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I Spent $1,000 on MILK Makeup, And....

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This video is sponsored by Cotton. AMERICA’S COTTON PRODUCERS AND IMPORTERS. Service Marks / Trademarks of Cotton Incorporated. Shop my collection here: thefabricofourlives.com/jackie Hi guys! What happens when I get into a full face of Milk Makeup?! Find out today while I try out some of their cult favorites including the Milk Makeup foundation, milk makeup blur stick, milk lip metals and more! P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D: Milk Makeup Products! http://bit.ly/2yMGqxI C O D E S: My man makes some DOPE lifestyle/motivational clothing! https://worksmarterlifestyle.com/ http://www.Artistcouture.com discount code LABRONZE Jouer Discount! use code JACKIE15 for discount www.jouercosmetics.com/‎ Use code JACKIE for discount on all PUR Cosmetics purchases! http://www.purminerals.com/ Sigma Makeup Brushes http://bit.ly/1FkFUYl use code JACKIESIGMA for 10% off C O N N E C T W I T H M E: instagram: @jackieaina snapchat: jackieaina facebook: Jackie Aina twitter: @jackieaina B U S I N E S S: For business inquiries please contact [email protected] *Some affiliate links are used, which means I may receive a commission should you decide to click that link and make a purchase. My content is 100% not influenced by brands, PR products received, usage of affiliate links, or brand partnerships. Changing the standard of beauty, one tutorial at a time :) Phil 4:13
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Text Comments (5116)
Crystalline (7 hours ago)
I actually think the foundation looks amazing on you (other than the shade) but you made it look really good with the powder...
Angelica Violette (2 days ago)
Woah. 9:20. I’m not that tan, but I’m most definitely not that light. Even I would need a shade between that. That’s crazy
JustDontAskIDK (3 days ago)
Light: 8 shades Medium: 4 shades Dark: 4 shades All I have to say is *sis what!?!*
Nyantee A (3 days ago)
I’m darker then Jackie and I like the foundation but she’s right, the more you use, the worse it looks. It’s best when you finger tap it on
Sumaya Kabir (4 days ago)
Love the makeup look
Sara Groppi (10 days ago)
“Semonzia gurl u need some milk” died.
Mia Lena (20 days ago)
I think milk makeup is for like tweens and teens, or adults. It’s like starter makeup BUT they have so great products. I would buy
Waleed (22 days ago)
i love it! so beautiful and neutral
banana milk (24 days ago)
How tf are you gonna have only a few dark shades but 50 shades of Santa Claus’s ass? 😬
H N (26 days ago)
Look at how good that blur sick worked wdf
Sylwia T (1 month ago)
You have soooo beautyfull and long lashes! You don't really need falses. in my opinion tho
Amanda Morgan (1 month ago)
Giiirl yasss you look like Solange Knowles !!💯👌💘😙💖
Akilia Lewis (1 month ago)
this foundation look olive undertone like
D (1 month ago)
Ugh!!! This aggravates me so much, i hate that brands don’t have enough colors for dark skin tones!!! Keep speaking up boo so everyone can have representation ❤️❤️ ur so beautiful! Love ur vids
Kimberly Kay (1 month ago)
Billie-jean Frage (1 month ago)
You are a lot and Im here for it !!! Love you
Panda playz (1 month ago)
Right when you if your not subscribed I’m judging you I subscribed lol
Cerina Shippey (1 month ago)
That foundation is so baaaaad she looks like a coin. Like a bronze or gold coin.
Raven Porter (2 months ago)
😂😂😂 when I tell you this was the funniest video I’ve ever seen... but thank you because I wanted to buy this. But I have very dry skin. But the price doesn’t seem worth the size
Taylor Kerley (2 months ago)
I know the shade range isn't fit for everybody but maybe you could try using the darker concealers and/or the darker foundations as your contour! Just a thought ( :
Wen Benny (2 months ago)
Omg...you are me..love your personality ❤️
Freya Wion (2 months ago)
Milk milk you need some milk! 😂😂😂
Eden Frey (2 months ago)
TheOnylove (2 months ago)
I liked the look. Except the foundation not melting, the look is the "no make-up" make-up look and was kind of dewy. Just need to perfect the foundation and reduce price and I'd get all of that.
Papi Chuloo (2 months ago)
*Wait...* *Glossy eye trend ? Before the fame¿¿*
xiv alexx (2 months ago)
I don't think Milk is meant for a full face. It's a very "my skin but better" brand like glossier, and a lot of people like that. Personally I think their skin care is better than their makeup. Not to mention their shade ranges...
xaMeLiAx (2 months ago)
Jackie’s skin really looks green with that foundation on
Larry Lamb (2 months ago)
Jackie makes me so happy honestly
luluRae Embury (2 months ago)
You look like you came right of the 70's with this look. In a very good way! Beautiful 😍
Mollay Savage (2 months ago)
Jackie freaking out over the highlighter is a mood.
Ayla Johnson (2 months ago)
Your look looks like foxy from Austin power
jazy 686 (3 months ago)
Love da natural haur
M.nalatgn Fnaf (3 months ago)
"MILK, you need som MiLk" -Jackie
Nona Morton (3 months ago)
I'm late but I've been wondering about this makeup. Seems like it's for those that dont want a lot of makeup. That's what I figured all along.
Jenna Hataway (3 months ago)
The miniature water stick thing is better for undereyes since it’s smaller
Olive Cuadrado (3 months ago)
MILK along with glossiers shade range is horrible but it’s even worse that it’s ignored...
Machela Pettis (3 months ago)
This gotta be my favorite video of yours when you swiped the contour I died
thebeeches (3 months ago)
Hahahaha ‘that’s cute or whateverrr...?!’ Hahahahahah omg!!! So funny hahaha 😂
Tia Lucy (3 months ago)
Well it’s I’d night and I keep waking my whole family + my pets up bc I keep laughing every time you say someone needs some milk 😂
Josie 18 (3 months ago)
I think it might be that they had different under tones for the 4 shades that look the same, but im not saying that its okay to not put the 2nd row or people of color a second thought.
Crissy.b723 (3 months ago)
I was curious about MILK. Thank you for the review. MILK is not for me
abi chase (3 months ago)
Jackie: "I'm not even gonna try to pronounce these names." Also Jackie: *tries to pronounce the names*
Char Abanes (3 months ago)
kush fiber eyebrow gel and milk powder??
Tasnim Rida (3 months ago)
i have the foundation and it ALWAYS transfers...it also creases and oxidizes rlly quick like i be lookin like an orange after a few hours :(
Lily MTV (3 months ago)
“It feels like sweat 🤣🤣”
Jasna Mulalic (3 months ago)
You’re hilarious 😆 this is not the makeup for you ... a perfectionist.
Halle D (3 months ago)
Deadass it’s not that hard to make a WIDE SHADE RANGE FOR BLACK PEOPLE like milk stop trippin, stop excluding these BEAUTIFUL skin tones🙄🙄🙄 do your research “milk” periodt. Don’t get me wrong I love “milk” but.....
Lily westgerdes (3 months ago)
I'm in love with my flex concealer, I use it for school almost everyday.
Aubrey! ? (4 months ago)
Macy Baldwin (4 months ago)
all the white shades of foundation look the exact same 😂
Smol Shnooks (4 months ago)
They do have a cooling water mini tho
Julia I guess (4 months ago)
Try the kush products please
Mellonece Pitts (4 months ago)
I have Supernova and I love it. I wear it on a bare face. I apply with a brush if I'm doing a full beat.
Jewell Danai (4 months ago)
Did you buy the entire shade collection of the foundation
Virgochic84 (4 months ago)
Looks greasy from the beginning
Shooketh To the core (4 months ago)
People who get upset about shade ranges a lot of foundations are for lighter skin because that is the most amount of people who buy it and buy a different foundation if they do not have your shade don’t try a lighter shade on darker skin to make it look like a bad brand 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
tugempress (4 months ago)
🧘🏽‍♀️I wanna look like I just left Santa Monica! Okkuurrr! 😂 for $24 doulaz! 😌word
tugempress (4 months ago)
😩I’m totally in love with u... u are giving me everything i need. You know your shit. And kudos for speaking on the non Caucasian skin tones... 🙄
Lauren Seymour (4 months ago)
Maya Miller (4 months ago)
Blitz Berry (4 months ago)
im white, so i cant understand the struggle for finding the perfect color, but for $40 a girl should be able to get her shade. i think milk is under the impression that all woc have the same undertone but that is obviously not true, like whoever thinks that must be living under a rock
Vanzzz (4 months ago)
For me the highlighter breaks out my skin and causes bumps (I’m not saying this will happen to everyone, I’m just sharing my personal experience)
Nada Waseem haris (4 months ago)
Love from Pakistan. Loove you and ur cause for equality for everyone. And your honest opinions are what makes me come to your channel always
Xenia Berdy (4 months ago)
Anyone know what that NYX foundation brush is that she's using?? Ya girls tryna order
Annika Sky (4 months ago)
The foundation looks so yellow
Mag Joy (4 months ago)
1:48 got me dying 😂😂😂😂
Nikki Fig (4 months ago)
I wish Milk was a little cheaper it’s SOO good but SOO expensive. It’s doesn’t have to be $2 but maybe like 2/3 or like 1/3 of it’s current pice.
Nikki Fig (4 months ago)
“I spent a lot of money at Sephora.” Me when I buy 2 things and spent $45 lol
Baby Cee 💘 (4 months ago)
I wonder if she knows to use a blush on the stick THEN put it on her face
bokenla1 (4 months ago)
You deserve your money back for these products!!! I know you tried to make it work but if you had to do that much work to make it look decent then it isn’t worth the effort especially as they didn’t put as much effort into making decent colours for WOC.........
Hanya Shahzad (4 months ago)
I loved the vid, I am now an avid watcher of your channel!!!
Megan Lenzy (4 months ago)
I’m definitely buying the mascara and eye shadow lol
Downright Clueless (4 months ago)
Two minutes in and I’m already trying to re-like the video...
very gay (4 months ago)
Alyssa Stachowiak (4 months ago)
I’m jealous of how much eyelid space Jackie has 😩
Menu (4 months ago)
Unrelated but Jackie’s hair is the cutest
Elizabeth Zucker (4 months ago)
pls do a glossier review pls!
Tinkerbell4ever18 (4 months ago)
milk seem like some trash but auntie jackie being the greatest magician made it look BOMB
TheReal MimiiSweetz (4 months ago)
The foundation was matte for me i think u just put too much on. Its full coverage foundation so it doesnt take much
Vio's World (4 months ago)
what I will say is one the foundation dried it looks so natural
Cassandra Sansom (4 months ago)
I have hyperhidrosis too! It’s a struggle sometimes
WeDazzle (4 months ago)
I actually take the Cooling Water stick and rub it all through my t-zone on days when I am dog tired and it really seems to awaken me up and it feels so nice
Ava Tsiakis (5 months ago)
Lizzy Martinez (5 months ago)
My hooded eyes could never
Evangeline Jacobson (5 months ago)
I just found you and you👏🏻are👏🏻gorgeous👏🏻 and👏🏻 hilarious👏🏻 I’m here for it. Also, you have amazing teeth 👍🏻🥰
Sarah S. (5 months ago)
Fifty shades of beige... My 20th time watching this lol
Claire McCoy (5 months ago)
Holy .... I have hyperhidrosis also and have NEVER seen an influencer or anyone talk about it and give suggestions. You are a QUEEN
Brooklynn Gravelle (5 months ago)
If I had a makeup company I would make tons of diversity in my colours of foundation and name them all “beautiful” because everyone is
Zøe (5 months ago)
Lovely thought but if all the shades would have the same name then how would people differentiate?
Caroline Gray (5 months ago)
I love the moisture stick but yeah it’s hUge so I always get the mini! It’s the perfect size gorl!
EricaYE6 (5 months ago)
Looks like you have a pink/red undertone on your face. Not gold.
ayekyle MSP (5 months ago)
Ever seen a company that make not enough white shades😒
Mrs Seavey (5 months ago)
11:14 made my day
Lilliz91 (5 months ago)
That mascara is a bomb. It made your lashes long and full!!
Nicole Dean (5 months ago)
your eyelashes are gor-GEOUS. ;)
Jael Whitaker (5 months ago)
I know that milk is a big thing for aesthetics but Glossier is so much more aesthetic and most of their products actually work
Nina Wilhelmy (17 days ago)
Jael Whitaker AND glossier is cheaper (even tho u still gotta splurge)
Sali Cimi (5 months ago)
I love your skin
Bonita Addison (5 months ago)
That’s way too lite 💔
rjjj (5 months ago)
I actually think your skin looks really nice in this. It’s very brightening. You stayed it 😊
Patrick Star (3 months ago)
I showed my friend the beginning of this ( were she goes Jackie Jackie Jackie) and she said this is the funniest retarded thing I ever saw😂 ~Disclaimer~ She said it nicely and as a compliment
Neuro Expansion (5 months ago)
That foundation is just NO. It is not a good color.

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