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Multani Yavimaya's Avatar: Is This Green Control vs Yidris, Ghave, Omnath

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Is this a control deck? Should it be a control deck? decklist: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/multani-green-good-stuff/
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connman85 (3 days ago)
Can anyone point me in the direction of his patreon? Didn’t see a link in the description.
Commander Replay (3 days ago)
Here it is. https://www.patreon.com/commanderreplay I haven't gone through the project of updating the description of all my old videos yet.
Thomas Castellanos (2 months ago)
Make more of this guy. He rules!
Commander Replay (2 months ago)
Ive had a video with Multani on the back burner for a while, just been short on time. Hope to get back to him in the new year! Its a really strong commander, it just gets huge as the game goes on and basically can block almost any single creature profitably.
Death'sHead (2 months ago)
I wouldn't say control. You just happened to draw into enough removal to change the board state. Being able to draw into your removal and other synergy cards just happened to help also.
Commander Replay (2 months ago)
Actually I have another version of this deck that's been on the shelf for a while. Almost every creature ETBs and destroys something on the way in. Truly, mono green control. Havent made that one into a video yet.
Matias Rochaix (2 months ago)
Heoric intervention should have been white. I agree, I had the same thought when it got spoiled.
Commander Replay (2 months ago)
Yeah it just feels...not green. Ive decided that wizards thinks every ability in the game is secondary in green. I feel like green gets to do more stuff than any other color. Which is probably why its so good in commander.
fearanarchy (3 months ago)
@Omnath- Lines of Play: -Terastodon the Hollow way earlier in the game. - Let him regenerate. The Beast Within will then activate the shueld and Omnath will tap. -Let them attack and K. Grip after declare attackers, before blockers. Profit. Risky if they have instant speed trample. *IMO, Terastadon earlier to level thd board. Hitting lands everywhere. There were a ton of lands ppl were using as a crutch. You played fine. They were just ironically weak to Green Midrange.
Commander Replay (3 months ago)
I forgot this one. Ill take your word for it :)
This guy right here (3 months ago)
Hmm I wonder if I can go elemental tribal with this deck
Commander Replay (3 months ago)
You might be able too. Ive looked at elemental tribal a few times, usually in horde of notions colors though. There tends to be a lot of good ones at higher CMCs
Chris McIntyre (3 months ago)
Mono green control? Psh, I’ve been playing selesnya control that’s ridiculous and doesn’t have Gaddock Teeg because I hate that card
Commander Replay (3 months ago)
Ive been meaning to do a follow up on this video, where almost every creature in the deck destroys something. Selesnya has even better removal options. I think that's an interesting part of Commander where you can build a control deck in colors that don't usually do control.
Robert Stanley (5 months ago)
Do you take deck list recommendations? One of your videos I had watched you had talked about making an alesha deck to try and make her work. I have an alesha deck in paper that's really effective for me in my local meta, but what made me bring it up is that my deck tends to play more like a control deck (since you were talking about how you felt multani was feeling like a control deck)
Robert Stanley (5 months ago)
Okay, so here's the current list as is. http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/alesha-the-undying-horde/?cb=1537524074 It's missing some things for budget reasons like Plateau and Scrublands, mana crypt, etc, and has some less optimal lands. I also don't have the best fetches for the deck in the deck, specifically marsh flats and arid mesa, I do have the bloodstained mire. There are some choices in the deck that aren't the most competitive. Resolute Blademaster, Lim-Dul's Paladin, and Shrieking Mogg. Viscera Seer is okay. The Lim-Dul is interesting since it turns into a 6/6 if it's blocked and can draw you cards or allow you to discard creatures straight into the graveyard, but playing it in paper it's really slow. It's too slow in a multiplayer game to get any value out of it after trying it for a while. Resolute Blademaster would probably just be better replaced with a fireshrieker. The blademaster is usually a dead card for me, or I can do better things than it. Shrieking Mogg is hit and miss. When alesha brings it in, it taps down all of your opponents creatures, which can be hilarious and kill a player when they're not expecting it. The other half of the time, it leaves you open to the crackback if you don't have anything to throw down during your second main phase. It has won me some games though. Some other cards to consider including are Chupacabra (unfortunately not sun titan friendly like the majority of the deck is), Imperial Recruiter, and restoration specialist. Some notable interactions are permanent exiling of creatures with fiend hunter with a sac outlet, duplicant being alesha friendly. Burnished Hart can be a ramp engine, and Solemn can be really stable card draw when you can reliably sac him and recur him with alesha. (He also goes great with Feldon since feldon sacrifices the token rather than exiling it, still netting you the card draw) Mirror entity is a finisher. I've been considering running leonin relic-warder to do the same thing that fiend hunter does but with artifacts and enchantments. The rest of the deck is pretty self explanatory I think. I'm considering cutting the mistveil plains, as right now there aren't enough white permanents to make it turn on reliably. Perhaps it will be more useful if the Restoration Specialist and Leonin Relic-Warder made their way into the deck. Hanweir Garrison/Battlements are also two cards I've considered for the deck. Both are recurable with sun titan, the Garrison with alesha, and they make tokens to widen out the board presence (unfortunately won't trigger the tokens if alesha brings it into play attacking) but the battlements can be another haste enabler. But alesha is fairly strong with any sort of creature that produces tokens when they enter, like Knight Captain of Eos. I've personally kept as many of the permanents as possible within sun titan's range because of how powerful of a recursion engine he can be. If he dies, karmic guide is the main way to bring him back. Anyways, I hope the deck seems somewhat interesting, it can definitely create a vice grip if you start to get out of hand
Robert Stanley (5 months ago)
Yeah it probably was hahaha. I'll post a link to a list. I have it in paper, so I'm missing some obvious choices, and I haven't added anything into the deck since shadows over innistrad, but I'll include some possible upgrades to include for the deck. It's always fun when i play it on the tabletop and people are expecting aggro and they get control instead
Commander Replay (5 months ago)
Sure you can suggest something, I write them down on a list and get to them when time permits. That must have been a while ago, I don't even remember talking about that one :) I will add it to the list.
Nathan Bianco (5 months ago)
How do you not have more subscribers? Your content is great, you upload regularly, and it’s EDH, how do you beat that?
Nathan Bianco (5 months ago)
Commander Replay seems like it! I found you a couple weeks ago and love the opportunity to watch a bunch of different decks get played and see different interactions more than just playing paper EDH. I love seeing new commanders and figuring out how they would play! So thank you for doing what you do!
Commander Replay (5 months ago)
Thanks man! I do my best, but it just takes time. Ive had some pretty rapid growth this year so thats been exciting. Hopefully the growth continues or even accelerates, and maybe sooner or later Ill be able to make content full time for you guys.
Devin Cameron (6 months ago)
So the omnath didnt know how to use yavimaya hallow so he salt dc’s.
Commander Replay (6 months ago)
Yep. I should probably ban people that DC. Scooping is one thing, but making everyone wait for 10 minutes is the worst.
Sasuke kuniski (7 months ago)
green decks are easy to beat .. Ive been using Green white blue since before commander was a thing
Commander Replay (7 months ago)
It depends on the deck. A lot of board wipes can help. But sometimes they just ramp so fast, slam some creatures and follow up with triumph of the hordes and the game is over. Every deck has something that is weak against, but I find that greens ability to generate resources just outclasses many other things that happen in the game.
That Dude (8 months ago)
Dude when you have the game like that dont sit there and dump your hand and do stuff... Just swing and don't gloat
Commander Replay (8 months ago)
Usually I don't, I just wanted to be really sure.
Spawn of nerds (8 months ago)
Do you do deck request
Spawn of nerds (8 months ago)
Commander Replay nath of the git leaf. An underated commander for G/B
Commander Replay (8 months ago)
Not specifically, but occasionally someone suggests something that resonates with me and Ill make a video out of it. What were you thinking?
Andrew White (8 months ago)
Watched all the ads, no skipping. You're Welcome. <3
Commander Replay (8 months ago)
I appreciate that :) A question I always struggle with is how many ads to run based on the duration of the video. Lately ive been going with 1 at the start 1 a few minutes in for videos around 12 minutes, then ill add another toward the end as the video gets near 14-15 minutes.
Runeserpent (8 months ago)
if your looking for green control with the fight machanic, i been looking at that wurm from battlebond, grothama, All-Devouring
Commander Replay (8 months ago)
Ill have to check that one out. I was on vacation when they did the full battle bond spoilers so I haven't really looked through everything yet. I will probably go with Rhonas for now, but when put the new cards on MTGO ill be taking a look at them.
DrukenReaps (9 months ago)
I feel like if you are going to do mono-green control you might consider Rhonas the Indomitable with all the fighting. It won't matter how big your opponent is then because Rhonas will almost always survive and has death touch so almost always kills. A few things like negative counters and indestructible get in the way of that but those things don't show up as much as they should.
Commander Replay (9 months ago)
I actually just played Rhonas the other day and it was super sweet, I think its going to be the commander for the control deck. I cant wait to build it, but I'm going to be on vacation the rest of this week so its going to have to wait.
Neal Smothers (9 months ago)
Very cool deck, but I’m ready to see you build this mono green control! Great video PJ
Commander Replay (9 months ago)
Yeah im excited to get that going as well. Something I had never really thought about until I did the editing of this video.
Victor Oliveira (9 months ago)
i was missing your videos man!
Commander Replay (9 months ago)
Yeah I took a little time off for my b day so I didn't get a 3rd video out this week. I have a few lined up for next week though. Glad you enjoy them!
Aaron Dodd (9 months ago)
Where's the Firesong & Sunspeaker video? You made a video talking about the problems Boros has, I want to see your take on the newest Boros commander!
Commander Replay (9 months ago)
Ive got it filmed, but I fell behind on editing this week. I plan to get it released next week, but I will also be on vacation. I know that I need to teak my list a bit but we'll be seeing it soon.
Toffee (7 months ago)
And that’s why I tend to dislike green (and blue) - I still play these colors and have fun using them, but it's way too easy to build with them. And here comes a little rant xD: One person in our playgroup is pretty much "the green value guy" since he "just" wants to ramp and draw cards, which is fine...... But not very interesting to play against if every deck he builds is in this category and he is always wonders himself (and complains) why he is in pretty much every game the first target. If you want to know which commanders he is using: Kraum+Kydele (wheel and big mana), Gitrog (land deck + big mana = obvious), Nazahn (Equipments and big mana also obvious), Gahiji (enchantress + big mana), Alesha ...... which he more or less only owns so he can say: "I have a non-green deck". Funfact: After I saw Muldrotha.... I announced it immediately as my commander, because I knew he would build a deck with it..... and after a few days he proved me right. Also he tends to use his newest decks game, after game, after game........ After game.... After game............... I don't say you should switch after every game (i do it normally, because I like it this way) but after three games I want to see something different... In the last 15 games we played he used every time gahiji and the last time I have seen someone play his Partners was...... A year ago? When I played with them. While I don't care too much about this situation, I really want to know your opinion about it. (i will also mention, that card yes - card draw and ramp are important, but my contempt lies in his dumb big mana style) And what is your opinion on rites of flourishing?
Toffee (7 months ago)
Seems so. Poor confused child.
T!TO (7 months ago)
Sasuke kuniski ....Bad day?
Toffee (7 months ago)
Ever got curb stomped with a Narset? Feels nice :D Edit: The Narset is mine.
Sasuke kuniski (7 months ago)
get over it kid. youre a trash player. why dont you hate on blue or red? idiot
Sasuke kuniski (7 months ago)
get over it. youre just a cry baby over someone playing trash cards like yourself. youre both scrub players
James Aulby (9 months ago)
Last turn you could have Traverse the Outlands for a ton of baloths.
Commander Replay (9 months ago)
I certainly could have right there, earlier in the game I would have. When I get down to the last turn where I know I have lethal I try not to extend it or milk it, as a show of respect to the opponent. As a player if you know your opponent has lethal on you, you don't want them to take another 10 minutes doing things that probably don't matter. I try to get the game over with and start a new one. Just my take on it. If we had 2 or 3 opponents left it would have been a sweet play and good for a ton of damage.
Tron (9 months ago)
All I've ever wanted is to build mono green control, and seeing your deck work has inspired me to start working on it again. Awesome video dude!
Eli Pye (9 months ago)
Green is 100% the best color in Commander with blue not far behind; Kodama's Reach / Cultivate are IMO the best cards in Commander. Ezuri's Predation and Desert Twister are also a must for mono green control along with Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury. For our Lounge dinosaur episode I built my Ghalta deck as a control deck. 4:45 could have dropped the Tracker here with the one mana in the pool and started to wreck house the next turn. Sweet video except for the poor sport at the end.
Grady Winters (9 months ago)
Make gitrog combo
Station (9 months ago)
ErikTheRedd1 (9 months ago)
Every game I've ever seen you play someone scoops early
Commander Replay (9 months ago)
It seemed to be less of a problem like a year ago. I agree though, the last year has been early scoop city. The problem is I would never get to show a game if I didn't show the early scoops since it happens so often :( Unless Wotc wants to step in somehow, we will probably just have to live with it for now.
Affinity For Commander (9 months ago)
I love a good land-based deck! Keep the great content coming!
Commander Replay (9 months ago)
Sweet! I do have plans to work in a little bit more green since its a color that Ive neglected a bit. Probably wont be next week, but possibly the week after that depending on how things go.
Deck Builder’s Society (9 months ago)
Your intro always gets me so hyped 🤣
Commander Replay (9 months ago)
Lol that's idea. Also they are just fun. Couldn't really get my voice loose this morning though so I had to work a bit.
jevry (9 months ago)
muldrotha counterspell deck.... make it. fetch the counterspells from the graveyard with effects around the line of: sac this permanent, return and instant or sorcery from your graveyard to your hand. and win condition is A milling them enough so they die 1 turn before you, or B untill they scoop)
jevry (9 months ago)
joke win condition is mostly to exagerate how cruel it is. you can just kill em if you want
Commander Replay (9 months ago)
While it sounds like a fun idea, the practical aspect of filming and editing a game that goes that long doesn't sound so fun :/ The wrexial game was like 2.5 hours....took forever. After that I am being sure to include some sort of late game win condition so games don't get into the hours long territory. I do have plans to revisit Muldrotha after my vacation next week, but I think it will be more "standard" build just to take a look at how most people are playing Muldrotha. I know a few people have also mentioned in the comments that playing Muldrotha is like being the archenemy so we'll see how that aspect of it goes.
RatKillerSVS (9 months ago)
Cool, finally, a deck with the general I already have, but with a different twist. I kinda rushed that one and just made it lands, fetch, ramp and some things to protect and get commander damage through. Multani is really scary, since it doesn't lose value no matter the number of casts, it just gets better with every time it comes back. The "no lands" thing in 38 lands monogreen deck is sooo frustrating. Kinda weird you didn't include any land animation effects or have I missed it? Also, there's the enchantment which gives +1/+1 for each forest you control, seems decent with Multani as well. And alpha authority for me proved to be a good include in the deck too. I didn't include Eldrazi though, seemed too much to me. Green in commander has it all. nasty things removal? check. ramp? check. big stuff to demoralize opponents? double check, with hexproof as a cherry on top (but all of that fall flat when op has smth like u/r spellslinger decks) Boardwipes with Ugin/AID get your stuff too, so you'd need to include land animation and you'll be good to go. I'm glad you came back to green, hopefully we'll see more of it in the future
Commander Replay (9 months ago)
I think the reason I don't play a ton of green is that it just feels too easy. Since I've been playing a little more paper lately, ive been paying attention to the meta game differences and Ive noticed that MTGO is usually a bit weaker than the paper playgroups near me. Mono green would fine with the paper group since there tends to be a lot of interaction from opponents, but sometimes it just EZ mode on MTGO. Anyway I am trying to be more inclusive of other colors this year, so its just not just Red and White decks all the time. Green really does have all the tools in commander. I think I cut some of the land animation at the last second. Originally I had Liege of the Tangle in here, which is a card ive been wanting to use for a while. But I decided that I wanted to fully devoted to that theme if I were going to do it. I do plan to explore the Mono Green control deck soon so hope to have that out in a few weeks, and at some point Id like to do another Vorinclex video.
Mivj Gffh (9 months ago)
Sorry I was doing homework but I still love this contnet
Mivj Gffh (9 months ago)
Commander Replay no problem
Commander Replay (9 months ago)
Homework is important.  School is way more fun than the "real world". Stay in school!
nathones (9 months ago)
Commander Replay (9 months ago)
You are welcome. I do have some plans for more mono green over the next few weeks, will take me a bit though since I'm on vacation next week.
Richard V (9 months ago)
Mono Green is busted, it's only second, if not tied to mono blue.
Sasuke kuniski (7 months ago)
salty spotted lmao
Lev Williams (9 months ago)
In multiplayer perhaps, but in 1v1 or french interaction always reigns supreme.
joel quinn (9 months ago)
Lucas Russell white is the worse them red green is like the third best mono color
Lucas Russell (9 months ago)
sounds good! just saying that green might be the best support color but by itself just gets severely outclassed.
Commander Replay (9 months ago)
You are entitled to your opinion, but I do disagree with it. I am actually more scared of green decks lately than of blue. Blue usually relies on the same 2 or 3 win conditions so you can see them coming, but green has so many ways to win. While I'm always down for some games, a small sample size doesn't necessarily answer the question. Ill be on vacation next week, but if you want to jam some games the week after next we could make it work.
ChronoJack (9 months ago)
Man it sucks when they disconnect instead of just taking the hit your bound to take anyway
Station (9 months ago)
They made play mistakes. So he got angry at himself. That’s no excuse for that disconnect bullshit though. Grow up and just concede.
Commander Replay (9 months ago)
Yeah or atleast just concede the game like a reasonable human being. I don't feel like I made any plays that should have lead to saltiness, played some removal, played some creatures. The disconnect has been a problem lately.

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