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10 Tips For Your 1st Trip To Paris

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Alex provides 10 helpful tips for those who may be traveling to Paris for the first time. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check me out on social media: Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/alex_tribble_ Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/alex_tribble_ Check out my photography portfolio: http://www.alextribble.me
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Text Comments (267)
doriansnape (8 days ago)
great video and very helpful thanku
Vendal West (10 days ago)
This was very helpful maybe you can be my backup when I go 😭😂
KpTheG (28 days ago)
Sooo pretty. You look like Chrisette Michelle. I'm going to Paris this summer by myself.
DiscoveringOceans (1 month ago)
Hey mind recommending me good areas to book a hotel ?
cathy loves (2 months ago)
hi new friend here! i hope you can hug mine😉
Hungry Basset (3 months ago)
SKiP the LOUVRE! Please! Don't waste your precious time in this shopping mall surrounded by gypsies. Paris has soooo many other museums that are infinitely more rewarding. d'Orsay, Orangerie, Picasso, Musee Maillol, Rodin, Pompidou and on and on. Waste your time at the Louvre on a 2nd or 3rd trip.
AP (3 months ago)
Any soulfood restaurants in Paris you can recommend? Or even good Italian spots?
valeria vega (3 months ago)
Im gng alone soon, idk which hotel to stay at!💔💔😩😩 PLEASE HELP ME
Marie ANTONiETTE (4 months ago)
I lived in Paris for a year and have visited there a thousand times while living in the Loire Valley and still I learned some useful tips. Merci 😊 💜
Last name First name (4 months ago)
I already know french and I’m invited to an art show in Paris.
Chelsea Renee (4 months ago)
So helpful!! Thanks for the tips!!
Paiz Paiz (5 months ago)
Why would anyone climb the Eiffel Tower!? Why would you want a view of Paris without it?
Sheila Garner (5 months ago)
Love the tips ! Super excited can't wait to go!!
Brooknamsfinest (5 months ago)
I swear if a pickpocketer tries something funny wit me he catching these hands!
Channing Jacobs (5 months ago)
I am going next week. I am super nervous about being pickpocketed. I’ve heard about the sign something trick. I plan on being cautious of anyone since I heard it’s so bad. I don’t even want to carry a purse. Any other advice?
Shakora Bamberg (5 months ago)
I have some questions about your trip?
Jacqueline Luv (5 months ago)
Great tips I can't wait to plan my trip to Paris
Alecia Willie (6 months ago)
Thanks for this video, great tips. Had a similar experience with the fist bumping in Colombia, South America
frau4bzna (6 months ago)
This is the first time someone explained that Paris is on a 24 hour clock/military time. Thanks!!
E Mack (6 months ago)
Great advice. Thank you.
4 The Love Of Julia (6 months ago)
Love the video, I’m gonna no to Paris in oct!!!
Pauline Chamberlain (6 months ago)
Still love Paris.
Nguyen Nguyen Dinh Khoi (7 months ago)
Q Jones (7 months ago)
What is a good time table to plan a trip to Paris?
Sunshine (7 months ago)
informative & cute video!
zapizapzap (7 months ago)
Planning to take a trip there this November. And you said you have Sprint for fone carrier. How did it work in Paris? Aside from calling, I’m curious as to how you can avail of WIFI directly from your fone.
Nina Love (7 months ago)
My mom and I are going April 2019. This video was excellent and very helpful. Thanks so much!
Tara Candrika (8 months ago)
love the vibe! appreciate for sharing! x
Thomas Colondam (8 months ago)
i heard i can get a one day ticket for the bus and metro at a train station but r they also available at all the bus stops
Val Richards (8 months ago)
hey alex thank you for sharing such important information.
Mikala Plymyer (8 months ago)
This was so helpful THANK YOU
ParisFranceCulture (8 months ago)
c'est vrai :)
the real dirty dan (9 months ago)
I'm going on a plane to Paris soon! ✈
Marceline Luberisse (9 months ago)
I am going to Paris in November I am so excited
Samantha Bernard (9 months ago)
Thank you
Enzo Leonardo (9 months ago)
For military time there’s a simple trick. After 12 noon subtract 12 from the time and it’ll give you the none military time. 13:00 -12:00 1:00 << 1pm 18:00 -12:00 6:00<< pm
Kutthroat Dre (9 months ago)
Cheapoair has tickets to Paris for 599 I’m thinking about it 😂
Moush Travels (9 months ago)
If you are going to a new country, learning a local language of that country would certainly help; have your phone with you to search the place with maps, although it doesn’t work at some places.
Gigi London (9 months ago)
Walking Tours sound perfect for me. And thanks for the military time info...I will be sure to switch my watch to this. Merci!
Shelby Diane13 89 (9 months ago)
very helpful thank you
Kelsey Poyer (9 months ago)
Love it, so helpful thank you!
grande. swt (9 months ago)
Ur so beautiful :)
m kla (10 months ago)
great tips! Well done.
steve rogers (10 months ago)
Do they accept American credit cards?
Rockey (10 months ago)
DO NOT GET THE PARIS PASS!!! Get the Museum Pass and pay for your transport separately!
thena marie (10 months ago)
Thank you for sharing your trip tips.
Imani Sankofa (10 months ago)
Going to Paris next week. Thanks for the tips!
Avery Palmer (10 months ago)
im only 10 but i want to be prepared when i move there when im older.
Avery Palmer (10 months ago)
sooo helpfull thank you so much your so pretty!!!!!
I’m Jeffrey (10 months ago)
I leave for Paris in 3 weeks!
Vamsitha Vemulapalli (10 months ago)
Tip number 2 is really true
Estrella Fashion Report (10 months ago)
Great tips! Thank you! I can't wait to go to Paris ...=)
LovelyColey211 (10 months ago)
Thank you for everythingggg
holdmelike official (10 months ago)
Lmao you crack me up! These tips are so helpful.
Cathe Angilot (10 months ago)
Thank you so much for making this video. I'll be going to Paris, France for the first time this Summer so this video was very helpful :)
Parichan (11 months ago)
Pickpockets young groups are often located between Opera and Concorde metro stations. These fist scams are also located in Montmartre.
Creative Bird (11 months ago)
Escuze-moi, vous parlez anglais? (I think) Òu est la toilettes? Merci! Non! Ne....pa Did I spell them right?
Melda (11 months ago)
You are so cute ^^
Ana Callme (11 months ago)
lmao we also have the ''military time'' as you call it, never knew it was named that way lol
Ana Callme (11 months ago)
if he puts it on ur arm, just say thanks and go away lmao ;D
Sunshine Galkw (11 months ago)
I really enjoyed this! Good info! Thank you so much!!
Minntality (1 year ago)
Great vid. Love finding other small Youtubers! We're going in August so this video and your tips will come in handy :)
Shannyn Allan (1 year ago)
Loved this video! We had heard that during the transaction, if you say "yes, change Euro to USD" they can sneak in fees because they change the conversion rate to a higher rate...so it looks like a good deal, but you're not really in control of what conversion rate they give you. It's all super confusing but I think that's what I read!
Linda Stitches (1 year ago)
I'm probably going to live on bread over there. I'm vegan 😊
Veronika Rouw (1 year ago)
Thanks, that was useful! Im going to Paris soon with my family, too :)
Kevin Moncrieff (1 year ago)
Some good tips, thank you.  I've read that the Capital One card gets you on the exchange rate and is worse than many other cards because of this.  Many credit union cards only charge 1-2% and give you an even/honest exchange rate.  And that is better than a "0% fee" card that gives you a poor conversion rate.
Ryan Huntington (1 year ago)
A few more tips. If you see a WC (restroom)... use it because they are not always available. Just use it. If the Metro Train is full turn your back to the doorway and step up pushing people back with your butt. This works and is not as aggressive as pushing in with your arms. My last tip is to always ask to see something in a store so you do not get your hand slapped for touching something. Make friends with the clerk and you will have a better experience. Oh and eat as many croissants as you can because they are amazing. Oh and if you miss the last Train... you are walking to your hotel... Taxis are horrible and expensive. Just plan on walking. You are going to walk and walk and walk in Paris.
p baboo (1 year ago)
Who's here becz they goin to paris?
Jokia2511 (1 year ago)
p baboo 🙋🏾‍♀️
WhoIsJaiShavell (1 year ago)
Thanks planning a Paris trip for this fall can't wait to go!
Food Dolls (1 year ago)
great tips!
Kevin Lu Productions (1 year ago)
thank you so much for your video! They greatly helped me on my trip there! I just wanted to share a few more tips too! If anyone is curious, feel free to check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PgkTq_q3w0s
jupk maner (1 year ago)
Im going to paris on Saturday:)
Julie Jackson (1 year ago)
Thank you trying to go to Paris
Luna Maliha (1 year ago)
This is so helpful !! Thanks girl :) you helped me a lot ❤️
Jaylen Owens (1 year ago)
This was so helpful thank you!
Hersson Preciado (1 year ago)
89k Views vs 435 subs? View$
Ivan Martinez (1 year ago)
Great video!! So the Paris Pass, doesn’t include the Eiffel Tower?, can you pass me the link to buy the tickets please??? I’m taking my mom to Paris next summer and I’m so glad you gave me the tip about the scammers, so my mom is 70yo a walking tour is out of the question :-(
Patricia del Valle (1 year ago)
Great presentation. Thank you, Alex for all the valuable information. Looking forward to my trip.
Claudio Jaramillo (1 year ago)
4. No it is NOT worth it, you will never ever get value out of it
Elijah Blue (1 year ago)
You gained a subscriber
Amanda St John (1 year ago)
The bracelet thing happened to me in Montmartre. Only I was just walking by and he grabbed my arm hard, tried to pull me backwards and I had to physically push him off me to get him to let go.
Alex Tribble (1 year ago)
Amanda S OMG!! That's terrifying!!! I'm glad you're OK.
sheethal kamath (1 year ago)
Can anyone help. In Paris do you have 2 day travel bus services which can take guided tour including shopping places. Thank you
réka takács (1 year ago)
What ' s wrong with that breakfast?? Looks yummy 😋
Mike Johnson (1 year ago)
Nice video. I personally like Military or 24 hr time. There is no room for confusion with it. I agree with everything you said except for the Paris Pass. It may work for some though. The French language is very hard for me other than the basics. I do try though even though it is with an American accent.
Ibdman2000 (1 year ago)
All of your tips were extremely helpful. Thank you!
Arike Adeyemi (1 year ago)
Great video, please can you advise which hotel you stayed at? I am looking to book for my birthday but a bit picky about how best to go about this!
HeartBreakKid552 (1 year ago)
Fuck! Until 4:05 i thought her cap for her hair.. Weird me
Arthur Andraus (1 year ago)
Great tips!
goedeck1 (1 year ago)
The cool thing I did was rent a scooter. If you dont have a motorcycle license you can only rent a 50cc bike, which is still fast enough for the street speed limits.
llama_lover 2008 (1 year ago)
I'm going to paris a week on monday!I'm super excited 😆
TheRenaissanceman65 (1 year ago)
1. Yes, you don't get anywhere if you don't know any French. For a start, you can't read any signs or menus! In my experience Parisians tend to be unhelpful and sniffy if you don't speak French, but hopefully you will find someone nicer than that :) Younger people are more international-minded. 4. But how many of the attractions that you paid for are you actually going to get around in 2 days? DON'T BUY IT! Same goes for the London Pass for London. Don't bother with a Paris Visite pass for the metro either - you'll have to do 5 trips a day to get your money's worth. Stick to ordinary single tickets (and buy them in a carnet of 10, which is much cheaper). 8. Of course the food will be good. France is the home of classic haute cuisine and they're probably even pickier than you are.
xd (3 months ago)
Technology and internet counters number 1
ConnollyCove (1 year ago)
Valuable tips!!!..Thanks for sharing it. :)
Jay Maldonado (1 year ago)
thank you alex you are awesome!
Zuleyka Silver (1 year ago)
You are so funny! Thank you for all the tips! So helpful
Nash Savalia (1 year ago)
I hate people that pickpocket you. They are jerks!
Eccentric Eccentriq (1 year ago)
U r sweet and very cute. Thank you from Dubai.
Emma Forsythe (1 year ago)
Cool video and great times! Also, OMG your teeth are fantastic! So, SO white. I'm like mesmerized by their brilliant beauty!
Shoaib K (1 year ago)
Going in a week , really helpful !
Tia Zamara (1 year ago)
I'm planning a trip to Paris & this was super helpful ! This also isn't the first time I heard about the scammers trying to get you to sign something !

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