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CSS Tutorials #8 - Box Model - Changing the Height and Width

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The 8th tutorial in the CSS tutorial series. In this lesson, we will introduce you to the CSS box model and teach you how to set the height and width of your elements. Subscribe to Level Up Pro for extra features! http://leveluptuts.com/level-up-pro For questions post in the comments or visit: http://leveluptuts.com/forum To Support Level Up Tuts: http://leveluptuts.com/donations
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Eaolot (3 years ago)
Your videos are helpful, and I understand what you say, but what I am having trouble with is knowing where to put things in, where to write the css. For example, I am trying to change the css style of the left sidebar (garland theme) on a drupal site. Where do I see the class for it? It is not enough just to change the css settings that appear on the right with inspect option, you have to specify where it belongs. Like when you type under .wrapper. Thats what I cannot understand yet, under which categories every css style code belongs to or where I am supposed to write it in.
Virginia Chubo (3 years ago)
the wrapper is not responding. I tried using both id or class
Parker Ruiz (5 years ago)
Great tutorials! I've been watching the CSS ones in order for about an hour now. I use Wordpress for my sites, but i'm trying to get more of a broad knowledge of HTML and CSS and these videos are really helping. Thank you!

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