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Alexander McQueen Spring Summer 2019 fashion show at Paris Fashion Week (October 1 , 2018) PFW SS19 RTW video. Photos: https://kendam.com/photos/album/-imfpenotgqy Models names: https://kendam.com/video/j4k2K_KFf-U/credits
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Hana- Nanah (1 month ago)
Same last show silhouette no new style When you show a new style, ira silhouette too bore i thought mr. Lee he will do a new pattern sharper shape pattern not to do the same past like this
Vikthor Rodriguez (4 months ago)
love Burton, but we need more Fucking DRAMA.....!!!!
alfababy (4 months ago)
grandma called and wants her curtains back.
Jaylen Taylor (4 months ago)
I think Alexander mcqueen was dramatic and Sara Burton is more minimalistic...

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