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Kissing ugly woman while drunk lol

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Spanish male making out with white woman
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turky armstrong (3 months ago)
Don't drink vodka with plastic screw top... Lol
pete5668 (3 months ago)
She is not ugly
Chinchilla's Corner (3 months ago)
The like and dislike ratio is about as equal as the mutual response video. Let's keep this going yeah?
Zoey Duchess (6 months ago)
Whoever put this up is a complete prick who needs to get a life... no one kissing you? Loser.
Brandon Vidana (10 months ago)
I would pay my life just to make out with her like she is she is beautiful just like she is
snow ball (10 months ago)
i'm gonna burn my eyes after that!
Mayank Nautiyal (1 year ago)
Matthew Webb (1 year ago)
She's hot
Marq The Well (1 year ago)
Who says she is ugly?
Mayank Nautiyal (1 year ago)
Who says she is ugly???
setsuna kazama (1 year ago)
she actually look decent but obese though. but i bet her child would look pretty.
Marq The Well cuz she is dummy
Robert Webb (1 year ago)
What is the girls name please?

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