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RubberBand Braidless Halo Braid(Little Girls Back To School Kids Natural Hairstyle)Beginner Friendly

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Hey Guys Today We're Showing You How To do This Braidless Halo Braid Using Rubberbands It's A Beginner Friendly Kids Natural Hairstyle. I hope u guys enjoy it. i know I've been MIA for a little while due to me not feeling well but Thank you to to some of yall who did reach out to me it was well appreciated. FOLLOW ME: Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/THISISGUGU/?ref=bookmarks Innsagram: https://www.instagram.com/thisisgugu/ #backtoschoolhairstyle #kidsnaturalhairstyle #kidsschoolhairstyle #easynaturalhairstyle
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Text Comments (46)
Shaqueena McDaniel (19 days ago)
Damn this child got some long ass hair 😍
Ameshia Hicks (1 month ago)
Next time i do my children hair i am going to do it like this
Tootsie Ma (2 months ago)
Beautiful little girl
Black Butterfly (3 months ago)
I love the innocence on your daughter. she is beautiful and growing up too fast. Great job mom
glam (3 months ago)
So cute! I'm an old chick and I'm going to try this with long pony over the shoulder.
Melissa B (3 months ago)
Beautiful love it❤❤
Liddie Evans (3 months ago)
Rubber bands are not good on little girls hair it take there hair out 👎👎👎
ThisIsGugu (3 months ago)
Not my little girls hair. It depends how u use them love. I've been using them on her since her hair came in right after she turned a year old and I'm sure u can see how healthy her hair is currently and she has ALL her edges lol. It's definitely one of those "use with caution" things but I'm very cautious so I don't have those problems.
Vanessa star (4 months ago)
Omg her hair so looking I feel bald headed now
s scott (5 months ago)
I like this method to the halo braid. It seem more appropriate for a kid, seem like it would last longer. I am able to braid but would prefer this method for its staying power. Do you think it can be done however with the ponytails and instead of looping rubber bands actually braiding at the end?
s scott (5 months ago)
How long were you able to keep this style in her hair
Loudjina Gilmus (6 months ago)
happy bday to our daughter. she looks so nice
Michelle Thomas (6 months ago)
Happy Bday Lady Bug ❤
Deidra Everett (6 months ago)
She has beautiful thick healthy hair. What products do you use? Techniques?
Tasha West (6 months ago)
Happy birthday to your sweet daughter! Loved this tutorial!
Shakina Riley (6 months ago)
Ok dear just take it a day at a time you're always in my prayer I love your videos a lot God bless you dear
Teah Mcneal (6 months ago)
Ms. BossLady (6 months ago)
❤️💕💕💕❤️💕❤️ happy birthday to her 😄
ThisIsGugu (6 months ago)
Ms. BossLady Thank you so much 💞
Sonja and Natasha (6 months ago)
Love it Gugu always do an amazing styles. 😘 and happy birthday to ur amazing little girl xx
ThisIsGugu (6 months ago)
Sonja and Natasha Thank you so much Sonja!! ❤️
Anita B (6 months ago)
Aaw Bantu! Happy birthday Londi ❤ ukhulile Sisi
Anita B (6 months ago)
ThisIsGugu we are all OK! I'm back on the mend and should be back on IG soon 😘
ThisIsGugu (6 months ago)
Anita B Thank you! I’ve sent you a few messages on Instagram since you went MIA! I hope you and the girls have been ok!
Katrina Bell (6 months ago)
Glad to see you back!
ThisIsGugu (6 months ago)
Katrina Bell Thank you! It’s good to be back!
Merlecer Dorville (6 months ago)
Beautiful. Will be trying on my 5 year old. All your styles are beautiful.
ThisIsGugu (6 months ago)
Merlecer Dorville Thank you so much!!!
DiscoveringNatural (6 months ago)
Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter
Aileesha Campbell (6 months ago)
Your hairstyles are always cute and age appropriate. Our daughter’s share the same birthday. My baby is 5 today! Happy Birthday to your Big Girl!
ThisIsGugu (6 months ago)
DiscoveringNatural Thank you so much! ❤️
Shakina Riley (6 months ago)
Beautiful style. Was wonderful why am not seeing any video of you. Really enjoyed this video will do this style in my baby hair
ThisIsGugu (6 months ago)
Shakina Riley Thank you so much! I’ve been under the weather so I just post when I can! Thank you for ch cling in on me! I saw your comment where you asked if u was ok I just forgot to reply I’m sorry!
J. Nicci Coffie (6 months ago)
This is beautiful. I love the silk flowers idea! It was good to see how you wrapped it for bed. What hair wrap did you use and where did you buy it? It would be great to see the blowdrying process and what products got her hair so soft before you started this style. Good job!
ThisIsGugu (6 months ago)
J. Nicci Coffie Hey! Thank you so much!!! She got the wrap from my mother-in-law so I don’t know where she got it from. If you have an Instagram account, I have the products that I use when blow drying on there because I’m not ready to film how I blow dry her hair yet because I would need someone to help me film! But as soon as I hav help then I will record for everyone because people are constantly asking me!
Jessica Mckoy (6 months ago)
Back to school hairstyle thank you it looks amazing
ThisIsGugu (6 months ago)
Jessica Mckoy Yes and it lasts a while too!! I was contemplating doing this for the first day of school too 😎
Angel Squad (6 months ago)
My sisters birthday is today she’s not a toddler anymore 5 year olds
ThisIsGugu (6 months ago)
TaNiya Tarver well happy birthday to your sister and may she be blessed with many many more! ❤️
Angarette Stuckey (6 months ago)
Think I'm going to try this for the first day of school this year! Super cute.
ThisIsGugu (6 months ago)
Angarette Stuckey Thank you I think I’m gonna do the same too!!!!
ronneka Dorah (6 months ago)
Like this comment if u love this hairstyles
ronneka Dorah (6 months ago)
Love your vids
ThisIsGugu (6 months ago)
ronneka Dorah Thank you so much ❤️
ronneka Dorah (6 months ago)
Omg im first this is pretty and her hair is long.
ThisIsGugu (6 months ago)
ronneka Dorah Awe Thank you so much ❤️

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