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I Got A 1950s Makeover

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So for our decades series last year we traveled back through time until the 1960s - so I decided to go back another decade and put together an entire look based on the fashion, hair and makeup trends of the 50s! What do you think of the finished look? A big thank you to Kayley Melissa and Gabriela Hernandez for helping us out with our midcentury makeover! Kayley Melissa: https://www.youtube.com/kayleymelissa Besame: https://www.instagram.com/besamecosmetics/ https://besamecosmetics.com/ Stores Visited: What Katie Did Vintage Lingerie https://www.whatkatiedid.com/ Unique Vintage https://www.unique-vintage.com/ Playclothes Vintage Safiya's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/safiyany/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/safiyajn Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/safnygaard/ This video is NOT sponsored! SOURCES Ultimate Fashion History https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_lJ_Uu6I_0 Survey Of Historic Costume Classic Beauty MUSIC Via Audio Network Assistant Editors: Emily Linden & Claire Wiley
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Safiya Nygaard (8 months ago)
HELLO FRIENDS! sorry for the delay - i got lost in a pile of history textbooks! i hope you guys enjoy the very belated addition to the decade fashion series! xoxo, saf
Devin Erbaugh (9 days ago)
U look so cute!!!!!!
Writt Girls (17 days ago)
Chiara Koch (20 days ago)
Hey Safiya :) my mother was born in the 50s and really into fashion all her life. She told me why the bras were shaped this way. These Bras are made to mimic the growing breasts of adolescent girls. if you recall thats what your "chesticles" looked like around 13-16. I would interpret into that that it is to represent youthfullness possiblity fertility playing into that whole being a young fertile mom kinda thing.. Also i have no idea why but your videos are incredibly entertaining to me. have a nice day!
Kit Kat (26 days ago)
👁👄👁👌 ur ❄❄
Jenny Lotz (29 days ago)
THERE IS STILL A WIZARD OF BRAS. It's in Monrovia, my mom used to take me there in high school. I know you already did this video I just thought you'd like to know! :)
Glitz Katz (2 hours ago)
22:42 That’s a twist ya ding dong Lol love that part
Andie Fisher (7 hours ago)
i loved this entire video until the part where she said that mcdonald’s was the oldest in the US even though the first one is in Des Plaines area Chicago
Heather Boothe (17 hours ago)
Best moments: "you're in time out" and "get in loser, we are going shopping" 😂🤣🤣
Katty Boswell (18 hours ago)
Yep, definitely looks like a 1950 mother
Why does the car reminds me of flo from the cars
Elena Balitskaya (1 day ago)
the woman in 5:36 looks so much like Saf??? Thats it, she's a time traveler
Addie Knarr (1 day ago)
I've been obsessed with the 50s lately and I actually love this video so much
Davida Williams (1 day ago)
I must say...you look marvellous darling.
Karlee Spence (1 day ago)
Sandra Kaiser (2 days ago)
Jason McDuffee (2 days ago)
in the future will there be a channel that says THROW BACK TO 2019 it was smack in the middle of world war three!
lee cliff (2 days ago)
The fifties fashion made Saf look shorter than she is 😂
Victoria Griffin (3 days ago)
5:16 is just wow the girl on the left is giving the other one a look she like put those away.
Matthew Watkins (4 days ago)
You look like Mary plains
CringeMaster 1oq (4 days ago)
This is giving me a Tommy mels vibe
Winter & Summer (5 days ago)
She looks like Ann frank at 13:03
Wildfire Gacha (5 days ago)
Bullet buts 😂
Wolf Clantic (5 days ago)
You actually looked kinda good
Sophia Reed (5 days ago)
Kylee Richendollar (6 days ago)
14:48 i died and 16:32
A.M H (6 days ago)
I love u 💖 you are so cute and beautiful
ARpsyco (6 days ago)
12:56 “in the 50s the dresses were longer and the hair was shorter where as in the 40s the hair was longer and the dresses were shorter” Me: yeah but now in the late 2010s the hair is shorter and the dresses are ..... WAY shorter
Yulissa Rios (6 days ago)
do you need to see the bullet but
Alyson Grace (7 days ago)
Yas girl 5:11
Elizabeth Rostad (7 days ago)
U should make a 1940s video
Evan Rose (7 days ago)
I low key wish the 50s trends would come back. Not just for fashion, but for cars, music, and lifestyle in general
Aero Cat (6 days ago)
So segregation no rights or respects for women ok. (Please tell me your being sarcastic)
QueenAdula (8 days ago)
I absolutely love your videos and ever since I discovered them I have been binge watching them (not necessarily by their chronological order) and you rock!! being an enthusiastic vintage lover and especially 1950's fashion, this is by far my favorite video. can't wait to see more!!
CΛLΣB_BΣAST Ӡ (8 days ago)
It’s Wes Vlogs (8 days ago)
Am I the only one who like option #1 most
Aero Cat (6 days ago)
I did as well
The group of friends (8 days ago)
For the Disney bra store it's someone in Disney World not land so in Florida
Damage Girl (9 days ago)
I like how she tells all the details 2019 anyone?
Holy Moly (9 days ago)
Could you make a vid about wearing 1800 dresses?
Clara Marie Vlogs (9 days ago)
the bullet bra reminds me of the pink pointy bustier Madonna wore at one of her concerts in the 80s.
Doo Bob (9 days ago)
This is so cool
Pastel Kitty (10 days ago)
Man in truck: HELLO! guy: you remind him of his grandmother Me: *laughing*
Kimber_oreo Boucher (10 days ago)
Imagine in the future people doing this for 2019 2017 or 2018
Mike Cervantes (10 days ago)
Looks Rockabillyish
RGSuperfan (10 days ago)
Those historical videos of yours are really my favorite from your channel! You are very serious with research and all and yet you're funny! Keep going 👍
Ash & Alisha playz (10 days ago)
23:42 your shadow looks like its from the 1950s
Ashley Tanny (11 days ago)
Saf dress like it the 1800s
Cloudinq X (11 days ago)
Just image pretty soon it’ll change from 70s makeup is old to 2019 makeup is old
Crystalcatgacha1992 (11 days ago)
How did you get a Chevy?
VZco Up (11 days ago)
Wooow. I just thought about the fact that people could be doing this about 2019 in the future!!!🤯😂
Musical Studios (11 days ago)
Don’t know why I though of this.... Imagine your a mother in the 1950s and you have a point bra, okay? You have a child and he has his birthday party, you are holding cupcake and him and his friends run over to you for the cupcakes. One of his friends slip and BAM a child stabbed himself on your bra. Dangerous bastards. 😂
xcrypeach (11 days ago)
19:20 NO F*CKING WAY! Edit: it’s gorgeous 😍😍🤤🤤🤤
madiopus (11 days ago)
I’m surprised that no one reacted Cept that one guy who loves his grandma
Peggy_gacha (11 days ago)
Yeah it’s so weird to see saf in all this color
madiopus (11 days ago)
I like fit and flare
Random . net (11 days ago)
Is it bad I would probably wear that minus the gloves and hair?
Miss Pink (11 days ago)
8:56 I died laughing
ImKayla 113 (12 days ago)
When are you gonna make a 1940's makeover??? ☹️
liamsongs1 (13 days ago)
I luv the 50s...i was born lil too late...i just turned 50 this year.
Bianca Hankle (13 days ago)
I love this fashion 😍 thank you for all your dedication, Saf!!!
Luckylovebae (13 days ago)
This was very well made and she looked absolutely stunning in that 50’s look
Susan Pennington (14 days ago)
12:44 is my favorite part 😂
Jag Vlogs (14 days ago)
Next thing you know Kim is making bullet butts for 2k23
Kermit The Crackpot (15 days ago)
11:01 how i look at my teacher when she asks for homework
NightFlower (15 days ago)
Now let's be honest: 1950's fashion fucking slaps.
Julie Grimshaw (15 days ago)
Love the 1950s, Great video ;}
cherry aesthetics (15 days ago)
In 30 years people are going to be “dressing like it was 2019” If we are gonna be alive in 30 years 😕
bearbon2 (16 days ago)
psychedoodles :/ (17 days ago)
I used this as a reference for my dapper day look and it was great
vansh jaggi (17 days ago)
Try wearing indian clothes for a week, must include saree, lahenga, etc...
belleekgirl (18 days ago)
Just saw this and OMG I remember my mom using these hair products when I was a kid (and I'm only 40). I love seeing you transform and making the different era's relevant to everyone. You look good!
LQ Wolk (18 days ago)
that pointy bra is the og madonna bra
Mercy Chilufya (19 days ago)
You have such big beautiful eyes Saf!!
MyNameIsConnor 1991 (19 days ago)
Wow you're rocking that look!
Rytzka (19 days ago)
So when's the 1927's makeover?
Abigail abigail (19 days ago)
I lost my shit when she poked a pointy boob out of the curtains 😂😂😂
Rednosed Lolita (20 days ago)
Ah.. A mother's bosom!
Paul D (20 days ago)
Say what you will, you look great. It's a classier look. Bravo for no tattoos showing.
FirstMate Wolfie (20 days ago)
DO 1920S
Besties4ever 101 (21 days ago)
Wait why do we have the what they called black water fountains why can’t we have the ones they ha for white people🙄🤣I’m not racist I’m Mexican
Maja 205 (21 days ago)
If any other YouTubers would do this they would probably go online, find a dress and call it their 1950s look. Love how much work goes into your vids❤️❤️
Michel Genon (21 days ago)
2019 anyone
Fiona Davis (21 days ago)
Lets pray for the people in 2135 that are trying to recreate a 2018 style
rosebubbles (21 days ago)
That McDonalds seriously looked like the popcorn scene from the Outsiders
Sara Crowell (21 days ago)
Can't wait to see her Roaring Twenties looks!
Samantha Becerra (21 days ago)
Man in the truck: Hello! Tyler: You remind him of his grandmother 👵🏼 😂🤣
Luna Does things (21 days ago)
just think soon she will get a 2019 make over
DeHYdraTEd PIcKLE (22 days ago)
Stephanie darling (22 days ago)
Hannah Rogers (22 days ago)
Who else died when she said “the branch just stuck my hair do”
Habi xo (22 days ago)
Aruna (23 days ago)
The look was actually not too bad, it was pretty, I can see it paired down a bit and coming back
Jean Vignes (23 days ago)
Hi, that was great fun. One rule that you missed: all accessories had to MATCH with a capital MATCH. The shoes, purse and belt needed to be the same color. The only exception would have been a "self-belt" in the same fabric as the dress (which was probably what your dress came with). White shoes could be pared with a straw purse (summer only), but if you had a leather purse it had to be white, to match the white shoes. Black shoes, black purse. Black patent-leather shoes, black patent-leather purse. It was all very, very matchy-matchy and that was that. No exceptions. Consequently, women who could afford it would simply "invest" in sets for future outfits: black leather, black patent-leather, white leather, white patent-leather, navy leather, dove gray leather, oxblood brown leather, etc. The texture of all leather accessories also had to match: matte leather, patent leather, or suede, all items had to match, as did any metal items. One didn't wear a silver belt buckle with gold earrings, or a coat with gold buttons with shoes with silver buckles. It became second nature to just make sure that everything matched. It sounds crazy now, but that's the way it was.
Tingo Tango (23 days ago)
My aunt has a Bell-air
Djack614 (23 days ago)
That is legitimately my dream car 😍
Alexandra Giambastiani (23 days ago)
What an absolute beautiful look! I love it <3
Wolf lover (23 days ago)
You look like Bunti Wendamear from this show called father brown
Isabella Almonte (23 days ago)
Anyoen else having a safiyathon???
EnzoIsRandomness Jl (24 days ago)
I feel like im at history class but its taught by a beauty perfectionest
U should do this a lot more
Funky Munky (24 days ago)
Is anyone else thinking about the fact that the next time they’re filmed at Disneyland, they get engaged?
Landry Saul (24 days ago)
safiya... shes so gorgeous!!
Julia R (24 days ago)
The amount of work and research that you put into your videos is so impressive!! Keep up the great work!!
N e l l (25 days ago)
I love the amount of research, thought and work you put into your videos. Your videos are just really nice to watch and entertaining and overall professional, so thank you for your amazing quality content.

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