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Fame and Misfortune Review

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Barry Smith (5 days ago)
joshscorcher Didn't you say in your season 5 premiere review that Starlight led a cult? I get that this was supposed to be an April Fools Day video and we shouldn't take it too seriously, but why did you not keep with that cult thought?
Champ2stay (7 days ago)
"you should never tell someone that they can't have an opinion" a lesson the Buddy Bears need grilled into their brains with a diamond drill (either description of Diamond Drill can be used)
jaggin 75 (13 days ago)
Great review. But I have to say Hasbro was trying to make it seem like bronies was a problem in many things with the series and I cant lie as to say on toptens website for reasons to hate mlp fim bronies is #1 on that list, but The writer was trying to make the episode about being more caring to the staff and crew members which I have no problem with. I actually like this episode but I compared it more with other fandoms like Star Wars. Fluttershy and Rarity was on point how people said traits about their characters but Applejack I dont understsnd she seems to be the least liked character not that people hate her but Ive seen her on the bottom of the favorite mlp characters and she was in last place of the mane 6 and yet she appeared in more episodes than Twilight and the others. So what Hasbro wanted was to make it seem that the series problem was the fans. It is similar to many companies of certain brands, when things dont sell blame the people, when people are criticizing it they are racist sexist manbaby nazi russian bots with no pure heart, when they are using fair use they are trying to steal the IP and bank off of it. Well thats another story. But yes I feel that the internet is intimidating many of these businesses the most, because anyone meaning nearly everyone can voice their opinions about a problem whether by typing, making videos, podcast etc. they start to get worried. Does Fan entitlement exist of course like anything else but if they are the minority than what is the issue. Well companies can use that to label negative criticisms of a fandom. Its a way of saying they dont matter but they are still problematic to the brand and to those who behave in that matter are but to label the entire fandom that way is worst for the brand especially when they are filled with great people. Yes Hasbro wanted the mane 6 to be the victims instead of it being about the crew trying to reason with the fans and it is a shame. But I do like the Flawless song though. Now Im not a fan of writers and crew trying to feel like victims and pit fans against each other, but thats another topic for another day now.
maddy miller (15 days ago)
I hate this episode for everything it has happened in the episode. Here’s a big middle finger 🖕 for the episode.
Jonathan Hay (17 days ago)
Great vid dude
Umie (17 days ago)
10:53 oh well there’s Craig anyways these are just background noise for me, good points all together, just saw Craig and had to comment.
Skakuna (24 days ago)
I actually like the look of Gen 3 Ponies. I never watched it as a cartoon, but my favourite pony toy I had as a child was a toy from that generation. For the longest time I was trying to draw ponies like that, and I still have tendencies to do that. Also, was I the only one who thought 'they should fix the situation by going back in time and never let them publish the journal'...?
William (25 days ago)
The Brony Weeb (1 month ago)
At 5:22 I could only think this "HA HA HA SUCK IT RARITY HA". Sorry Josh.
galaxy man . jpg (1 month ago)
3:07 ...i was gonna say fascism but...okay
Rarity worst pony.
rouyrre du colibri (1 month ago)
this episode is priceless because it's complex, in the message i mean. your statement is good and true but you can see the messages in a different way, like with the two foals, for me it mean that we need to focus more on the few who gets it than the ones who complicate the debate too much. (I'm french, so if you understand it, that all that mater, not the grammar or orthograph.) and there is a bunch more, but the comments can give there own reflexion about it
Sladashi Fowler (1 month ago)
Someone call the mental asylum for Hasbro, also, I don't know what soapbox means.
HowYouKnowItsReal 112 (1 month ago)
it's me, sans... *MEGALOVONO*
Sunshine Crystal (1 month ago)
Josh do you ship lyra and Bon Bon 😏
PorygonQ Meme (2 months ago)
Insane Rarity is even worse then insane Twilight and insane Pinkie Pie.
btamamura (1 month ago)
What about "you're going to LOOOVE MEEE!!!" Fluttershy?
Janinna Maynz (2 months ago)
Josh, I love your reviews, but you have one issue that really bugs me. You complain about things in the show because they don't make sense in our world, like Hearth's Warming vs Christmas, Feet vs Hooves, etc, but you're failing to realize: This doesn't take place in our world. Why would ponies celebrate Christmas? Why would they call their hooves, feet? In the context of the show, they are real ponies. The pony talking to Twilight acts as if the journal is a work of fiction, when, in the context of the show, it is nonfiction. You fail to see many of these things in the context of the show, only seeing it as a show aimed to please humans. That's why I really enjoyed hearing 'everypony' instead of 'everybody' because while both work, pony makes more sense in their world. Fillies and Gentlecolts instead of Ladies and Gentlemen. In your hooves instead of in your hands. I didn't realize I wanted Hearth's Warming and Hearts and Hooves day until I got them, because why would ponies celebrate human holidays? *notices description* JOSH! HOW DARE YOU SUPPORT SILVER WITH HIS DRINKING PROBLEM?!?!?!
DBZFighter79 (2 months ago)
0:46 whos covered up and why?
TheMaskedFacade (2 months ago)
I find it funny how during your speech about how people are free to interpret things their own way and how you have to make a message clear you draw reference to "Feeling Pinkie Keen", the episode that a lot of people got a sense of religious overtones from. Not a criticism here, just a fun thing to think about.
turtswing (2 months ago)
Yeah, I agree that what happened to Larson's original idea was underhanded, but I'm often on Tumblr and sadly I've heard of people from the biggest fandoms acting just like the ponies from this episode (I've heard stuff from the Star Wars fandom that is really not pretty). I've seen a few TV shows nowadays having at least one episode devoted to dealing with fandom criticism (MLP, Steven Universe...), and I personally admire that, since they address issues that need to be addressed (harassment, self entitlement, arrogance...), but I can see why they're usually seen as the worst episodes of their series; most likely because it is never made clear that what the episodes are doing is to make a wake up call to the vocal minority, and not criticizing the whole fandom. Fame and Misfortune is not a bad episode in my eyes, but, yeah, I think that showing many more calmer "fans" both old and young, alongside Coconut Cream and Toola Roola, thus showing the better side of the fandoms, would've worked better.
Unicorn Bunny (2 months ago)
turtswing That’s okay. Thanks for clarifying. 🙂👍
turtswing (2 months ago)
I was referring to "Rocknaldo", as it's accused as being a mockery towards the fans who complain for every little thing that doesn't work according to them; now, yeah, I need to rectify what I said: the true message of "Rocknaldo" is more about being an ally for a cause or a group without expecting special treatment or just boosting your own ego, but it's seen as also an attack to the fandom, and considering the episode stars Ronaldo, a pretty despised character, and CN did a terrible job in the advertisement department by giving false hopes by hinting at a new character that never came, the episode ended up being seen as mediocre by SU standards. I personally enjoyed it because it does contains some things to remember if you are part of a group, but I understand why many people didn't. Hope this got cleared out. :)
Unicorn Bunny (2 months ago)
turtswing What episode of Steven Universe was that? Because I don’t remember the show having an episode that attacked the critics.
FC Dracsemi (2 months ago)
okay, finally going to say it, but the part about the journal at the end with that reporter... I don't think it was about the show in general... let's just say I have tried talking about my past before with people, and they said some things that made me realize sometimes we get too caught up in the fiction, that sometimes we forget about being in reality, like we/they have had a VR headset on for most of the time that the ability to tell the difference between fiction and reality has become blurred.
CrasherX 2000 (2 months ago)
9:06 Should’ve said the Sonic fanbase instead...
Blade Crysto (2 months ago)
and those brats are the reason my parents left the fandom and they tried forcing me to leave. i even had to deal with one during school. i had to straight up tell him to "grow up" multiple times to the point that i said " we are no longer going to be friends if you keep acting this way" and that honestly hurt to have to stop being friends with someone over a show about friendship simply because of childish behavior. I also feel this is targeted at the bronies just entering the fandom, the ones who haven't decided "best pony". This episode is a clear warning label to them so they know "hey, these people exist, be careful"
Colorful Gamer (2 months ago)
I honestly was getting into the show a lot but after seeing this episode it just ran me the wrong way for so many reasons I tried watching a episode I liked but I found I couldn't at all just knowing that this was what the authors thought of the people who loved there show enough to spend time to go over the things they think were bad or they disliked were just all around horrible people like this episode shows just doesn't make me wanna watch it knowing that the authors hate the fact I'm watching it and making me feel guilty for liking it thinking I was part of a problem 😞
death100ify (2 months ago)
But I love the cactus juice it make me happy.
Buttercupkat Productions (2 months ago)
I love this episode. :3
Christina Jindra (2 months ago)
Gosh..that Jesus thing...XD I DIED!!!! TOO ADORABLE!!!!!
TheHammerGuy (2 months ago)
Rusty _Gamer (2 months ago)
3:28 I see you like undertale
Crowborn Chaos (3 months ago)
*openly disses best pony* No regrets..... Got to love opinions.^^
Phoenix Rose (3 months ago)
I was watching this when my Dad said, “It’s wrong for a grown man to watch MLP.” Yeah.
Phoenix Rose (2 months ago)
Unicorn Bunny Yes. I tell him that every time he opens his mouth about the subject, but he doesn’t “believe me?” I don’t know why he’s against this... 😕
Unicorn Bunny (2 months ago)
Phoenix Rose How is it wrong? People are free to enjoy and criticise whatever they want.
AlphaOmega0001 (3 months ago)
"Take a shot for every minute I soapbox." jeez dude, that's 21 shots. you tryin' to kill us?
Charlie Caggiano (3 months ago)
8 seconds in. A quick pause. Laughter
Carribean Wolf (3 months ago)
quick question. Can anyone name the egyptian goddess looking pony and the black and grey one at 0:11 for me? Don't think I've ever seen them before.
Nathan Jarrett (3 months ago)
Although legend of zelda is my favourite game series, what you said is true, especially with ocarina of time fanboys/girls who are too blinded by nostalgia to see how flawed that game is, now I'm not saying it's a bad game, it's a great game and I love it, but other 3d zelda games have done 3d better. Also people need to stop hating on Skyward Sword, yes it's a very flawed game, but it's a really fun game, most of the time, and isn't having fun the point of playing video games
Lucy Flames (3 months ago)
Lucy: you use flaws just used the song flawless right and I learned a lesson from the episoded because I learned to be true to yourself don't hide how you are
lunar kitty15 (4 months ago)
I had Tula Rula as a 3g doll i loved her i didnt remember tell i saw the 3g pic of her i miss 3g a little makes me nostalgic by the way pretty sure the messages was to the fandom 1. Dont overly nit pick 2. Characters need development 3. Not all will agree but some will 4. Without flaws there would be no storyline
Camden Murfin (4 months ago)
Cough cough SILVER QUILL cough cough
Joshua Hale (4 months ago)
The Zelda fandom, na definitely more like the Call of Duty fandom
Unicorn Bunny (2 months ago)
Joshua Hale Or The Fortnite fandom. Or the Steven Universe fandom.
casey greenberg (4 months ago)
So with your comment on them saying that there characters are real I think it's more of for the brony community to tell us that hay we hear your comments but we can't fix everything and that as not much that the characters are real but the people behind the characters
Ariana Quebert (4 months ago)
Did Josh spill his coffee or something before making this review? He seemed to see nearly everything in a really negative light, to the point where I found myself constantly saying, "Dude, it wasn't that bad, get over it and MOVE ON ALREADY!" Now this is gonna sound weird because I know your whole shtick is that you take things too seriously or whatever, but dude; CHILL. OUT.
Dave Kendall (3 months ago)
Really? It wasn't like he was yelling and moaning with overly dramatic music playing. (Which is actually a trope I've noticed from Top 10 Worsts lists.)
graycloud 159 (4 months ago)
how was something in season 2 put into a journal made in season 4? please correct me if i'm wrong
graycloud 159 (4 months ago)
and did anyone notice how twilight never said her faults in the song?
Connor Peterson (4 months ago)
Is it just me... Or does Josh look like another Youtuber? *Cough* Mithzan *cough*
icedog55puck (4 months ago)
no one else dislike it is at 69 do in for the fam
Ross Jones (4 months ago)
first of all turns to the meg ad
J.V. (4 months ago)
This episode is a metaphor for itself.
Gandalf White (4 months ago)
"and if anyone dares to hate on best pony again, fight me" ... I HATE RARITY! JK, I don't hate her, she's just my least favourite of the main 6. Which is surprising since I really value Generosity. I think the first couple of seasons put her off for me, since I saw her as really annoying. Also I'm the opposite of Rarity in a Fluttershy sort of way. Rarity is all about being popular and having all the attention, always wanting to look her best, however I would throw on some cloths, think "good enough", and if I'm ever at a party, hang around in the back corner.
Gandalf White (4 months ago)
Okay, I've watched a bunch of people talk about this episode, and NO ONE found out the message that I found in this episode Its hardly anything to do with Hasbro complaining or explaining their actions, its more of a message to content creators The meaning that I found in the episode is that yes, people can get overwhelming at times, and they will start thinking you as a character more then a person, and no matter how hard you try, you can't destroy all hate/stalking/people getting exited because your there. Rarity and Fluttershy are the people who have the haters of the group, and Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and AppleJack have the other two. However the smallest spark of you helping someone can bring a whole lot of light to the situation, which, in this case, were the little kids. But, in reality, aren't we all kids deep down? It all depends on if you want to show it or not. Also, the fact that they decided to ignore the ponies that were overwhelming them just tells people that you don't have to listen to all hate that comes your way, because, in the end, its you who will ultimately decide what you will become. I'm not sure if this is the actual message, but the reason I came to this conclusion was that a bunch of people who recorded their reaction to this episode said that they liked it, and a bunch of people who didn't like it didn't have youtube channels. So I thought about it and connected dots, even thinking about other fandoms who have this very same problem. Also I found this episode to be a great one and I wanted a good message out of it other then "We're not perfect, so don't judge us"
firescales (4 months ago)
Ok hi sans .......what the what ?????
Kittenfluffkawaii :3 (4 months ago)
Kittenfluffkawaii :3 (4 months ago)
I like his beard
Royal Joke Studios (4 months ago)
That Zelda comment is so freaking true!
Dominic Gatto (4 months ago)
Hasbro thinking there characters are real? josh have seen hasbro's character treatment, they kill off transformers left, right, back, front, and center.
Defective Gamebois (4 months ago)
this episode is so bad it's good imo. On a "10 words or less" scale it'd be a -10.
DisneyLord 371 (4 months ago)
0:07-"Josh, this is, like the 4th time you've opened with that kind of line. 0:10-"Yeah! I know!
Kadeda (4 months ago)
See... this is my problem with self proclaimed critics. Can't see the fun in anything. It hurt's because they feel like it's being attacked in this episode. Honestly, the only people that seem to have a problem with this episode are these self proclaimed critics.
Phoenix The Kitten (4 months ago)
Rythan Hemphill (4 months ago)
I can see a lot of your points but a couple of things bother me... 1. You talk about how great what Fluttershy said was but then you seem to...shove it to the side? "I like her more as a character" then you bring up how cause she isn't real that doesn't seem to matter? You literally are given the best reason i have ever heard for why someone might need to learn something repeatedly then throw it away! Its not an excuse its a reason dammit! Or at least I feel like that is the case... 2. The "how dare you insinuate something not real is real in any way shape or form" complaint...Mr enter used this to to damn when Twilight tries to defend the reality of who they are and how you can't just treat them like their puppets to be moved in such a way...and you both say how their so unbelievably wrong for even thinking to have Twilight think that. Consider the following...imagine if your a cartoon character to another person...does that suddenly mean you have no sense of reality...? No?~ Then why the FUCK?! Does it sound like that's what your saying?!...What I am trying to say is that their world is real *to them* their real people *to themselves and fellow ponies*. You get what i mean? They are real in their world so of course their going to be outraged at being talked about like marionettes in a play criticism. *THAT'S* what I feel like they mean...not the same damned "Hasbro is delusional or their made up!!" bullshit people use against that moment...and I hope I am not the only one that thinks that...I wanted to say that though its my opinion but one I wanted to vent about cause these complaints you and enter lobbed at this moment feel like your stabbing the show writers deep with rudeness and outrage. (Huh...that's actually all i can think of having wanted to say...well...that's my opinion rant. What do you think dear reader? Do you agree with me or josh? Or do you have an entirely different interpretation? I would love to hear it in a reply below~ I am RedeemerofDark and I look forward to hearing from you~;3 (I am not stealing Dr. Wolf's catchphrase I just was making a reference...)
RedfurredPikachu (3 months ago)
ZoruaMaster  Yeah I know, the fact that Josh can't see what's actually being said in the episode is frustrating. Cause I know he's not like the fans that the episode is potraying, he's usually pretty fair when he reviews an episode.
Mr. Biggie Small (3 months ago)
The way he compliments on Fluttershy's method of learning lessons and then disregards it because she's a fictional character really did rub me the wrong way.
RedfurredPikachu (4 months ago)
I'm on your side of the fence for sure, hell I see it even further than that. This episode is clearly a meta representation of the show and it's fans. So the ponies right now represent the writers of the show, and the fans hounding them represent that specific part of the fanbase who take things way too far when voicing a complaint. The two ponies at the end represent the fans who are aware of the shows flaws and simply enjoy it despite those being present. It's not easy hearing the truth from someone, but the problem is people don't ever want to admit their own fault when they've clearly made a mistake. Thus we have the outcry of this episode and the whole reason it was made. It's not the opinion that's the problem it's how it's being said and the actions of these people going way past the line. If people can understand what their words and actions are doing to the creators of something they love, fanbases would be much less toxic than they currently are.
cayman stone (4 months ago)
Best pony is Luna Luna FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!
kelan baron (4 months ago)
honestly, i think the episode was fine...the message about how they are real is bad. and i think it should've been replaced with a message of "these people HAVE changed! and they are NOT the same as they were several years ago!". (which would've been a good message for real life (for stuff like "the bully from years ago isn't the same person now") and for the fans who think that the characters haven't changed AT ALL!)
Amie Bryson (4 months ago)
11:29 'Senpai noticed me!'
Becca Taylor (4 months ago)
Firstly the ending with the Phillies is actually to say that the only ones who seem to learn the morals and not judge the show are children, the children are the only ones that learn the lessons they are trying to teach
Dave Kendall (3 months ago)
But aside from preschool shows, most shows are made to entertain. Not educate.
Zanar Naryon (4 months ago)
I flippin LOVE the song, regardless of the episode or message. My personal favorite of all Mlp songs
VictoryFire88 (4 months ago)
Not religious but that fan squee for Jesus was very adorable. A+
Here that Hasbro...live and learn
monsterjambrony (4 months ago)
I think this was the episode where Starlight officially grew on me. Well it’s not for certain, but I think one day I just expected her, like she’s here all the time now whatever.
monsterjambrony (4 months ago)
It took how many seasons for Toolaroola to get a G3 counterpart? And for one episode? Well G3’s not really liked that much so whatever, by the way is Coconut Cream a G3 name too?
btamamura (1 month ago)
Yep, she is.
EX JKing (4 months ago)
4:03 MMMMM THAT TEEMO REFERENCE THOUGH Still, really good and funny video as always, Josh!
Elyse Walker (5 months ago)
"Firstly, how dare you hate best pony? Best pony does everything best. Secondly, how dare you make best pony cry!" <--- That alone would make an interesting video: why you feel Rarity is best pony. Anyway, this was a very thoughtful review and I enjoyed the comic relief moments you added in like the Monty Python foot.
MithrilRoshi (5 months ago)
I dont agree... People on mass are dumber than just one in many, many situations. Its the human condition. Once one person shouts their opinion and gullible people latch onto it without checking for themselves, and THEN others end up joining that option because suddenly it has support. A person can be smart, but people are dumb. Also, while they may have metaphor it some, I think you looked too deep near the end when they started blaming the people. Because well.. they were being dumbasses. They should KNOW the 6 ponies that SAVED THEIR HIDES many times and knew this was real.
but it really rubbed the mysterious mr enter the wrong way
Aki Plays (5 months ago)
7:41 Yeah, it is. When I was in elementary school and middle school I always forgot homework.And it did take a while it ended this year (when I was in eighth) it ended after I *finally* got a phone.
MoonDustShine (5 months ago)
Josh: I'll see myself out Me: ok bye fluttershy won't miss u
Rebecca Pucci (5 months ago)
I still liked this episode better than Slice of Life. That, to me, was just an enormous cluster of overused jokes and irritating pandering, even if it was self-aware. It kind of left a bad taste in my mouth for the whole of the fifth season, because it felt like they were selling out and ignoring their actual target audience of children in favour of a sort of toxic fandom. And that's the thing--this fandom, like all of them, is flawed, even the critics. THIS episode is addressing our harsher complaints about the series in a pretty reasonable way, as well as the way we sort of muscled actual kids oit of the fandom. It's not like they're dissing the fans for anything we don't deserve. It would have been all too easy for them to make a pretty gross caricature of a brony and plop that in there to roast instead of the legitimate criticisms they addressed. The one thing that bothers me is the "we are real ponies" bit. It fits the story...but...yeah. I also agree with your point about the song being a little inconsistent with the rest...while having a better message.
John Smith (5 months ago)
By the way, speaking of religion, when you mentioned listening as much as you speak, (and as a Christian minister myself,) there is an old adage I learned early on, and that was to actually listen twice as much as you speak, both to God as you pray, and others as you council. You learn a whole lot more that way. Another thing I was taught was, "Preach always; when necessary, use words." Listening is so critical to resolving things, inside or outside or religion.
Silver Gacha (5 months ago)
Amen Josh Amen
brigidtheirish (5 months ago)
You and Silver both said that Starlight's line about everyone focusing on the wrong things is wrong, and I can see both your points. Thing is, no matter how well you try to communicate something, someone out there is going to misinterpret it (see again section on 'love your neighbor' turning into 'Holy War'). Yeah, some episodes could've been done better, but for the most part I've been able to enjoy all of them and appreciate the lessons they were going for by looking at the episodes as a child would. Which, for me, is pretty easy as I've got Asperger's and aside from total knowledge and physical processes, my maturity has stalled somewhere between eight and twelve years old. There comes a point where over-thinking something just sucks all the fun out of it. The show writers are working on deadlines and often are learning as they go. As a writer, I've *seen* how my own work has improved as I go. I'm also *terrified* of putting anything original out where people can see because if the horrible things I've seen in fandoms. So I sympathize with Starlight's remarks here. No one should be blamed for doing their best, putting themselves out there, and learning to do better next time. Folks sure as hell can be blamed for treating the aforementioned like crap because they fell short of expectations.
Tim Woods (5 months ago)
I wasn't really a Rarity fan until Canterlot Boutique. It was around then that the show started focusing more on her artistic side and less on her being the girly girl.
Name Undisclosed (5 months ago)
I have only one real problem with the episode and that is Rarity's situation is not resolved even though if she keeps losing business she will probably have to close down at least one of the other boutiques
Admiral rentableorb (5 months ago)
12:35 who is that
George Andrews (5 months ago)
You know, about the journal being a 'cheat sheet'... I'd call it more of a manual. Look, in most things in life, it's excellent if you learn from your mistakes, but it's even better if you learn from other people's mistakes. That won't stop you from making mistakes, but you'll make new ones. Sure, most people don't learn from other people's mistakes (or we forget the lessons when our own challenges come up), but some people will get it. Besides, where would we be in agriculture, mathematics, and many other fields if people kept making the same mistakes accidentally? And no, testing hypothesis does not count as 'making the same mistakes accidentally'; those mistakes are being repeated on purpose. And yes, there's a lot more that can be said regarding the history of science, modern journal practices, and the like in regards to making the same mistakes. Still, you see what I'm getting at in terms of learning from second-hand experiences. But, yes, there is that point about not learning certain problem solving skills because of not having gone through those scenarios yourself. That is a good point.
reversalmushroom (5 months ago)
Those 2 fillies are clearly meant to represent the target demographic, and since they like everything in the journal (the show does) and don't question it, that means they get it, and since the detractors are "focusing on the wrong things", that means if you dislike something in the show, the problem is you; you don't get it. Hasbro thinks that if you criticize anything their show does, you're the asshole, and the writers did their job perfectly. No, fuck that shit. Most of these criticisms are legitimate, and if Hasbro doesn't like hearing them, they should stop fucking up. They have 0 ability to look inward and say "Did _I_ do something wrong?" God, I hate writers like that.
Dave Kendall (3 months ago)
I agree. Even if it was the greatest show in the world, that doesn't mean it doesn't have problems. Try to imagine Steven Universe creating an "attack the critics" episode, and they try to deflect EVERY flaw that that show has; poorly paced and disjointed plot, shoehorning Steven into every single episode, too much filler episodes, etc.
Ja Bu (5 months ago)
Larson also wanted Spike's role to be what the writers ended up putting Starlight in instead (it makes sense with the lines she has where they would sound better coming from a longtime character like Spike).
Kawaii Umbreon 225 (5 months ago)
an undertale reference is worthy of a subcribe
Darkstone_OFFICIAL_ (5 months ago)
My issue is that I've been dealing with, not sure if it's depression or just "Forever Alone Disorder" but I have no friends, and those I do make I never see then end up splitting away from at some point, I'm always in a sorta "-_-" kinda mood and the only time I ever smile is when someone tells a joke or just does something stupidly hilarious like slapstick comedy. I would probably classify my "state" as depression because I'm very quick to sour emotions and whenever I am happy it lasts all but a second or two, just long enough for people around me to feel that everything's ok, when in fact it's not. It's never ok. But making other people feel bad would just make me feel worse, so no matter what I'm feeling I try to make the people around me happy so that I don't bring down their mood with my depressing view on life. It's like with the whole Fluttershy statement "You think you could do something once and completely change who you are?" Nobody can do that unless you've got some My Hero Academia like quirk that makes you instantly learn something forever. Life isn't a cartoon or an anime and it frankly sucks, but we can't do much about it so we just have to roll with the punches and adapt as best we can.
Darkstone_OFFICIAL_ (5 months ago)
And this might be my Undertale side kicking in but I found that pun about "sounding better on paper" joke hilarious, especially with Sans' interjection at the end, that got me to smile. (Smile video starts playing) NOPE!
Gaming Fuze (5 months ago)
For the why can’t I be in the book comment I prefer what the Erin Hunter team said that they would definitely consider it
Shasvin Puvanesvaran (5 months ago)
Starlight had a Cult and is not a Communist, for the last time.
SuperCartiel (5 months ago)
Do you think this is what 'Teen Titans Go's writers do to their critics and fans?
PheonixDarkWing (5 months ago)
I strongly disagree with you on the episode. There is more to it than you saw.
PheonixDarkWing (3 months ago)
+Dave Kendall for starters. They leafed the fact about what section the book was put in. (Documentary, comedy, etc...) not to mention that there are hundreds of people that make documentaries. So twilight's remark to the journalist DOSE work. Also. Talking about bot and kettle. Taking the fact that the book wasn't put out to make money. That should get people looking at it separate from the toy-lines. Sorry. But saying the show is for marketing and not looking past that point to see the message the show wanted you to. Or worse. Beating it with a stick. Ya. You're one of the mob ponies. Because that's just what happened here. Fiery joker was looking at the show from a marketing standpoint. NOT as one of the ponies or even someone who went through what they did. My suggestion. Watch it again from a different angle. You might just see something you didn't before.
Dave Kendall (3 months ago)
Like what?
Mega Armor (5 months ago)
i agree with you i didn't like this episode too
Kriz Blessings (5 months ago)
Good vid!:) Like you pionts and all the info and facts! But the song reminded me a Little to much to the siren song from MLPEG rainbowrocks in the melody xD
Unicorn E. (5 months ago)
I am a Pretty unicorn. I will trot into the Ever-Free Forest and pick each and everyone of you maggots an arrangement of flowers. THEY WILL BE LOVELY. DO I MAKE MY SELF CLEAR.
Violet Pencil (5 months ago)
17:58 - 18:02 this was my main problem with the episode. I’m glad you pointed out
Rintagea Leovand (5 months ago)
Pheon1xD4wn (5 months ago)
6:27 My inner geek is very pleased
Okay I'm legit curious as to why the army guy thinks Rarity is best pony.
Skyrim Shuffle (5 months ago)
9:13 I am a huge Zelda fan and I do not understand that at all, I like Twilight princess and Windwaker for different reasons I LOVE the dark world of TP and MM, I enjoy the lightheated adventure of Windwaker, and don't forget about Skyward Sword (I don't love that one but I like it) Ocarina of Time, and of coarse Breath of The Wild (Second favorite only because I love the dark nature of Majora's mask. I seem to be the only one who appreciates each game based on what they bring to the table and not what they don't, unless you mean the 2d Zelda games, those are dead to me.
Stylin' Gaming (5 months ago)
Josh, I have been wondering...there is one episode in particular that infuriates me. The episode with Rainbow's parents. It is the only episode that has tempted me to make a rage video specifically for it, simply because the message is rendered moot by suggesting that Rainbow's parents were perfectly fine in their harrassment and that she should be thankful that they nearly killed someone and ruined an air show to cheer her on. Cheering is one thing, but endangerment? In my opinion, Rainbow had every right to be angry. I'm a very understanding and forgiving person but even I would be furious if my parents acted like that. So I was wondering...what are your thoughts on that episode? You can respond here or make an episode about it down the road, but I think it's a subject that I am really curious about and I look forward to knowing your opinion.
Justin Riley (29 days ago)
That episode is actually one of my favorites.
Serra20 (5 months ago)
Another thing I want to address...To celebrate, actually, is M.A.Larson. I honestly adore how involved in this show he has become. Yes, he teases the fandom and his fellow colleagues in the staff. Yes, he jokes around. But just by what you mentioned here, it's clear how he came to care so much for this show. How he cares to craft the messages of his episodes to be impactful, understandable and relatable to both the target audience and us, older fans of the show, while also keeping them as entertaining as possible. I adore his involvement, as much as I adore how involved several other staff members and VA's have become - unafraid to answer fan questions, attend con's, even participate in videos and fun activities with bronies. It is something to be celebrated. <3
Serra20 (5 months ago)
GEEZ IM LATE TO THIS BUT HEY After watching this episode, I got an idea. There should be an episode where the Main 6 explain a problem incorrectly to fillies, or try to solve it in the wrong ways, or once again using hasty resolutions, being unaware of the severity of the real situation. The Friendship School and it's students would be a good setting for this as observers, who would be drawn to this situation to learn first-hand from real examples how to handle various friendship issues. However, with recent episodes showing the Student 6 as too observant and smart not sure if it would work. Maybe some other fillies might be needed. Basically what I mean is: there is a severe, big and warranted friendship problem, some of the Main 6 try to fix it with their usual stuff, fillies are watching this 'lesson' unfold and not seeing anything wrong with hasty resolutions at first, until someone comes in and gives actual constructive criticism to Mane 6 for not handling the problem with the necessary care. Yes, it may be a complicated plot, but it would completely indirectly show another side of criticism, without even addressing it. Essentially, the message would be: while criticism is painful, it can also highlight the toxic, incorrect message you are sending to your less experienced target audience, or the shortcomings of the methods of 'teaching' that you are using. What I mean by that is...People like you, Silver Quill, Dr. Wolf, and many others, give actual advice in your criticism. You care about your audience enough to get to the root of the problem in the plot, and explain it carefully and clearly, while advicing the audience - especially younger - on how to act differently if the message is especially destructive. It would show that criticism is necessary. That something's can't be glanced over, no matter how much you like something. That inspiring critics like you actually can make the show and the fandom more enjoyable and welcoming to everyone. I suppose Inspiration Manifestation did something similar, so it might seem like a repeat, but I don't know...Just a wild thought. :D
Warsown (5 months ago)
I just noticed that at 15:42 it shows a scene from my favorite tru tv show Adam ruins everything

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