what each was best for, like which games one had that the other one(s) didn't.  I don't think the major chains made inroads into small towns, until the decline of the game rental era had begun sometime after the SNES came out.  It seemed like they mostly bought up all the independent stores that went out of business. I think video game rentals really took off after everyone had an NES, around 1988.  The video stores started small at first, to see if people would really want to rent video games.  Even people who played video games every day wondered if people would actually rent them.  At first it was like, "what's the point of renting a game if you won't have enough time to beat it?"  When you rented a movie, there was no doubt that you would see the whole thing.  A video game in the NES days was something that you had to get good at to be able to see the whole thing, which could take weeks or even months.  So it was mostly a new concept, like getting food made to order at a gas station around 15 years ago.  People realized that it was worth it to try games before you bought them.  Then it exploded to where at least 1/3 of a store was video games, and everyone was renting them.  There was also such a huge selection that you had a chance to try a lot of games that couldn't be found in stores. There were so many games on display that sounded cool, and were always rented because everyone wanted to try them, like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  The NES had about 500 games, and most stores seemed to have around 40% of that which was extremely impressive at the time.  When you walked in, it was like Shangri-La for video games.  Some of the games were absolutely terrible like the aforementioned, and we can be glad today if we never got to waste a rental on them.  Some games were mediocre and just made you glad that you only had a few days to play them and make the most of.  The best games were the ones you played right up to the time you had to leave to take them back, with 5 minutes to spare before the store closed. The NES age was also a time when most of the "non-essential" stores, like video stores, were still closed on Sundays.  So the trick was to get a two-day rental on Friday night, and you would get to keep it until Monday night.  Not only did you get an extra day, you also had two straight days without school to make the most of it.  Most of your Monday was shot by the time you got home from school, because most stores closed at 7 or 8 back then, but you still had a few hours between dinner and homework to get some more time in.
Luetin09 (4 years ago)
Great great topic loved this. I remember searching through trying to decide which to try out based off the box alone and the excitement of getting the game home only to discover it was a ton of crap XD but then the beauty of finding the one game which you wanted to just permanently own it was amazing that we had so few games as a kid :D
iKnowWhyNo (4 years ago)
I remember Video Game Rentals were what started it all back when I was little. My dad got a used PS1 from one of his co-workers and we rented games for it every other week. The first game I ever played with my dad was probably Tekken 3. I also remember really enjoying Digimon World and the DBZ games when my dad rented them for me. Good old times..
Neodestro (4 years ago)
 didnt get to rent games too often but I have very nice memories of browsing the shelves  for movies
Jim Harkin (4 years ago)
Great video and perspective, I never rented a game because being from a small Irish town, the video store didn't rent games but I sure do miss renting vhs tapes, as a kid I was in awe of all the movies I could watch :-)
thegamingphile (4 years ago)
I remember a place called west coast video. They had a small selection of games but some gems were up for discovery. I remember renting B.O.B. For snes and loved it so much. Good idea for a video
Natebit (4 years ago)
This was a really fun topic.... Rentals were a huge part of my upbringing as well. I might do a similar video one day because I could talk for hours about that. Subbing to you cuz I'm super into this idea now. Keep it up!
NostalgicDan (4 years ago)
Aww the good ole days of renting games. We used to go to Blockbuster or Hollywood Video and my parents would rent movies and that gave me and my brother a chance to rent a game each. I distinctly remember renting games like Donkey Kong Country and Cool Spot on the snes among many others. For parents it was cheaper then buying a game, so they were happy to rent you a game for a few bucs here and there. As a kid you were beyond happy, you got a new game to play for the weekend and the excitement that came from popping in a new game. The rental stores themselves were fun cuz for me I often went in unknowing what kind of game I was looking for and would just cruise the game aisles flipping boxes around and checking out screenshots. Simpler and good times for sure! (^.^)b
BawesomeBurf (4 years ago)
I didn't get to rent games too often, but I have very fond memories of browsing the shelves for Genesis and PS1 games to rent for the weekend. It was always exciting to get an instruction manual with it, most people lost them though. :(
Lost Age (4 years ago)
Great video! Would be cool to see more videos like this :) I probably only owned one or two video games for the N64 and Gamecube and rented the rest of them. It was sad to see my local video store close :( 
quantae06 (4 years ago)
Youtube never post your videos in my subscriptions for whatever reason. This has happened to two people I'm subbed to so far.    -_-
femtrooper (4 years ago)
Oh no! Not sure why! If you want to stay updated I have Facebook and Twitter so if you follow me on there you won't miss anything! :)

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