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10 Things To Do In Paris | Travel Guide

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Paris Travel Guide ♡ 10 things you have to do in Paris, especially if you're on a budget! ♡ l i n k s ♡ i n s t a g r a m : http://www.instagram.com/hermionechantal s n a p c h a t : hermione-xo t w i t t e r : http://www.twitter.com/hermionechantal b l o g : http://www.wanderedthreads.com v l o g s : http://www.youtube.com/extrahermione
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Text Comments (231)
Hello ~ F R A N C E 🇫🇷😍😘
Trang (11 days ago)
It's so great 😍
Tiaesha Nicole (12 days ago)
Thank you for sharing this video. I am going in April of 2020 and this video gave me some tips!
Monuments de Paris (18 days ago)
🇨🇵🇨🇵❤❤🍻 bonjour
Marie Velasquez (20 days ago)
Someday i love to visit here nmariev in Paris it’s Always a good idea 💡 to visit but it’s a dream to be very beautiful venues 😊 💐 ♥️
Ferry Anolin (1 month ago)
Love Paris!
Amy Bezuidenhout (1 month ago)
I think notre dame will be kinda hard to get into now lol
Benjie Reganit (2 months ago)
Hi Hermione, How much is the entrance how to get in to the top of Arc De Triomphe? Thank You! Im flying in PAris next week :) -Benjie
BlueHints (2 months ago)
Going to Paris for 4 days!
Abdulahad Raza (2 months ago)
Hey Guys and Girls, I am planning to visit Paris on 20th - 22nd April alone. Is there anyone visiting on same dates?.
Ricky5 (2 months ago)
Excellent video.
movietube (2 months ago)
I wish someday I will be able to visit paris Apartments/Hotels: http://bit.ly/paris-apartment
Ani the wight (2 months ago)
Paris the city of love😘
Luca Aonso (2 months ago)
Not judging anyone, but I find it sad when people have no time to visit the Louvre but they find time for Disneyland.. :)
eva sofia (3 months ago)
went a week to paris and did all these things... best week of my life, cant wait to live there ❤️
Corey Bingham (3 months ago)
At 3:44 when she says "Now we did not have time to go into the Louvre"...you can just end the video there. You had time to recommend DISNEY FRANCE but not to go into the 5th attraction on the list? What the hell were you doing, just random Instagram photoshoots?
Edith Gallardo (4 months ago)
what camara do u use?
Ma R (4 months ago)
Is this safe to go to Paris now? I mean, there are still agressive protests? I want to go for tourism in march. Thx in advance
KuRath suwan (4 months ago)
nice สวยมากคุณคนสวย
Shahriar Munir (4 months ago)
Planning a trip next month Februari, your video gonna help for sure, thnx✌️✌️
Claes Nørskov (4 months ago)
Don't go to Disney! Paris is beautiful and a major part of European history. Disney is plastic!
West Theriault (4 months ago)
This is the most basic guide you could find it on trip advisor without having to listen to your awful voice
missvoguevoyage (5 months ago)
I am going to Paris on the 22.january and i am so excited. Montmarte is one of my favorite area I lived there a few months and loved it. But I can highly recommend St. Germain an Le Marais too! Thank you so much for your little guide.
Jim Boland (5 months ago)
I went to Paris recently and I loved the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower. I didn’t have time to visit the Palace of Versailles.
ruqayyah rashid (5 months ago)
the thumbnail is so so cute
Vivien Gerwatowski (5 months ago)
I'm going to paris in 4 days 😍
Andi (5 months ago)
blöde schlambe du komm ma in Ruhrgebiet da
Athena Zxy (6 months ago)
How I wish I could spend my vacation in Paris😞
valentina_gamerlife (6 months ago)
Nose ingles
David El pro (6 months ago)
washington el se e2w2sr1u su en es ewindows wall tiene yo sobre tres sobre el entre grupo g0
Arnold Stollar (6 months ago)
Too cold
travelnext.world (6 months ago)
Thanks for your tips! We took a few things from your video as inspiration and tried to implement some in our video about paris :)
travelnext.world (6 months ago)
yore welcome :)
Nicolina Vikström (6 months ago)
Great video! I’ve always dreamed of Paris, and next spring I’ll finally planning on going to see it, and I’m taking your tips with me!! :)
Jack and Gab Explore (5 months ago)
Love it! We want to go to Paris in the spring, too! Looks like the perfect time to visit
JzD Productions (6 months ago)
For those of you wondering why all the movement shots look so liquidy it's because the person filming is doing hand-held camera with Stabilization being implemented in post production hence giving it that horrible liquidy/wavy look.
Balla Pshtiwan (6 months ago)
Paris is heart of the world it is the best .🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷
Jack and Gab Explore (5 months ago)
YESSS! And that food! Can you believe how delicious it looks? Yum!!
Noah Moseley (7 months ago)
Your tip about the underpass to the Arc de Triomphe was great to hear. We will visit in late December. I've got your video shared on my blog at https://europeanvacationswithnoah.blogspot.com/2018/11/videos-of-paris.html Thanks!
Jessa Lusterio (7 months ago)
Hi! Great vid ❤️ When in December did you go? Is it in the middle of the month? Near Christmas? And what time of the day did you go to Louvre and Notre Dame? Thank you very much 💕
Typically Crazydude (7 months ago)
She is upsessed with damn carasouls
Rose (7 months ago)
this is just what I do, I know no one would give a fuck what I wrote, but here. Wake up early or around 11 Check if I have all my things in my back pack and suitcase dress drive to ship (I live in England so France is close) Get on ship and wait Get off ship and drive one more hour Arrived in Paris! Get hotel and get clothes out Eat Sleep And next day it’s like a new day but trying new things. This is what I’ll do Try a dish/meal/dessert I never tried before (macaroons, crepe cake, etc.) Go Disney land for the first time Go see things I never seen before or heard before and buy or see what they do Go on rides at Disney land Experience new things See the tower in Paris See the Christmas decorations in the (I’m going in December)
XsHarsh (7 months ago)
Awesome fantastic this place is the heaven of the earth for me
Runa Marte (8 months ago)
5:18 I’m Sorry hun, But it’s macarons.
L (8 months ago)
Lovely, thank you x
Noria Noria (5 months ago)
Je suis aller a France Paris demain
Simply Khadijah (8 months ago)
Beautiful I want to go there and hopefully I ge to go to Disneyland
Sandro Dream (9 months ago)
one of the most overrated city in the world !! Rome and surrounding areas of Rome 10000 times better
Paris is a SHITHOLE
*Paris is such a aesthetically pleasing country*
Jenna chan (9 months ago)
Susan Mathis (10 months ago)
It would be very informative and interesting and exciting if you took each of these items and filmed one or two a day ...showing us 🤗HOW TO Get to them 🤗HOW you Paid to get in 🤗WHERE and 🤗what you Ate that day 🤗How long you stayed without get exhausted 🤗How you traveled back to your hotel And most of alll 🤗🤗🤗how u avoided all the people trying to sell you thing and how you avoided the pick pockets.
Susan Mathis (10 months ago)
We have watched dozens of these type videos and you are the first to show us Disney Land Paris. 🤗. Thank you 🌸
I have a micro penis but (10 months ago)
Paris is a nice place to visit, but to live.. it’s not so great trust me, I’ve lived there for 9 years
Timothy Raths (11 months ago)
I love your accent, especially the way you say catacombs.
Cibinani’s Diary (11 months ago)
The. Most beautiful place ever
tattydancer (11 months ago)
Hasn't the Eiffel Tower got a big fence around it now, so you can no longer walk under it?
Melicia (11 months ago)
I have seen it from flight
Jack and Gab Explore (5 months ago)
Love it! Must have been so beautiful. Where were you flying?
Olivia Lee (1 year ago)
Thank you for straight forward video not pretentious 30 minutes with more fashion content rather than actual travel
Rahul Mehra (1 year ago)
Woow so beautiful video Paris 💖
Jack and Gab Explore (5 months ago)
So beautiful! We want to go so badly!!!
Alex Loves Bentley (1 year ago)
The first one is the palace of what?
rob ord (1 year ago)
Thank you. Nice simple guide
Elke Bustin (1 year ago)
paris is great but i love groningen more
Angela Curran (1 year ago)
Lovely video, these are all my favourite places in Paris. I spent my 30th birthday at Versailles, on a beautiful sunny day.
CarmenLydia (1 year ago)
My aunt lost her iPhone in France whoops. Either it got stolen or it magically disappeared
DanVsWorld (1 year ago)
Great video, I really wanted to see the palace of Versailles when I went but didn't have the time I should have watched your video before I went haha
notwithoutmysurfboard (1 year ago)
1. Palace Versailles 2. Eiffel Tower 3. Catacombs 4. Montmartre 5. Louvre museum 6. Notre dame cathedral 7. Arc de triumph 8. Try macaroons 8. Disney France
Yahya Cheema (29 days ago)
Ye about Notre Dame...
Athena Zxy (6 months ago)
Runa Marte (8 months ago)
awkward bunnee (10 months ago)
notwithoutmysurfboard. thank you so much
Pavlina Gueorgieva (1 year ago)
Paris is the Capital with Great History . Modernized and more beautiful naw.
Parichan (1 year ago)
By foot is the best way and by bicycle if you have a chance to use these new Velib' that will be ready very soon. For street art, not far from Montmartre go to rue Biot where you can see most famous French street artists from the 80's.
jonaastor (1 year ago)
I'm going to Paris soon in march! And great video!
Mila Yanti (1 year ago)
Tomorrow i'm going to paris
Jack and Gab Explore (5 months ago)
So exciting! How was it? We want to go so badly!
Yaina Seo (1 year ago)
我!excuse 某某某……
Tarzee Says: (1 year ago)
Hello, I am a refugee from Somalia and I would like to come to the EU, to live off your benefits. I hear that the EU Lands give good money to those who are unemployed. I have a big family of 11(with my 2 wives) & I would like to bring with me my cousin Ibrahim and my Uncle Ikbal (with their families). In honor of France (as my future homeland) I am going to name my next son Mustafa. One thing thou, please make your females wear a hijab and a niqab.
Guang Dai (1 year ago)
Thanks for this guide! :) I’m going to Paris next week 😊🇫🇷
JFC (1 year ago)
sonali dogra (1 year ago)
Sooo beautiful city.. 😍
Deanna Jones (7 months ago)
sonali dogra
PeachySmile (1 year ago)
This is a good video!
Flight Of Spice Blog (1 year ago)
to have life and travel non stop? I always talk about this on my blog
kssmm123 (1 year ago)
Woww looks like an amazing shit hole
Maria khan (1 year ago)
Maria khan (1 year ago)
Good video i am in paris now
Ruwaydo Abdisamed (3 months ago)
Shelly Loves Rydar (1 year ago)
Song at the very end?
Wennie Cyntia (1 year ago)
What's the tittle of the song played at the end?
Ivan Martinez (1 year ago)
What’s the name of the macaroon store?
Rachael Baird (1 year ago)
little bit of advice, they are called macarons not macaroons :)
Ivan Martinez (1 year ago)
Sani Titan thank you so much!
Sani Titan (1 year ago)
Ivan Martinez the most famous is „Laduré“
Andrea Ryan (1 year ago)
Going to Paris in a week. What building is at 5:33? Great video!
ô picatchu (10 months ago)
Mickey's palace !!!!
Clarity food (11 months ago)
Andrea Ryan Disney land, hotel
Golden Kookie (1 year ago)
Disneyland Hotel, Paris.
Rachel (1 year ago)
Andrea Ryan That’s in Disneyland
grand unified (1 year ago)
Buttes chaumont is a hidden gem in paris. Its a beautiful park with waterfalls in a cave, a cliff top view, all within the city where you wouldn't think it could be.
Andrea Ryan (1 year ago)
Thanks! looking that up!
Mariela Ramos (1 year ago)
Nice video! I just drop a video giving 10 tips if you go to Paris, from my own experience. Hope you can check it out too!! :)
Jasmine Tan (1 year ago)
Will be visiting Paris in the near future. Your video is very impressive. May I know the camera you used , the setting and any editing software. Thank you so much .
Cheraye C Lewis (1 year ago)
what did you use for your transportation?
Rebecca Catherine (1 year ago)
This is a nice guide, especially since most of this seems to be free - Just a note: a macaROON is a coconut based cookie and a macaRON (mack-a-ron) is what you ate.
Issie Rock (10 months ago)
omfg thank you its one of my pet peeves when peole say this wrong. Also when everyone say walla - its voila!
Andrew Prior (1 year ago)
Mistake people often make but I think it's so confusing for so many when different countries call things differently to what they are. I did a funny video telling the difference between a Macaron, Macaroon and a Macron just so people knew when they visit. 😆🇫🇷
Heroic Savior (1 year ago)
Mos Def! So right ... I hate when peeps get it wrong. Only one O folks.
Chic Sophistic (1 year ago)
Amazing! Love Paris!
Lauren Maslin (2 years ago)
Paris is mine and my sister's holiday trip this autumn; were going for practically the first time and going to try to explore the less touristy places to get a different taste of the diverse and bustling city! Better get some practice in speaking French ;)
Patrick and Missy (2 years ago)
Great video! You are beautiful and charming! Thank you!
Hello i am brasil beautiful video thanks for video of Paris
Sophie's (2 years ago)
Loving Paris so so so much 💕
Zoe van Zeeland (2 years ago)
I want to go to Paris 😍😍
Jonny Kwango (2 years ago)
Superb review! Many thanks for your time and contribution! X
Grace is tired (2 years ago)
I'm going to Europe for 3 months starting May 15th. I'm Australian and haven't ever been outside of Australia of over seas. I'm 14 years old so just that age where I can appreciate the beautiful buildings and art but also still able to enjoy kid things. This vid is so helpful. Thanks a lot. Ps you probs won't see this but to anyone that does plz give me some recommendations. Thanks
WrapFiqah (1 year ago)
Robert Martin (1 year ago)
Omg I’m interested in this !Where did you go?
hollyriver22171 (1 year ago)
Oh my god am I getting you right after you returned? How was Paris?! Tell me EVERYTHING!
Avdhut Patil (2 years ago)
SAMERA SHAWAMREH (2 years ago)
l love paris
HIGHLANDER (2 years ago)
Most of these videos explain that Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world, and that's why it's hard to find lodging, or the reason why there are a lot of pick pocketing, vendors and/or beggars basically harassing the tourists. They say this is because there are so many tourists there every year... But Paris gets about 32.1 million tourists per year, while Las Vegas gets 41 million tourists per year, about the same time these census were taken, and those issues are unheard of. I live in Las Vegas, and we NEVER, NEVER, NEVER have those types of issues, that are described on a regular basis about Paris... Yes Paris is prettier, but we also have FANTASTIC food here - many French, and other world renowned chefs live here, and you get what you pay for. However, I'm talking about the excuse that because Paris has a lot if tourists, that's the reason tourists are harassed there; by the nany pickpockers, vendors in the streets, etc. I'm sure there are isolated cases here in Las Vegas as well, and the most you'll get are pamphlet pushers, who want you to visit strip clubs, but most are respectful, and leave you alone once you say no, but this email are so few, that they haven't become part of the culture yet. About Paris though, I'm getting nervous watching these videos, since I myself am going to Paris in a few months, and now I'm shopping for a theft proof backpack... 😮🗼🍮☕👗👒👛👠
Karen Chou (2 years ago)
Hi Harmione, thanks for the vid! I'm planning to go Paris in mid April and just staying for 2 days only. by the way, what program are you using to edit the vid?
Myfavourite dishes (2 years ago)
I like your video, thank you for sharing ✌
eva t (2 years ago)
It's macarons!!!!
I d o n t k n o w (2 years ago)
I'm actually about to go to Paris, for good on June 6. I'm super excited! Cause I'm gonna get a dog, an iPhone, etc. SUPER EXCITED!!!!

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