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How To Pack: 10 Days in CARRY ON | 13 Outfits | Europe Trip 2017 (Paris London Brussels)

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Text Comments (169)
wapol (1 month ago)
Your luggage calms the OCDness in me
Charmaine Dulak (1 month ago)
Bahaha I loveee
Rachel Brown (2 months ago)
Fluffy kitty!!!
BFF LOVE!29:) (2 months ago)
!! 100%
Hussain Dhanani (3 months ago)
Auto like for using an EMBRZ track in the intro!
ghanshyam meena (3 months ago)
High five. I am also going to Europe
Lucky Charm (5 months ago)
love color of your bags :)
Martin Gades (5 months ago)
I live in Germany and I travel to Paris 2 times a year and to the Cote d'Azur in summer I always have 4 large suitcases and 10 handbags in their dust bags plus 10pairs of shoes I mostly use my car as a handbag closet haha I couldn't fit all my luggage I the Paris Appartement but it worked out good since I only stay in Paris for a week or two each time it's a month I spent on the Rivera and I weirdly only needed 2 suitcases the rest was the same but I guess going to Paris for such a long time made me insecure about what to wear it's a place where u can be someone else wear what u would never wear in ur hometown the thing with me is I can't shock people with my outfits since I always wear what I love so iridescent and colorful classic and futuristic haha and Parisians are hard to shock since u see the weirdest stuff on every corner especially in marais it's full of tough designer shops and thrift shops with unique pieces u won't find anywhere so always keep some space in ur suitcase for the treasures u found ;) don't forget the import limit to avoid a second time of paying the tax haha
Aly S (5 months ago)
What about power converters?
NicNacAttack (6 months ago)
I always use a Ziploc for makeup. I feel like a makeup bag would just get dirty. It does the job...Any suggestions?
176Blue (1 month ago)
I use ziplock bags too because the pressure changes some products tend to leak.
Nora Elshazly (7 months ago)
You know you're not allowed to carry all these liquids on airplane they'll all be confiscated
Putry Adenia Bahar (6 months ago)
its ok if the liquid is less than 100 ml per bottle
Charmaine Dulak (7 months ago)
I’ve done it a hundred times and never had problems. (Both domestic flight and international)
Kaja Suhadolec (7 months ago)
Didn’t they take your liquids? You have to have them in a 1L bag, max 10x 100ml bottles and in a suitcase. It’s like that everywhere, especially in Europe...
Charmaine Dulak (7 months ago)
No they didnt
Esmeralda Nava (8 months ago)
Can you take a curling iron on ur carry on? And liquids? I’m confused.
Charmaine Dulak (7 months ago)
Yes and yes :)
Frida Clemente (8 months ago)
i dont know why im watching these videos right now.... i'm leaving to paris/barcelona/madrid in 2 months and this is just making me more excited
Shania Ahmed (2 months ago)
Same, mine is literally leaving for paris/zurich/rome in 6 months
Gabriela Hernandez (2 months ago)
Same girl jaja ❤️
Rachel Brown (2 months ago)
Frida Clemente my trip is a month and a half away. I totally understand 😂
Satyamurti Hall (8 months ago)
A lot of European airlines limit you to one piece of cabin luggage and the pink suitcase will be too big to fit overhead.
Charmaine Dulak (8 months ago)
I had no problem taking it (plus a tote) when I traveled to Paris London and Belgium 🤷🏻‍♀️
Susan Brown (8 months ago)
I ♡ Tep wireless and this video is great
paz30566 (8 months ago)
I’m going to Europe next week on Thursday and I can’t wait this video really helped
Madison Allen (8 months ago)
Looking at travel hacks not long
Madison Allen (8 months ago)
I've been long at travel hacks for so long and finally found one that's actually helpful for me packing for europe
sillystupidpastime (8 months ago)
those packing cubes are awesome! gonna grab a set or two. and also looking into tap!
Unicorn WEIRDO (8 months ago)
My last name is Fleming
Meghan Miller (9 months ago)
Where did you get that vest? Soooo cute
sagiratoys (9 months ago)
what is the mirror light up that you used?
Thanks for that portable WiFi tip!!!  Going in April!
Lisa Lee (10 months ago)
Great packing safe travels 💗👍🏽
Linda Vo (11 months ago)
Did you have any trouble with the suitcase as a carry on with airfance or any European airlines?
Linda Vo (10 months ago)
Charmaine Dulak I ordered the suitcase and it's adorable 💖 I've been binge watching your packing videos repeatedly for my trip to Europe Definitely my favorite YouTuber😊
Charmaine Dulak (11 months ago)
I did not 😊
Lauren Gabrielle (1 year ago)
do you have another video for winter in Europe? going in 2 weeks!
Liz Benfield (1 year ago)
if u want to fir more that roll your clothes
Yuri Jhen Merina (1 year ago)
Hi Charmaine can you make a what's in my bag & review of Tory burch bag pleas........
Spencer Stanley (1 year ago)
Packing & Paris in one video? What's better than that
Travel Mami (1 year ago)
Did you have any issues with the tea regarding your liquids?
sweetonyou (1 year ago)
Hi. Thx for the video! Did you really fit all those outfits, coats, tops, pants, etc in a 20" luggage and it fit with weight constraints????? Amazing if you did!!!
Charmaine Dulak (1 year ago)
YES :D i did!!! :D hehehe
Tambiliyah (1 year ago)
with all these items in your luggage, where do you put the new items that you buy during a vacation? I always try to minimize as much as possible so I get enough space for new stuff
Charmaine Dulak (1 year ago)
That's what the mini duffle that I folded is for :) on the way home, i use the duffle and check in my suitcase
Brittany Doerfler (1 year ago)
Thanks for this!
nicoleskey (1 year ago)
The bag is so cute, I've been thinking about getting one of these for a while!❤
Melissa Mitchell (1 year ago)
Did the packing cubes hold up ok? What brand are they? I'm on the hunt at the moment.
Charmaine Dulak (1 year ago)
yes! been using the cubes for all my trips and love it!
Melissa Mitchell (1 year ago)
Thank you. We're going on our first cruise in a month, and I'm hooked already. :) Think they'll be very useful.
Hungry Bonsai (1 year ago)
I use Sea to Summit ultra light packing cubes. I have been traveling with them for over two years (flying twice a week). Machine washer/dryer safe. Hold up great. I'm a big fan of sea to summit. If you aren't a frequent traveler there are less expensive brands out there.
Grace Reyes (1 year ago)
You're so amazing! 💞
jacque (1 year ago)
your travel videos are awesome
Um Jony (1 year ago)
Love your Nail Polish 💅🏻 which brand and color shade ?
Anluxe M (1 year ago)
Too much rambling
How much did ur suit case cost and pretty purse
Omg I love ur videos I love packing stuff I it is so addicting
Marini Arifin (1 year ago)
you are so organized with your stuff ❤️
Geraldine unicorn.12 (1 year ago)
I really love your luggage bag it's so cute the pastel color, I hope I can buy the luggage bag. And the way you organize your clothes I love it ❤
Mia Abigail (1 year ago)
How do you like TEP? Is the connectivity good while you were in Europe? Planning to purchase it for my upcoming trip in Italy.
Nathalie Calvano (1 year ago)
Where did you get your international curling and blow dryer for Italy?
Charmaine Dulak (1 year ago)
linked ;) brand is T3 Micro
Deborah Lindsay (1 year ago)
Thank you for the Teppy recommendation! Every summer I've racked up hundreds of dollars in roaming charges-- the Teppy is a great solution!
Charmaine Dulak (1 year ago)
glad i could help!! <3
E V A (1 year ago)
Ang yaman naman. Lahat ng gamit maganda! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Tambiliyah (1 year ago)
i would never pack a hairdryer with me because hotels ALWAYS provide one. I have always used these "secret pouches" thingies and they do an amazing job at tidying up the suitcase!!!! I cannot live without them now. How can you take a razor in your handbag? It isn't allowed :S
Patricia Pangelinan (3 months ago)
+Nabila Anwar they are allowed. There is this new thing called Google... Try it out.
Samantha Kirkpatrick (3 months ago)
Razors are allowed unless you're maybe in a country with different regulations.
Charmaine Dulak (1 year ago)
true, except in my case, I didn't stay at hotels. I also stayed at airbnbs and some didn't provide a hairdryer. DISPOSABLE razors are allowed.
yaeli loayza (1 year ago)
I'm gonna be in Europe for 10 days next month!!
Nhung Nguyen (1 year ago)
Such a great video! I'm planning to travel to Europe for about a week so this is perfect!!! ❤️
Shelby Herman (1 year ago)
Can you do a video on just the Longchamp bag! I am wanting to buy one! :)
Peruanita inLA (1 year ago)
Did the TEP worked well for you while you were in Europe? I'm planning to go to Paris in July and I'm considering on getting it.
Jessica G (1 year ago)
Just order The suitcase can't wait to use it☀️
pinkprincess (1 year ago)
Jessica G thank you so much for your reply
pinkprincess (1 year ago)
Jessica G hi just wondering. The photo in amazon is different in Charmaines actual luggage. Which one did you get? The one exactly in the amazons photo? Or the ones Charmaines showed us in video? I need answer please coz i want to order one for me as well. Thank you
Daiquiriluv (1 year ago)
Omg !!!! You load this video up on my birthday 🎉 yayyyyyy !!!!! I love this video 😊 thank you for sharing I love ❤️ your channel too.💕💕💕😘😘😘
Zahra Khanom (1 year ago)
I want to purchase that suitcase from the UK but I'm not sure how much it cost. Can you help me by any chance😭😭❤️
Shannon Claridad (1 year ago)
You mentioned an arch support thing? What is it?
J 01 (1 year ago)
Cherry Ho (1 year ago)
Where can I find your earrings? They're so pretty and my favorite style!!! ❤️
Charmaine Dulak (1 year ago)
+Cherry Ho thanks! It's from Swarovski 💕💕💕
Travis Zane (1 year ago)
Awesome vids! These videos always inspire me - Truly digging your stuff :) check out my vids if you have some time, I think we both have similar interests
sweco poa (1 year ago)
I think hotels have hair dryer. so no need to pack that.
Charmaine Dulak (1 year ago)
yes, they usually do. but 1 we're also staying at a few airbnbs, some don't have it and 2 sometimes the hair dryers provided are just too harsh for my hair or not strong enough for my thick hair. So I always opt out on bringing my own.
How do you deal with wrinkling once you get there? That's an impressive amount of stuff compressed into quite a small space.
xoAngelicaF (1 year ago)
Where did you get your luggage tag?
Charmaine Dulak (1 year ago)
MikaylaRose (1 year ago)
xoAngelicaF I've seen them sold at Typo
aembury13 (1 year ago)
I was gonna ask where you were gonna put your souvenirs, then you mentioned the duffle bag at the end lol! I can't go anywhere without buying souvenirs. That's why you watch the full video haha
Roxanne E (1 year ago)
hi! please review the jordana sculpt n go creamy contour sticks 😊
Nikki Tied (1 year ago)
Great video! Hope you have a great trip!
Christo Moua (1 year ago)
I love watching your packing/traveling videos!
Joyce Erika Flores (1 year ago)
Good job packing girl! Woot Woot!
Maridette Cachola (1 year ago)
do you pay monthly for the unlimited wireless or a one time fee?
Maridette Cachola (1 year ago)
Thank you
Charmaine Dulak (1 year ago)
+Maridette Cachola it's a one time fee! You select the days you need it 👍🏻
Angela Rudd (1 year ago)
Gosh girl u r so organised enjoy ur trip x
Tlc Gabrillo (1 year ago)
Purple Piano that's actually correct spelling, if using British English. We use S instead of Z like accessorise or fantasise 😅
Purple Ash (1 year ago)
Shali Miauw (1 year ago)
No space in your suitcase for souvenirs ??
Charmaine Dulak (1 year ago)
+Shali Miauw yes on the way back. Or sometimes I just fold my tote and use just the duffle and suitcase ☺️ so no need to check anything in
Shali Miauw (1 year ago)
Charmaine Dulak that means you check your suitcase and carrying two cabin bags?
Charmaine Dulak (1 year ago)
+Shali Miauw that's what the empty duffle is for 🙈🙊
Shali Miauw (1 year ago)
No space in your suitcase for souvenirs ??
xoAngelicaF (1 year ago)
Shali Miauw that's what the empty bag is for
zhielle168 (1 year ago)
Omg! Thats very organized!! I like it! Love love love the luggage! 😍💕
Romy Fleurs (1 year ago)
When I travel with my husband, he brings a backpack and carries all our stuff in there. I only carry my make up, wallet and cell phone in a tiny purse :-) I loved this video!
Georg Baumoehl (1 year ago)
Is it real fur
Charmaine Dulak (1 year ago)
+Georg Baumoehl no it is not
Georg Baumoehl (1 year ago)
Where in europe are you going to
Charmaine Dulak (1 year ago)
+Georg Baumoehl Paris London and Brussels 💕
Belvose Channel (1 year ago)
Hey hun did u forget to link the internet box . I did not find the link down below what was it called again?
Belvose Channel (1 year ago)
Charmaine Dulak thanks I trying to order it it's asking me for the state , are they trying to ask meThe destination I'm going to our The state where I'm located
Belvose Channel (1 year ago)
Thanks so much hun
Charmaine Dulak (1 year ago)
+Yvose Faith ahh I did! It's there now
Rahi Mehmedalieva (1 year ago)
KewpieGirl (1 year ago)
nice! did u bring europe plug adapter? I notice u have hair dryer and curler cuz they're US plug in.
Charmaine Dulak (1 year ago)
+KewpieGirl yes I did ☺️ my husband packs all that in his backpack
AliJaeJR (1 year ago)
do you have gel or something on your nails
Charmaine Dulak (1 year ago)
+AliJaeJR gel 💕
emstella (1 year ago)
Packing queeeeeenn. I love these videos. Definitely helped me a lot when I travelled to Disneyland last year. And will help me again this summer vacation!! 😊☀️
itsmysubs (1 year ago)
How much did this all weigh? Isn't there a 7kg limit for carry on luggages?
Life Trash (5 months ago)
Where i live we have 15kg limit for carry on, that's so good
Fran Elgas (8 months ago)
itsmysubs I
Made In Aotearoa NZ (1 year ago)
itsmysubs Yes same for New Zealand
JcStar (1 year ago)
10 kg is 22 pounds! 7 kg is around 16 pounds!
itsmysubs (1 year ago)
Jo bhy Safi its 10kg for you? That's so good. In Australia, the carry on limit is 7kg.
Vanessa Z (1 year ago)
Where did you say you got the wifi package?? I couldn't find it in the description box
Charmaine Dulak (1 year ago)
There's no coupon code. $10/day is actually reasonable considering you get UNLIMITED data and can connect up to 5 gadgets. Versus using your own phone data. (I usually use a travel pass via verizon and it's with whatever data I have on my phone plan and it's also $10/day.)
Vanessa Z (1 year ago)
Cool thanks!! Did they give you have a coupon code for it? It's really expensive.
Abby Lili (1 year ago)
Is this less than 15 pounds? Aren't carry ons usually limited on weight? I'm sorry I just wanna know how much I can pack if I purchase this suitcase 😩
Brie Pease (3 months ago)
Abby Lili whattttt????!!
Jess Webster (3 months ago)
Sometimes it’s not based on weight necessarily it could be on size
Simply Wine (3 months ago)
You would be surprised how much you can pack without even reaching the weight limit! I carry a portable scale in my luggage. It’s super small and light weight and cost about $10. It’s worth it to have one if you are carry-on traveling.
xoAngelicaF (8 months ago)
Caoimhe Burke I looked it up it definitely said less than 16lbs for virgin American Airlines not kg
Caoimhe Burke (1 year ago)
Its 15kg allowance, not 15lb.
CapeCodBelle (1 year ago)
I'm amazed at how well you pack and how much you get in your suitcase! Have a wonderful trip:)
Love Sinigayan (1 year ago)
Ann Williams (1 year ago)
can you please link the jewelry keeper that you mentioned from target? or what specifically is it called?
Charmaine Dulak (1 year ago)
+Ann Williams I got mine in stores last year 😓 I don't know what it's called.
Love Sinigayan (1 year ago)
Patrice Pascual (1 year ago)
I really love your travel related videos! I purchased the same carry on as well for my trip to Florida and Quebec. Also, just a tip! I got the same pouches/cube boxes at aliexpress for only $6.99 :)
Charmaine Dulak (1 year ago)
thanks! that's good to know :D i might purchase something from there soon haha
Patrice Pascual (1 year ago)
hehehe kind of but so far so good. I have received all of the packages that I ordered.
Charmaine Dulak (1 year ago)
+Patrice Pascual ooo I never order from there... it looked sketchy 🙊🙈😓
IModel05 (1 year ago)
You did a really great job on your blog post😊 Love the easy, yet glam outfits you put together😍! Savvy packing👌🏽
Tarsha Farnell (1 year ago)
As Usual, You Know That I LOVE Packing Videos😃🤗
Michelle Miller (1 year ago)
me and you share the same birthday mine is September 12 to so me and you really do like almost the same things to wow another virgo just like me so thats so cool
Made In Aotearoa NZ (1 year ago)
New sub! love your packing vids!!!
Christyle M (1 year ago)
You are the packing boss!!!
Alexa Style Book (1 year ago)
Yazzz! great packing tips!!
Joy G (1 year ago)
Love how organized you are! 👌🏼
Aramaria Flo (1 year ago)
Watching now 💕💕✨
M2M Beauty (1 year ago)
cute luggage!

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