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London to Paris on the new Eurostar e320 [4K]

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Join me for a short trip from London to Paris on Eurostar. We will also check out the business lounge using our Amex Plat card. Eurostar is a great way to travel and saves a lot of the hassles of air travel. The new trains are excellent and really make for an enjoyable journey. 9/10. All shot in 4K on the iPhone 6s. Any thoughts? do let me know in the comments. Oh and do subscribe to have any future adventures appear in your feed :) First music: Ryan Little - Get Up - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OW9-xgHaj0
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Text Comments (336)
Paulo Cavalcante (3 months ago)
Wow my England
David Parry (3 months ago)
beats Folkstone and the puker
Paul Furey (4 months ago)
Oooops! Customs and immigration on the way!
Polypède de Thèbes (4 months ago)
Fortunately the Paris Gare du Nord station is being refurbished for the Olympic Games 2024! Because so far it doesn't hold the comparison with London St Pancras...
Zoe Porphyrogenita (5 months ago)
Soon to terminate at Dover.
Max Noerenberg (6 months ago)
I love train rides....and another great thing about them is they usually always start and end in the city center......so no need for shuttle or buses to get there.
Samouil (7 months ago)
μόνο με την ταυτότητα θα αντιμετωπίσουμε κάποιο πρόβλημα σε αυτό το ταξίδι?
Mika Hell (7 months ago)
What would be our Gare du Nord without the Grafitis and the Gypsies begging around ? If you clean our station and turn it into some kind of asepticized impersonal 21st century Nazi place that will never be the Gare du Nord anymore. No way ! Leave our Gypsies and Graffitis where they are and if you Don't like visit Hambourg the world is vast. The french won't cry a river nelieve me ;-)
Rover (8 months ago)
Is the Eurostar toilet the sort with one of those frightening electronic locks that you worry won't open?
Ayesha Gull (8 months ago)
That's what I like
José Dourado (9 months ago)
Passport si vou plais
Erich Ariel (10 months ago)
¿El EuroStar es tecnología maglev, o lo hicieron con lo mismo del siglo pasado? Is this magnetic levitation or what tecnologie used?
Husky Fan in Mass (7 months ago)
yanky lebowitz (10 months ago)
No border control?
Jimp Zee (10 months ago)
Those tables on the train were ridiculously narrow (even the ones in Business class). Also, the interior is one of the ugliest train interiors that I have ever seen. What a shame (especially considering how much Eurostar charges for tickets).
nancy wysemen (11 months ago)
The graffeti- like Philadelphia,Pa.
RailfanPrk (11 months ago)
very nice video boss
3506Dodge (11 months ago)
It's amazing how clean and appealing St. Pancreas looks in comparison to Paris Nord.
android22arc (1 year ago)
Best vid on Eurostar
Home One (1 year ago)
St Pancras is a lovely station. La Gare du Nord is awful (although I appreciate it is being renovated currently) and the Eurostar terminal there is woefully inadequate for the number of passengers it handles. But the new trains felt cramped and the seats uncomfortable (and smaller) than the previous standard class carriages. They also seemed plastic-y. I hope someone sensible acquires the old ones for use in the UK - we used to have the occasional one on the east coast mainline a number of years ago
St Pancras was renewed from A to Z... Gare du Nord is still the same station from XIXth century. They plan to do renovation works. Investments in France are for day-to-day travelling, it's the priority right now, so RER, Grand Paris metro, other regional lines are the priority, not Eurostar. If you compare Prices and Quality of rail infrastructure, I think U.K. has nothing to say to France ... Rail in U.K. is a mess, it's expensive, and no high speed trains except for CTRL... I lived in both countries.
Ian Robertson (1 year ago)
Gare du Nord ism a real shit pit we left our home in London to be met by a dump at France
Dvo rak (1 year ago)
One very common phenomenon is people judging a country by one of the districts of one of its cities Very smart
Persfoto (1 year ago)
Nice short 4 k movie, I was onboard the inaugural ride from London to Amsterdam. My film is just a little bit longer but your film gave a nice report about the E320 train, Thanks for sharing
The Flying Penguin (1 year ago)
Ah very exciting, I'd like to try that soon!
Harry Topper (1 year ago)
Which video editing software are you using
Stan Train-Bus (1 year ago)
Super l’e320 c’est celui que j’avais pris pour aller de paris jusqu’à Londres
Mark Jonathan (1 year ago)
Wow amazing. By what is price for non executive class from London to Paris...
Black Swan (1 year ago)
Till 2:30, it is fore play! Journey starts then. Avoid if you want to see the scenery outside because the focus is on food, bathroom fittings, magazines etc inside the train!
김정민 (1 year ago)
When I traveled Paris, graffiti was everywhere so looked dirty. Who the hell do this???
It's an art.
Lodbrok (1 year ago)
Ok and how much is it?
TVA Recordings (1 year ago)
Cassandra Glowacki (1 year ago)
We can't even get a high speed rail system going here in Florida (because some bicycle guy decided to ride around the gate & was killed) and most of Europe has a high speed rail system. Who is a 3rd world country now??
Rose White (1 year ago)
No-one does slummy like the British!
Chaos Commentz (1 year ago)
If I Get Shitons Of Lego... I May Start An Metro Series Soon
Johnny (1 year ago)
If I get UK visa here and go to UK.. Can I go to France by this way from UK without France visa? Answer please, I need to know it
Ian Robertson (1 year ago)
Depends where you are ??
Srinivas Doddapaneni (1 year ago)
ikmarchini (1 year ago)
Love the time you spend on the graffiti at Gare du Nord. That's because the French are artists and the British are not.
Derek Wildash (1 year ago)
How much is the fare?
4u별님 (1 year ago)
Kind words words should words
4u별님 (1 year ago)
Either what Either what
Golden Grenade (1 year ago)
That eurostar gate is so related to a modern airport check in hehe.
Ralph W (1 year ago)
I did this trip in the other direction. I found that the Wifi was mediocre and my GPS wouldn't pick up any satellites, probably because the coaches are Faraday cages. I didn't have the issues on the older French TGV trains.
Farooq Abbas (1 year ago)
kanał (1 year ago)
The seats are similar to ED250(Polish Pendolino)
Fazil knight (1 year ago)
what do you mean petition scammer. sorry to ask as i'm Malaysian and never been to Paris or any Europe countries.
Steve B (1 year ago)
Wow, I had that question too and that's good information to know. I would imagine it happens in all big cities across the world too.
Karl Park (1 year ago)
There are pickpockets that approach tourists in Paris to sign some petitions. This is way to steal your valuables while your attention is on the petition. They are everywhere in Paris tourist attraction. Just say no and move on.
Amit Sharma (1 year ago)
Paris., Rubbish of europe
Ian Robertson (1 year ago)
You mean the asshole of Europe
Chris Berg (1 year ago)
Just because you see a tag gravity in the 150year old station?... Paris is the most beautifull city you can,t imagine
jacqueline KLEIN (1 year ago)
Rubbish yourself if you dont like paris stay home
anung gaming (1 year ago)
DUSHYANT JAIN (1 year ago)
Spider's Beehive (1 year ago)
와 미쳤다
Henry Tudor (1 year ago)
The difference between Gare du Nord and st.panacras sums up the difference between the 2 cities.
Nathan Luxemburger (1 year ago)
go scarf down some crumpets with your fucked up teeth and shove your opinion up your ass
! am lelnodot (1 year ago)
Amazing Stud Wow, you're judging a city by its less valuable places rather than its places that are worth watching! I too go into London suburbs and realize how shitty of a city it is.
Steve B (1 year ago)
I was there in May of 2001 and took this trip between London and Paris. To me, Paris was grimy and a little seedy, not just the train station. Nothing to do with ideology either. Maybe it's changed by now, but that was my impression then. I couldn't wait to get back to London!
kenjryker (1 year ago)
+Amazing stud - Does it? I've lived in both cities and have no idea what you are talking about. I much prefer Paris. Or is your point 'ideological'?
SeaUsername (1 year ago)
Gus olive (1 year ago)
When California's high speed rail is up and running you can get from Disneyland to Pier 39 in SF in a matter of 4 hours with stops close to Yosemite We welcome you to the best State in the US!!
Jesus Jimenez (1 year ago)
best state lol
Malcolm Hartney (1 year ago)
When will that be? 2080? NEVER?
R. E. Bruce Martin (1 year ago)
P.S. Ref your mention of scenery: have you seen the Canadian (via Rail Canada?) YIf not you might like that one, but try it about the second week of March. On depetture have tour winter clothes and coat, but also pack along clothes for the equivalent of May, and rain protection, but not necessarily an umbrella as those arre wind targets and can get destroyed in seconds. Canada's climates render BIG temperature variations, both day to night and seasonally, and again from region to region. I personally have encountered from -45C (with an added 60 MPH wind) to +37 (so hot the tarmac is melting under your shoes, so be careful when going inside!) those are exztremes but in between there are variations.
R. E. Bruce Martin (1 year ago)
From Canada... 1) I'm too lld and don't have the money to travel, but it's nice to see anyway. for soeme time now I have been watching various rail videos coming from the U.K., and it also gives me a chance to see what Britain's terrain and vegetation is like. Add Scotleand to that and there's even more variety, but BRRR! Scotland is COLD!! their winters make Montreal look balmy by comparison! When you get to Paris do you then get on SNCF/RenFe to go south to warmer climes?
Andrew Gwilt (1 year ago)
The Eurostar Class 374 E320's are very quick, smooth, enjoyable and quiet. That's why more people use Eurostar because of these amazing trains.
Aamukaste 2 (1 year ago)
Вася Пупкин (2 years ago)
А у нас Сапсаны кушать блеоть! Шах и мат нахуй!
Paul Ferrer (2 years ago)
Re. ALLAHELLSTAN: Londonistan to Paristan --- the two largest cities of the EURABIAN CALIPHATE (in the making).
K N (1 year ago)
Paul Ferrer защо имаш наполовина българско знаме?
Oak Duck (2 years ago)
Paris... who in their right mind would want to go there... Come to Warsaw... clean, safe streets, nice people, cheap restaurants and pubs !
kasbj1 (2 years ago)
Poland is so cool that million and million Poles have emigrated to Western Europe since 2004, when this country began an EU member. Poles leaving their poor and shit country full of rats....Germany and France are currently the 1st and 2de largest contributor to the EU budget and Poland the country receiving the most money...Even though, your country receive Billion from EU nobody even the Poles, want to live in this shit country.
Rocky Dans (2 years ago)
I live in london and have been to Paris 11 times, im always shocked and how dirty Paris is and how much graffiti there is, the staion at Gard de nord is awful too, especially compared to St.Pancras. But apart from that i love Paris.
London is as dirty as Paris ... Some places in Paris are d St Pancras was renewed from A to Z... Gare du Nord is still the same station after more than a century... They plan to do renovation work. Investments in France are for day-to-day travelling, it's the priority right now, so RER, Grand Paris metro, other regional lines are the priority, not Eurostar. If you compare Prices and Quality of rail infrastructure, I think U.K. has nothing to say to France ... I lived in both countries.
Rocky Dans (2 years ago)
kurenai san how dumb are you? You have an asian pissing name that how i knew you were asian.....duh.
J Lemasurier (2 years ago)
Why you go there 11 times if you think that this city is dirty with lot of grafiti and awful ???...I mean 11 times, in the same dirty place this is insane...and btw, the world is big. If you are not happy, go visit and spend your money in another city or country. Nobody tell you to go there...
Kelley Pinkham (2 years ago)
they really needed two types of subtitles?
The Flying Penguin (2 years ago)
yeah, it's not ideal. It's be nice if you tube made the option a bit clearer so I could leave them off by default. ah thanks :)
Kelley Pinkham (2 years ago)
The Flying Penguin i'm not gonna bother doing that, just thought it was weird, great video tho, :-)
The Flying Penguin (2 years ago)
Yeah that's a practical thing - the youtube ones are automatically translatable. I leave those on by default so people who don't speak english notice they are there and they can turn on auto-translate if they like. You can hide them by clicking the subtitles button in the options at the bottom of the video.
Pritam Koli (2 years ago)
nice coverage
Helena Godden (2 years ago)
I have never been on a train. I have traveled by plane,but I do not like it. I am afraid to travel by plane or train. Especially after the trauma of 9/11 and all of the graphic images of the Madrid bombing etc. Do people feel how fast they're going in a train?...
Amy M (3 months ago)
@ikmarchini absolutely agree, best put!
Amy M (3 months ago)
Sorry to hear...just ask doctor for some med to go FIRST time and you will see that trains are much more comfortable ride at least for me, than airplanes and even bus. One does not feel speed of the train.
ikmarchini (1 year ago)
Try the train first. It's fun. No you can't really tell how fast you are moving, you feel almost nothing seated. Don't worry about them, the Ts, or they win. Life is all random. The train is much more civilized than the plane and almost as fast under 500km. On German high speed ICE trains they have a restaurant car where you sit at a table with tablecloth and a waiter comes and takes your order. The best!
Klausjp Lamers (1 year ago)
show no fear, train or plain, you can cross the street and get hit. are you driving ??? how many car accidents we have every day
Steve B (1 year ago)
Arif Suhale Syed : Not helpful and in fact, a little hurtful. You have no fears? Helena Godden: The best method I've heard is to start by taking short trips, either in a train or plane. I don't know where you live, but train travel would be a good start -- even if it's just one station to the next and back. You don't really "feel" how fast you're going unless you look out the window. If you get motion sickness, ask your doctor about Dramamine. Good luck!
Valerie Purcell (2 years ago)
Oh god. "Petition scammers?" Like pickpockets & outright bag thieves & all the refugees homeless & starving all over Europe now (we won't count the myriad of terrorist loners attacking in London & Paris) but now these too???? Like planning my 1st time flying isn't bad enough, but it's an Euro trip in this "new world order" & I am starting to get REALLY REALLY freaking out about it. sigh. But do, tell us who, what, where, to be wary of & how to avoid, defeat these would-be nar-do-wellers, please?!
Cascade Railfan (2 years ago)
just like brightline
prihbadi wahyu (2 years ago)
amazing video, visit my channel please 😁 greeting from Indonesian Railfans 🇮🇩
mike watters (2 years ago)
here is a true story myself and my friend used to take eurostar trains free from callis to london there uses to be no security at callis north station and where local trains shared the platforms with the eurostar trsins so we would come into the ststion from another train and hide in the platform and hop on to the eurostar without anybody checking that we had a ticket.
mike watters (2 years ago)
@Chris Dans you have me mixed up with your family
Rocky Dans (2 years ago)
mike watters they have since cracked down on you lot, they removed the camp at Calais for instance.
mike watters (2 years ago)
on the arrival into paris the graffiti made it look like a war torn city
david jacobsen (2 years ago)
In the US we don't have the population density to support train travel. There are very people per square mile west of eastern seaboard until you reach California.
Ron Clark (1 year ago)
California is building HSR from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Won't be finished until the 2030s. They have chosen where to build the eight mile tunnel southeast of San Jose, but have yet to choose where to build another tunnel northwest of Los Angeles. The eight mile tunnel will end up being the longest railway tunnel in America, projected to cost from $10-15 billion. Wait a minute you say, can't they fine tune that number a bit more? No they can't, they won't be able to fine tune that number until they did the tunnel. No one knows how hard that granite is... And train supporters ask why there are so many opposed to HSR....
Gus olive (1 year ago)
California High speed rail
Bazza (2 years ago)
Not so at Gare du Nord, what a dump compared to St. Pancras.
Andrew Anane (2 years ago)
Wow I didn't know trains were like this
Intermission (2 years ago)
2,000th subscriber :)
Intermission (2 years ago)
Yes, they're great!
The Flying Penguin (2 years ago)
yey :) I should probs do another few videos soon!
Sean Coleman (2 years ago)
That's good quality video! What was the trip duration? Thanks.
Barbe Kiu (2 years ago)
Sean Coleman 2h15 approximately :) but that is the time you spend on the train
maestrulkungfu (2 years ago)
Nice train, good montage, ugly route
JOEL M (2 years ago)
Disneyland Monorail is pretty good 😊
prabhu nantha (2 years ago)
Bruce Burns (2 years ago)
Really nice to see those beautiful new trains in those gorgeous old world Victorian buildings .
Freddie Bluk (2 years ago)
Why we don't have these trains in the US?
Eden Sam (2 years ago)
Why are there always 2 sentences explaining everything of the same thing in the video??
The Flying Penguin (2 years ago)
Excellent question! So the open captions (the ones permanently on) are to give everyone an explanation. The closed captions are there so people can get them auto translated into their own language if they like. I've set them to turn on by default so people know they are there - but you can turn them off if you speak English :)
AH M (2 years ago)
Paris train station look so terrible and rundown !! I have never been to France yet, but if this is what would the passengers see when they first arrive, then it will leave a very bad impression !!
류병만 (2 years ago)
I was in there, 1 years ago. thank you.it reminds me good time... from korea
Elizabeth Armada (2 years ago)
it looks like an.airlines. no need of passport or visa when you enter Paris?
The Flying Penguin (2 years ago)
You go through boarder control at St Pancras :)
mashooq india (2 years ago)
you Missed two important points...Time of journey and Cost of travel...but its great theme
Somali Medicine (1 year ago)
mashooq india tttggg
The Flying Penguin (2 years ago)
ah good point! Journey is around 2 hours. Prices vary quite a bit, I think I got this ticket for £60 one way (youth fare). You can get a youth fare if you are 16-25 :)
Kate fromaust (2 years ago)
Thanks for letting me take that trip along with you! Loved it! Hope to do it myself one day.
ludovic blanc (2 years ago)
très moche la gare de Paris par rapport a celle de Saint Pancras !!!! Very poor the station of Paris compared to that of Saint Pancras !!!!
IL y a une gare qui a été refaite à neuf, et l'autre qui a plus d'un siècle et qui a subi un lifting minimal pour l'arrivée de l'Eurostar en 1995...
thierryf67 (1 year ago)
maybe you need to show the same areas of each... one can find "graffities" in London suburban, too.
Picardie Belle région (2 years ago)
Certes. Le fait est que les français s'y adaptent et applaudissent (du moins si s'en réfère aux derniers résultats électoraux)...
The Flying Penguin (2 years ago)
Oui, je préfère St Pancras!
Hans Woods (2 years ago)
Dirty Paris bahhh
Paul Furey (4 months ago)
@Hans Woods And there you have it....why no one likes the English!
Mika Hell (7 months ago)
Excellent ! on peut pas faire plus français que ça "je vous emmerde" de toute façon et quoique vous pensiez
Jessica Bullock (1 year ago)
Picardie, vous ignorez très bien qu'il soit américain. Je ne vous parle pas non plus de vous. Je suppose que les clichés sur les Français sont vrais?
Malcolm Hartney (1 year ago)
Les quatre derniers mots etaient en trop cher Monsieur.
Non monsieur, je ne parle pas anglais...et je vous emmerde !
All Aboard Fun (2 years ago)
Awesome video! I took that exact same trip on the old Eurostar years ago, and this video was very nostalgic for me.
The Flying Penguin (2 years ago)
Glad you liked it, it is a nice route :)
maurice walker (2 years ago)
I would like to have seen more of the journey.More outside the train than inside the train.I found it boring.
underwaterbubbles (2 years ago)
The Paris station is not as good looking.
Payhole Everdouche (2 years ago)
underwaterbubbles 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷💰💰💰
MGstaR17 (2 years ago)
Why Hungary cannot have such cool trains as this? T.T
Arun Valecha (2 years ago)
MGstaR17 High Speed Trains are effective where population is more and distance is also long...Countries like Japan, China have high speed as there are more commuters. For your country, speed of 100 km is sufficient..Greed is always bad...Still you can enjoy high speed, semi bullet with near by countries
MGstaR17 (2 years ago)
Yes, exactly. :D The slow trains are good for us, but i wish the railjet would run by 230 km/h, just like in Austria. in some regions the landscape is so beautiful that the slow train is good, because you can enjoy the landscape. :)
Arun Valecha (2 years ago)
MGstaR17 Becoz Hungary is not Hungry for high speed train 😊
MGstaR17 (2 years ago)
How much is the 1st class louge?
The Flying Penguin (2 years ago)
To get into the lounge you need to buy a business ticket (around £150 instead of £60 for standard), get in on the frequent traveller scheme, or have an amex plat. I had the latter. I don't think you can pay to go in.
Thomas1980 (2 years ago)
ein gutes Video von dir. Gruss Thomas
The Flying Penguin (2 years ago)
Danke Thomas. Froh, dass Sie das Video mochten!
Winson Huang (2 years ago)
The new one is more comfortable but the look on the old one is better
Dux (2 years ago)
It's amazing how clean and modern St. Pancras station looks in comparison to Penn Station in New York. The entirety of Penn Station is literally underground-- it's atrocious. If only more Americans cared about public transportation and not just clogging up freeways with cars.
Max Noerenberg (6 months ago)
its def an adventure at Penn Station.......I rode the Amtrak from Boston all the way down to Miami and that was 26 hours but it was fun ( and I was so surprised by the "sudden" climate change from Boston winter and hot Miami sunshine ha ha ) back in Penn Station I took a "short" trip in winter to Rhinecliffe and then walked / hiked a little to Rhinebeck......beautiful scenery...loved the winter scene with all the untouched snow fields!
Jackie Scholl (1 year ago)
People take the train to get from point A to point B. You can do that as well in an entirely-underground station as in an expensive, fancy one like St. Pancras.
richies quest (1 year ago)
St Pancras was a very dark and dingy station before it was refurbished for the eurostar service the transformation is amazing.
EASYTIGER10 (1 year ago)
St Pancras nearly went the same way as the magnificent OLD Penn station. So glad it was saved..
henry hoefelt (1 year ago)
Agree cameronpaul!
tom of thailand (2 years ago)
wowww..look.very nice compare to the old one haha....i have to try
alexsakon (2 years ago)
very well done video, thank you
Robert D. (2 years ago)
Could not agree more - USA trains are [expletive deleted]; but what's with the double closed captions?
The Flying Penguin (2 years ago)
Excellent question! So the open captions (the ones permanently on) are to give everyone an explanation. The closed captions are there so people can get them auto translated into their own language if they like. I've set them to turn on by default so people know they are there - but you can turn them off if you speak English :)
rick081956 (2 years ago)
Just did this trip as a day trip from London. It worked out well, leaving at 7AM and catching an 8PM train back. Trip is little over 2 hours each way. If you are going that way soon, sign up for info on Eurostars site. The price quoted on travel sites was around $100 each way, but the Eurostar site featured a 26 pound($32) each way on all trains for the day I planned. The trip on the train went well, I had booked it while in America and merely printed out boarding passes, picking my seat at a table. You have many food options in the lounge before boarding, after security, which you may like better then the train options which are not bad. If you want to taste Paris briefly and enjoy trains, this cant be beat. I navigated Paris with an app available for the Paris Metro which showed us the routes and directions to stations, was invaluable. The sites will have hustlers as you might be weary of, but a firm no worked. There is an hour time difference, I arrived back in London at around 930PM. This is a day trip option worth considering.
The Flying Penguin (2 years ago)
Glad you had a good trip Rick! Yes, the hustlers can be annoying, but as you say - a firm no works fine.
Adam Witkowski (2 years ago)
Excellent video. How did you stabilized your iPhone 6s.
The Flying Penguin (2 years ago)
Hey Adam, I just held it and took care with the shorts really. No fancy steadycam or software used! I often find keeping the phone at arms length when walking or resting my elbows on my body if still helps get a steady shot.
WorldOfRailways (2 years ago)
St Pancras is just one of the most beautiful stations I ever visited!
Cqef (2 years ago)
> the seat is comfy No it's not, compared to the ones on the old Alstom train. Not only that, but the ride itself is waaay rougher. The old Alstom train will be missed.
Alasdair Clift (2 years ago)
The originals will still be in service for many years, albeit refurbished up to modern standards. A few 373s will be scrapped, but they are just the oldest ones in service. Once the new service starts, the 373s will still operate the Paris and Brussels services but the 374s will operate to southern france and Amsterdam
Adventure Guy (2 years ago)
Nice! The only memorable train trips I ever had was on the Shinkansen and the Chinese High Speed Rail

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