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Android Activities

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Demonstrates how to create a new activity, register it in the manifest file and use a button to display the new activity.
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Text Comments (30)
Mag Pro (4 years ago)
thank you
slvadi (5 years ago)
Thank you very much for creating these great videos.
Israel Palma (5 years ago)
Cristal clear explanation! Could not be more thankful to you.
Ezequiel (5 years ago)
you can indicate a good book about android ?
:) Me sirvió mucho tu tutorial... Muchas felicidades excelente explicacion, audio y video. (y) 
TARIQ ALEED (5 years ago)
Finally ... a clear explanation and a wonderful, professional and wonderful thank you very much
Joao Paulo Dias (5 years ago)
Professor, you is the best, perfect, awesome on details, and thought the errors, you remains perfect!! Thanks for this lesson, and all others!!!
Venky sg (5 years ago)
Crystal clear , please post more !
Venky sg (5 years ago)
Please post intent as well , tks
Venky sg (5 years ago)
Great lesson from you, not even get it from my prof
Atanatir Osgiliat (5 years ago)
Great tutorials thank you for sharing.
floppykid (5 years ago)
shame on you for using a mac though.
floppykid (5 years ago)
Thank you prof! Very clear, very thorough and yet very concise too! Dug me out of a hole!
Glenn Simpkins (5 years ago)
Saved my bacon and clobbered a stumbling block I was having! Thank you, Madam!
suresh kocherla (5 years ago)
Nice tutorial most useful :)
I Love you, you just saved my day!
MrMickmonster (5 years ago)
this is sexy as hell
Aya Masharqa (6 years ago)
You are a great teacher , thank !
st15jap78 (6 years ago)
You are awesome! I really enjoy the way you teach. Not only explaining it with great detail, You show how to troubleshoot too and thats just as important!
Ronak Dhorajiya (6 years ago)
You are really great teacher..
Nguyễn Tiến Đạt (6 years ago)
verry good....
akremi haikel (6 years ago)
please madam can u show me how to setup another button take me for another activity"third activity for example" and thank u
Kanagala Phani (6 years ago)
androiddiscussions.blogspot.in start your android programming and comment your doughts and get clarified with in minutes
rafa xf (6 years ago)
At last, a usefull tutorial! :)
Deepak A (6 years ago)
thanks a lot ..really helpfull..
Amrinder Singh (6 years ago)
Awesome Tutorial for Begnniers . Thanks a lot
Peter A. Mercedes B. (6 years ago)
Just Awesome, You just don't teach how to trigger a new activity, but what behind all of it. Thanks a lot, that save me pretty time to focus on other thins, cause this is done. A big hug from Dominican Republic!!
thelettersmlg (6 years ago)
Let me start off by saying THANK YOU. I was looking for how to do this for about a week and I was prepared to just delete everything on the page every time i wanted a new page. But I agree with purvistv on that you could have shortened it. Most programmers are highly intelligent (at least in my experiences) and your pace was very calming and easy to understand but I skipped 3 minutes and watched 1 minute and continued at that pace. Still REALLY liked this information and I subscribed and liked!
soflass1293 (6 years ago)
Thank you :D
purvistv (6 years ago)
Overall, not bad, but I have some constructive criticism. It could be condensed quite a bit. You repeat the same info multiple times. For example close to the 9 minute mark, when telling the viewer they need to create an xml layout file, it was repeated 5 times in slightly different ways. Also, if the tutorial is about creating a new activity, focus on that task at hand. All the sidebars about layout options etc. aren't necessary and distracting. I lost interest around the 10 minute mark.

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