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Text Comments (949)
Ching Chong (2 months ago)
Richie the type of guy to make a top 10 fapping positions
Liuhh Lp (2 months ago)
Whats the name of the song in the background?
Carlos Arias (2 months ago)
“Stuusy” 🤦🏽‍♂️
Blaine Scott (2 months ago)
I found some of these looks at 1990what.com , they have the some of the best retro windbreakers
Harambe Games (2 months ago)
Should be titled great jackets for fall, because these would not last me a single winter season here in Michigan. Check out Carhartt their jackets are warm and last a lot trust me. that is what I use and the best thing most of their jackets are under a hundred too.
SargentVlog (4 months ago)
Anyone know how tall is richie and what size of pacsun bomber does he wear??? Looking to buy a pacsun right now, thanks a lot
STRUTAL GAMING (5 months ago)
Bruh when you say under $100 and their all $99 does that really count??🤷🏽‍♂️
F H M (5 months ago)
When you live in Canada and you would still be cold if you wore all of these at the same time
Char Char (6 months ago)
Got a blue button up coaches jacket for $2, it was my size but I’ll still take it for that cheap
Mattias Dahl (6 months ago)
Guys the windbreaker link dont work??
d cres (6 months ago)
Them jackets to thin for winter
Daniel Garcia (6 months ago)
L0r3n2 (8 months ago)
This kid knows he's not black right?
Julien Hendrickson (8 months ago)
Dope jackets here!! https://sloppyvinyl.com/ballin-on-a-budget-coaches-jackets/2018/30/07/
Ronnie (9 months ago)
My go-to channel for fashion tips! 💯🔥
Jose Beltran (10 months ago)
I feel very autistic for asking this but what type of material is the thinnest for hoodies? Cause I want to use a windbreaker with a hoodie but I dont want a thick hoodie. (I hope I made sense)
Macer Rad (10 months ago)
go to eastbay and buy jordan windbreaker simple!
S Yakuza (1 year ago)
I think souvenir jacket is originally from Japan and was so called “Sukajan” basically old-type rocknroll rude boys were wearing them I cannot believe they became trendy worldwide
Simon (1 year ago)
Where did you get striped tee you're wearing from?
Bulshitero (1 year ago)
Where can i get that Modern Amusement coaches jacket from?
Tevin Spencer (1 year ago)
I have 2 souvenir jackets there dope
EJ Nelson (1 year ago)
I love your cheerful emotions my guy
Arnov Mukherjee (1 year ago)
What if its really cold I live in Canada these won’t help when it’s snowing windy and cold
Guerra F (1 year ago)
Damn ur soft voice is fucked loud lol stop yelling bro 😂
Ruthie Dudley (1 year ago)
Move To Google And then Type: *Couponsecrx* Now this is literally the only working free nike coupons working these days. Do not waste your entire available free time in some other software
Xhhx Djdjd (1 year ago)
raymond cepeda (1 year ago)
damn where can i get that same exact nike jacket
itzevan 342 (1 year ago)
Plz do some kid vid
LooneyCynical (1 year ago)
all of these are only good for fall
rick padgett (1 year ago)
Cut the intro BS and shouting.
polymath (1 year ago)
This chumpmunk is a cross between PewDiePie and JayZ
camcane1 (1 year ago)
2:13 wait,people really wear items only if they're "in"? I just wear whatever I like ....
Zen (1 year ago)
Do you guys recommend using a hoodie with a windbraker that has a hood? Looks kinda werid with 2 hoods
Jrod 120 (1 year ago)
Bomber jacket
Evan Lebron (1 year ago)
Wat about that 10$ Costco hoodie
Certified Tv (1 year ago)
You should of did under like 80 or 70 dollars. Everyone can’t afford 99 dollar jackets😂
Ishaan Sreelal (1 year ago)
Where he get the nike windbreaker
Geoffrey Garcia (1 year ago)
What jeans are you wearing?
Dylan Dickey (1 year ago)
Who else called that 1st place going to the bomber?
Kankah wauss (1 year ago)
Your smile is scary😂😂🤐
ASIANGANG (1 year ago)
Ayye go check out my vid plss
Dylan_smokes_dank 03 (1 year ago)
Why don't sneakerheadz ever wear American eagle jeans. There cheap and high quality
Killa Name (1 year ago)
This nigga bring a supreme bag to school!?
168.19EuronSeteli (1 year ago)
Thumbnail has bape jackets... budget is 100$....
Cole Borges (1 year ago)
I live in Texas yet I still will wear jeans, joggers, hoodies, and jackets
JPstudi0s (1 year ago)
Can anyone link me to the same Nike packable windbreaker can't find it anywhere and it's not in the description
Gino Ferrer Cruz (2 years ago)
marc (2 years ago)
that feels when small is sized up
Slept On (2 years ago)
north face?
Jake Taz (2 years ago)
on a richie spree when i should be studying, oops
Fabian (2 years ago)
This nigga had to add an olive jacket.
It's Andrei (2 years ago)
Is it just me that thinks stussy isn't affordable?
Rinnegan Sensei (1 year ago)
It's Andrei no just go on eBay ol
Tim Tim (2 years ago)
Anything for under 10?
iSambal (2 years ago)
Ayo Rich! I know this is a little late but do you need to go one size up with a bomber jacket? One love from the Netherlands homie!
Mike Baller (2 years ago)
New York this is spring
Zenith (2 years ago)
where does he get the hoodie that's under his olive bomber jacket. plus where does he get that strip the shirt from?
Samantha (1 year ago)
Zenith (2 years ago)
Peyton Hagler (2 years ago)
he had to find a way to get the supreme backpack in the video
Mr.bobby kid Earth (2 years ago)
Those are anorak jackets not citywide windbreaker
Hitmarker (2 years ago)
What about the Richie Le Bomber Jacket gotta update the list for Spring
"top fuve jackets for under 100" "retails for $99" Boi if you dont...
Mane Navarro (2 years ago)
Your real dad FACTS THO
Run Floyd Run (2 years ago)
is that the brown color way for the nike windbreaker
Jayce Neptune (2 years ago)
this guy's voice has so much attack to it. It makes it sound cool.
prakigam (2 years ago)
y u screaming?
Coonpockolips (2 years ago)
Nigga I'm not Bouta Walk Around looking like a Mailbox
Angel Martinez (2 years ago)
You didn't say the price
New 77 Era (2 years ago)
I dont care whats trendy or not, i just buy whatever i think looks dope and cool.
Richard Beharry (2 years ago)
y would u put something for 99$ on the list
Vass (2 years ago)
check out the pull and bear bro, you 'll be surprised from the quality and the low prices 😉😉
NO NAME (2 years ago)
whew he finally didn't use that stupid snupp app
7rey (2 years ago)
Whats the background music?
BolitasTV_ _ (2 years ago)
can someone tell me Size of the jackets he's wearing ..
Packable wind breaker is 120 now lmao
Wuuu (2 years ago)
Jackets under 100$ Puts Bape in the thumbnail
Gabriel Tapia (2 years ago)
Anyone know where he got that striped tee he has on??
Allen518 (2 years ago)
This in not the best fall or winter jackets this is the top5 popular jackets
Jordan Li (2 years ago)
Where are your hoodies from in the video? they fit very well!
JesusAssists (2 years ago)
What's the gray hoodie he's wearing?
Samantha (1 year ago)
Lil Note Padd it’s from H&M i have the same one,they cost about $25-$30
Shayne Cameron (2 years ago)
Do a denim 101
Brandon Who (2 years ago)
Just copped the exact bomber for 40 bucks 👌 straight steal
Arata (2 years ago)
How are those winter jackets LOL. Nice vid tho
Sam Ready (2 years ago)
fully rate this kid
Sam Ready (2 years ago)
this guy is king at delivering information and videos oh my
Sam Ready (2 years ago)
this is actually the best video on youtube
Enter Sniping (2 years ago)
Richie can you make a video for trendy jackets for the winter months
chad hornbaker (2 years ago)
I was hoping to see a parka in here
RusticGaming (2 years ago)
That souvenir jacket would look great with the Jordan 5 bronze: http://store.nike.com/us/en_us/pd/air-jordan-5-retro-mens-shoe/pid-11046541/pgid-10264742?k_clickid=b376d916-f921-4213-968f-db7151d3a52d&cp=usns_kw_jordan_null_pla!g!c!nobr!&k_clickid=b376d916-f921-4213-968f-db7151d3a52d
teh Zriz (2 years ago)
After I watched this video I copped the modern amusement coaches jacket
L. Frost (2 years ago)
One thing to not be cheap on. Canada goose and arc teryx please
Nxthxnsimmons7 (2 years ago)
how tall are you
SSJ Serg (2 years ago)
What other websites would you recommend for a nice looking bomber like that one???? The pacsun one has been sold out for a while now :/
SY HERBO (2 years ago)
can you guys do a winter jacket Video like this
Jay (2 years ago)
for souviner jacket , one size up is better or just my size ?
Wenxi Zhai (2 years ago)
My favorite moment is cheaper alternative to expensive trendy clothing. Instagram name is wenxi12
TP PZ (2 years ago)
top jeans
Harris Kurais (2 years ago)
how to wash bomber jacket
Jacob Palacios (2 years ago)
what kind of Hoodie is that though?
ifingerfatkids (2 years ago)
Liar that nike jacket is 120 lol
Lucas bourne (2 years ago)
Your currency might be different
Arthur _ (2 years ago)
where'd you get that cream colorlike hoodie at 3:40?
Any instructions on how to tie up the laces on the Citywide Windbreaker?
Scott Hardisty (2 years ago)
DIY Distressing vid please

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