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Live BLACKJACK Action & Captain (For The Fans)

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Rich Aikin (17 hours ago)
Your videos are fun to watch. However,as a professional card counter,I can tell you this game is unbeatable. The penetration is God awful (at least 80% of the shoe is no dealt),and you do not have surrender. I wish you the best of luck;that's all you have going for you in online blackjack.
Blade Runner (14 days ago)
Alexander is dishing out horrible advice.
HoodedFreak (19 days ago)
That going all in all the time fucks you up every single time...
Adrian Warner (1 month ago)
Bj dealer is a pos
Doi Doi (1 month ago)
I got a gambling problem On Red Dead Redemption 2
Mr. Deadman (1 month ago)
You started small... but that went out the window quickly. You are an instant gratification gambler and can't stick to the small bets. You need to find a bet progression system that you like. I'm gonna skip the slots... I don't like sucker games. OMG split 10's Lucky... I always go with the old adage if you had a 20 inch dick would you cut it in half?
Mark Pointing (1 month ago)
Blackjack Dealer “that’s bust, waste of money”
Dan Hatch (1 month ago)
I enjoy your videos but your a very negative gambler mate :/
Christian Safe (2 months ago)
Your gambling has become out of control man
John Campbell (2 months ago)
Just remember in Blackjack, always leave yourself enough to split or double down...he got lucky hitting on those two aces but the Blackjack Gods punished him at the end...
rosita manganaro (2 months ago)
Your voice is so hot 💕
Weird he says at 36:20 he wants to see side bet wins then you get two pairs like he knew the next cards lol hmmmm ok he says it at 38:25 before the pair aswell 🤔🤔🤔
Gary Smith (3 months ago)
you have to stop gambling. Your addicted beyond belief. You will never make back the money you've lost. You talk just like an addicted gambler.
haschengrube x (3 months ago)
33:05 look at the guy shuffling the cards watch his face
DerinThyMighty 1 (3 months ago)
I ramble & gamble also man it's fun ! If you can lose the cash not a big deal keep doing you 👌🏼
tallal almasri (3 months ago)
that dealer is fun 2 play
DeeJay32 (3 months ago)
We need more British insults regarding the dealers 😂
PLO 8 (3 months ago)
Hypalinx o Hypalinx to the Dealer: " THank you for the game" … Dealer: " THank you for pay my Salary"
aman Sharma (4 months ago)
You stupid cheap potato what do you mean by this caption "for the fans " who's fans millions of people gamble everyday ...what's so new about it ....stop glorifying yourself
Hypalinx (3 months ago)
No worries cheers.
aman Sharma (3 months ago)
@Hypalinx ok ..I'm sorry my small mind could not understand what you said ..I like all your videos you are a great player ....please keep uploading such interesting gaming videos
Hypalinx (3 months ago)
The fans of the game Blackjack it meant. I got requests to play Blackjack a lot.
Brad Austin (4 months ago)
That last hand, man. My heart hurts
Larry Ouver (4 months ago)
Ouch hypa u were doing so well mate better luck on the next one
Patrick Negro (4 months ago)
Yes Mate, you lost but you'll live another day.The dealer will keep your Euros nice and warm for you to win back on the next session of BJ!
Wissensdurst (4 months ago)
Every pair is perfect for u haha....
Ashur Simo (4 months ago)
“2 gambles and take this one maybe” (clicks 5 times without a second though)
Ryan Martin (4 months ago)
anyone think that the dealer hinted at side bets cause he knew what was coming? hmm online casinos...
murtaza şimşek (4 months ago)
You know what? Stop to play
Ewoch Able (4 months ago)
you go, Hypa. Do not listen to the haters, you magnificent bastard.
Geeter Dun (4 months ago)
Josh Steele (4 months ago)
I lost $200 in casino yesterday but i got greedy. I appreciate the videos.
Andy 851 (4 months ago)
11:44. nice moaning, got me going !!
REGINALD (4 months ago)
Stop gambling mate😓
Tom Clarke (4 months ago)
Keep up the entertainment mate, watching hear in Ireland with a few beers
oo0oo (4 months ago)
U should stop it dude. U cant control the tilt...
Zachary Lucas (4 months ago)
Keep at it! Double your stakes
Christopher Hill (4 months ago)
Straight up degenerate, it’s like you don’t even try to win. Just give your money away. You need help.
Nat Hardy (4 months ago)
That reaction at 12:15 when she whops out a 2 for her 9 to make 11 and he's just like "oh shit" 😂
David duFresne (4 months ago)
I'm not going to tell you not to play blackjack or even to follow basic strategy fully, but what I will say is if you do play blackjack, make sure you have at least 20 bets for a session. Generally I up my bets on a win, rather than a loss. Usually I'll just collect the first win, then up the next bet by half if I win again and keep going from there. So 20 to 30, then 30 to 40, 40 to 60, 60 to 70 70 to 90 and so on. Of course you'll lose long term this way too, but you will have your best chance of going on a run and preserving a bit of a win if the cards turn against you. Never go all in, that's just begging for a split or double that you won't be able to cover. For those reading, NEVER play blackjack, it is a depressing game because odds are you will lose an individual hand, the only reason the casino has a 1-3% edge depending on the rules is because when you double against a bust card or split correctly you are advantaged at those times. Even if you win, you will go back to the casino and give it all back and more.
LORD LUCAN (4 months ago)
Junky hypa strike 's again ,,,the deluded gambler ,get a job and earn yr money you lazy waster
Razer Gecko (5 months ago)
Last streak dealer 4 times 20 in a row feelsbadman
BG RAP (5 months ago)
dude you will never learn how to play this BJ When you see The dealers not Bust 3-4 game in a row better dont play vs dealer
paulinio1231 (5 months ago)
i hate it when the dealer keeps saying ''well, good luck next time''.
gary lee (5 months ago)
NorthSideTV (5 months ago)
Hy hippa happy new years
SmokedOut Ent. (5 months ago)
That split at the end was crazy!! 🤘💪💪
BP AMOCO (5 months ago)
Anthony (5 months ago)
its possible to make a profit from blackjack but you need a solid strategy and to just stick to it, can't go chasing the losses though a better game is poker.
Emmanuel Horton (5 months ago)
“I’m not bothered... ffffaaaarrrrrrkkkkk” LOL GOOD ON YA LAD. NEXT WIN IS AROUND THE CORNER.
Elliot Lee (5 months ago)
Dealer's cards are strong.
Kenneth Miller (5 months ago)
thumbs up!
dewhirst69 (5 months ago)
i once hit trips suited. best thing ever happened to me because i lost it all that night and stopped gambling
yebnig (5 months ago)
Just subscribed not long ago! Looking forward to new videos, I like you!
Nakatomi Plaza (5 months ago)
The delusion is real. 'The big one is around the corner' etc' you had the big one with that 15K then spunked it against the wall.
Men, it's better play, at least you use side bets and that was successful for you a few times. You just need to know where to stop!!! And don't put ALL IN, as you are risking to loose everything straight away. Use progressing betting with side bets in that case, put more money on a side bets, that would give you huge hits. Good luck men. I like your videos a lot, just sad to see you loose so often. P.S. I would suggest 15/45/15 and 30/90/30 bets. Your side hits will be awesome. And please stop when you have a big win !!!
Kalle Gregersson (5 months ago)
Just subbed to watch blackjack, just fyi :)
Kelbas (5 months ago)
Levi Hayes (5 months ago)
Can you send a link or the name of whatever your using to play 21 online.
Yancity (5 months ago)
Dope video dude, glad I found you! Just started posting some BJ & craps videos too, hopefully we can play together one of these days soon! Gl bud!
how do you withdraw your funds?
Michael Loughran (5 months ago)
If anyone needs help out all streamers - Its Hypa. Its Painful watching a guy gamble his life away. Please get help and I genuinely mean that in a nice way. All the best.
M Guadel (5 months ago)
Online casinos are total scam - stick to brick and mortar casinos... Plus they are way more entertaining
Nakatomi Plaza (5 months ago)
People are not fans of you as an individual, they are addicts
Dilyan - (5 months ago)
Meinkanal007 nino (5 months ago)
Sucha donkey but I can understand
Itz AJ (5 months ago)
I hate watching these cos im poor af. And i need ONLY 320€ to get a go pro hero 7 black
Geeky Lion (5 months ago)
isn't that dealer the guy in SUCKER PUNCH? 39:06 you got another queen on the split, and you only get 1 card? the 21+3 only pays 6-1?
x Geeman (5 months ago)
Your taking £100 balance to a 25min table 😲 there's only one way this will end .... with a zero balance . You need to be on the kiddie tables with that balance you 🍩
Dilyan - (5 months ago)
This is not land based casino with 2/4/6 decks where you count and wait your turn to bet big. Here you bet few hands and you go all in since its 8 deck shoe with middle penetration and you can't split a split or double so you can't turn 5bucks bet into 30 and win..
allan westhead (5 months ago)
never mind good viewing anyway
ham sandwich (5 months ago)
33:00 he looks high af 😂
Paul Obey (5 months ago)
Tim said he had to lend you 200 last week is this true.....its all abit sad isnt it
David Baird (5 months ago)
That last hand. I laughed.
zoe foster (5 months ago)
Don’t know he get so much negative comments ? If your not a fan don’t watch
Robbie CatMan TV (5 months ago)
You r so awful at blackjack loool nearly as awful as me. But ur tactics r wrong lol
Consumer Economy (5 months ago)
the gamblers prayer; in a while guys, next time seriously i promise ill.....
Dilyan - (5 months ago)
Hypa don't watch this... Davos on steamy.. https://youtu.be/oOCNAXqBB7c
Dilyan - (5 months ago)
@Hypalinx has to be pretty sick session, I mean going big then has to pay big then again big and again... Super rare, better not, rolla recent 50k was super lucky roulette hit, something out of ordinary has to happen.. Like 5 slots thousand x, I think blackjack sidebets 50, hit straight flush, then perfect pair, then split 2 aces on 2k hand, repeat, etc is way more likely.. Then jump to another table, lucky shoe again, another 15k profit..building like this..
Hypalinx (5 months ago)
Seen it lol. Do you think I could ever manage it, 100K would put me up lifetime ... just.
Snippet (5 months ago)
Holy shit he's still uploading
Dilyan - (5 months ago)
Oh my gosh hypa, everywhere I see everybody is getting huge wins, like most slots are paying now... Fudge((( rolla got top of the tower on 15£, 7k win on star quest and more...
Panos Kal (5 months ago)
You re a mad gambler sir(which is super enjoyable watching)also sincere and honest,loved the vid better luck next time hope u get a big fat win
2011Muttley (5 months ago)
Great vid cheers mate keep em coming
Good to see you still rolling my dude! Hope you the best for 2019, ngl Im battling a fair few addictions so it’s a bit iffy for me to say the least. Love
C0r34n (5 months ago)
You say your doing it for the fans but your not your using that as an excuse to feed your addiction. I know this ain’t what u wanna hear but I’ve been there bro. Addiction is a real powerful thing I was hooked on meth for a little over a year when I was 15 years old. I quit because it was destroying my life and my relationships. I’m sure the same is happening with you. You’re a grown ass man you can quit. If I could at 15 years old so can you. Much love
Nakatomi Plaza (5 months ago)
He doesn't want to
Mike Symes (5 months ago)
Awesome video, thx for coming back!
iporkedyourdog (5 months ago)
Am I able to play at any of these online casinos while I reside in North America (Maryland to be specific.) The casinos that you play at seem "reputable." Even if it's just slots. I've gone to some local casinos and mostly played slots. After spending nearly $500 over a period of time, with very little to no return.. I was wondering if you had any tips for me, or at the least could recommend some online casinos playable in NA. As always, I love the vids bro. Please keep them coming!
Soloman Vendi (5 months ago)
Fort u stoppped uploading y do it to yourself for all to see reading these comment must b like a donkey kick to the left testi
G_Star (5 months ago)
I'm soo pleased the luck went your way when you splits those 10's! Thanks for the vid and all the best for 2019 Hype
Jesus here (5 months ago)
Pretty sure I’ve played with you at a table
Valentino A (5 months ago)
''I'm getting my fix'' says it all. Addict. Get help. Fast.
Valentino A (5 months ago)
@Psychedelic hallucinogenic relic of reality Lol true, but this is stupid...
Valentino A were all addicts in some way or form
Paulslotman (5 months ago)
Can u play Rhino next time u on line please also give me a shout out thx
Michael Wolf (5 months ago)
Good video man! I'm the guy in the back of the girl called Adina, that's so funny 😂
Andres Urosa (1 month ago)
VimTuber 1 (5 months ago)
The person playing to the right of you hit 3 side bets in a row😳
Tyson Peters (5 months ago)
Thanks for the black jack content
JP Poker (5 months ago)
Nice to see ya back been a while
Oliver Skov (5 months ago)
Did anyone get a single word of what that dealer was saying?
Stevie Jungle (5 months ago)
hypa next you gotta do a steamtower build, get to the grand, bang!
MUFC710 (5 months ago)
His reactions when you double down on 6/16 are brilliant haha!
Latex (5 months ago)
Could sit and watch u all day. I'm basically a recovering addict from gambling Nd watching u makes me feel like I'm playing.
DushanNish (5 months ago)
i feel like online blackjack is rigged...
Frank Jomungle (5 months ago)
There’s no need to rig it the game has house edge? Fucking losers
Ejsap Janush (5 months ago)
yes it is
Ethan Pambrun (5 months ago)
“I’m not that bothered” “Shit” “Fucccck” “Damn” “That was a fucking crazy one”
G2 D (5 months ago)
Oh god :d I'm sorry mate, I'm honestly always on the player's side :d (I'm the alexander guy(last one))
Hypalinx (5 months ago)
Ahhh cool, cheers mate haha! Could of came in.
G2 D (5 months ago)
Next time i see ya, imma summon my magic hands :D (god, that sounds awfully cheeky)
Cyber Media Intel (5 months ago)
How do ppl not know how to play he hits 12 vs a 2... common sense bro don’t hit
Clayton Allen (5 months ago)
Glad to see a video man
Michael Linneman (5 months ago)
Your an entertaining guy. I really enjoy your videos, keep your chin up.

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