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Peter Forsberg about loosing to Slovakia at Torino 2006 Olympics

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Peter Forsberg speaks after five and half years about the loss to Slovakia at the Olympic Games in Torino in 2006.
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skedvi99 (7 years ago)
Är ju reglerna det är fel på. Klart man vill ha sån lätt kvartsfinal som möjligt.
Lilla Sked (7 years ago)
@TheBilliebobsmith lol.
ocport (7 years ago)
Thank you. Forsberg is my most favourite Swedish player. Of course the Swedish team should be ashamed of what they did but they are very smart and try to outfox other teams at the Olympics or World Champs all the time... Anyway, every team can do the same...
ocport (7 years ago)
Could anybody translate it into English, please?

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