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TABLE TOP TANKS Mini review/Gameplay

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A little bit of gameplay with a small review. This is Table Top Tanks for the Playstation Vita. Please subscribe to my page for more reviews to come. Thank you very much.
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Tyler Olthoff (6 years ago)
Oh wait I get it u sick person hahaha nice one tho! Haha
Tyler Olthoff (6 years ago)
With a camera in your other hand looking threw the view finder!? Haha nice job tho!
Graham Cooper (6 years ago)
"I beat that in 54 seconds with one hand"....
Tyler Olthoff (6 years ago)
Thanks for the subbes! More vids to come very soon!
Tyler Olthoff (6 years ago)
Ya you cant play any game mode without them.
Samuel Glynn (6 years ago)
Tyler Olthoff (6 years ago)
Your welcome! Hope it helped decide if u want it or not.
NotMyName (6 years ago)

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