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Roy Lichtenstein: Diagram of an Artist

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Roy Lichtenstein is renowned for his works based on comic strips and advertising imagery, coloured with his signature hand-painted Benday dots. This film brings together archival footage of Lichtenstein at home and at work in his studio, as well as interviews with his wife Dorothy and friend Frederic Tuten to create an intimate portrait of the artist. A retrospective exhibition of Lichtenstein’s work, including 124 of the artist’s most definitive works was shown at Tate Modern in 2013. Find out more about Roy Lichtenstein: https://goo.gl/D4Bi4U
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D G (1 month ago)
I love his work. Along with Alphonse Mucha, Gustav Klimt, Grant Wood, Thomas Hart Benton, Georgia O'Keeffe, Margaret Keane, Norman Rockwell and Tamara De Lempicka.. I guess all the purists would say he couldn't paint like Leonardo Di Vinci, but his art has personality and pop to it. I specifically love his comic art. With the crying ladies and couples and the word bubbles.. They would have been cooler if he came up with original characters and sayings though.. But in the end its what I like as art and what you like too..
As much as Warhol gets the lion's share of attention re. the Pop Art movement and the principal artists actively shaping the scene and its aesthetics and philosophy, I have to say that I preferred Lichtenstein's art over Warhol's. Thanks for making this video on my personal favorite of the Pop artists!
Cliff DaRiff (8 months ago)
People, all artists are appropriators.
Devin Reese (14 days ago)
He couldve come up with his own comics. But like warhol thats not the point. You can copy something but come up with a decent version yourself. Get playful and then creativity will flow.
David Mayhew (1 year ago)
One heck of a great artist!!!!!
Jose Martinez (1 year ago)
It's troubling to me that he appropriated other's work into his own...
Victoria Sylvestre (23 days ago)
Very few artists have not done so.
FaCu aRroYo (1 year ago)
Interesting that there's nobody bitching in the comments saying stupid bullshit like "why is this art?", "a child could do that" 🙄
DM Swanson (2 years ago)
Thank you, Tate. Quite wonderful, especially his wife's insights, also watching the-One work. Masterful, exquisite: many thanks.
Sonja R (3 months ago)
Totally agree!
Thomas Drieman (3 years ago)
tof tof tof
J B (3 years ago)
To date in this art class at FIU, Roy Lichtenstein is one of my favorite and love artist. He paints like I draw, the major exception is that he is gets paid millions for his work. I appreciate his style as well as his dedication to his work and his humble character.
Philip Lindsay (4 years ago)
And the cartoonists whose work he plagiarised , I wonder how they feel ? WHAM!
D G (1 month ago)
+Baterka Czech some call it remix culture.. take someone else's work and remixing it to your own style..
Sully The Artist (1 year ago)
Philip Lindsay Art is 90% stealing. I once heard
Baterka Czech (1 year ago)
it's called art appropriation not plagiarism.
Mike Dunkle (4 years ago)
One of Roys relatives was a teacher of mine back in the 80s and needless to say when i found that out I aced the class hoping for one day to get an introduction, it never happened though
famachild (4 years ago)
i hve the WHAAM  paiting tattoed on my right arm freakin awesome
BananasAboutBananas (4 years ago)
rené faivre (5 years ago)
you have to see the exhibition actually in Paris. So exciting work
Simran Johal (5 years ago)
I love pop art, Litchenstein and warhol were the best! And I loved the 60s as well!
Tate (5 years ago)
Hello and thanks for watching. A lot of that archive footage came from films made by 2 different companies (both listed in the credits -- Michael Blackwood and Checkerboard Film Foundation). You can buy their DVDs of the original films on their websites or in the Tate shop.
Vesa Lempinen (5 years ago)
Anyone know where one could obtain/watch the original documentary/archival footage in full? Thank you
Emily Sherriff (5 years ago)
So excited to see this exhibition!
Samir Mishra (5 years ago)
very well made
B S (5 years ago)
Lichenstein, Warhol and the Pop Art movement has been of my greatest inspirations ever since I heard about them. It was my introduction to the art world, when I was totally uninterested in visual arts and I still love it.
cheekychen (5 years ago)
more of these please denise!
Simon Kidd (5 years ago)
this is a great angle Tate, I'd love to see more of this style of videos.
concretely (5 years ago)
Keep up the good work, each one of these videos is moving and inspiring.

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