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Iris van Herpen, the Most Avant-Garde Fashion Designer in History | Art of Style | M2M Original

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Celebrated as one of the most avant-garde and technologically innovative fashion designers of our time, Iris van Herpen's pioneering vision pushes the boundaries of traditional garment design and construction. Watch the previous episode: Met Gala & Andrew Bolton ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Fex0oBCBcE&t=0s&list=PLaT9mKYgyGNYRtrxPT27xnW-qMuaRJSGT&index=2 Watch More Art of Style Episodes: ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AuxZqFoA5As&index=3&list=PLaT9mKYgyGNYRtrxPT27xnW-qMuaRJSGT&t=0s Subscribe to Made To Measure! ► https://www.youtube.com/c/MadeToMeasure?sub_confirmation=1 -------------------------- Get even more M2M: Visit: ► http://www.m2m.tv Watch on Apple TV, Roku and more: ► http://m2m.tv/where-to-watch Download our iOS app: ► http://bit.ly/M2MApp Like us on Facebook: ► https://www.facebook.com/m2m Follow us on Instagram: ► http://instagram.com/m2m Follow us on Twitter: ► http://www.twitter.com/m2m -------------------------- FASHION NOW STREAMING Made to Measure (M2M) is a new fashion video network. M2M covers the world of fashion and style - past, present and future - through fresh and culturally relevant storytelling. M2M features original programming, classic fashion films and runway shows from the world’s top designers. M2M’s original series and documentaries highlight the people, issues, trends, and events that have defined and transformed the fashion landscape. Subscribe to Made To Measure! ► https://www.youtube.com/c/MadeToMeasure?sub_confirmation=1
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Text Comments (938)
gretchen baker (10 hours ago)
Beautiful Be hard to wash though
Grace O’Brien (14 hours ago)
I feel that Iris van herpen needs to do something similar to Alexander McQueen. I mean, their designs are absolutely breathtaking but I believe they would be come an extremely big name if they move to more mainstream calmer designs as well to bring in the customers, Alexander done this and all of the people in my city wear his shoes and everyone knows him! I believe if they stick to these amazing architecturally beautiful pieces but also put themselves out there as a wearable outside brand as well they would do impeccable
Adrian Sosa (1 day ago)
Come the Fuck on! You set people to believe ideologies and when those people crash with reality your fucked up asses won’t be there to prevent their agony depressions and suicides!!! So Fuck you!!! Do you know for whom you work for??? Reality people get real people won’t wear that shit! It isn’t practical and bullshit is trash no matter what it’s vulgar it’s kitschy is cursi is Anglosaxon trash excrement !!!
Adrian Sosa (1 day ago)
This is trash
Crystal M (2 days ago)
So creative and beautiful
Lili laurie (2 days ago)
Waw i am fascinate
Gina Chung (3 days ago)
0:30 Is that a real person vacuum sealed on the runway????? Poor model...
openyoureyes (4 days ago)
I bet you don't sell too many outfits!
Paula Garcia (5 days ago)
I have never wanted to be a model (also pretty impossible since I'm 5'3") but her work makes me want to be one. I would be happy if I can help show her vision and art to the world.
MrBroccoliSoup (13 days ago)
Her works are worthy of appreciation and applause. Mesmerizing and beautiful!
Princess J (14 days ago)
Intelligence = CREATIVITY I’ll meet you very soon my love such a fan #PrincessJasmine👑
ce buu (14 days ago)
This, this woman right here is the future of fashion!!!
ImaMonaKnight (14 days ago)
creative scientist (14 days ago)
4: 19 it's Indian tradishnal music
Lia Johnson (15 days ago)
I just can't figure out do people actually buy these dresses.. and were the hell do they wear them too and how do they sit down in them and go out in them.? this shit puzzles the hell out of me.. 🤔
Water Guard (15 days ago)
Oh my gosh avant grade fashion is breathtaking
Rhy Thm (18 days ago)
This always curious me.. are those really wearable?
IJ WD (17 days ago)
+Rhy Thm no problem ☺️❤️
Rhy Thm (17 days ago)
+IJ WD ah ok more clearer... tnxz for answering😊...xoxo!
IJ WD (17 days ago)
Many celebrities and models wear them for galas, shows, music videos and photo shoots. I've heard designers usually recreate the pieces into more wearable clothes later that aren't as Avant Garde but usually the clothes are just used for shows
thembitch (18 days ago)
But who wear all these cloth? How she make a profit from designing these cloths?
IJ WD (17 days ago)
+thembitch I think even just borrowing the clothes for an event is extremely expensive too, as long as someone is using it they will get money. But it is still very difficult to understand, I agree 😅
thembitch (17 days ago)
+IJ WD yes but those.celebrities didnt purchase it. Sometimes the designer will lend it to them I dont know. Its quite confusing
IJ WD (17 days ago)
I think she also makes handbags and scarves on the side that are more suited for everyday wear. The clothes are also used by celebrities and models for galas/shows and they can be very expensive (at least a few hundreds of thousands of dollars for one piece).
Zamora Pakalolo (18 days ago)
I'm not usually into couture, but this is something I can get behind.
Arigto (18 days ago)
Track at 4:18?
Cake At Stake (19 days ago)
hmm yes, the new H&M
Tsvetana Yvanova (19 days ago)
Iris Van Herpen is in a category of her own...I am a designer - and I am a huge fanand an admirer of her unique ideas and calm but relentless tenacity to complete every idea.Bravo Iris! You are quite an inspiration for all generations of designers! And thank you!
Complexity X (19 days ago)
What the fuck happened at 6:31
Smartindian (21 days ago)
So many positive comments on such a controversial industry...someone's doing an amazing job.. making believers out of non believers.. !
angelzhit (22 days ago)
I'm sorry she a twat and a cheap copy of Alex McQueen, I'm trying to like but all these people saying its beautiful I don't see it sorry.
Sophia anna (25 days ago)
The thoughts of that woman just gave my brain goosebumpe
Elijah Tomaquin (27 days ago)
Risingofthephoenixx x (28 days ago)
First off what is this monochromatic piece of music I'm hearing as the soundtrack I love it
Victor Furtado (1 month ago)
she needs to work in a sci fi movie
Rosalie T (1 month ago)
Oh my god I wish I could have seen this opera
kick names take ass (1 month ago)
Ig i am not that artistic. I don't understand much rather than like some of the pieces here😐
Simple y llanamente ¡ARTE!
exas4791 (1 month ago)
I like her really original designs, but...... what about commercial viability?
Ana Tiripa (1 month ago)
the zenith of inspiration. wonderful video, wonderful artistery
Jerome Vargas (1 month ago)
While watching this video and seeing her designs, I can Imagine Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Beyonce wearing her couture masterpiece in a red carpet. Its breath taking! 😍
im uncomfortable (1 month ago)
It remembers me from the Capitol's citizens from THG
Evelyne (1 month ago)
She’s dutchh :)
Shannon Page (1 month ago)
Chevas Samuels (1 month ago)
The only designer, other than McQueen, who can make me gasp.
sunny day (1 month ago)
One day I'll become famous and rich and I would afford myself to buy her clothes. I promise
Ludmila Marešová (1 month ago)
This is a genius if I've ever seen one.
Prima Murdock (1 month ago)
This isn’t merely fashion - it’s art. This woman is so ahead of her time.
Prima Murdock (1 month ago)
This woman is so ahead of her time.
Lucas Kanyó (1 month ago)
Elle est incroyable
Barbara Murray (1 month ago)
I love her! She is a creative genius. I've only said that of people like Einstein, Prince, Michael Jackson and Bach. What a true Artist and Visionary.
• hxn • (1 month ago)
the statement "Most avantgarde fashion designer in history" is BEYOND absurd. There are A LOT of small fashion designers on Instagram and they're a hundredfold more avantgarde than this. But I am not saying her designs are not good, they're great. Just the title is not good
Christina Jackson (1 month ago)
I felt my mind stretch watching and listening to her. It was refreshing and I’m looking forward to learning more about her work.
River Koritko (1 month ago)
those purple crystal shoes are probably her most popular piece, i have seen those for YEARS and never knew it was her. aesthetic accounts love them lol
Andrea Dudášová (1 month ago)
It’s beautiful but I’d never wear that. Not that I don’t like it, I don’t feel confortable in skirts
The Lone Paper clip (1 month ago)
Truly inspirational, I would love to meet her!
T Bates (1 month ago)
What a stunning video! The subject is amazing, and so wonderfully portrayed.
ίʍησtσƘ (1 month ago)
I want one of everything please
Her hard work can be seen in her works.
Amelia 44 (1 month ago)
I wish if she would write a book. I would read it in a heartbeat. The way she puts her thoughts, emotions, and passion into words is really breathtaking and beautiful.
Trash Melancholic (1 month ago)
This looks like what Lady Gaga would wear to an ex's funeral.
Ricky Khor (1 month ago)
I'm sorry but Bjork is just a angry retarded ass
Alexandra Miracle (1 month ago)
Could you tell the perfomance, where the costumes by Iris van Herpen were used (6:42)? Thank you.
2 models 4 suits
Akash Rana (2 months ago)
GENUINELY GEИIUS (2 months ago)
this is an unbelievable woman
Caio Miranda (2 months ago)
Theo are very futuristic and look beautiful, but a little uncomfortable, and difficult to sit.
Linnea Karlsson (2 months ago)
God I wish I was rich enough to order couture from Iris van Herpen
stardustandstripes (2 months ago)
What is the piano piece that starts at 0:42?
Ben Bowland (2 months ago)
God it would be so cool if she did menswear
AKÜMA YOXİRÜMA (2 months ago)
It looks like she has a concept or tests out drawings and reflects them into different directions because many of her pieces incorporate symmetry. It is similar to mandala concepts.
OLIVIA XIAO (2 months ago)
Lexi Taylor (2 months ago)
Remarkable genius
joserro (2 months ago)
She's in the leagues of Mugler and McQueen
Brenda Lambert (2 months ago)
MY HERO! Amazing. Stunning. Finally A True Genius that has the courage to create and invent a new vision for humanity. Thank you.
crandf (2 months ago)
luv lux (2 months ago)
I love her energy and uniqueness
petite chevre (2 months ago)
Reminds me of russian suprematism in art , of schlemmer's stick dance etc
megh voluntad (2 months ago)
Astha Inoue (2 months ago)
6:31 .... His hands really looks like he has wings whoahhhhhhhhh
Rafiel Rosario (2 months ago)
Reminds me of McQueen. Genius
Marie Shines (2 months ago)
This is more beautiful out of the square Art than typical designer fashion
Gina Bautista (2 months ago)
Amazing Style
Pastel Cobra (2 months ago)
3:37....well that’s interesting, guess I’ll never understand high fashion fully
Tina Huston (2 months ago)
While these products look good, they don't appear to be environmentally friendly. She claims to have an affinity for water but she's making products that toxify water. So, that drastically takes away from the beauty. Don't bother making it if you're going to toxify the planet. Correct me if these products are environmentally friendly.
YVCIIVII (2 months ago)
this fucking girl is crazy, when you work for her you can not talk in her fuckin studio, everybody has to shut up during the work... fuckin weirdo ...
StrawberryNinja Nibbles (2 months ago)
I love her voice
squeaky squeaky these clothes aren't good for chainsaw and garage use.
Female player (2 months ago)
Alian fashion 👽
Andre Menezes (2 months ago)
Nomii X (2 months ago)
The most amazing thing I’ve ever seen is her artistry. She inspires me to do more( the impossible) with my own art. She’s truly an inspiration no matter what art form one is into. We can all learn something from her. Would slay her art on the streets daily if I could.
Danny Halling (2 months ago)
San Huan (2 months ago)
Van Noten and Van Herpen - 2 really big designers.
Cristie A (2 months ago)
You are a true artist
Virginia Lin (2 months ago)
I wish that I could be this inspired by something and be able to create. What an amazing woman.
Ivan Felarca (2 months ago)
Beautiful and inspirational.
M A R I (2 months ago)
I've been in the bath tub museum!!!!
Kerry Godbout (2 months ago)
Breathtaking. Difficult to pack in a suitcase. Lol
TheSpringfirefly (2 months ago)
Lovely brilliant person..
Alianna Taylor (2 months ago)
y’all think that’s avant-guard? ever seen @salvija on instagram lol
Vegan Dolls (2 months ago)
I wish Bjork's music didn't suck so bad. She looks pretty cool
itsmejasonp (2 months ago)
6:29 got me shook, i thought it was art but that actually looks uncomfortable
IJ WD (17 days ago)
I can't do it exactly like him but kind of close. It doesn't hurt that much tbh it feels like getting a nice stretch lol
cat purrr? (2 months ago)
6:30 wtf
Daniela Rodríguez (2 months ago)
Donna Eliza (2 months ago)
Beautiful creations! Just stunning.
Morgan Olfursson (2 months ago)
She doesn't use fur, skin, feathers and for that she has my utmost respect . Proving that when a true designer uses brains , fashion doesn't need to imply agony and death for animals .

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