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Magic Blackjack

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Mike interviews Tom Franklin at the 2018 Cutting Edge Table Games Conference about his game Magic Blackjack.
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Bill Woo (30 days ago)
Quick thoughts on calculating the edge: I believe it should be derived marginally against a standard BJ play (i.e. declining buying the card). The marginal investment is .2X. Against that you'd get X * p(dealer BJ, player no BJ) (reflecting that magic betters push then) plus X * p(dealer BJ, player BJ) (reflecting that magic betters get 1:1 instead of pushing then) plus 0 * p(dealer no BJ, player BJ) + the expected value of alllllll the variations where "optimal magic strategy" (OMS) gives a payout when regular optimal strategy would have lost; and then MINUS alllllll the variations where "optimal magic strategy" (OMS) gives a loss when regular optimal strategy would have WON. One example of that would be when you had total 9 dealt, and your next card is a 2 in regular play, and you'd keep hitting (or double if permitted after 3 cards) in normal play, but you'd just get the magic card here ... no more hitting, if I understand it. Just calculating that OMS would be something. Good luck, Mr. Phelps. You'd be not hitting that 14 for example, even against a 10 or ace. Right? :) You'd need to know if splitting and doubling are permitted after the reveal. Is the reveal essentially like the double down deal, where you get one card and that's that, with the one difference that you can reject the card and stick with your 14?
Bill Woo (30 days ago)
If these are raked in immediately, dealer cannot tell who purchased it and who didn't. Demo was a simplification where everyone paid the 20%. Not everyone will do or enjoy that stiff premium.
Rodney Thompson (5 months ago)
Not bad.
avain baxter (5 months ago)
What happens if you split or double?
Jeffrey Waterman (6 months ago)
The edge sounds great, but some of me chokes at paying and seeing my magic card fee disappear before cards are dealt
Matthew Shelman (6 months ago)
Any Casinos have this?

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