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Quick Tip: Six Common Milk Frothing Mistakes

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Morgan from Whole Latte Love shares six common frothing mistakes. Learn what you may be doing wrong and how to fix it. Shop everything coffee here: http://www.wholelattelove.com/ Talk to our experts: https://www.wholelattelove.com/contact-us Whole Latte Love on Social Media --------------------------------------------------------- ► Follow Whole Latte Love on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wholelattelove/ ► Follow Whole Latte Love on Twitter: https://twitter.com/wholelattelove ► Like Whole Latte Love on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WholeLatteLoveOnline/
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Text Comments (276)
Sal Lunetta (16 days ago)
Please let Mark do videos. She talks too fast and not as clear👎👎👎
Whole Latte Love (14 days ago)
Hi Sal, Well, you will not see/hear Morgan in recent or future videos. She left the company a few years back. Marc
doubledanzaXX (29 days ago)
just the tip
Sherry Flavour (2 months ago)
I can't pitch my steamwand. What to do?
Whole Latte Love (2 months ago)
Hi Sheri, You can tilt the pitcher. What type of machine are you steaming on?
Sherry Flavour (2 months ago)
Yes it just points straight down.
Whole Latte Love (2 months ago)
Hi Sherry, Thanks for the question. Do you mean you cannot angle the wand?
Fletcher DeMaine (2 months ago)
Auto froth is the Devil's work.
Whole Latte Love (2 months ago)
Hi FD, I'll agree it's not the best but it does make a decent classic cappuccino froth accessible to those unwilling to learn manual frothing. Marc
Alex (2 months ago)
I just wanted to say that this video and the other one you guys have on how to do it saved my ass. Since the beginning of this semester in my restaurant operations class, I've been absolutely terrible at frothing milk, I don't know if I misunderstood or if the instructor explained poorly, but I just couldn't do it. Put 5 minutes into both videos the morning of my midterm, walked in, and made a decent latte (lost points because I didn't layer it) and the best cappuccino all morning. Y'all the real MVP's.
Whole Latte Love (2 months ago)
Hi Alex, So happy we could help. Thank you for taking the time to comment - it's appreciated! Marc
sana raheem (3 months ago)
My delonghi ecp 35.31 is not giving the sane pressure. I dont knwo why ..its noylt frothing thr milk.. although water is coming out fine ..the sound has also become screachy and not frothing like that . It has a shifting wand from cuppaccino to hot milk. Plzzz any help is hight appreciated. I dont have delonghi servic center in my city
sana raheem (3 months ago)
I cleaned ut with citric acid already. . and it was working fine in the morning
Ricardo Trillo (3 months ago)
What's that Machine?
Whole Latte Love (3 months ago)
Hi Ricardo, Thanks for the question. It's a Profitec Pro 700 dual boiler. Learn more about it in this video: https://youtu.be/l54y-_Vx_ts or check it out here: https://www.wholelattelove.com/products/profitec-pro-700-dual-boiler-espresso-machine
Davida Harris (4 months ago)
Thanks ! This Video REALLY helped me with my NEW Machine !!! A $40 on Sale Top of their line Mr Coffee Espresso Maker...Works VERY well for Store bought !
Whole Latte Love (4 months ago)
Hi DH, You are welcome thanks a whole latte for the comment!
Angela Armstrong (5 months ago)
Thank you for your help.it helped!
Whole Latte Love (5 months ago)
Hi Angela, You are welcome and thank you for the comment!
Sne-Jay (5 months ago)
I kept putting wand to high up thinking the machine was broken
soultuary 95 (5 months ago)
Is it ok to froth sugar with milk ?
Whole Latte Love (5 months ago)
If adding sugar it's better to do after frothing.
luogl (6 months ago)
Really helpful, thanks!
Whole Latte Love (6 months ago)
Hi l, you are welcome and thanks a whole latte for the comment!
Sudharshana Mahaletchumy (6 months ago)
Excellent tutorial! Thank you so much!
Whole Latte Love (6 months ago)
Hi SS, You are welcome and thanks a whole latte for the comment!
Unusual Attitudes (6 months ago)
Just watched your review of the ECM Synchronika; REALLY nice job. As a fellow YouTuber, I appreciate solid camera work & editing. Great presentation! I’m a subscriber.
Whole Latte Love (6 months ago)
Hi UA, Thanks for the comment and subscribing! We work hard to produce the very best content available for coffee/espresso enthusiasts. Guess my film degree and 20 years in broadcast production help! Marc
mtneves77 (6 months ago)
I started working at a small cafe and none of the staff at least the ones who have trained me know how to make a latte or cappuccino properly and neither do I. Trying to be the best at it by watching videos at home. These tutorials are great thanks.
Whole Latte Love (6 months ago)
Hi m, Thank you for the comment! Good on you for being proactive. Amazing how many chain cafes to a not so good job. My biggest pet peeve is frothing milk way too hot. Followed by a latte that's just heated milk with foam on top.
Average Student (7 months ago)
milk starts to WHAT at 165?
Whole Latte Love (7 months ago)
Hi AS, It starts to scald, burn, lose sweetness.
COFFEEwithGPA (7 months ago)
Interesting. It’s so hard to get right at home haha
Whole Latte Love (7 months ago)
It can be but once you get the hang of it - delicious!
Felipe Maldonado (7 months ago)
Super helpful tips, thank you.
Whole Latte Love (7 months ago)
Hi FM, You are welcome and thank you for the comment! Marc
Calipes s (7 months ago)
that ending was old school lol.
Whole Latte Love (7 months ago)
lol, I'm old school too!
Elina Maranz (7 months ago)
Omg. My coffee maker just pours water!!! HELP ME
Whole Latte Love (7 months ago)
Hi Elina, Would like to help, What kind of coffee maker?
Siah Szeyuen (8 months ago)
What its the different between foam milk and steam milk
Whole Latte Love (8 months ago)
Hi SS, Thanks for the question. Foamed (or frothed) milk contains some air bubbles. Very fine bubble texture for a latte and a little coarser for a cappuccino. Steamed milk is just heated with little or no air bubbles. Marc
marianna b. (8 months ago)
I can't do this this is the hardest thing I've done I'm so stressed
Whole Latte Love (8 months ago)
Hi kelsy, Just keep trying! once you get the hang of it you're sure to have an ahha moment and it'll be like riding a bike - you'll never forget how. It does take practice. Marc
Nick Williams (9 months ago)
@nickwilliams.2 on insta for latte art!
James English (9 months ago)
This video is AWESOME. Ok I was completely doing it wrong. Thanks.
Whole Latte Love (9 months ago)
Hi JE, Thanks for the comment. Happy to hear you enjoyed the video!
Abigail Kruppstadt (10 months ago)
The "W Spot" doesn't exist
Jordan Clarke (10 months ago)
I hate it when I order a latte and the "barista" adds milk to a pitcher then puts the steam wand on, places the pitcher down and walks away. ugh.
Whole Latte Love (10 months ago)
Hi JCN, I agree. Only case where it's acceptable is with some newer technology in frothing which makes latte art capable microfoam unattended. I've see that on some commercial automatic machines made by Franke and in consumer appliances made by Breville. These machines are capable of producing ecellent froth to a preset temperature.
sohaib yahya (1 year ago)
I'm using matchine but still I can't make good froth,
Lindsay Huggins (1 year ago)
This was really helpful, I had a lot wrong and maybe now I can make it the right way. Thanks!!
Whole Latte Love (1 year ago)
Hi Lindsay, Thanks for the comment - happy to help!
Takaya in Action (1 year ago)
glosmata (1 year ago)
new starbucks barista here :) when i steam milk it always bubbles up and spills :( i keep trying and trying- sometimes i do it right but most of the times fails.I will try to do this video instructions :) hope i do it right this time Thanks for the tips
Whole Latte Love (1 year ago)
Hi g, You are welcome and thank you for the comment. Too much bubbles = too much air in the milk. Try moving the wand tip a little lower below the surface of the milk. Get the air in early - before the outside of the pitcher gets warm and then allow the tip to go lower into the milk and continue swirling until final temp is reached.
Shelly (1 year ago)
V helpful!
Whole Latte Love (1 year ago)
Hi Shelly, Thanks for the comment!
Mohammed Otaif (1 year ago)
I don’t know why the milk is splashing everywhere 😪 what’s wrong with that ?
Whole Latte Love (1 year ago)
Steam tip to high.
Betty B. M. Angwenyi (1 year ago)
I heard someone say that Bill Gates believes his mistakes and failures are more important than his successes because he uses them to learn. You can take that to the barista counter top. Had a difficult time frothing milk today and this video has helped me greatly. Liked the direction to place the tip just below the surface of the milk. Thank you so much.
Whole Latte Love (1 year ago)
Hi Betty, Fail, learn - repeat a few times and win! Thanks for the comment I loved it!!!
James Ambrose (1 year ago)
I'm in Europe. Please have degrees Celsius as well! ☕
Marcell Varga (7 months ago)
60-65 celsius is correct. If you go over this, you gonna burn the milk
Whole Latte Love (1 year ago)
Hi James, We do include Celsius temps in most of our videos. Just in case we miss one here's a quick and easy F to C convertor: http://www.alcula.com/conversion/temperature/celsius-to-fahrenheit/
somechannel (1 year ago)
Useful. Thankyou!!
Whole Latte Love (1 year ago)
You are welcome and thank you for the comment.
Nevermore (1 year ago)
Just add hot milk to French Press... move up and down 10 times and you'll have the best foam in the world. Not too forceful though, it's a lot of pressure and can break the glass.
Whole Latte Love (1 year ago)
Hi Nevermore, Thanks for the tip. I've used some mechanical frothers in the past and find they tend to produce a coarser foam. Something that works for a traditional style cappuccino but not the best for a smooth and creamy latte.
Order in Chaos (1 year ago)
Thanks for the tips; now if only someone can give your hair stylist tips on how to properly style your hair! Life is short and you're wasting a good chunk of it with a bad hairdo...
Order in Chaos (1 year ago)
Bangs aren't doing that beautiful face justice. That face needs to be showcased by an appropriate hairdo. Maybe get rid of the bangs wait until the hair grows and try this hairdo: https://salaxleynews.com/popular-haircut/stylish-paula-zahn-haircut/attachment/wonderful-paula-zahn-haircut-with-66-best-hairstyles-for-me-images-on-pinterest-hairstyles/ The layered shoulder length hair would be perfect for that face. Also notice how the multiple layering of the hair starting from the eyebrow level down to the cheek would make that face pop. As I said life is short. She should show off that beautiful face...
Whole Latte Love (1 year ago)
Hi OinC, You are welcome for the tips. So bangs aren't your thing?
XenoX101 (1 year ago)
Tip too low..
Krunoslav Šoštarić (1 year ago)
You are very sexy educator :-)
y2keable (1 year ago)
Wow, the things you don't know that you don't know. Thanks!
Whole Latte Love (1 year ago)
y2keable You are welcome. Thanks for the comment!
Mohammad Rauf (1 year ago)
Damn ... I did each one of those ... sigh ...!!
Whole Latte Love (1 year ago)
Hi MR, So now you know what not to do.
Simon Templar (1 year ago)
You guys really have amazing videos.  To the point and super informative!
Whole Latte Love (1 year ago)
Hi ST, Thanks for the comment. We aim to be the best!
Hate Guts (1 year ago)
Owh, hi Morgan.. :D
Timothy Wu (1 year ago)
Great vid, so I have the air injection and whirlpool down, but I always end up with so many little bubbles that I can't seem to get rid of even after the taps, what am I doing wrong? This is on an Appartamento
Timothy Wu (1 year ago)
i'll give that a shot thanks! edit: i know this is hard to say, but how many secs of air would you give a 350ml pitcher? for a flat white
Whole Latte Love (1 year ago)
Hi TW, Maybe too much air at the start. I'd advise less air, get the wand lower sooner and more whirlpool.
ghalibkhan80 (1 year ago)
at my job, 4 different employees showed me how to make the foam for the cappucino and i still didn't get it :(
ghalibkhan80 I worked as a barista for a year but I never really learned how to make a capuccino because my boss taught me how to make it just two times and both times I didn't even get it lol. My colleague didn't even try to each me so I can say that the foam of my cappuccino wasn't the best lol so at the end did you learned it?
namulit emperor (1 year ago)
Follow these very good instructions and you're set. They're 100% right.
Whole Latte Love (1 year ago)
Hi, Thanks for the comment. Know how you feel. Many different techniques and recently capps seem to be moving away from the dry airy foam and to more of a latte style silky microfoam. Here's a video that may help: https://youtu.be/0vD--H7poxU
Renegade (1 year ago)
So basically the milk should not rotate like a vortex?
Renegade (1 year ago)
Whole Latte Love Oh thank you very much, I'm still learning and this video helped me a lot.
Whole Latte Love (1 year ago)
Hi R, not sure what gave you that impression. Getting a good roll in the milk during steaming really helps.
Eduardo Ravichagua (1 year ago)
Good video excuse me what is the model of the machine
Whole Latte Love (1 year ago)
Hi FT, Thanks for the comment. Main machine featured in the video is the Profitec Pro 700: https://www.wholelattelove.com/profitec-pro-700-dual-boiler-espresso-machine
Thanks for sharing this video, I'm a beginner and I have so much struggle to get used to it . I don't know why I'm pouring the steamed milk into the cup, it doesn't make a shape, it goes underneath the espresso .
Whole Latte Love (1 year ago)
Hi MM&FW, So you want to pour some latte art? We've got a video to help you out: https://youtu.be/ZIPyN-Hsb7g
Catalina Sharma (2 years ago)
I just got a job that requires me to occasionally make coffees. I don't even drink coffee and there's no training even though they know that I don't know anything about coffee so I'm trying to learn as much as I can before I start making the coffees 😩 this video was super helpful!
Whole Latte Love (2 years ago)
Hi, Thanks for the comment. Unfortunate your employer is not giving you some training. But, happy to hear we helped fill the gap!
Urbino237 (2 years ago)
Nice nails!
Whole Latte Love (2 years ago)
Well thanks!
Kirk Lazarus (2 years ago)
Thanks, this video really helped. I just had a shift where a regular had to call the store because her coffee was about half froth! The manager was so embarrassed and I felt terrible. I think what I've been doing wrong is that I let way too much air in and it makes a crazy amount of froth, needless to say I was not trained very well. I'll see next shift if the tips work.
Whole Latte Love (2 years ago)
Hi Kirk, What type of machine are you frothing on? So yes get some air in early and/or find a tip position relative to the surface of the milk that puts very little air in and keep that going for the duration of steaming. Also, find an angle for the wand that causes the milk to swirl. That will suck in larger bubbles from the surface and break them up. Thanks for the comment and good luck!
Bailey K (2 years ago)
This was super helpful, thank you!
Whole Latte Love (2 years ago)
Hi Bailey, Thanks for the comment. You are super welcome!
chichen chang (2 years ago)
Hi there! I'm a beginner for making latte art. Bought a cheap coffee maker. Fagor CR-1000. The steaming wand is in fixed position and I can't tilt it. Will this cause me not being able to creating the microfoam for latte art? I kept failing in creating that microfoam. Is this the reason why? If not, how do I know if I've created enough of the microfoam? How to judge by looking at it? Please help! Thanks!
chichen chang (2 years ago)
Hi there! Thanks for the response. That is not an autofrothing attachment. It is just a piece of rubber which covers the steaming wand. I did not use it and removed it. I'm frothing my milk without that rubber. Is it still not possible to get the fine microfoam even without the rubber? Is my machine really not possible in doing so?
Whole Latte Love (2 years ago)
Hi CC, Thanks for the question. I'm not personally familiar with that machine so I looked it up. It appears as though the wand might have an autofrothing attachment on it. These aid in frothing by automatically injecting air. Thing is they usually inject to much and cause big bubbles. What you want is as fine a microfoam as possible and that may not be possible with the machine you are using. Making a fine microfoam requires fairly good steam power and some skill.
Boycandy (2 years ago)
Using a Lavazza Amodo Mio, how should I use the wand to get a good soy milk froth?
Awkwa Girl (2 years ago)
Brand new barista here! This was incredibly helpful.
Whole Latte Love (2 years ago)
Hi Sarah, Thanks for the comment letting us know and good luck!
Maxwell Schuler (2 years ago)
Very useful video!
Whole Latte Love (2 years ago)
Hi Maxwell, Happy to hear you found the video useful. Thanks for the comment!
H M (2 years ago)
What's The Point of Using Steaming Nozzle with Plastic Cover ( Last Part of Video ) in The First Place ? I Thought Plastic Cover is Only for Storage Refraining Nozzle from The Dust.
H M (2 years ago)
+ Whole Latte Love Thank YOU VERY MUCH !!!!!! Those Informations Helps Me A Lot !
Whole Latte Love (2 years ago)
Hi HM, Of course you can ask... Here in the US that 320ml corresponds to a 12oz pitcher. We'd typically fill it to just below where the spout starts on the pitcher. That's equivalent to about 200ml/6oz of milk.
H M (2 years ago)
+ Whole Latte Love Can I Ask Further Question ? What's The Proper Milk Quantity Ratio for Milk Jug ? I've Got DeLonghi's 320ml( Probably ) Milk Jug. Then How Much Quantity of Milk Should I Put in Jug for Getting BEST Milk Frothing ?
Whole Latte Love (2 years ago)
@H M No problem. It's what we do! Yes, with the outer sleeve on it will be easier to create milk froth - basically no skill required.
H M (2 years ago)
+ Whole Latte Love Thanks A Lot for Replying in Details ! I Didn't Know Plastic Cover Has Something to Do With Air Intake. So for Beginners It's Easier to Make Good Milk Form with Plastic Cover, Right ?
Jonathan W (2 years ago)
All of your videos are fantastic, incredibly detailed, and have answered all questions I've had as a first time Espresso machine owner.
Whole Latte Love (2 years ago)
Hi JW, Thanks for the comment! We like hearing that a whole latte! :)
Damien Letham (2 years ago)
I just got a grinder and espresso machine for Christmas.  I was struggling a little with the steaming part (a case of almost, but not quite), so I decided to look for a video to help.  It was nice to find a video specifically for addressing common mistakes. :)
Whole Latte Love (2 years ago)
Hi DL, Happy to hear you found us and we were able to help! Enjoy your new equipment and thank you for the comment!!!
lukas zaganski (2 years ago)
thanks, I am putting to much air into the milk, now I know how to fix it :D
Whole Latte Love (2 years ago)
Hi Lukas, Thanks for the comment and you are welcome!
C. B. (2 years ago)
Well dang, I work at Starbucks and sometimes people ask for their drinks to be specific temperatures, like I've seen 180 on an order before. This was educational, thanks!
Whole Latte Love (2 years ago)
Well there is the Cafe con Leche which is made with scalded milk - not something I drink but... At 180F it's pretty much scalded. Honestly though, I think some who are newer to milk based espresso beverages expect them to be as hot as a cup of straight coffee. That should never be the case!
Victor F. (2 years ago)
So, you're not supposed to do any foam? I've always did my cappuccinos with foam
Whole Latte Love (2 years ago)
@Victor F. No problem. Let us know how it goes!
Victor F. (2 years ago)
Thank you for answering and the explanation! Definitely going to try without the foam in order to try some art
Whole Latte Love (2 years ago)
Hi Victor, You can do them anyway you want! If you like a foamy top go for it. In fact, foamy top is the more traditional way of doing it. Story goes cappuccino got it's name from the "cap" of foam on top. It's purpose according to some is to help insulate the steamed milk and espresso below. Lately, it seems many are making capps with a less airy foam on top. But there are all sorts of variations. We say make it the way you like it!
Hey mir gefällt das echt gut was du da machst. Mach immer weiter! I like :) Daniel
Whole Latte Love (2 years ago)
Hallo Daniel, vielen Dank für Ihren Kommentar!
Tim Bruijninckx (2 years ago)
I just don't know how people can use a twist knob during frothing. This video just shows it again, takes up so much useless time. Besides, when you make a few hundred drinks a day, 5 days a week then i will bet you end up at the doctor.
Whole Latte Love (2 years ago)
Hi Tim, Take it you prefer lever operated valves? They eliminate the twisting. Another option are sprung valves. If not familiar, they look like a regular twist knob but open/close fully with a very slight twist - less than half a turn. Also take next to no effort to turn. The spring does all the work. Valve can be operated without grabbing the knob. A slide with palm or forearm is enough. Operating them like that adds a little flair to technique. Added bonus, sprung valves are very low wear so seals last a really long time. Profitec Pro 500 and 700 machines have these valves.
Tekfell (2 years ago)
I have the same machine, and learned how to steam milk exactly like that he hard way; trial and error. Should have watched this a year ago.
Whole Latte Love (2 years ago)
Hi, Thanks for your comment. A little instruction goes a long way!
rodluvan1976 (2 years ago)
I thought you should tilt the steam wand as much as possible and keep it to the side, creating a swirl. shows what I know
Matthew Chen (2 years ago)
Whole Latte Love (2 years ago)
Wand position is what works for you and your machine to get the swirl going. Depends on a lot of factors like: pitcher, amount of milk, steam power of machine, number of holes in steam tip, etc.
pattara jaikasemwong (2 years ago)
thank you this video is very helpful in my learning curve. i love latte but i still cannot make the milk texture smooth. would you please show how to texturize the milk
Whole Latte Love (2 years ago)
Hi, What machine are you using? Is your steam wand of the manual or auto-frothing type? Big difference in technique between those.
Anonymous SeekTheTruth (2 years ago)
Sorry, but I have a question, I haven't been able to find a good answer to that led me here, it's also off topic & a bit lengthy.... I worked as a professional barista during college. But after graduating & not having the benefit of free mochas all day, I noticed my roommate & I are spending about $30-40 a day on our coffee drinks!! Ouch :/ Sounds like big bucks, I know! But I live in Seattle & the prices up here must stay competitive with 'you know who'..lol.. So I'm in the market to buy a machine to use at home and there's so many options I'm lost & was hoping you could make a few suggestions :) ?? Let me tell you what I'm after: No auto foam wand, able to brew upto 3oz at once if possible but at least 2oz... Not sure how much this next option effects price or quality, but one that you just pour the beans in & it grinds n steams for each cup or one that you grind & pack yourself?? I've used both types of machines but they were large professional versions. also with a home machine is it necessary to use the little cleaning tablets that you use in the larger ones?? So if you could give me a few options on nice home machines around $250 or less & some pros & cons... I'll luv ya forever..lol... :) And something I just thought of for beginners here might benefit if you'd make up a check list of all the essentials you need at home to create the basic drinks, it can be overwhelming to those who are new to the trade shopping for all this stuff. So many options! Only to get home excited to make the first cup of java & find out they forgot something important... Thanx again from the Emerald City :)
Whole Latte Love (2 years ago)
A lot to cover with your question - and no need to be sorry for asking! Will do our best to give you detailed answers. Right off the top...what you're looking for does not exist in a new machine for $250. You might be able to get there with a refurbished machine. Here's a link to refurbs under $299. It includes both semi and super-auto machines: https://www.wholelattelove.com/espresso-machines/refurbished-espresso-machines?from=99.0&sort=featured&to=299.0 We usually have some refurbed Gaggia Brera super-auto machines available and it's about as close as I can get to covering what you are looking for in features/price. Now, the Gaggia Brera and most every lower cost super and semi-auto use an auto frothing wand. But, you can still do manual steaming with some. Here's a video showing a technique for manual steaming on the Gaggia Brera: https://youtu.be/NbLr0kOQTyM Now, please understand you will have nowhere near the kind of steaming power you might be used to on semi-auto machines used when you were a barista. But it can work and with the right skill you can steam to latte art quality microfoam. Aside from the steaming hack, the Brera has everything you are looking for with built in grinder and ability to brew over 3oz if you want. The Brera uses the same brewing technology as Gaggia's more expensive machines - just fewer bells and whistles. Most semi-auto machines are well out of your price range - especially if you need to add a grinder! There are plenty of options in entry level machines at your price but you would need to spend that amount again on a grinder to feed it or resign yourself to brewing from pre-ground or pods. As a former barista we don't think you'll be happy if not working with fresh ground coffee! If you could up your budget a bit you'd have more options. Your $$ of course but if currently doing $30-40/day at the cafe you could still save major coin if you put say 20-30 days of cafe spending into your home equipment. If you can go there, the Rancilio Silvia paired with the Breville Smart Grinder Pro is a good option. The Silvia is probably the best steamer in it's price range that comes stock with a manual wand. Silvia: https://www.wholelattelove.com/espresso-machines/semi-automatic-espresso-machines?brand=Rancilio&sort=featured Smart Grinder Pro: https://www.wholelattelove.com/products/breville-bcg820crnxl-smart-grinder-pro-in-red As for super-autos, for more $$ you might consider the Gaggia Accademia. It's just about the only super-auto out there that has a manual steaming wand in addition to an attachable milk carafe for no skill required one-touch milk based drinks. Check it out here: https://www.wholelattelove.com/products/gaggia-accademia-espresso-machine As for your maintenance question: All machines will require descaling unless it's a semi-auto using high-end filtration system which replaces calcifying minerals with magnesium. Super-autos all require descaling with the exception of Jura machines with in-tank filters used as specified by the manufacturer. As for the cleaning tablets, super-autos with removable brew groups generally do not require use of tablets - just take the group out once a week or so and rinse with cool tap water. Most Jura super-autos do not have removable brew groups so they do require tablet use. Thanks for your video suggestion! You are right there are a lot of options. Hope this all helps. Let us know if you have any more questions.
Coffee Blog (2 years ago)
This vid was helpful when I was learning to steam milk and going through the learning curve. All I'd say to anyone in the learning process is as well as the fundamentals that this video shows, keep in mind that all espresso machines are different when it comes to the power of the steam etc., and it makes sense to try to watch vids of people steaming milk with the same machine you're using. https://youtu.be/LAX6Ir-dzE0 This is a quick vid of steaming milk with the Gaggia classic with Rancilio Silvia steam wand mod.
Whole Latte Love (2 years ago)
Thanks for your comment and sharing the video. Very true one can get a better idea watching videos of their own machine in action!
Rachel Star (2 years ago)
Thank you! I've just started making barista coffees and my froth was hit and miss. Now I know what's going on! :D
Whole Latte Love (2 years ago)
Hi Rachel, Happy we could help and thanks for your comment!
SmallSneakers (3 years ago)
Why do you need to add air in the milk?
Whole Latte Love (3 years ago)
Having microfoam in the milk increases the mouthfeel of milk based espresso beverages. Makes it silky smooth. Heating the milk (not to hot) to 140-150F along with the microfoam increases apparent sweetness as well.
David Roux (3 years ago)
Hey, quickie question. My new machine makes a ton of foam but the milk doesnt get hot at all :/ Its a catch 22, too much foam and cold milk, or warm milk and a ton of head????
Whole Latte Love (3 years ago)
+David Roux Hi David, What Make/Model machine do you have? Manual or autofrothing wand?
Mushed Vibes Media (3 years ago)
im gonna rub that w spot with my wands tip
James S (3 months ago)
Nice, warm frothy cream =)
Jake Vegas (3 years ago)
hahaha watch with captions on XD
Whole Latte Love (3 years ago)
+Jake Vegas Hi Jake, Ya, YT automatic captioning not exactly ready for prime time!
simo4068 (3 years ago)
First helpful video in youtube thx
Whole Latte Love (3 years ago)
+simo4068 Hi, Thanks for your comment and happy to hear you found this video useful!
James Bolger (3 years ago)
Tip 45...get an aeroccino 3...
Whole Latte Love (3 years ago)
+James Bolger Hi James, Lots of people love their Aeroccinos. Will say that for a super fine latte pouring microfoam they can't compete with manual frothing.
Occams Razor (3 years ago)
Great(! ) We had the G spot for women that no one was able to locate and now we have the W spot for milk frothing. Just boil the damn thing.
Whole Latte Love (3 years ago)
+Occams Razor No, no, no do not boil the milk!!! First, milk's apparent sweetness is enhanced by heating to 140-155F. Any hotter and flavor is lost! Second, the microfoam creates a silky mouthfeel - a whole different experience compared to pouring boiling milk into espresso.
Sebastian Castillos (3 years ago)
Thanks for the answer. I will try
Whole Latte Love (3 years ago)
+Sebastian Castillos No problem. Let us know how it goes!
Sebastian Castillos (3 years ago)
I have this machine http://images.philips.com/is/image/PhilipsConsumer/RI9347_01-IMS-es_AR?$jpglarge$&wid=1250 And I can not get a silky milk without bubbles. Why is that?
Whole Latte Love (3 years ago)
+Sebastian Castillos It's challenging to get a silky microfoam on this type of machine. The autofrothing device on this and other similar machines automatically injects air into the milk. It does this until the air intake hole is covered by milk as it expands in the pitcher. The trick is to get some air in early then lower the wand so the air intake hole is covered by milk. From there, find a wand position that swirls the milk vigorously to break up air bubbles while keeping that air intake covered. Another thing to try is just removing the sleeve of the autfrothing device. This turns it into a manual steamer. It takes more skill with very accurate positioning of the wand tip relative to the surface of the milk to sip in little bits of air at the start of steaming. Once the air is in, lower the tip a little bit and find the swirl. If you use the machine with the autofrothing sleeve on make sure the wand is kept very clean and properly assembled. Just a little milk build up, especially at the air intake hole can result in no air being injected. Here's a video on troubleshooting autofrothing steam wands: https://youtu.be/8Tlup2Pilak
Maysa Hazife (3 years ago)
omggggg thank youuu
Whole Latte Love (3 years ago)
+Maysa Hazife You are welcome!
Luana G (3 years ago)
the nails are too much i can't watch it
sinetwo (4 months ago)
Anything else you wanna complain about?
pro mast (6 months ago)
It for the latte!
Living Behind (2 years ago)
us neurotic people cant stand the fuken nails. same here, any woman with nails is disgusting no matter what... also hair on the face...oh god...men and women STOP DOING IT, ITS DISGUSTING.
Luana G I know! 😂 I feel like I'm watching QVC!!
Anonymous SeekTheTruth (2 years ago)
What are you talking about?!? 1st off why are you caring about the instructors nails if your here to learn about Java techniques?!..Stupid.. And 2nd her nails are super basic, if you saw mine or what people where I am have done you'd probably drop dead if you think those are "too much"..Lol.. I don't usually respond to such idiotic comments but this one was super annoying & I couldn't help myself... N for the record no one cares what you think... especially when your statement is as ignorant as it is..
ThePrimith (3 years ago)
I've been doing the barista gig for about 6 months, and I wish I had found this video earlier on. My game was all over the place, and by sheer trial and error, I managed to figure out how to get a smoother foam more consistently.
Alex Pack (3 years ago)
Same haha. I still have the burn marks on my fingers from this one time where I over froffed and the thing was gonna overflow so I pulled the jug out of the steam without turning it off....didn't go well.
Alethia Haryanti (3 years ago)
So helpful thanks!
Whole Latte Love (3 years ago)
+Alethia Haryanti No problem!
Azara1th (3 years ago)
...I was doing everything wrong... lol Thanks!
oumi jolie (1 year ago)
Azara1th same here hahahhah
Whole Latte Love (3 years ago)
+Azara1th Happy to help! If you like that one you'll LOVE this one: https://youtu.be/0vD--H7poxU
It's me Yes. Me (3 years ago)
I liker her French fingernails, and her eyes, and her face... And all her. Can I take her home? Oh wait this is about milk sorry
It's me Yes. Me (3 years ago)
@peekaboo2u You sure are right ;) 
peekaboo2u (3 years ago)
+Liz Mercado Stop, you're "frothing" at the mouth...
Whole Latte Love (3 years ago)
+Liz Mercado Easy now!
윤하은 (3 years ago)
David Cipriano (3 years ago)
How long should you aerate the milk for a 12 oz. to get a good micro foam?
Whole Latte Love (3 years ago)
+David Çipriano There's no right amount of time. What we suggest is getting the air in early. All air in before the outside of pitcher starts to get very warm. After that submerge the wand a bit and find a good position and angle to get the milk rolling and mix/break-up any larger bubbles. Continue this until the outside of pitcher is just getting to the point of being uncomfortable to hold. here's a video that explains the procedure: https://youtu.be/NLO0mWJuIHk
Allan C (3 years ago)
morgan can get it
GreekNastyBoy (3 years ago)
sexy eyes...
István Dohány (3 years ago)
Amazing smile girl :)
Whole Latte Love (3 years ago)
+István Dohány Thanks!
Michael Rivero (3 years ago)
awesome video. very informative.
Whole Latte Love (3 years ago)
+Michael Rivero Hi Michael, Glad you found it useful and thanks for watching!
Sue Minsuk (3 years ago)
I'm doing everything right according to this video, but it only works when i use non fat milk. I tried with 2% and my foam was pathetic. Please advise!!!
Whole Latte Love (3 years ago)
+Sue Minsuk Hi Sue, Some feel non-fat milk takes air better than fattier milks. That said, everyone we know who froths for latte art prefers whole milk. We have from time to time noticed certain brands of milk seem to froth better than others. Maybe one brand is from happy cows :)! It comes down to technique and practice. It's all about finding the sweet spot for the tip of the wand relative to the surface of the milk and then maintaining that spot as the milk expands. One big tip: Get the air in early. All your air should be in the milk before the outside of the pitcher gets very warm. After that, lower the tip slightly into the milk and find an angle that causes the milk to roll. That helps break up any larger bubbles and create a uniform consistency. Here's a video on frothing for latte art featuring our prosumer machine expert Todd: https://youtu.be/ZIPyN-Hsb7g And here's another with a way to practice frothing without using any milk: https://youtu.be/y17PenLLTdA
Andrey V (3 years ago)
That machine is so beautiful. How does it compare vs the alex duetto 3?
Artur Volkotrub (3 years ago)
+Whole Latte Love wow, whadda ya think Andrey, should we get it?
Whole Latte Love (3 years ago)
+Andrey V Hi Andrey, It's a Profitec Pro 700 Dual Boiler. One of our favorite prosumer machines! One thing that really sets it apart is the quality of the finish - seriously some of the best we've seen! Even the internal welds in the drip tray are mirror finished. The internals are special as well top-notch components and well engineered placement. Then there are other touches like the huge sprung valves controlling steam and hot water. I could go on and on about this machine. But here... have a look for yourself in our extremely detailed 22 minute tour going over every part of this machine inside and out: https://youtu.be/kiFw0SV24S8
Annatje (3 years ago)
The innuendo in this video is strong. :p
Whole Latte Love (3 years ago)
+Annatje No idea what you're talking about ;)... Hot milk?
lakisbouz (3 years ago)
well... that was 2:40 of my life wasted on NON INFORMATION..... common sense will tell us all 98% of this waste of time.
Whole Latte Love (3 years ago)
+lakisbouz Sorry you feel you wasted your time! Many viewers have found the info presented very useful. Video is intended for beginner to intermediate skill levels. If you've been frothing a long time it might be stuff you already know.
myprettygirl (3 years ago)
Great tips. I feel like I could relate to all of these problems but really my main issue was milk frothing too fast/too large bubbles, perhaps from the steam tip being too high as the video suggested. My other most relatable issue is hearing that awful sound and the steamer being too low, but I've come to stop making that mistake a while ago.
Whole Latte Love (3 years ago)
@ohmyprettygirl Thanks! Sound can tell you a lot! Glad it's working out for you!
AverageRosas (4 years ago)
Thanks guys! This video is awesome and really helped me... I was doing everything wrong lel, quick question, the Hamilton Beach Espresso Maker is good enough to make froth? thanks!
Whole Latte Love (4 years ago)
@SqreamTheGamer Glad to hear the video was help. Not familiar with Hamilton Beach espresso makers so can't give an opinion on frothing abilities. But as a guess, they probably have nowhere near the steaming power of machine shown in the video. The HB most likely has a smaller thermoblock boiler. While this type of boiler is capable of frothing, there's a reason they're not used in commercial settings.
Luis Ibarra (4 years ago)
I have problems with the temperature of milk, my steamed milk is cold when a put in the coffee. how I could warm enough the milk without a thermometer?
Whole Latte Love (4 years ago)
@Luis Ibarra We rarely use a thermometer. They're a good tool when first starting out but after you get a feel for it, your hand on the pitcher will tell you all you need to know. Most will froth until the outside of the pitcher is just starting to get uncomfortable to hold. Here's a couple videos that will help: Frothing Thermometers and Milk's Sweet Spot: https://youtu.be/Es35GWx80Rw Latte Milk Temperature: https://youtu.be/KdfCBMobz_M
rabonryk2928 (4 years ago)
I was doing EVERYTHING wrong. Damn.  Thanks for this help.
rayn spain (3 months ago)
me too!
Mariyah Al Junaibi (5 months ago)
Micki (5 months ago)
Me too! I'm just learning to use an older espresso machine I hope these folks are still here and monitor this channel. Thanks so much!
vicky blot (1 year ago)
Same! Hahah I'm embarrassed to watch this.
Whole Latte Love (4 years ago)
@rabonryk2928 Here's another video that will help. More tips and explains the difference in steaming technique used for latte and cappuccino: https://youtu.be/NLO0mWJuIHk
vizra hukama (4 years ago)
im using aerolatte but always fail. do you know why?

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