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Magic The Gathering Interviews: Green

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Acceptance through Wisdom? Trust me, there's more than the surface which Green will show you. Art by Aviatre http://aviatre.deviantart.com/ Edited by Drake Vagabond https://www.youtube.com/user/DrakeVagabond Green played by Inrezairo https://www.youtube.com/user/Inrezairo1 Mark Rosewater played by DaWillstanator https://www.youtube.com/user/DaWillstanator -------------------------------- Tumblr http://joshscorcher.tumblr.com/ Twitter https://twitter.com/joshscorcher Patreon http://www.patreon.com/joshscorcher
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DrakeVagabond (1 year ago)
Its the green, it's the green, it's the green you need. And when I look at notifications its the green that I see
bryceh59 (1 year ago)
Hahahahahahahaha! ...HUSH...
Vigriff (1 year ago)
*You got what you wanted! But you lost what you had!*
bryceh59 (1 year ago)
You can blame my friends... On the other side!!!!
Clayton Johnson (1 year ago)
bryceh59 I hope you're satisfied! But if you ain't don't blame me.
bryceh59 (1 year ago)
Can you feeeeeeeeel it?!
Ren Tsune (4 days ago)
Any idea when this series is continuing?
Jonathan Guajardo (4 days ago)
i like to think that green blue and black can actually become a great combo. Ambition to full the motivation and purpose to improve, blue to create better ways to preserve nature and to create better supplies, and green providing the materials to do so.
Sliverandzant943 (8 days ago)
Considering the videos regarding the philosophies of Blue and Red have not been uploaded yet (perhaps they are still being created as this comment is written), I must ask: Did something happen to any member of the team behind this kind of videos? If so, I hope they get well soon.
Solar Flare (21 days ago)
When is the blue interview coming?
Kyle Gross (25 days ago)
So where's the next one
Tyrankoos (2 months ago)
still waiting for blue and red
idiot 312 (2 months ago)
One thing green and black have in common: they both now how the world works Black nows the natural greed within human nature and green knows nature
idiot 312 (2 months ago)
Wait she despises technology... And thinks nature can solve all your problems... SHE AN ANTIVAXXER RUN FOR IT!!
idiot 312 (2 months ago)
9:40 I have anxiety and depression my instincts are worthless
Gunjα Fury (2 months ago)
Trent Vickers (2 months ago)
Time between Black and Green was 7 months and 22 days...... Now Between Green and (Red or Blue), it's been a year and 3 days. I tried looking up what could be going on, from I can tell Josh is getting married (wedding date is November 2019) and also is struggling finding editors and other stuff (like bad stuff done by Youtube done for the last year). So if you wondering when the next one is.... don't bother waiting, just moved on.
siegfried greding (2 months ago)
When's the next episode coming out?
Flarenite100 (2 months ago)
Still Waiting for red and blue, OOF.
Flarenite100 (1 month ago)
@The Captain Jack Show hopefully it's not forgotten and by the legion I will keep my hopes high
The Captain Jack Show (1 month ago)
Casting Call for voice actors created April 2016. White released June 2017. Black released August 2017. Green Released April 2018. That's a 10 month total time frame, with 9 months being the longest gap between releases. It's soon to be 13 months since the last release. Part of me thinks this is a forgotten series that's not going to be finished, but judging by how long-term and spread out everything has been it's hard to really say
bigles025 (3 months ago)
wierdly enough, my favourite color combinations in magic are green/black and green/blue
bigles025 (3 months ago)
hope we will see the remaining colors some day
Logan Estes (3 months ago)
It's a shame that these didn't continue. I'd love to see Blue and Red's interviews and their sides of the story.
Gunjα Fury (2 months ago)
Were are your sources?
Cajek (3 months ago)
Well, they MIGHT continue... Right?
Mahtan Amandil (3 months ago)
SO this is never getting finished I take it...
Cajek (3 months ago)
Mahtan Amandil I think it will take a long time, not that they won't... Maybe in the summer will be the next one? Unless they said that they will not continue...
george saad (3 months ago)
where are red and blue interviews?
soulcrusherest (4 months ago)
Do we know when the next one is coming
thewizardtim (4 months ago)
these interviews are honestly my favorite videos on youtube
Cajek (3 months ago)
thewizardtim agreed
Brandon Hann (5 months ago)
wonder how she would feel about simic guild both blue and green together
Cajek (3 months ago)
Petrico94 Agreed on both, times 1,000
Petrico94 (4 months ago)
I hope they can get around to the Ravnica guild combos and see what they each have to say about their fusion of colors, but right now I just want Red and Blue soon
Camron G (5 months ago)
imma need red and blue now
IMJEFF2 (6 months ago)
I personally love the philosophies of white and green and believe that when combined, the philosophy is; If you have the strength to do the right thing then use it, otherwise find it within yourself. Which is basically the strategy of White and Green as well. Cultivating strength to defeat your opponent and protect yourself and your creatures.
Gunjα Fury (2 months ago)
So basicly Selesnya
Inky Splaters (6 months ago)
I am now tempted to make a green deck.
chaplain1112 (6 months ago)
machine7918 (6 months ago)
BLUE NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
machine7918 (5 months ago)
Yes please,I've been waiting for 8 months
Andrew Halverson (7 months ago)
This is why I like Orzhov and Dimir.
stringOW (7 months ago)
What color is next?
Wiezymon (8 months ago)
So, which color is next?
jean pierre ponce (8 months ago)
When is next interview
Cat geass (8 months ago)
Just a small thing I noticed, while she was getting very angry over blue her eyes seemed to gain a sort of slit pupil like a dangerous animal. It's a small detail but I applaud the artist for going to such lengths for such a small detail
daneiltherat 2 (8 months ago)
Whens the next color interview?!
ViceN53X (9 months ago)
Green - "I appreciate Blue's search for knowledge. Blue takes the time to look around and admire Nature. Even more so than White. What I positively loathe about that is that once Blue gets his bony little fingers on sources of the knowledge he so desperately craves, Blue wants to break it and make it into something else. Blue's ego is so strong that for some reason, he has to prove that he can do it better than Nature and do it better than anyone else!" Elder Maxson - "Millions. . . perhaps even billions, died because science outpaced man's restraint. They called it a new 'Frontier' and 'Pushing the Envelopes,' completely disreguarding the repercussions. Can't you see the same thing is happening again?!"
When is the next one of these coming out I really like it
Jacob Wilson (9 months ago)
Can't wait for red and blue this is amazing
Unscripted Life (9 months ago)
Anyone know when red or blue will go up?
6millionpesoman (10 months ago)
Nicely done, can't wait for red and blue!
Grey Dragon (10 months ago)
interesting stuff, though I feel like the ferocious side of green was not discussed enough, at most it was mentioned while describing red, though I suppose identity and philosophy are not the same thing, it would be nice to reflect on both in such an interview
The Captain Jack Show (1 month ago)
Every one of Mark Rosewater's color interviews has a really PR tour quality to them; avoiding the superficially negative to focus on the strictly positive of each color
varego Gothi (10 months ago)
Black's philosophy is that everyone needs to take care of themselves. In his interview, he states he does not cause or condone selfishness. He just thinks people should be able to protect themselves in a selfish world. He doesn't hate the idea of selflessness. He's just skeptical about the idea. And frankly, White, the color of goodness, is probably the most selfish color. I don't see how his philosophy can't exist peacefully with green and white save for how they treat him. Green, each and every living creature is instinctively programmed towards self preservation. Living things kill to survive, whether its for sustenance or self defense. White, get over yourself. The first and foremost obligation each person has is to themselves. However they can exist in harmony with each other so long as they're needs are met. Civilization is a social contract. And frankly, white a black have plenty in common. They both seek power and will get rid of anyone that stands in their way. The only difference is that black will blatantly seek power for himself white white will claim its for the greater good or the will of some god. You at least know where you stand with black.
Joshua Robinson (10 months ago)
i love green, and i actually do believe that if you think you can exploit nature for ridiculous purposes, it is arrogant and foolish again believe it or not even people need nature to live. an example is with trees without them you cant breath oxygen and yet people cut them down in droves.
Logan Byrd (10 months ago)
when is blue coming?
peter burczyk (10 months ago)
I'd have to disagree with green here.... We don't have a place in nature, we HAD a place in nature, and now we've outgrown it, and yes while nature is important to us, science and understanding are more important.
Andrés Aguilar (11 months ago)
How much longer to the next???
Cthight (11 months ago)
Green are also plants which also contains tentacles which lead to anime hent..... oh thats to much now. xD
Richard McNeilly (1 year ago)
It seems that her beliefs are that we shouldn’t try control but let natural laws take effects. We mustn’t control, but let things work on their own and work with that.
Margaret Haight (1 year ago)
Huh.....where dat blue video at?
The King (1 year ago)
blue next
Inquisitor Buccellati (1 year ago)
Green: the color of Nurgle.
Gunjα Fury (2 months ago)
Toni Leaf (1 year ago)
While I'm not a fan of Magic the Gathering, I am interested in hearing Blue and Red's philosophies!
rey oscuro (1 year ago)
does anyone know the song for the simic video?
rey oscuro (1 year ago)
tsundere green for blue
Tom Reis (1 year ago)
Just to clarify I know that this is a character and her view do not necessarily coincide with those who worked on this video. I just like poking holes in her philosophy. I can't help but feel that her mentality is flawed, since it's not only predators that take life. herbivores can be extremely dangerous. Rabbits for instance will kill each other for a number of reasons. On top of that ecosystems die out on their all the time. Predators could catch and spread a disease causing them to die out. The same could happen to the prey. A forest fire could occur, a volcano could erupt, a tsunami could hit, or a meteor might strike. Any of these could destroy ecosystems. Also wouldn't the mechanization of man also be consider part of nature. So, wouldn't blue be following his nature by following his drive for invention.
Mahtan Amandil (1 year ago)
Only thing I have to say to green: Nature is a lot of things but as far from perfect as anything can be.
Steven Quinones (1 year ago)
Where is Red and Blue?
DTylerFultzVA (11 months ago)
Coming soon...
James Lillie (1 year ago)
I've got a question for any commentators... What would the philosophy of colorless be?
The Captain Jack Show (1 month ago)
Nothing. The cards of colors all have stylistic and philosophical common threads that converge into an identity. Colorless cards don't have this effect and the only common thread is being inanimate or not being organic. Example: what do Volcanic Dragon and Raging Goblin have in common. Okay, now what do Arcane Encyclopedia and Field Creeper have in common? Colorless lacks identity, and therefore lacks philosophy. The tenuous answer that would have to be forced to answer this question is to just insert Karn's philosophy, even though it doesn't really represent 'colorless' or even 'artifacts' for that matter
Gunjα Fury (2 months ago)
Ooh, Id like to hear that too
James Lillie (1 year ago)
One thing which I find interesting about this interview is that there is one point which could crumble her philosophy which wasn't answered. If everything is predestined by nature then how is it possible for anything to deny it? In essence Black and the Technological progress of Blue may be interpreted as also being nature. It's like how any product can be all natural because all of the ingredients came from nature before being combined in some manner.
The Captain Jack Show (1 month ago)
On things being 'pre-ordained', Green had this to say: "G: Within each one of us rests great potential; potential that we were born with. If you can take the time to understand your own role you will be able to take the steps to accomplish it. MaRo: Everything is preordained? G: Yes. That's the beauty. We each have our role in the grand scheme. Each piece fills in its portion of the larger picture. Without each and every piece working in conjunction, the big picture cannot be created." Green doesn't really seem to be suggesting that everything anything or anyone does in life is part of their 'destiny'. Specifically (let's say 'she') seems to be saying that people are born to play a role in the 'natural system', but this destined role gets subverted by artifice and lack of obedience to the natural process, in Green's view to the detriment of all. While it's clear that *all* color philosophies are emergent from nature, Green's philosophy specifically appeals to a vaguely and loosely defined standard of what is natural, and at a certain point outsmarting nature doesn't allow the superorganism known as nature to self-correct to make itself better because the adaptation strategies of higher intellect beings are too advanced for nature to register to bring about healthy evolution thereafter Remaining true and accurate to Green's message: Green would be the first to admit that things 'from nature' aren't always 'the nature' to be aspiring to
James Lillie (1 year ago)
I was starting to think that this series had been abandoned :) I'm really glad to see the new video :D Thanks!!
anthony cannet (1 year ago)
I can’t wait for the next one, it’d be super cool to voice someone, I’ve always wanted to be a voice actor, but I’m probably not the right voice for something like this... either way though these are really interesting videos. I was trying to get a better understanding of the colors I don’t play very often (black and white) for when I make custom cards on mtgcardsmith and it really does point out some things I couldn’t quite grasp about the essence of those colors
Inrezairo (1 year ago)
anthony cannet if you want to be a voice actor go for it. While your voice may not be suitable for some projects it might be perfect for something else that a voice like mine (voice of Green) would sound unnatural for.
Eric Alluvium (1 year ago)
White: optimist Black: realist Green: Tree Hugger Blue: nerd Red: action
Andrés Aguilar (1 year ago)
Continue this series pronto please xD
DarkEinherjar (1 year ago)
Green is, indeed, the ultimate problem solver... it solves all of my mana problems, which is why I rarely build a deck without it. :D
sjames551 (1 year ago)
*Tries to stifle his laughter* Oh god, I can't even right now. I just... ah ha ha! *Few more minutes of laughter* Okay. Okay I think I'm good. Okay... wow. I did not expect to be disagreeing with Green this deeply, especially not to the point of being utterly amused by it. I would have thought 'how could I hate nature? It's the basis of the world, nothing can be disagreeable about that right?" Man oh man was I wrong. Green seems to think that Nature is already inherently perfect, that it is a flawless system that is to be envied. I call bullshit. Nature is not a 'system', it is not guided or controlled. Nature is inherently _random_ and chaotic. It 'solves problems' by throwing endless options at the wall until one lucky answer appears and takes its chance. Evolution occurs unintentionally and can easily end up being negative, not positive. Destiny as a concept is fun to believe in, but both nature AND history do not bear it out. No animal is 'destined' to survive or die, it happens by, well, happenstance. The reason animals are well built for their role is that they were lucky enough to develop ways to enact that role, not because fate ordained them to be good at it. And looking at human history, the sheer number of times the tide of history hinged on _sheer dumb luck_ easily outweighs the times coincidence seems to be contrived for a certain outcome. Destiny is not certain, nor is it in control. It's something we create for ourselves to strive for. And that brings up the most important point. Nature is not the end goal; it is a _baseline._ Nature is random events happening in an unstable equilibrium that can be easily unbalanced by a simple change in the weather. But humans can do more than that. We can learn and grow beyond nature's static randomness. We have the ambition to move past the limitations of nature, the drive and passion to challenge nature's dominance and prove our worth, and the knowledge and understanding to know how to manipulate nature to our benefit. Nature changes slowly, without direction, while humans are always improving and attempting to rise above their previous station. Humans are not just a part of nature. Humans have _transcended_ nature. We are BETTER than nature, because we are able to be more than just what is. Nature is merely where we started. It is not where we need to stay.
Sliverandzant943 (1 year ago)
sjames551 I guess Green would respond to the fact of trascending nature with a quote such as "And yet you still need to eat, drink, excrete and breed just like any other living being". On the other hand, if every human became perfect and immortal (ala Ultimate Lifeform, a goal fitting both Blue and Black), nature could be allowed to flourish (which is part of what Green wants), since it would no longer be necessary to exploit the environment (nor having descendants, since there would be no death to counter).
whitemoonwolf13 (1 year ago)
who's next? blue or red?
The Captain Jack Show (1 month ago)
Blue. The releases are following Mark Rosewater's color interview series. May never actually see these come to fruition though at this rate https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/feature/striving-perfection-2008-11-17 https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/making-magic/following-your-heart-2008-11-26
Sailor Darty (1 year ago)
Lillian dahmer (1 year ago)
Josh you are not a REAL soldier! And a REAL soldier is overseas and KILLING ISIS and work with GUNS!
Reiranandes (1 year ago)
From reading the comments on this video, something tells me this is one video I need to watch. I’ve been working on a story concept where the hero is stuck in a nature vs men war with Mother Nature as the villain who plagues mankind. I’ve been having difficulty getting the premise to work because Mother Nature is a difficult character to be made a villain and what perspective to put the story on. While I do want to watch this video for the inspiration, I can’t. I even have this video paused mid-advertisement. I have my reasons not to watch Josh’s content, but I would like a comment detailing the video’s message. Thanks!
Gunjα Fury (2 months ago)
Wait, why wont you watch the video?
Neil Sonico (1 year ago)
Oh cool red is going be last. That means you'll end on the best with a bang!
Lillian dahmer (1 year ago)
Josh your "RELIGION" is bullshit and abuse children for not being a part of your "RELIGION" and give hitler a second chance and not marilyn manson alice cooper ozzy osbourne rob zomibe it's black Friday toxic tears drac makens and myself a second chance and yell at use and say that we are going to hell because we're not a part of your "RELIGION" and your "RELIGION" calling people evil even though those people are not evil and if w killer is in your house you could fight off the killer and live or you could stand still and get yourself killed that is up to you
Logan Byrd (1 year ago)
also, is simic combine tribute going to be reuploaded with a different song one day?
Charr (1 year ago)
..........is she cross-eyed?
siegfried greding (1 year ago)
I could point out a lot of things wrong about Green's philosophy. But I think this one settles it all together by itself. What happens to Nature when our sun go supernova and all life dies out? Green losses. But blue and science can help us to surpass that problem.🖖
Sir Kibble (1 year ago)
her and black have the same exact out look on the world.....i mean at least on the fact that neither of them wish to change anything, they take the world in as it is. Black being more my favorite because he is fully able to admit his faults but calls everyone else out at the same exact time. What I dislike about green is her explanation to going with the gut.....is absolutely mental. Humans soul reason to success and survival is the fact that we looked for knowledge with trial and error. we need shelter, so we chop trees, we need food and hunting is dangerous, so we farm. it's in our nature to use our brains, she goes completely off the wall expecting people to go back to tribalism because her definition of nature is the only definition and our success as a species be damned.
Lillian dahmer (1 year ago)
"Am i sorry your sky went black? Put your knives in babies backs? Am I sorry you killed the kennedy's? And huxley too? But i'm sorry Shakespeare if was your scapegoat and your apple's sticking into my throat sorry your Sunday smiles are rusty nails and your crucifixion commrials failed but i'm just a pitful anonymous and i see all the young believers your target audience I see all the old deceivers we all just sing their song am i sorry for just to be alive? Putting my face in the beehive? Am I sorry for booth and oswald? Pinks and cocaine too? Sorry you never checked the bag in my head for a bomb and my halo was a needle hole sorry I saw a priest being beaten and I made a wish but I'm just a pitful anonymous and I see all the young believers your target audience I see all the old deceivers we all just sing their song I see all the young believers your target audience I see all the old deceivers we all just sing their song we all sing their song we all just sing their song valley of death we are free your fother's your prison you see valley of death we are free your fother's your prison you see and i see all the young believers your target audience I see all the old deceivers we all just sing their song you're just a copy of an imitation you're just a copy of an imitation" marilyn manson
SparkGold (1 year ago)
I'm not a green player, I'm actually against its philosophy, but a very huge and nteresting point any green player can make is that mages always start drawing mana from the land, and the reason green can get more mana and stronger creatures faster is because they focus on that land, respect it, connect to it like Nissa. Green in its lore is VERY much so preaching a valid way to become more strong as a magic user
Paul Leepin (1 year ago)
Just 2 more colors! Red & Blue
The DreamChasers (1 year ago)
Okay, Josh...real talk, I didn’t know whether to go here or to FOB Equestria to ask this question, and this has nothing to do with the video at all. Why does it seem that Lily Peet has some sort of resentment or harshness towards you? I’ve been to their channel and he seems to bash on you quite often.
Gunjα Fury (2 months ago)
Something Im curious about aswell.
MTG Philippino (1 year ago)
Yay, thank you so much for the green interview! >w< can't wait to watch it
Naya represent!
BulletShaba (1 year ago)
These are so freaking cool. Is the first one I found and I feel like an idiot for not checking out the other ones before now. I can't wait until you I'll get to blue and red. I got out of magic not long after the Return to Ravnica block. Partly due to apathy towards the game and partly due to financial reasons. But this is really making me consider getting back into the game. Thank you Orr Reed knighting my passion. I think you think this as well as the black and white interviews as something to listen to while deck building and it's giving me some pretty interesting ideas.
Dark-Slayer (1 year ago)
I play green for the Werewolves :3
smiling oddity (1 year ago)
I wonder if your favorite color would infect how you like magic colors
GodOfOrphans (1 year ago)
Green is my favorite color to play but I am as opposed as humanely possible to 90% of the philosophy around it. I mostly play Black, Green, or Abzan decks for the record.
KopaXTani (1 year ago)
Hmm... Not to get personal, and I know this is referring to Magic the Gathering, which is a Fantasy RPG, but considering you and me are fellow believers, this actually works well with the principles of Christianity! No super-existentialism required! ‘Course, that’s just my opinion, but it isn’t a baseless one.
Gunjα Fury (2 months ago)
Green = Cristianity? I would have thought White
magefire130 (1 year ago)
Nature has all the answers and all you need but can't make Naia with it alone, huh? I guess nature isn't really enough to get what you want out of it.
Bueno Loco (1 year ago)
I know this game. I have some cards collecting dust in my collection. My color is blue
Gunjα Fury (2 months ago)
I like colorless :D
ZoeBlacktail (1 year ago)
after hearing white, black and green`s diffrent philosopies, So far I like Black´s better than the other two....
cronical246 (1 year ago)
And so the host was lost wandering the forest, and was never seen again
alaster boneman (1 year ago)
being looking forward to this one
citri valac (1 year ago)
cant wait for red
Camron G (1 year ago)
acethethirdking (1 year ago)
I like comparing the philosophy of Magic the Gathering to it's simpler counterpart Duel Masters. though I feel like the Nature/Green civilization is much more attacked than in MtG (Black/Darkness trying to corrupt it, Blue/Water trying to flood it, White/Light trying to force them under It's hierarchy alongside all the other civilizations and Red/Fire trying to steal all it's resources) The fact that all the civilizations are constantly at eachother's throats is probably the only reason the Nature/Green civilization still exists.
SS4519 (1 year ago)
Can't wait for Red's interview. Easily my favorite Magic the Gathering color.
ViceN53X (1 year ago)
13:42 I think I've seen enough hentai to know where that's going
Purpleboye_ (1 year ago)
I am Channel Two (1 year ago)
As much as I love Green' philosophy, there is only one fatal flaw with it involving humans that connects with Blue. We instinctively learned to make tools and because it helped us survive, we kept doing it. Those who made the better tools lived on- Survival of the fittest. By saying humans shouldn't use technology takes away one of the important things that make humans special. Amazing video, I can not wait to see who comes next.
Erie Perry (1 year ago)
great video! glad to see this series is continuing. the voices and art work is awesome as per usual. cnt wait to see red and blues interviews! on a personal note i favor black, red and blue philosophically
Alastair (1 year ago)
Holy crap another interview. I can't wait till Blue gets his chance. On a side note I really don't agree with Green I could see Black and Whites point but Green I just can't agree with.
alacard40 (1 year ago)
Elves, elves and more elves for days....
Silver Clode (1 year ago)
each of the colour seem interesting because of their different and similar ideas towards their believes
The Gaster master (1 year ago)
Long ago, a wise man once said "Don't fuck with nature." -Author Unknown

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