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John Galliano ➤ Spring/Summer 2009

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Monsieur M (3 months ago)
last song , please?
Prince Viejo (3 months ago)
nice skirt 8:08
Aleccej Kraftcoff (6 months ago)
Hey! Divinity summer ero magic beautyes! 👏🌈🌞👅🍒🌹👄💎🍓💖🌼🎆🌐❤🌷💓👏! Thank you so much! 👏!
Rollan Kanatov (9 months ago)
Wooow Irina K 👍
Probably this is one of the best fashion show ever
TheXperio (1 year ago)
soundtrack pls
doll face (1 year ago)
3:58 strawberry shortcake 😊😆🍰
Aramis Cruz (1 year ago)
blackrainbow (1 year ago)
The shoes are EVERYTHING
samuel cortes moreno (1 year ago)
tanya so magical
Jacks Apple (3 years ago)
Ugh, whenever i watch this , it chokes me up. It feels like I'm watching the inner turmoil Galliano suffered for being a unique individual with a beautiful mind and incredible talent.
mlee (2 years ago)
If you take a look at the Margiela FW 2017/2018 rtw, you see the same solider top hat idea replicated as a bag over the head held by its strap! Where I'm getting at is that what Galliano was dealing with back then in this collection, he's sorting it out again and yet visualized it in a different form completely-
side2 Side (4 years ago)
@01:22= AMAZING prof model and AMAZING face (a great inspiration moment of the lookk, the makeup, and the music to create a boss female character in a horror game) @13:17 Another AMAZING prof model to express an evil queen boss in the same horror game. and the female after her is also amazing only if it wasn't node :\ this man is an amazing inspiration, that's what fashion is about, inspiration.
ROD Val (2 years ago)
01:22 Vlada Roslyakova 13:17 Tanya Dziahileva
Arianna Usher (4 years ago)
over the years, you can see where John Galliano toned down his fashion shows. Its still dramatic, but I think in his earlier years, it was MORE dramatic. 
Javierg MUA (5 years ago)
Jessica Stam is so cute!! 12:07
what is te song is clasic and relex my life 
Manuel Manríquez (5 years ago)
since then is heard lykke li o_o
062691z (6 years ago)
you cant beat the magic of galliano
CarlosSpungenMoss (6 years ago)

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