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3 Truthbombs about How Africa is Actually HARD to Travel

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I recently hung out with some backpackers in Ethiopia, and was reminded how hard traveling Africa can actually be. I mean-- I love it! But it's NOT always easy. Here's the top 3 most difficult challenges, & my advice on what to do. If you already know you want to travel Africa, but just need some help figuring out visas, costs, packing lists, travel routes, Kilimanjaro info, etc. then check out my book, http://www.backpackingafricaforbeginners.com/book It's been downloaded by hundreds of travelers, & everyone has told me how much it's helped them! (Plus you'll get my email, & can follow up with any detailed questions you have!) Happy Travels Friends!
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dave690 (24 days ago)
such a good video/channel. Looking at backpacking Africa next year so this is good info.
Ted Tedster (25 days ago)
She has obviously been eating one of those ice blocks full of food colouring or been doing too many blowers.
Pearl Unleashed (1 month ago)
Why hasn't she posted in a year is she okay?
Nova True (1 month ago)
Wondering the same
T S (1 month ago)
Val, you are absolutely fall in love Ethiopia, this is beautiful. Did u speak Amharic?
laxman chidam (1 month ago)
please come india u r beautiful
Shaheen Ghiassy (2 months ago)
Inspiring comments. Thx for the vid!
VinnSyred (2 months ago)
she says "Like" the same way zoolander does hah
Samuel Hailemariam (3 months ago)
We miss u val.... Hope u having a wonderful time in Ethiopia
Scenic Route Sam (4 months ago)
I'm so impressed that this 9min video was one take! Really enjoyed it. Thanks for the info.
Kern County Films (4 months ago)
You’re hot, I’m surprised you haven’t been rape
Paola Garatto (4 months ago)
Ethiopia has such strange pedestrians! :)
Orlando Cruz (5 months ago)
She’s very brave. I respect what she’s doing . I once went to Hawaii and wanted to see how the locals live. If I had money to travel I would be an adventurer and do what she’s doing...? If I had cojones.,LOL
Funzo Support (7 months ago)
what a dump
L7997 (7 months ago)
Amazing. Go go.
Florian Innefable (7 months ago)
what is medication ?
ulisseyamamoto (8 months ago)
You are in Africa and not in San Diego or London..That's why the world is different.Cheers!
Hired Goon (9 months ago)
Honest account. Add that traveling is far easier if you are white.
Anon mous (6 months ago)
In my experience (mixed heritage but look white....) its actually easier to travel being black. Far far easier. Although ive not been in Ethiopia, only the townships of South Africa, and other countries south of Zambia.
Major Tom (9 months ago)
Ugh! I hate the title! 3 Truth Bombs about How *The village/country you went to* is Actually HARD to Travel.
lance miller (9 months ago)
Absolutely insane
Nora Armenta (10 months ago)
what did he said about Jesus?
Nora Armenta (8 months ago)
oh ok thank you...
SaNdY LaRue (8 months ago)
Nora Armenta he said believe in Jesus.
Dennis Edwards (10 months ago)
You should go back to America,we don't need you people in Africa.
forbes mag (10 months ago)
Is the White woman in the video dead yet?
Hired Goon (9 months ago)
forbes mag why wouldn't she be?
NeanderthallMan (10 months ago)
Why would you put yourself in that Chit hole country?
LOSTINTHEMAZE 15 (1 month ago)
Is not that bad if you live there
Anon mous (6 months ago)
Are you Donald Trump?
Arthur Grin Jr (10 months ago)
Youre awesome!
No Name (11 months ago)
Awesome. I’ve been wanting to just pack and go you inspire me. Thank you.
CheZ Zmo (11 months ago)
Why are you uncovered in a primarily Muslim country. It's disrespectful to be in their countries and dressing so.
OniMotsu Oni (9 months ago)
Ethiopia is not a Muslim country. The country is predominantly Christian with about 30% of the population being Muslim.
Nora Armenta (10 months ago)
theirs cristian in ethiopia is not a mislim country...somalia is a muslim country i dont think she wants to go overthere war is crazy in somalia and people dying of hunger
Albert Junior (10 months ago)
Ethiopia is not a muslim country ...google is free yet you don't want to be informed...smh
CheZ Zmo (11 months ago)
Michael Owusu Kyereko Not predominate but almost half the population.
Michael Owusu Kyereko (11 months ago)
CheZ Zmo ethiopia is not a muslim country.
antonio totto (11 months ago)
love how you embrace all the experience (^_^) which what backpacking/travelling should be... heck, its not about finding the comforts of home.
Interesting getting a foreigner's perspective on the African Continent.
GoldenBoy (11 months ago)
is this woman single or lives with a man to protect her?
Clement Adjei (2 months ago)
No one is gonna kill her dude.
Neg Ste. Lucie (11 months ago)
Worst neighborhood yet you haven't been robbed?
Max Hood (9 months ago)
yeqolotemari its very safe, but there can be pickpocketing.
yeqolotemari (11 months ago)
Addis Ababa is the safest city in Africa. You have a good chance to get robbed and killed in the US.
Todd Nothstine (1 year ago)
Your commentary about the difficulties inherent in functioning in Africa reminds me of the saying, AWA . . . Africa Wins Again.
Jamaal Williams (1 year ago)
I am from Cali. I would love to visit Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, and Ethiopia. Let's do a meet up if I go.
bafeink tube (3 months ago)
I can host you in Kenya if you are interested
Danny Groening (6 months ago)
If you are white don't go south Africa cuz there are recing
Robert McCoin (9 months ago)
Jamaal Williams Idiot.
Yevgeniy Ryazanov (1 year ago)
Your videos is sooo helpful, Thank you. Can you give an advice about vaccines before I will go to Africa. What kind, where is the right vaccine and etc... Please Thanks again.
OniMotsu Oni (9 months ago)
This depends completely on where you are going on the continent. Many countries require the yellow fever vaccine and proof thereof (a yellow card) to enter the country. Otherwise, most of sub-Saharan Africa will require malaria protection (not as an actual requirement to enter the country, but as due diligence). Many people choose to have a typhoid vaccine, either in pill or injection form.
I always give examples about you for people who feel Africans are so evil that they will cannibalize you. Love you Ambassador.
Elerin Sisask (1 year ago)
Hi. Have you been checking some fundraising websites? If you hve some good idea how to help local community, then there may be some more people who would willingly help you with the project to be succesful. Have a look.
Chief Niki (1 year ago)
Need some more tips where the videos at? :D Hoping to get to africa soon (:
Marine Picamoles (1 year ago)
Hi ! Could you do a video on travelling in Africa as a vegan ? Would be very helpful :)
Max Hood (9 months ago)
Baphomet if your at someone's home they might. And that would be rude. But if your just eating out a lot of places have vegan things.
dawit girma (9 months ago)
I am an Ethiopian, the one thing that can't be a problem at all in Ethiopia is vegan food.
CheZ Zmo (11 months ago)
Baphomet Sure, there are restaurants on every corner! Listen to the person telling you HOW it is; not as you wish it. Obviously you could find vegan okay food...why pronounce how special you are.
Angel Eyes (1 year ago)
Poor people in Africa don't just "give you food". You pay for food and obviously there is a vegan option.
Ezeltje Baudet (1 year ago)
Yes, I have got some good tips for you: don't. Come on these people will be poor as fuck and you will be refusing the food they give you if they give you meat. Please show some respect if you travel to communities that live a hard life and are not entitled to fancy vegan places.
EsmerTeym (1 year ago)
You are cute, brave, adveturous and respectful! I love you
Unconventional Mama (1 year ago)
Thank you for sharing! My husband is from Nigeria, I am a German. We live in the States, but have a house and land in Nigeria. We are planning to move back next year and travel part time to explore the rest of Africa with our now four kids 😀 What you share is so encouraging and helpful! Please keep on posting videos!
OakhillSailor (1 year ago)
You are my hero. I love that you love what you do.
christina cure (1 year ago)
why do you like in the slum, what's the take-away for you? how is you being there benefiting them, and I noticed the women are covered, so why are you exposed? asking for real answers.
Cebola Pão (1 month ago)
Lol we are all humans stop that bullshit
Mr Michael (6 months ago)
Nice video. I love your attitude.
Max Hood (9 months ago)
Yeah it is not expected of women to cover up in ethiopia.
berie weddall (10 months ago)
HelloHabesha,com I'm hoping to travel to Ethiopia soon to visit my birth family what should I know before hand so I don't look stupid
Raoul Rossouw (10 months ago)
christina cure freedom of expression girl, she's just there checking it out. It's not required to be covered Why?? In that heat. I live in Africa... It's pretty chilled, alot of locals make really good money from the tourist trade.
Hugh Simon (1 year ago)
Very helpful! Thank you. I'm glad you're back to making videos. Believe in Jesus!
Anthony Alaribe (1 year ago)
I like how passers by are staring. Like is she alright in the head?
Anon mous (6 months ago)
Tanzania and Kenya are very different though from what ive seen. The views are shared and similar, but the dress, cuisine, languages, cultural aspects are diverse, just as diverse as in Asia from Jordan to Phillipines. Chad and Mauritania bear very little similarities to Zambia and Botswana, and even less with South Africa. Yes, you are right, in Europe - in the East its common for Christian (Orthodox) to wear headscarves also. And there are many many mixed Islamic and Christian as well as other beliefs within many African countries. I also noticed that traditional beliefs are often mixed with more fundamental Islamic and versions of Christianity, making them even more interesting, and I like the fact that they have kept some of their ancestral roots (such as ancestral worship alongside Christianity / other). Africa has more in common than other continents though you are correct - recently I was celebrating "Africa Month" whilst in Soweto, outside of Johannesburg working with children. We had speakers from Egypt, Tanzania, and Ghana to name a few, all came together. TV certainly has a big influence on people, in fact where im from (St Helena Island) we only got TV in 1990 (!)....so there is an ongoing investigation into the impacts it has on young people. And yes I know several veterans who were exiled out of South Africa.....although mainly to Tanzania who seemed to accept and train almost anyone. Even spent time in Egypt during his exile. Russia and Cuba also provided a massive amount of training, weapons and AID at that time, as did China. In fact many trained in Russia, and this is why the good relations with soviet and ex soviet countries. Yes, a lot of people consider Mauritanians to be middle eastern, and Algerians, but they differ vastly because of their traditional customs, which I think makes them still part of Africa. Im glad to hear that most visitors respect your culture!! I would love to visit the Eastern Highland area, it looks stunning, as well as get to know the different peoples in Ethiopia; I also have many many friends who practically worship Ethiopia because of their Rastafari lifestyle ( not religion as such....but stemmed from worship of Haille Hallisee - sorry for that bad spelling!!). Thank you, I will let you know how I get on :) It is also much easier for you to visit my Island now, because as of this year 2018 - we now have an aeroplane and you dont have to take the week long boat journey anymore!! You would be very welcome there too. We have far less history though - it was only discovered in 1502 ;)
Arsii Gadaa (6 months ago)
In East Africa and Ethiopia mainly its not only an Islamic dresscode, Its also a Christianity dresscode and even Cultural to dress more appropriately. In Ethiopia both Christians and Muslims dress with headscarves and heavy clothing. As you may already know, Ethiopia is a historically religious country and has a deep Christian and Islamic history and both religions have strict dresscodes. Other parts of Africa also have appropriate dresscodes but many are starting to follow the Western society in clothing and what they see on TV which is disturbing. Africa may have different dress codes, Cultures and Tribes but what you must understand is that We Africans usually share the same views on many topics and see each other as the same race. West, East, South And Central Africans are Sub Saharan Africans. For example, When Whites European Boers were massacring the Africans in South Africa, The Ethiopians and other African Nations came to South Africas aid and helped them with Weapons and man power. When i talk about Africa, I really don't include the Arabs in the North as they are considered Middle eastern. Thankfully Most tourists that come to Ethiopia follow our dress codes and Thank you for respecting our Culture, You are very welcome to visit Ethiopia and learn and see our Deeply Historical Nation.
Anon mous (6 months ago)
Not in Zambia and Congo, and some parts of Botswana, Mozambique and South Africa they dont :/ Although I didnt join them and felt a bit odd the first time I met these people, but over the years am used to it now. Yes each country is different, those of the North and East tend to be more conservative or follow Islamic dress code, just depends where you are. Its like saying everyone in Asia dresses alike (!). Its the second biggest continent on Earth, and varies massively. Tunisia is at complete odds with Zambia and Madagascar, and Guinea alike. I agree with you though - I covered up totally when I was in Kuwait and Jordan; it also helps protect from the strong sun. I hope you dont encounter too many women who act like that in your country, as mostly people should respect the culture of wherever you visit. I even swam fully clothed in Egypt and Kuwait. I think each country should maintain its own cultural aspect - it makes the whole world a much more interesting place. Would be very boring if we all wore the same :/ And lastly - trust me if you ever see me in Ethiopia - I shall not be naked!!! Im not of the faith as such, but I do not like exposing myself. Just a personal preference. I hope to visit one day, but I keep ending up in Southern and central Africa lately .......I shall make the special effort one day towards the East :)
Arsii Gadaa (6 months ago)
You have met completely naked Africans in the bush but in the cities the women cover up. Especially in Ethiopia as Ethiopia is a very religious Nation women wear headscarves and cover up there bodies. Our women need to stop following the Western ways and follow our traditional African way. Western women walk around naked in the streets without any respect for themselves.
Anon mous (6 months ago)
Its not against the culture of the entire African continent, (I have met many many completely naked people!) but yes I agree in parts of East and North Africa she should respect the clothing attitude more.
MaccaBackPacker (1 year ago)
Great video and advice
retrom (1 year ago)
Informative and honest perspective!

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