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Let's Play Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Part 8: Shocking Static

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Sorry about the lack of videos. Mardi Gras. FOB Equestria http://www.fobequestria.com/
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Text Comments (180)
MusicalRose (9 months ago)
THE STARGATE EPISODE you mentioned was titled “Citizen Joe” season 8!!! Omg a fan!!!
JJ Slider (2 years ago)
That doppelganger is probably my favorite. I mean, I'd like a Shadow me too.
I'm Gone (3 years ago)
This video... Is light! KA-BOOOOOOOOM
Steph Stoltenberg (3 years ago)
Wow, I just realize why Pence suddenly randomly showed up at the mansion: since this is a programmed world, I think DiZ sent Pence there to get him away from there.
Michael Taylor (3 years ago)
Crystal Queen (3 years ago)
Yeah, Vivi aint no Heartless, youd understand if you played FF9
Joseph Mellott (3 years ago)
The earth was destroyed due to your actions. I hope you are happy!
PhoenixAlaris93 (3 years ago)
ASK ME WHAT IT MEANS! ASK ME WHAT IT MEANS! HOO HOO HOO HOO! Only now that I've seen the Nostalgia Critic's review of The Cell do I get the joke.
Hunter Priest (3 years ago)
"This video... is LIGHT." Eh, good enough.
I'm Gone (3 years ago)
Dez Keiz (3 years ago)
Roxas, you were never supposed to exist. Your father did not pull out in time.
shadeslayer48 (4 years ago)
3 drinks
TatsurouKaos (4 years ago)
Apparently, Uma means horse in Japanese. ...yeah, I don't get it either.
DarksideEXE (4 years ago)
I think maybe the pic with the four is Roxas, Axel, Nomine, and Xion....I forgot if that picture had Xion but she vanished from the pic...for some reason.
Ryan Ekis (4 years ago)
Did you take that "ASK ME WHAT IT MEANS!" from the NC review of Devil?
devgor9 (4 years ago)
the wonders are glitches in the matrix!
1101Archimedes (4 years ago)
5:45 So...no one finds it strange that there are reflections when the water isn't anywhere near still enough to make them? I guess it was weirder when the word "hobo" was stolen, but that at least drew a little attention!
Mad Hatter Mupo (4 years ago)
uma means horse in english? and I think its because namine was the one who did the erase in the first place that she still knows "spoilers"
DariusTheRat (4 years ago)
I have a question ollete says that they have two more days together if roxas was real wouldnt hayner pence ollete and roxas go to the same school so they could always see each other. And if Roxas is Sora's nobody who's Axel's somebody?
jedimasterpickle3 (4 years ago)
@DariusTheRat Yeah, they know OF Roxas, but they don't KNOW Roxas.
DariusTheRat (4 years ago)
ohh i never played birth by sleep yet and i remember in kingdom hearts chain of memories or kingdom hearts 2 we see a cutscene of roxas walking past hayner pence and ollete while still in his organization 13 outfit
jedimasterpickle3 (4 years ago)
In the real Twilight Town, Roxas never hung out with or met Hayner, Pence, and Ollete.  If you described Roxas to them, they'd probably be able to recognize the name, but that's about it.  And Axel's somebody is Lea.  You meet Lea in Birth By Sleep, along with Isa (Saix), Braig (Xigbar), Dilan (Xaldin), Aleaus (Laxaeus), Ienzo (Zexion), and Even (Vexen).
DariusTheRat (4 years ago)
I like how he puts DBZ abriged quotes in it i bet me and him would be great friends since we both like to quote video games
Amgarrak (4 years ago)
Patrick Latham (4 years ago)
That was 2,520 degrees of physics defying awesomeness!
Patrick Latham (4 years ago)
The seven wonders are like firewalls blocking possible exits to this version of the town.  "Solving" these breaks each one, and then there's the static, signifying a problem with antivirus software.
Patrick Latham (4 years ago)
That was German, NOT French.
Red Hood (4 years ago)
is this on the DS
Gamelover254 (4 years ago)
It's on the ps2. Soon to be re relased on the ps3 in the kingdom hearts 2.5 collection.
KaxTheCactus (4 years ago)
Naminé was born when Sora stabbed himself with Ansem's artificial Keyblade in order to restore Kairi near the end of Kingdom Hearts. This made Naminé a very odd Nobody, born from Kairi's heart and Sora's body and soul. Kairi's own body never became a Nobody because her heart lacked darkness (since she was one of the Princesses of Heart), so her body and soul were never able to leave the Realm of Light and thus made it seem like Kairi was in a comatose state until she regained her heart. However, this means that Naminé was also born without Kairi's memories, only furthering her status as an unusual entity, and she and Kairi are incomplete without each other. And because of the fact that Naminé is formed from Sora's body, she has the power to manipulate his memories as well as the memories of those who are connected to him, prompting several others, even herself, to call her a "witch". She came into being at Castle Oblivion, found by Organization XIII.
TheRyuSword (4 years ago)
Creepy. The title actually foreshadowed my iPod crashing. (Screen turned blue at the end of the video and faded to black and turned off before turning itself back on...)
Hylian Dragoon Zero (4 years ago)
Yeah, you're right Josh.  I hate KH2's story.
Sky Chaser (4 years ago)
But "I" was gonna say "bogus" Josh.
Arin (4 years ago)
Ey Josh, how can you say Namine is Roxas' nobody? isn't roxas a nobody himself? I always thought roxas was Sora's nobody and Namine was Kairi's nobody
Gamelover254 (4 years ago)
Your right, if that's what he thought, he was wrong (:
Kayama Koomori (5 years ago)
you think Namine should just tell Roxas, but think of it this way, Josh.  What if one random day, a woman comes up to you and says to you, "You're a Nobody.  You have no heart.  You're life in meaningless.  You're not a human being at all, and tomorrow, you have to sacrifice your non-existing life for a boy you never met in person."  that would be a little too hard to take in at once
awekin 5 (5 years ago)
i love that ending!
john (5 years ago)
You know what the static transitions make me think of? Slender. Seriously, everytime its like he was just standing right off screen. Just add the sounds and its like the death scene in the eight pages
andrew mcmillin (5 years ago)
Absent Coder (5 years ago)
(End of Video) HEY!!!! IT WORKED!!
Arallos (5 years ago)
Are you playing this on the computer or on a modded PS2?
TDUShelby (5 years ago)
6:14 Ah, Nostalgia Critic references. Oddly relevant here.
Almost High Noon (5 years ago)
14:00 Because fuck gravity!
FFK7Shade (5 years ago)
16:30 I believe that is Roxas meeting Xion for the first time.
Kirbachu5 (5 years ago)
Josh, if you complete all "mysteries" before doing the dog bag one, if you look on the mystery map from Pence there'll be a typo.
Kirbachu5 (5 years ago)
On the topic of the Anti-Roxas, my favorite shadow character battle (battle with a dark version of character) is Sora's Heartless from Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. Well, at least in the Kingdom Hearts series, anyway. I just love how it tries to imitate the Reaction Commands of Kingdom Hearts II, as after he uses a special attack of it literally RAINING KEYBLADES, you get to grab his keyblade and perform some powerful attacks. Also, you fight him TWICE. Well, I suppose that's better than fighting Data-Riku, in which I lost count at five.
TheDark4light (5 years ago)
And yeah I didnt get the ending to KH1 either because he's not opening the door to kingdom hearts its the door to darkness. or a door to the realm of darkness at least.Hes right about kingdom hearts being light but... wait a minute... Xenmas and Ansem are the same person one thinks kingdom hearts is darkness but the other doesnt and the original person they came from knows it isnt... Did Ansem want to die?
TheDark4light (5 years ago)
Im gonna assume the other two in the picture are Saix and Xigbar. Why? Why not? As far Namine and her powers over memories well she is the nobody of a princess of heart it would make sense for her to be a bit different from your average nobody.
Joe Green (5 years ago)
Casing rumors
AstralMuffin105 (5 years ago)
Josh...don't tell me you hate Okami? D: That's one of my all time favorite games! What don't you like about it, if I may ask?  And another thing, we get that you don't like the story, Josh, you don't have to react every single time something doesn't make sense to you. That's what Kingdom Hearts does, comes up with bullshit excuses for stuff to make sense and expects you to roll with it. That's just the best way to play these games, to be honest. :P
TonberryJack (4 years ago)
Check out one of his first unscripted videos.  He explains why he doesn't like Okami.  Number 3 if I recall.
Dean Goldenstar (5 years ago)
when is the game gonna kick off?
Dean Goldenstar (5 years ago)
Okay... then let's hope the action begins then, then...
Ashley Phillips (5 years ago)
The "Roxas and Twilight Town" thing according to the game lasts 7 days, and since Josh is on the 5th day there's only 2 more days to go. (3 if you count the 5th day)
Cýruz (5 years ago)
If only there was a option to mute the commentator and just have the sound of the game .
tsukinoakuma (5 years ago)
I face out, I hold out, I reach out to the truuuth~
locolorcoireland (5 years ago)
That dbz abridged reference perfect
Lia (5 years ago)
What made you decide to stretch the aspect ratio of the game from full screen to widescreen? It probably doesn't bother most people, but the game looks strange stretched out like that to me.
Andx56 (5 years ago)
sweet thought you weren't going to finish this
Rocker McGee (5 years ago)
Oh, Roxas. You poor schizophrenic.
MercHunter (5 years ago)
"Roxas, what is wrong with you?  You're a moron!"  Answered your own question there.
TheKaitoCooper (5 years ago)
Makes Ghostbusters reference, doesn't bring up the big twinkie
Tall Person (5 years ago)
To answer your question at 7:52 UMA stands for unidentified mysterious animal.
Zen Lucas-Divers (5 years ago)
nail what is that albino namekian doing here kill it like the rest guru sir i think these are humans kill it like the rest
Lag Incarnate (5 years ago)
The logic so far was so sad I nearly cried. It's /that/ depressing.
Dragonpit (5 years ago)
There is definitely severe flaws in terms of logic with this game. Especially with the whole memory thing. The whole premise for Namine's power is that if she makes Sora "forget" something, everyone else who participated in that memory will "forget" as well. I ask: HOW!? That is not how memory works!
smugmaster (5 years ago)
As far as I can remember, "uma" is Japanese for "horse".
Brian tagachi (5 years ago)
josh... I know what you mean by Mardi Gras... I live in new Orleans and I hope you enjoyed Mardi Gras this year.....
Thomas Dryer (5 years ago)
Can u please do a snowdrop review
MercHunter (5 years ago)
He did.
Cecily Jisi (5 years ago)
Lens Flare (+1 sin)
knightof3ds (5 years ago)
Also I've read the manga too, and you're right the story was told better there than the game.
knightof3ds (5 years ago)
Here's my bullshit excuse, Namine wanted Roxas to find out on his own.
PhantomofMalus (5 years ago)
i could have sworn there was a Kefka laugh 8:13
CBear (5 years ago)
seifer exists to die end of story
Jacob Carico (5 years ago)
Sounds like ol scorcher is a DBZA fan!
Kebab (5 years ago)
Lies! You got hit once in the shadow Roxas fight
Marcella D (5 years ago)
Sunset hill-the name alone reminds me of Sonic a little
NeroChaos (5 years ago)
Oh my god, the "KABOOM" this time around was just perfect.
TheLunarLegend (5 years ago)
UMA = Unidentified or Mysterious Animal I think. Kinda like Bigfoot or the mothman.
Darksonic 67 (5 years ago)
LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGGGGGGGGGGGGIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCCCCCC!!!!!! Of all the faults that KH has, the logic is definitely one of the main ones.
Exgallion13 (5 years ago)
I think the picture with the 4, (Axel, Roxas, and 2 unkown) is a drawing of when Xion is put on Axel and Roxas's team during 358 days. The one on the far left looks to have blue hair, so I think it's Saix, and the one after him could be Xion with her hood on, seeing as she pretty much wore it 60% of the game.
Javarus Leary (5 years ago)
Great to see you final;y continued this. Also, apparently ansem and namine didn't like this vid because they didn't get enough screen time. 
Scion of Belias (5 years ago)
I pranked a friend of mine with the static once. It worked well. Also, it's really fun to get juggled by the balls.
Anthony Izzi - Casual (5 years ago)
I think it's safe to say the kids would get an F for their Summer Report.
pichu girl6 (5 years ago)
I swear Josh. you take things way to seriously and sometimes forget the story from CoM. xD
Sjors (5 years ago)
Josh, you really need to calm down. Yeah, the story makes no sense, we get it.
Zachary Proefrock (5 years ago)
Do a lets play on stick of truth
Pyrocumulus25 (5 years ago)
Maybe it's destiny. Maybe it's Mabelline
Bennyboy Nds1 (5 years ago)
1:44 oh god we lost the channel... Try moving the TV Antenna
Fang Greyscale (5 years ago)
Awesome ending!
Kuro Agito (5 years ago)
For everyone that really doesn't now what UMA at 7:45 is refering to. UMA stands for Unidentified Mysterious Animal and often refers to mystical animals that people (mostly japanese people) think exist. Some of this UMA's are for example the Kappa and the Tsuchinoko. I hope this helps.
Xackadee (5 years ago)
To quote Mickey from later in this game: "Looks like I've got a lot of explaining to do" Yes, Josh. The static, and the 7 wonders in general, are the result of glitches in the system caused by the Nobodies. Generally, the implication is that Pence just won't listen to Roxas (who can't even understand it himself), possibly because of DiZ keeping things quiet. Roxas himself probably never realises how strange things are simply because he doesn't want to notice. The way he just accepts things during the next day would probably back that up. About your questions concerning the landscape and nature of this perpetual sun-setting world, it actually makes a lot more sense when you take Birth By Sleep's lore into account. Every world is actually a fragment of one big world from long ago, which split apart during the Keyblade War. At 15:00 Pence is referencing what they said at the start of the day, the town-wide investigation into what's going on, not the Seven Wonders project. And to be fair, Josh, if Namine just told Roxas who he was, Roxas either wouldn't accept it, wouldn't understand it or would just snap. It's easier on him the way she handles it. And it was Sora, not Roxas, that assimilated Xion. Namine has her powers because of the way she was born, and being the unique Nobody of a Princess of Heart helps. With those powers, she'd probably be able to prevent her own memory-loss. Lazy teenagers are oft to skim details on reports. Olette said herself, she "figured as much". DiZ is a troll. Sora was calling out to the light within the darkness of Ansem's Kingdom Hearts, the one that revealed the Door to Darkness. In the deepest, most dense source of eternal darkness in the whole series that Ansem was trying to obtain, Sora knew there was an even greater light at the centre of it all. The light that never goes out. No offence, but sometimes I think a lot of your complaints would be lighter on yourself if you used a little imagination.
Yugo Tokusatsu (1 year ago)
Alot of wait you say makes alot of sense except for the one about Sora being the one who assimilated Xion, that's not true, in the last day of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 (When Roxas fights Riku) we can see that he as 2 Kingdom Keys that then transform into Oathkeeper and Oblivion, so it makes alot more sense for Roxas to be the one to assimilate Xion since it explains why he has to Keyblades.
Reece Mawhinney (5 years ago)
Am I the only one who's never found the Kingdom Hearts' plot to be THAT convoluted? Obviously there's the problems since all the characters are mainly unreliable narrators who don't know exactly what's happening and that can get confusing and arguably that's a major flaw in the writing choices but I don't know. I've always found myself able to read between the lines with this game. It obviously has its flaws but is it as full of plot holes as most people make it out to be? Guess we'll need to wait for KH3 for that...which is probably looking to have cutscenes the length of metal gear solid 4.
AAA (5 years ago)
nky231 (5 years ago)
I was actually thinking of bogus at the start. Guess I'm old fashioned or something :p
koastrong (5 years ago)
It was never really determined whether kingdom hearts was light or darkness prior to Sora's battle. I assume it was light all along, and ansem didn't know. Also, given that more and more strange things were happening to roxas prior to this, it's possible he just was convinced that he was insane,and kept his mouth shut. That's the most I can do to cover Nomura's strange idea of logic and friendship.
Tyrant-Den (5 years ago)
You'd think Josh would figure out that THEY ARE COMPUTER PROGRAMS CONTROLLED BY DIZ! It seems clear to me that they are just trying to stop Roxas from being suspicious of glitches in the system.
Randomizer903 (5 years ago)
5:30 you did take one hit
Norspark (5 years ago)
I can just imagine you questioning the logic of a good number of games in your collection. Must be painful.
koastrong (5 years ago)
RainMasterXD (5 years ago)
Why are all square games insanely easy in the beginning and then when the plot picks up it slams you with difficulty?
Ninjathumbs (5 years ago)
josh at this point with the mythos we could say purple robot kangaroos made in Dr. Eggmans secret underwater volcano laboratory in space orchestrated all of this and it would somehow make more sense than the actual plot to all the kingdom hearts games.    
Benny Boi (5 years ago)
18:43 Oh gee thanks.
nobodyoftwilight (5 years ago)
I always thought that the static was fixing glitches that the Nobodies and Axel created in the simulation.
Raxoris (5 years ago)
Light: Still a better power than heart. 
Tenshizen777 (5 years ago)
You know, this stuff really isn't quite as complicated as you're making it out to be. It just requires a little bit of thinking to wrap your head around.
SlyHedgehog (5 years ago)
It worked
SuperGoker64 (5 years ago)
720? That was actually more like a 2520. Looks like Roxas has the Moon Physics cheat active. ...Man, I miss THPS2.
DracoRogue1218 (5 years ago)
15:55 In the White Room, with black curtains, at the station. XD

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