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Imagine Dragons: Warriors | Worlds 2014 - League of Legends

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The battle begins, and sixteen teams across the globe are fighting towards one goal – to win the League of Legends World Championship. To kick off the start of the action, we set out to craft a war cry to rally behind. Whether you’re a solo queue warrior or fighting off the LCS jitters – every moment counts. "Warriors" -- a creative collaboration by Imagine Dragons and Riot Games http://www.imaginedragonsmusic.com/
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Text Comments (89503)
Bánh Bèo (4 hours ago)
2019 ?????
Rin (5 hours ago)
Sem palavras.
; ; (6 hours ago)
Vince Palar (7 hours ago)
This was literally the Golden year for me
Reapin Vibes (7 hours ago)
Anyone still watching in 2019
Maxima L (7 hours ago)
Hey guys do you want to get his video so good change faster in 2x
miku miku ch (7 hours ago)
Mada ala (8 hours ago)
2014. 2015. 2016. 2017. 2018. 2019
Seba Jara (13 hours ago)
denme rp porfaaa
Dj Woo (14 hours ago)
1:36 when i saw this i first thouth it was a mistake since there was two L's on keyboard , but when i paused to take a better look , i saw that the other "L" was just a flipped 7 , making LoL , Leage of Legends , blew ur mind?
narek hardnock (14 hours ago)
Opressed for centuries, one race, will rise up, and take their rightful place. GAMERS RISE UP
8ullred (15 hours ago)
The Dislikes are from all the people that lost their matches of League of Legends
the turern 23456 (15 hours ago)
best song
KBK (17 hours ago)
It should be the hymn of esport.
Maki Tomato (19 hours ago)
Imagine bring a song with KDA and Warriors together * the universe blows up *
Valentino A (20 hours ago)
Gamer life. ♡♡♡♡♡♡
R-u-d-y Chinczyk (22 hours ago)
Epick music
osher br (23 hours ago)
Eduardo Li Chen (11 hours ago)
?? Which games?
touch me (1 day ago)
Nanette Daranciang (1 day ago)
When i hear this music,it reminds me of TheLegend27
Lieutenant Axner (1 day ago)
I sang this entire song with a Donald Duck voice and it hurts man
Veratex (1 day ago)
Best clip ever 2019 ??
Sector Black Leg (3 hours ago)
Veratex 👌
Goplergop Gop (1 day ago)
gosh i just know imagin dragon worte this songgggg goshss i am so yesterday.
it is amazing song
Galaxy Gaming (1 day ago)
2019 mana woy ada yang indonesia gak ??
Robert Tomlinson (1 day ago)
Animators: how can we make sitting at you computer playing video games epic
This song echos inspiration :)
Barbara Santibañez (1 day ago)
I love ittttt!!
Loop (1 day ago)
Мурашки...это круто
ร๏гค (1 day ago)
1:38 I like the way he sings *Away*
BH me VN AH nguyen (2 days ago)
Best song of League of Legends
Vursemu (2 days ago)
0:17 Kappa
GorilaZ Gory (2 days ago)
Why...i cry when watch this...
An An (2 days ago)
Дебиииил тыыыы стаААААЛ
Some Random Guy (2 days ago)
1:35 it said lol cuz he raged too hard
Gregory Goins (2 days ago)
2019 anyone?
Brandonlfc03 YT (2 days ago)
A gamers dream 🤩
snaz dogx (2 days ago)
The real league of legends days i miss
chaos engineer (2 days ago)
Gamers national anthem
Amina Durmić (2 days ago)
no season like this one for me...
Licher salsa (2 days ago)
This... this is how you market boys.
Bran Lui (2 days ago)
Only epic gamers will understand
스원 (3 days ago)
보바 (3 days ago)
구름 속 연출 누구 아이디어냐 조지네^^7
최웅철 (3 days ago)
한국인 찾아요
Hatty Tarrant (3 days ago)
I mean this is a perfect anthem for the Mockingjay...
DavExiled (3 days ago)
The PEAK of League of Legends right here.
Joel Gawne (3 days ago)
Who else wants a LOL anime in the style of sports anime?
Joel Gawne (3 days ago)
Ninjen S N (1 day ago)
This video is probably the best thing that has ever been made in a while, I can feel the emotions in the animation and might in the song and lyrics. Impressive!
Susan Heidel (3 days ago)
David Quintanilla (3 days ago)
Jay 1 (3 days ago)
I like gameing
Angel Mills (4 days ago)
If I was a sports star then this song would definitely be my pump up song and this would be the song to rev me up.
Sanjay Singh (4 days ago)
I like it very much good work excellent
Digital Shotz (4 days ago)
Its funny i watched this the first 7 sec it came out, 5 year later now im fourteen
Eliothebeast (4 days ago)
This is just so pretty-
Parker Paw99 (4 days ago)
Woah light flying in the sky SOOOOOOOO cool
kaywillow (4 days ago)
0:20 how gamers feel when playing games what other people see 1:5
Clemen Time (4 days ago)
Lic of lecints
Twig (4 days ago)
Best Years of my Life. RIP 2012-2015
212phantom (2 days ago)
DUO games (5 days ago)
in 1:36 he breaks his keyboard and does it lol
Tady točí lokomc (5 days ago)
Princess Twice (3 days ago)
"WE ARE THE WARRIORS!" More than like of a game song Edit: I commented it while it started singing ._. FE2?
Jimin Suga (2 days ago)
Princess Twice (3 days ago)
Selvera 127 (4 days ago)
Rolly Twice you have autism
Duh it’s Ash (5 days ago)
Memories right here boys
Insanityltself (5 days ago)
This is way better than KDA cmon now.......
1:35 ... LOL
Vuk Rokic (5 days ago)
2:13 best
Как говорится:Всегда найдется азиат какой сделает это лучше тебя
Invalid Choice (4 hours ago)
hey it's 2019 g2 exists
Mad Masseur (20 hours ago)
@ร๏гค Хаха такође
ร๏гค (21 hours ago)
Lol nemam pojma sta ste rekli i zabole me.
S Laachi (6 days ago)
Christian Pedroza (6 days ago)
Is legands bang bang the same as league of legands
Mei Mei (6 days ago)
This song is quite inspirational in of itself, but in this context it really hits home even though I don't play LoL and never will. Perhaps this is why I love the gaming community so much.....
Rafael Sanchez (6 days ago)
Julio 2019?
Mjack Myozpa (6 days ago)
I still get goosebumps whenever I watch this video.
Maria Laura Galvan (6 days ago)
It's very anime
بلال ماهر (6 days ago)
"But the other song"legend never die Is better XD ☠
Yeah. But i'm still love this song. I am warrior until now lol 🤣😅
AHANKAROV (6 days ago)
Fack the Haters!
CandyXXV (6 days ago)
I'm willing not only to learn how to play LoL but build a time machine just to see WORLDS 2014....
Long Hà (7 days ago)
I love lol
Sassy Rainbow Chicken (7 days ago)
Why i am sad?
El Tío Talon (7 days ago)
Mejor que RISE :)
Pip Abrigo (7 days ago)
fred gamer (7 days ago)
Alguien me puede decir como carajo es la cancion de warriors y centirius
Samantha Gibbs (7 days ago)
I am 8 and imagen dragons band is the best I listen to this song so many times at school on the computers in after school
Liam (7 days ago)
Thanks to this video, I managed to get Gold on Season 4. It required me almost 1000 games to do so.
Ayberk K. (7 days ago)
Old but gold days
You forgot to add loltyler1
Sick My Duck (8 days ago)
Rise and Grind Gamers!💪🏻
Emily Lauderdale (8 days ago)
just wow just wow vid I now
AYellowBarn (8 days ago)
this right here. this was peak league.
Colm Coyle (8 days ago)
This song reminds me of the Irish because they kind of built America
MiniCheeta (8 days ago)
no vale nada este juego
Божественно ⚡️👏
Рия Мин (8 days ago)
this is awesome 😱
Duy Nguyen (8 days ago)
I remember all of it :)) my league is a mess
Duy Nguyen (8 days ago)
This is where I start my league :)). Still epic :))

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