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Alexander McQueen | Women's Spring/Summer 2014 | Runway Show

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http://www.alexandermcqueen.com - Alexander McQueen's 2014 Women's Spring Summer Collection Inspiration comes from the many progressive art movements of the early Twentieth Century -- a mix of primitive shapes, graphic forms and bold colour. There is a suggestion of the clean lines and the dropped waist of the 1920s in places. Kilts, leggings, biker jackets, boxy coats and tunic tops all feature with a nod to uniform and sportswear. Shoulders are relaxed. Inner structures are absent and garments are finished with laser cutting so that they are eased and light. Metal embellishment and jewellery and aged multiple zip trim are reminiscent of found objects as are heavy bracelets in different geometric forms. Triple layer box pleats, sun-ray pleats, bulleting, flocking, perforation and feather embroideries are all key details of the collection. Traditional silk-screen printing and beadwork are elaborate and placement is technically advanced but the overall effect remains graphic and fresh
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Henry Gaither (8 months ago)
He was very overrated. Ugly unwearable clothing
Jackie Kelly (1 year ago)
Awesome !!!
sad drag queen (2 years ago)
definitely not a fan of this collection. so glad sarah is doing her own thing now and stopped trying to emulate lee's aesthetic. i really appreciate what she's doing now.
Alex Yarally (2 years ago)
People keep commenting that this is not mcqueen but when I look at this collection there are so many silhouettes mcqueen used in here as well as textiles. I would say this closely resembles some of the things he did at givenchy. Yes Sarah Burton is her own designer however I think I like the transition she made into her own ideas. I think Lee wouldn't want her to live up to his name in the same way he tried living up to the standards at givenchy. idk if that statement makes sense. But I found the head gear and the feather hips to be very surreal as well as the textiles.
Adrian 1996 (2 years ago)
Guys give Sarah a break, running a high end house must not be easy specially after the death of someone close to her
Blue Aquatics (4 years ago)
"bought me Alexander Mcqueen - he was keeping me stylish..."
maro bayan (3 years ago)
Hahaha what about now nicki
David Han (4 years ago)
those shoe :OOOOO
Blackout (4 years ago)
My favorite disigner ! But the models look like hypnotized zobies with no make-up who are hypnotized to wear peacock outfits . Not cute
ElberethOhGilthoniel (4 years ago)
There us something great missing and that is McQueen himself.I am afraid the void is too big but on the other hand I am glad they want to continue the name.Let's just hope that this designer will gain more experience and do much more stunning shows in the future.
ElberethOhGilthoniel (4 years ago)
There us something great missing and that is McQueen himself.I am afraid the void is too big but on the other hand I am glad they want to continue the name.Let's just hope that this designer will gain more experience and do much more stunning shows in the future.
Patrick S (4 years ago)
Sarah's only good at fall /winter
Layla Rose (5 years ago)
I'm a very big fan of Alexander McQueen. I have a couple of his pieces, I'm also liking this collection, to me it is so chic. Though it could use a little more edge to it, There are some pieces in this collection that caught my attention, and I would like to buy and wear them, but nevertheless, even though this collection could have use a little more edge to it. I still give it an A+
teenmobs (5 years ago)
This is obviously not McQueen, this is SARAH BURTON.
Felix Ferrer (1 year ago)
Robert Power Alexander McQueen brand have to continue the legacy, sarah burton is a great designer but she is more clean and she try to minimize the drama, she was the best option to continue the legacy of one of the best designer of the world, is not easy make collections for the house of Alexander McQueen is a heavy name, we lost Lee McQueen but the brand still there thanks to Sarah burton and her job, she work with Lee McQueen to many years so, she knows how to work and work hard thinking in Lee McQueen to make more collections every years....
readbuddha (5 years ago)
No Mcqueens Values.
simplesmente : maravilhosooooo!!!
isak61 (5 years ago)
A cohesive avant garde/haute coute collection...
LittleMonsterMan93 (5 years ago)
This lacks McQueens magic. 
enzo lim (5 years ago)
Very S&M i miss the robotics,futuristic vibe and repltilian...the bangles and shoes are great but everything are just a TRASH! Replaced Miss Burton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
analdora (5 years ago)
Did anyone else start screaming "STOP IT!" when the damned bands of feathers kept coming at the end? Not pretty...
Caitlyn Wolfington (5 years ago)
The show was okay, just not the over-the-top outfits I was expecting. I agree 100% with Mafer. It looks like what a school girl would wear, but more "vamped up" so-to-speak. It's not costume-y; it's plain and simple--outfits that I could find on anyone in the Paris or New York streets. Sarah needs to try harder to impress me for she doesn't quite have my vote on "best option to replace the fashion god McQueen."
MaFer (5 years ago)
McQueen was my favorite designer. The style now is, sadly, simply Sarah. No more eccentric and over the top head gear. No more Romanticism. No more electric and bizarre pieces. All we have left are designs that almost seem like they are trying too hard to be odd. I am completely uninspired by this collection.
SimplySydney (5 years ago)
Wow he's so amazing I know I'm just 10yrs old but I'm going to let my mom take me to his fashion show. Love his designs. <3
Cairo Eaddy (5 years ago)
I'm only 16 but McQueen has always been one of my favorites. This collection surprised me, I loved the edgy twist that they added.
misspeppermintpattie (5 years ago)
Not Mc Queen outlandish style, too safe not edgy enough. the straight & narrow. .
Polo Vega (5 years ago)
Iris van Herpen could perfectly be the head of Alexander McQueen
Jonny MostHighlover (1 year ago)
Polo Vega yuck! Shut ur fucking mouth
Felix Ferrer (1 year ago)
Polo Vega I'm agree with you polo Vega, she is very talented...
Ricky Chen (4 years ago)
Iris and McQueen have completely different aesthetics.
Aya Velase (5 years ago)
ahhh The alluring Posina Kasina's runway walk on 4:10.  Loove this girl
Aya Velase (5 years ago)
I like this collection, Yes i agree the shows are not as spectacular as when Lee was around! but Sarah Burton is doing really well as the House of Alexander McQueen creative director. she understands the essence of McQueen, but she's interpreting it in her own way, and i think it's working out. Obviously she can't be McQueen, there can only be one LEE MCQUEEN (God rest his genius soul). Honestly i don't see any other designer who can head the house of McQueen other than her!. the first few pieces were a lil bit of a turn off for me, but as the show progresses, i fall deeper and deeper in love with this collection. sooo Kudos Sarah!
Felix Ferrer (1 year ago)
Aya Velase I'm agree with you, she is the best option to continue the legacy of house of Alexander McQueen....
monika cuartas (5 years ago)
I think sarah has done a great job as a designer but I must admit that it has the essence that had McQueen, Alexander was or is an artist that no one could match him and feel that the company should seek the essence that made McQueen was a fashion house, speaking of the collection does not seem appropriate colors and silhouettes for spring / summer are very opaque tones and dull, although I must admit that autumn / winter 2013/2014 as I found excellent work but not as a brand designer . Monika quarters fashion design student.
Vanessa Eu (5 years ago)
Sarah's work is amazing. I'm still jittery from her last A/W collection.
No romanticism, no mystery, no story, no lightness or flawless. .. Every look is stiff and predictable. . The head pieces are literally stupid. They are not an extension of the garment rather bad executed "McQueen's signature".. I m really hoping Sarah is reading those comments. . I miss you, Lee...
donglabong (5 years ago)
Gucci must crack a hard whip if there's no room any longer for the showstopper creations made just for the show... THAT'S what's missing....
Holly IsAwesome (5 years ago)
Why on earth as an artist, would you produce collections under a deceased artist's name? McQueens' vision should be remembered as HE created it. Fashion design is an art form not a branding opportunity.
Bobby rivera (5 years ago)
gotta be honest! this show i could do without!!
Afro Boricua (5 years ago)
Where are the romantic, curiosity, Victorian, gothic, sicking gowns that I used to watch these shows for? Sarah I love your style I do! But bring some scary goth or victorian/futuristic designs to McQueens shows. :)
Alexander Quay (5 years ago)
Megan Lily (5 years ago)
The first two looks seemed promising and then it all kind of fell apart. The best part was the shoes
MtEdeNLov3R (5 years ago)
Never will beat McQueen's real artistic eye in the fashion world
angga kusuma (5 years ago)
always love their backsound such a cool remix :D
Bogdan Laszuk (5 years ago)
McQueen is gone!!! GET over it people! Sarah has her vision and that's it. Time to move on and stop with this stupid drama.
Tancygurl Hui (5 years ago)
also i cant imagine how heavy the last three dresses could be. kudos to the models. excited to see if those three styles make enough orders to be produced.
Tancygurl Hui (5 years ago)
futuristic tribal. love the textures from beadings to cutouts. not too sure about the choice with darker colours i.e. the black multi colour laser cut dresses. dont really sit well into the collection. everything else looks great. carefully considered, well structured. much love for the feather motifs and dresses and the hair skirts!
goodracefella (5 years ago)
Sarah burton: INNOVATION, please. I think it is fine with your choice to minimalize the setting, but please bring innovation and theatrics/extravagances to the garments. There is no longer excitement about McQueen show! Your neat-prim-proper girly designs are over exhausted (and i get your fascination with belts and baby dresses time to get them over with) and you take your themes too literally. Please Sarah, bring back the soul of McQueen!
wallaceting (5 years ago)
lucmrondiet (5 years ago)
not really in love with this collection.
Rakim8 (5 years ago)
Already sick of Edie Campbell. Next..
Rakim8 (5 years ago)
Secondly, the DNA of McQueen is still very much apparent. It'll never McQueen as we knew him because what made him so special is that he was himself and offered what no one else could. Burton can't give you McQueen as McQueen and that isn't what she's trying to do, she's moving the brand onward, interpreting the house in her own way while keeping in line with the spirit of it. You're failing to appreciate some amazing work in front of you because you're underestimating what she has to offer.
Rakim8 (5 years ago)
First of all, I don't know if you remember Eva Herzigova in the late 90s when she worked with McQueen but I'm sorry to say homegirl was skinny. Curvy sure, because her stomach concaved and she has rather wide hips but she was absolute skin and bone, even she'll tell you that, as were alot of of the models he used (Jodie Kidd, Erin O'Connor, Amy Wesson and the probably the thinnest model ever who was one of his favourites, Debra Shaw), so forget even bringing that up.
dreamershavemorefun (5 years ago)
I am really in love with this collection, there is a take towards ready to wear and I feel like Sarah has given a new light to Lee's visions. While yes the spectacle is gone, Sarah's collections speak to a youth movement and give a fresh take on traditional fashion. For me, this was a very successful collection and I am liking where Sarah Burton has taken mcQueen. My favorite part is the shoes and the amazing color pallete
Michael Triangle (5 years ago)
McQueen will NEVER be the same... I agree... but we have to move on... :/ <333
ckaji15 (5 years ago)
Honey, you should be telling that to everyone else who complain about McQueen shows not being the same. Umm duh its not the same, its not in Lee's hands anymore. But does that mean his spirit isnt in it anymore? No, and thats where everyone cant see because they are worried about not seeing exact replicas of his work, which will never happen. So either they accept it or they can move on and not ruin the shows for all of us who still have faith in Alexander McQueen.
docd1o1 (5 years ago)
Honey, it's time to move on. Life goes on.
Boris Céspedes (5 years ago)
no es lo que esperaria de Alexander Mcqueen.. lo siento. la ropa es buena pero no representa el espíritu de Mcqueen.
theodorakisedu (5 years ago)
I´ll say something and I know you all people gonna say something but, these shows all of them since AMCQ is not with with us anymore are just...ROBOTIC, models are with no personality, are extremely skinny nothing against, but Alexander worked with curvy models like Herzigova and many more of them, top models, now they are really mannequins, not models, He used to have a special sense of art, concepts, not this, it´s just like a Collage, don´t see McQueen here anymore....
BrodeurBear (5 years ago)
A collection of Lee's shadows is not going to satisfy customers even if it would satisfy YouTube commentators, I think you can safely say nobody knew his work better than Mrs Burton... This is really intricate when you see it closely. And fashion is about the new, you can still enjoy the old, just not sell any of it! This is for their customers, not the museums.
Cougars Pride (5 years ago)
Does Mcqueen have a old sketch book, Cause they need to find it.
Westwoodboy1 (5 years ago)
This collection doesn't represent what he stood for...
Cristóbal Miranda (5 years ago)
I like it.. But could been much much better!!
Carducci1959 (5 years ago)
Little to do with what McQueen was about, a very poor interpretation.
D. T. (5 years ago)
yawn -_-zzZZ
Mia P (5 years ago)
Brandon Fernandez (5 years ago)
ew...so cheap looking..and the music?
Fay Knights (5 years ago)
the end was a bjt lame becauye that red dress wasnt that specta ular. but the rest is just wow. those fabrics are amazing. If i could i would defenetly buy 60 percent of the outfits!
M .Crandell (5 years ago)
How wearable ... meh
MyCougarPride (5 years ago)
the black red and white jackets look like you can get it from BCBG!
MyCougarPride (5 years ago)
I miss you McQueen , Sarah is making the wrong turn. This show was very boring and so not the wait for!
JHONNY PR (5 years ago)
that disappointment
JHONNY PR (5 years ago)
Please sarah.... you know what alexander would like and want in the colection..i dont believe that this colection would had like him. Mcqueen is elegance.. outstandings outfits, not this..
It seems like project runway outfits.... for me is not alexander mcqueen. Sorry
jayc gylsen (5 years ago)
what a load of naff,
SG Reid (5 years ago)
I despair.... Boring
Ben Lozada (5 years ago)
I miss you!! Alexander Mcqueen!!!
Kasidis Qo (5 years ago)
not for all
Gwin184 (5 years ago)
There's nothing new. Be bold Sarah !!. More Spectacular !! :))
Aubrey Lopez (5 years ago)
i feel bad for the alexander mcqueen brand this is not alexander mcqueen any more...
Lamia Milonas (5 years ago)
Terrible collection. Burton can do better, she needs to step up her game! Mcqueen is still amazing though<3
2Chuas (5 years ago)
The McQueen brand is Sarah Burton, and it's brilliant. Innovative, forward looking fashion, a little (or way) subversive, incomparable craftsmanship. I miss Alexander McQueen too, but I'm totally amazed at Sarah Burton and her artistry. Were McQueen here now, I don't think he would be disappointed!
Nastassia Vertinskaya (5 years ago)
McQueen was unique in his works and his vision of clothing design as such. Impossible for anyone even to try to take over. There will be no one like him. Ever. There will be other great designers, but they will have their own names.Sadly, Alexander is gone. Miss him a lot..
Monik Wei (5 years ago)
what is the music?
TheStpaul (5 years ago)
Well..all right...just the show make it worst..it is sooooo boring!..no one like Lee believe me:-(
chalsonkcs (5 years ago)
Yeah got same feeling each time when i browse thru the magazine. N their ready wear series really demonstrate a great extract from the concept piece in every season.
chalsonkcs (5 years ago)
I'm so impressed with the multiple zippers concept on the collection. They appeared very sharp & forward. Some of the pattern designs developed on last season were redefine again in another way round this time. Can't wait to see the up-close details on the garments as i know Sarah will put extensive & painstaking details on the fabric which is part of her character. The white long dress near the end was so exquisite, simple overall but rich in detail.
NELOHAGEN (5 years ago)
sado-tribal bauhaus....quite interesting
Gucho Bahru (5 years ago)
he did alot of tweaking and use of same techniques. im just wondering why you cant see it. so cheers my friend. im still not over the fact that you think herpen can run his label....but cheers!
Gucho Bahru (5 years ago)
and thats she is sticking to details beause its what she is good at, if he is victorian, she is about being english. and if mcqueen was about radical change, she is about subtle changes. besides, the truth of the matter is that lee had the freedom to do just about he pleases bec it was his label and he had no restrictions with designs, what so ever, even if you can wear it or not. sarah had to consider many things this time. and speaking of tweaking...take a closer look at mcqueens design.
Gucho Bahru (5 years ago)
mcqueen is really about staying true to yourself as a designer, tradition and heritage, and taking advantage of what you can do with have you have. he became exceptional because he did not try to be anyone else, he was a tailor and so he served us just that. Sarah was not an intern but his right hand and knew all this core and aesthetic codes that you think you are missing. right at the beginning she said she'd leave out the theatrics because she cant be mcqueen in that way.
Gucho Bahru (5 years ago)
cheers! probably..but not really. oh yes, herpen was but an intern at mcqueen, thats why he and other designers like jose castro acquired that mcqueen look but really falls short evertime. its just not as good. they just dont seem to capture that MCQUEEN. they simply do not see and understand beauty the way mcqueen did from romeo gigli, and now sarah from mcqueen. its SHALLOW. thats why its easy for people to pin point designers like them to run mcqueen label.
VsFashionHolic (5 years ago)
Love It! Is mix Between Sarah's Styling and Cuts But with the McQueen Couture techniques... Its so Great collection!
toño castro (5 years ago)
McQueen ends when Alexander died that´s the point !! :(
yulisa tapia cayupe (5 years ago)
i love McQueen forever...!
millybells (5 years ago)
Love McQueen but what happend!.... eh?
Ohm Surpsug Art (5 years ago)
GentlemensGentleman (5 years ago)
Love the tribal feel to it!
Ricardo Alves (5 years ago)
I Miss Alexander McQueen fall/spring 2009 <3 :\
Wats Faschion (5 years ago)
NO ONE WILL EVER BE MCQUEEN!!! Sarah Burton is presenting a impactful show with sillouettes that are fresh and commercial with couture techniques (very McQueen). Some of the clothes in Lee McQueen's shows were very commercial in a way. He knew how to bring the drama in the show and i think she respects that as his thing.
makigott19 (5 years ago)
you probably don't know the thought process that happens to a iris van herpen show as a former intern at McQueen she has the vision that could push the brand. the craft alone. in making those pieces the obsession to details and draping.. fits that revolutionary McQueen identity... its technology pushing fashion forward and not making small tweaks every season then calling it a show Educate yourself mate cheers! this lacks excitement find it rather bland lacks the theatrics he employs evry show.
Gucho Bahru (5 years ago)
and its not her fault that you cant see the mcqueen codes in this collection. i can see it clearly...
Gucho Bahru (5 years ago)
with lee's departure, the label is ever more resigned to sell. it is more brandish now than ever. what we see is sarah burton showcasing everything from clothes to accessories. each piece can stand on its own. wait until it appears on magazines to realize how versatile the pieces are. gosh.. you haters dont know anything.
Gucho Bahru (5 years ago)
its not like sarah is trying to be lee. i dont think shes trying to achieve what lee had with his design and i dont think lee achieved what sarah does with details. lee was about cut. sarah is about how clothes are put together and of course, details. which is genius by the way. sarah is not a tailor okay. get that in mind.
Gucho Bahru (5 years ago)
hahaha, i think you are idiot and a moron to think that iris van herpen can run mcqueen's label..you obviously dont know anything about lee thats why you dont understand why and what sarah is doing..go watch herpens show or somehthing. i feel so sorry for you

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