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I Spent $1,000 on MILK Makeup, And....

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This video is sponsored by Cotton. AMERICA’S COTTON PRODUCERS AND IMPORTERS. Service Marks / Trademarks of Cotton Incorporated. Shop my collection here: thefabricofourlives.com/jackie Hi guys! What happens when I get into a full face of Milk Makeup?! Find out today while I try out some of their cult favorites including the Milk Makeup foundation, milk makeup blur stick, milk lip metals and more! P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D: Milk Makeup Products! http://bit.ly/2yMGqxI C O D E S: My man makes some DOPE lifestyle/motivational clothing! https://worksmarterlifestyle.com/ http://www.Artistcouture.com discount code LABRONZE Jouer Discount! use code JACKIE15 for discount www.jouercosmetics.com/‎ Use code JACKIE for discount on all PUR Cosmetics purchases! http://www.purminerals.com/ Sigma Makeup Brushes http://bit.ly/1FkFUYl use code JACKIESIGMA for 10% off C O N N E C T W I T H M E: instagram: @jackieaina snapchat: jackieaina facebook: Jackie Aina twitter: @jackieaina B U S I N E S S: For business inquiries please contact [email protected] *Some affiliate links are used, which means I may receive a commission should you decide to click that link and make a purchase. My content is 100% not influenced by brands, PR products received, usage of affiliate links, or brand partnerships. Changing the standard of beauty, one tutorial at a time :) Phil 4:13
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Text Comments (5666)
WeDazzle (40 minutes ago)
I actually take the Cooling Water stick and rub it all through my t-zone on days when I am dog tired and it really seems to awaken me up and it feels so nice
Ava Tsiakis (1 day ago)
Lizzy Martinez (1 day ago)
My hooded eyes could never
Evangeline Jacobson (1 day ago)
I just found you and you👏🏻are👏🏻gorgeous👏🏻 and👏🏻 hilarious👏🏻 I’m here for it. Also, you have amazing teeth 👍🏻🥰
Sarah S. (2 days ago)
Fifty shades of beige... My 20th time watching this lol
Claire McCoy (3 days ago)
Holy .... I have hyperhidrosis also and have NEVER seen an influencer or anyone talk about it and give suggestions. You are a QUEEN
Brooklynn Gravelle (4 days ago)
If I had a makeup company I would make tons of diversity in my colours of foundation and name them all “beautiful” because everyone is
Zoe (2 days ago)
Lovely thought but if all the shades would have the same name then how would people differentiate?
Caroline Gray (4 days ago)
I love the moisture stick but yeah it’s hUge so I always get the mini! It’s the perfect size gorl!
EricaYE6 (6 days ago)
Looks like you have a pink/red undertone on your face. Not gold.
ayekyle MSP (7 days ago)
Ever seen a company that make not enough white shades😒
Mrs Seavey (7 days ago)
11:14 made my day
Lilliz91 (8 days ago)
That mascara is a bomb. It made your lashes long and full!!
Nicole Dean (8 days ago)
your eyelashes are gor-GEOUS. ;)
Jael Whitaker (9 days ago)
I know that milk is a big thing for aesthetics but Glossier is so much more aesthetic and most of their products actually work
Sali Cimi (9 days ago)
I love your skin
Bonita Addison (9 days ago)
That’s way too lite 💔
rjjj (10 days ago)
I actually think your skin looks really nice in this. It’s very brightening. You stayed it 😊
Isabelle Davis (10 days ago)
I showed my friend the beginning of this ( were she goes Jackie Jackie Jackie) and she said this is the funniest restarted thing I ever saw😂 ~Disclaimer~ She said it nicely and as a compliment
Neuro Expansion (12 days ago)
That foundation is just NO. It is not a good color.
Tasha Washington (12 days ago)
She’s definitely a talker lol.
that ain’t it sis (12 days ago)
3:23 i have the cooling water in a mini and it lasts a long time and works much better!
Strawberry (14 days ago)
No hate but for the foundation you are supposed to use a brush because the foundation is not thick enough for a sponge
Katherine_Elizabeth (14 days ago)
I’m obsessed with how defined your curls are🤤❤️
Nikki Bath (14 days ago)
I like how in this video she says she looks super greasy but her skin looks amazing. And in the glossier video she loved the way her skin looked, and it looked shiny af
Starlet Snow (15 days ago)
i want full coverage! I'm not waisting no💰.
Christina Karas (15 days ago)
Wait why do you say "dollars" like that?
Zuzanna Zuzanna (16 days ago)
i’m literally so pale compared to my family that my mom thought i was anemic and took my to get blood tests. (not anemic) and at least the camera serves me some justice and evens out my skin tone.
Clxlxlx Cl (17 days ago)
You Look just amazing
Alyssa King (18 days ago)
Ur skin has gotten so much better omg how did you help the darkness around ur mouth in ur latest videos? I struggle with having a darker yellow tone around my mouth and it won’t go away
Briana Kelley (18 days ago)
That shade "range" is humorous.. Anywho, your hair is so cute! And so is your face :) I love the eyes!
Tammy Mccraw (19 days ago)
This has you lookin green sis... honestly, you look NOTHING like yourself here. Big fail for a girl that is GORGEOUS in 99.8% of her videos. Hard pass IMO-.❤️❤️❤️
Charlie 2003 (20 days ago)
She needs some milk 🥛
Beyond Niss (20 days ago)
Girl forgive me but I've been binge watching your YouTube videos for 2 days now and I have to say.....YOU LOOOK AMAZING!!!!!!! WITH THIS BRAND LOOK. I love it! Tbh sis, this is my type of look. I love the natural, but sisssss, Jackie you look amazing. Like i see you weren't satisfied but you look very natural and great
Tanya Roberts (20 days ago)
Thanks for the review, there are some products I will purchase that I have my eye on.
Jordan H (21 days ago)
Everytime I watch you, you can always make me laugh and I love it! I love your videos also! 💚💛
Flora O (22 days ago)
not the same without the jackie song
foreverfearless (22 days ago)
Hope you returned all of this YT makeup!!!!!!
Nattili Conned (23 days ago)
Omg I have hyperhidrosis and I have it under my arms and I feel ur struggle day after day of hiding under a hoodie has been goimg on for years
BTS BLACKPINK (23 days ago)
*doullar* hahaha as a British person it is so funny and I do not mean it as if you ain't British you aren't gonna find it funny or if you are British you're gonna find it funny cause nowadays people get *triggered* Lol
Neil Mashalkar (24 days ago)
You look like Beyoncé!! Yes
BTS BLACKPINK (23 days ago)
Andrea Rentería (24 days ago)
Loooving your natural hair!
Sushicat _Goat (25 days ago)
I really like the blur stick because I struggle with acne so my skin looks so muck better when I apply minus my blemishes
RedHairedRiot (26 days ago)
For the foundations -- girl whats good with the separation in the bottles! You can see the spots where its drying up and separating. Not much product in those foundation bottles ey
Jacob Tullis (28 days ago)
So rewatching this video and noticed the the setting spray did actually blur her face, mostly in the regions where there was no concealer!
orlando (28 days ago)
you need "i'm not mad at it" merch
adri martinez (30 days ago)
"that is LITERALLY blendin right to my skin tone" 🤓
- DÊMØNÊTÎSÊD - (1 month ago)
Why haven’t I subscribed sooner???
bella (1 month ago)
Confused Honey (1 month ago)
For the cooling stick since it’s too big just get the smaller one 😂
Brii _anastacia (1 month ago)
I don’t even wear makeup but I love your personality so much that I’m binge watching all your videos.
Yunita Satrianti (1 month ago)
Milk is crap, useless products they made... seriously... why dont you splurge on too faced or benefits instead
Chey Oops (1 month ago)
Great video Aunty Jackie, but milk THIS AIN’T IT CHIEF! The shade range is horrible and I really wanted to try milk but I’m not spending $40 on a foundation that won’t cater to my skin.
EresParaMI (1 month ago)
I honestly didn't realize that women of color have so many issues with foundation color being available to them until i watched your videos. It's very shocking.
Actually Waffles (1 month ago)
Even as a white girl I see literally no difference in color for like 2/3rds of that bottom row...Were they just worried pale girls were gonna run out so they put triple of each color for us?
Alexa Moonlight (1 month ago)
There is a mini version of every milk stick
Luna Perić (1 month ago)
I think you should have used your fingers because of the warmth so they would have blended better That is why they used fingers in their marketing (I think)
Lashonda Jackson (1 month ago)
Thumbs up for your review 👍 and thumbs down for this whole collection👎
_sofiekay_ (1 month ago)
Sofia Margarita (1 month ago)
Honey they have a mini size
Lauren Weeks (1 month ago)
They had like 5 of the same white color
LookingForPeace (1 month ago)
@1:46 when the Milk jokes started, and here again @4:12 , and here too @5:20 ... You are welcome.
Bougie Vee (1 month ago)
Lol took me 2 days to watch 😂 but I love you!
ShuBabe Facey (1 month ago)
bhaby hawaii (1 month ago)
Was I the only one who could still see her consular when she kept looking down
Jaz (1 month ago)
Honestly really liked the finish of your base on camera but the only problem was it’s was your bloody colour!!!
Daija Robertson (1 month ago)
Lmaoo you are the funniest
Britney Simpson (1 month ago)
You’re natural hair! Thank you 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Danielle Matheny (1 month ago)
I really like the finished look and your skin looks super smooth.
Creepy .B (1 month ago)
I don't know what it is about you.... But I absolutely love you.
Ndi Jeru (1 month ago)
You're hilarious and your videos are dope keep them coming!
Barbara Kvesic (1 month ago)
5:22 😂😂
Laya Fedele (1 month ago)
I LOVE that mascara
Cat X (1 month ago)
Gurl!!!! I purchased the sample sizes from MILK.....I am soooooo not pleased... oh yeah you are my bff in my head and my makeup guru !!!! 😘
kaya mae (1 month ago)
it kinda bothers me that a lot of their things are in a stick form like ??? dont germs build up on them ?
Sakura Omanko (1 month ago)
it looks like you’re just wearing foundation & some powder. like you can tell that Milk isn’t necessarily for darker shades & if it is, they need to change their formula for darker skin tones. It’s not ugly but i do wish you had the same effect that lighter skin tones have (minimalistic/no makeup look). Which of course isn’t Jackie’s fault, but the brands fault!
Amina Abubakar (1 month ago)
Maritza Rosales (1 month ago)
I usually don’t comment and I know this video is older. But damnnnnn I’m so glad I discovered you!!!!! You legit make me laugh in every video!!!!! Like damn you is a funny af also love info on makeup!!!! I love you
Silverhaunter (1 month ago)
Milk you need some dark chocolate milk, honey. You messed up.
Becca W (1 month ago)
You are so funny! I'm so glad I clicked on this video.
Monique Ayala (1 month ago)
There’s like 100 shades they skip with those concealers! And that’s messed up with the bronzer. Brown people like to bronze too
Mia Reneé (1 month ago)
Hope you are doing ok Jackie🌸We Miss you Pretty Lady 🍁
Morgan Rogue (1 month ago)
I gave into the pressure of the judgement and subscribed.
Logan Hawthorne (2 months ago)
Although the foundation and concealer weren’t as matte as you’d like, I feel like your skin looked so pretty ❣️
Happy Times (2 months ago)
h he hey hey e hey ev hey eve hey ever hey every hey everyo hey everyon hey everyone
Happy Times (2 months ago)
her into 🤣
Amelia u (2 months ago)
When I saw the vine I was like "OMG I WAS JUST THINKING THAT!!!!" Lol 🤣
Maddi Kersteter (2 months ago)
When the videos go from “I spent 150$ on milk makeup” to “I spent 1,000$ on milk makeup”
hehe hehe (2 months ago)
she says that 40$ is too much but the fondation she collabed on is also 40$
Vanilla Bean31 (2 months ago)
that foundation was NOT the right color
Lizzy Donahue (2 months ago)
milk really needs a better shade range omg 🤦🏼‍♀️ especially because it’s sooo expensive you’d at LEAST expect to find your shade, ESPECIALLY for darker skin tones.
Khiyanna Jackson (1 month ago)
Lizzy Donahue you do know they released a bunch of shades a while ago right?
Pretty Ugly (2 months ago)
Her intro will never get old 😂
Elizabeth Rechenberg (2 months ago)
When you said you’re lookin hella greasy WHAT you look fuckin perfectly smooth and flawless!!! Fr
louisa holmes (2 months ago)
okay the shade range is not it chief
lilianna (2 months ago)
Jeez that shade range is HORRIBLE
Minzokai Pu (2 months ago)
Milk is pretty cool, but *why* does it have to be so expensive
lindsey jensen (2 months ago)
they do make smaller sample sizes of most of their products and I have the cooling water sample size and it works so nicely and it's the perfect size in my opinion
Sara Feeley (2 months ago)
honestly why tf do brands have such pathetic shade ranges. like it’s not hard. if you can make like ten light shades then you can easily make ten dark shades
Killjoy Karisa (9 days ago)
Sara Feeley agreed :/
Rere Jenkins (2 months ago)
I don’t like it at all tell them give you refund 😂😂
Joey cox (2 months ago)
Milk makeup, the makeup for people who are *already* perfect 🙃
Sydney Healy (2 months ago)
im torn because i love full glam, but i feel like milk is more of a no makeup makeup look brand. almost like glossier, their products are kinda just relaxed and sheer if that makes any sense??? i just think the brand sells more to the sheer, mascara, and vaseline type folks <3
Sydney Healy (1 month ago)
+Khiyanna Jackson agreed
Khiyanna Jackson (1 month ago)
isobel64 no it’s all natural products that’s why it’s more expensive. The brand is 100% organic. Just like Whole Foods is way more expensive than a CTown, better ingredients cost more.
isobel64 (2 months ago)
then it shouldnt be so damn expensive. It lacks pigment so it should be cheaper.

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