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I've just got back from a trip from Doha on Qatar Airways' Business Class and my word what a fab experience! Thoroughly enjoyed this one - let me know what you think and just to let you know I had Qatar Business Class A380 and A350 reviews incoming.
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Pak Aviator (2 months ago)
What music did you use at the start?
Eddy Taylor (8 months ago)
Good job cobber, what was the cabin crew like, always nice to know eh?
Derek Mccauley (8 months ago)
I am a new subscriber, I really enjoyed this. I flew with Qatar in economy in February return to Bangkok via Doha. having never flown with them before I was pleasantly surprised, Amazon Emirates traveller of years Qatar were not quite Carling but still very very good. I was invited to upgrade the Doha to Bangkok leg of the journey to business for some £460, and although I was tempted the Rational conscience in me said "what could you do on holiday with that £460"? And I passed up the opportunity. I have really enjoyed this thank you very much for entertaining me.
John Horton (9 months ago)
nice work mate ! good stuff
Trek Trendy (9 months ago)
Thanks John :)
AVIATION & TRAVEL (9 months ago)
Well mate, this is fantastic! When I see such nice decorated meal, can only imagine it's taste! I bet it was awesome! 🍹🍜 Cant wait to fly Qatar again in August! 😁😁😁 All your further flight reports are very welcome! Good job!
No (6 months ago)
AVIATION & TRAVEL I’m going to fly Qatar (Dreamliner) in July
Ezudane (9 months ago)
Very different to Ryanair!

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