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MATT 'n' SEB (11 months ago)
BUY THE ALEN PALENDER STYLE PACK BELOW: https://msvisualz.bigcartel.com/product/alen-palender-style
MATT 'n' SEB (10 months ago)
Sure, we will try out together a video demonstrating a few of them
aaronofra (10 months ago)
Matt would you kindly put a video up of some of the packages you are selling? It would be nice to see them running on a video; I have purchased some actions from other sites, and been very disappointing. I love your videos like these, though a video showing off your actions in LR & PS would be really helpful. Thanks.
docramyj (1 month ago)
Hi guys! Great stuff! Can you do one Editing like @helloemilie
MATT 'n' SEB (23 days ago)
BxSquirrel (1 month ago)
hey, im a little confused on your website with buying the right presets packs. Whats the difference between your $42 presets pack and your $197 preset pack. Which one contains "the instant influencers pack"? Thanks!
Murilo Santos (3 months ago)
Congratulations bro, say hi to Brazil 🇧🇷
Tolu Adeniji (5 months ago)
You missed it from the start w the highlights, he brings down the highlights and brings up the whites to compensate. It was a good attempt but not Alen Palander's style
MATT 'n' SEB (5 months ago)
Don't forget to check out our lightroom course, 4+ hours of material, 31 tutorials, lifetime access: https://mattnsebcourses.com/squeeze25669071
shawn laughman (6 months ago)
Allen does not add clarity or sharpen photos bc when he post to insta there over sharp and clarity
A.Greene (6 months ago)
wow a really amazing video
Dmitry Panov (8 months ago)
not even close
Andy Taveras (8 months ago)
You know you are good when you give a flawless tutorial. Amazing ! thank you
MaddinGaming Tv (8 months ago)
Thank you very much!! Good Video. Subscribed.
Adrian Skrede Os (8 months ago)
Am I the only one not finding the "Camera Calibration" tab in the new version of Lightroom CC? If someone knows where, please let me know! :-)
Mederic Burlet (8 months ago)
You can click: "Show Selected Mask Overlay" to see where you are painting....
Aidan Gerety (8 months ago)
You can click the little box at the bottom 'show selected mask overlay' instead of raising the exposure for the brush tool. Just a little tip.
mar co (9 months ago)
Please please can u do a tutorial on how Brahmino and helloemilie edit? They are my favourite photographers !
Janith Madushan (9 months ago)
somebody give me a working link to download LightRoom pls =D
BluezCinema (9 months ago)
Edit like nightscape
Riddick Evander (9 months ago)
Great Tutorial!
Joe Foskett (9 months ago)
Really enjoy these videos. Would like to see one in the style of @golden2dew.
Forplay QiA9 (10 months ago)
i am not a huge editor but you have had lens distorted that lamp...
LOVEME LOVEMYBUTT (10 months ago)
it looks unnatural.
Jerry Crayton (10 months ago)
This really helped me understand Lightroom a lot better. I edited my own photo along with this video, and I am blown away by how much I was missing out on in editing. Thank you!!
MATT 'n' SEB (9 months ago)
Glad it was helpful. Means a lot to hear ❤️
Kyle Johnston (10 months ago)
Mostly good tutorial but desaturating the freedom tower is like desaturating big ben. It just looks weird.
Abbott Racing (10 months ago)
That was a wild ride. It is not even the same image that you started with
Kyle Burdy (10 months ago)
Jesus...... I don't think this video gets even REMOTELY close to Palanders' edits.... I actually think this edit looks horrendous.... Sorry....
Kyle Burdy (10 months ago)
Literally just wasted 11 minutes watching this....
WuschelofDespair (10 months ago)
One of the first people I followed on Instagram, I love his color tones. Ever since he blew up thanks to Peter McKinnon he changed a little and everything feels more like a sponsored post but his images are still amazing. I like hoe he tries a lot of different styles with his photography. Yes the editing is pretty much always the same but he takes images of so many different objects and locations
DGinola (10 months ago)
Superb tutorial. Thanks so much for sharing.
MATT 'n' SEB (9 months ago)
Glad it was helpful
ΣΤΕΦ Αν (10 months ago)
before your edit was better
Shokubis (10 months ago)
can u upload the picture u r edited in toturial so we able to follow step by step tq
Moe Alenzi (10 months ago)
amazing edit !!!
sergey kisilov (10 months ago)
Andrea (11 months ago)
Nailed it... But not really.
Carlos Orozco (11 months ago)
Not my intent to be a hater but that is not his editing style. He always drastically reduces the clarity. Fail
YourOwnMedicine (11 months ago)
Not your "intent to be a hater", yet you finish your comment with "fail"? Yeah, OK, bud. lol
Tim Nabuurs (11 months ago)
is this lightroom 6 or CC or classic?
Paul J (11 months ago)
So you're making money off of his editing style? I don't think I'll support that.
a a (6 months ago)
I want to see you have your own successful channel and instagram, good luck.
a a (6 months ago)
Paul J this is dumb and pointless.
coap (8 months ago)
This comment is fucking stupid
Paul J (11 months ago)
Nathan Ross (11 months ago)
I had my doubts during the middle stages but that turned out really good. Nice work!
MATT 'n' SEB (9 months ago)
Thank you
Tim Nabuurs (11 months ago)
With what program did you edit this photo?????????????
MATT 'n' SEB (9 months ago)
Adobe lightroom
Kevin Angelsoe (11 months ago)
To see where you're painting without in/decreasing exposure: press O
Abdul Hamid Kanu (7 months ago)
Thanks dude
ChadCarney2001 (11 months ago)
If u have lightroom CC 2018, use split toning instead of the camera calibration section :D
Gianni Bergs (11 months ago)
Anyone have a link to the original image?
Pentzzz (11 months ago)
Can you do a How to edit like Cameron Mackie ? His skin tones are spot on.
Comrade Stalin (11 months ago)
Okay I need a faster computer so I can mess around with the settings more It takes damn ages for it to respond right now
SINGULARITY (11 months ago)
i think it doesnt really look like alans photo...you missed the right orange tone. i also think you should have used split toning to get some slight blue/green in the shadows.
End Of The Rainbow (2 months ago)
i think it is not right copy exactly other's work... for inspiration only
Cristian W. Soza (11 months ago)
do a tutorial with African american skin tones if possible lol, or maybe does anyone know any Instagram belonging to any African american Instagramers where a lot of color is adjusted i don't know if you get what i'm trying to say lol
Colorscream (11 months ago)
Great tutorial, thank you!
Portrait Mood (11 months ago)
nice.. love this tutorial..
Nick SAM (11 months ago)
8:35 You put wrong "Clarity" Alen Palander he pulls "Clarity down" Not push it up Here is my website: https://nicksam.ca/
Creative Mofoo (11 months ago)
Sooo. He sells presets and luts but you're gonna rip his style and take money out of his pocket. Real. Fucking. Nice. Using his name to top it all off too.
RTI (11 months ago)
So, basically, you just took a nice looking image and turned it into am instagram wreck? :)
Prakhar Kumar (11 months ago)
Try using Y rather than \
Michel de Araújo (11 months ago)
edit like @corey_wilson please!
Alberto Mensio (11 months ago)
Thank you!! Beautiful video appreciate your work. Please can you make "how to edit" like So.Shauna? (instagram profile)
Jake Gleim (11 months ago)
Can also check "show mask overlay" won't take as long to buffer as using exposure to see what your painting.
Nathan Canis (10 months ago)
Pressing "o" also turns the overlay on/off
Steven Meyer Jr (11 months ago)
I believe you can hold shift to see the brush strokes in red.
Robin Huber (11 months ago)
I think that the orange building was better before you add more clarity with the brush tool.. You definitely lose some of the orange/warm tone for me. But still great tutorial, just discovered your channel and I'm pumped to see more content !
Steven Meyer Jr (11 months ago)
Jeck Calayag (11 months ago)
Great tutorial! subscribed!
MATT 'n' SEB (11 months ago)
lev khay (11 months ago)
Very, very good video. thank you!
Glen Blackwell (11 months ago)
Thanks very much for this. Could you do a Kat Irlin or Haris Nukem tutorial please? There’s nothing else out there!
Glen Blackwell (11 months ago)
MATT 'n' SEB Thanks for the help! 😀
MATT 'n' SEB (11 months ago)
I'll have a look :))
Citazioni Celebri (11 months ago)
please, make sincerelyjules, valentina_astorino or veronicaferraro!
Jessica Matarrelli (11 months ago)
I'm begging you. Can you do a "how to edit like jess hamilton (cocoa chelsea)? I'm begging you, I'm going crazy trying to do it.
Steven Meyer Jr (11 months ago)
High clarity. High saturation. High Whites. -40 blacks. Her main thing is she strategically chooses the color of her clothing and her background to include pastel pinks, blues and oranges that she can target and highlight using the HSL tool.
A. Tef (11 months ago)
Thank you for this great tutorial, keep up the good work.
AKHILESH Kumar (11 months ago)
Cool please make a video on how to edit like @alexisrateau 🙏🙏
Waxnon (11 months ago)
NICE <3 PLS make a video how to edit like shortstache :)

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