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How to Make a Shark Bite/Fish Bite Alarm

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This is a DIY build for a Shark or Fish on Alarm. Allows you to hear and see if a fish is on, or taking out line. Use at night, on the beach, a pier, or pretty much anywhere you need to some assistance hearing or seeing a strike. Got the idea from photos, and social media post. Total cost for this DIY was around $25. Thanks for watching, and don't forget to comment, Subscribe, and/or leave a Like!
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Danny Schwab (2 years ago)
bro. that's cool. I want to try that. when I got the extra money or I'll buy 1 piece a month from my dis. check then make one or 2. thanks bro. great idea. god bless and fish on.
FnDTX (2 years ago)
Thanks man! Yeah the academy near my house has those personal alarms. So i thought I would make this and it works well lol. Great for night time fishing from the beach. I think since i had made this video you can get those line alarms that clip on your fishing pole for cheaper now though? So, before you buy a bunch of stuff to make this one, check and see if those bite alarms would be cheaper for you? Thanks for watching man!
BloodSweatnBass (3 years ago)
Awesome !!, I like all you videos buddy, I've learned a hell of a lot. Thanks for sharing. Are you in Texas? If so what part? I'm near Galveston.
BloodSweatnBass (3 years ago)
+Fish'n Disabled been in Texas from Jersey for 2 years. Mostly Freshwater fishing but now It's all Saltwater for me. Keep them tips coming for guys like me. I'll certainly link up on FB as well. 👍🏾 "TightLines!"
FnDTX (3 years ago)
I just subed your channel. I will check out your videos!
FnDTX (3 years ago)
Why thank you! I'm actually in Baytown, Texas. I go to Galveston for most of my fishing adventures lol. We have a group on FB as well. If you have FB come join and see what's cooking. Facebook.com/groups/fishndisabled 👍 thank you for watching!

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