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Billionaire Ransom Official Trailer #1 (2016) Phoebe Tonkin, Ed Westwick Thriller Movie HD

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Billionaire Ransom Trailer 1 (2016) Phoebe Tonkin, Ed Westwick Thriller Movie HD [Official Trailer]
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Text Comments (529)
morgan woods (4 days ago)
CLEO I. lOVE YOU XD your my favourite actor
Santusa Costa (2 months ago)
Jace, Chuck , Hayley , Peter Pan WTF
Josie Hampel (3 months ago)
Does someone know the song from the kitchen scene? I only know its eminem.. Pls help me
VambzBat (4 months ago)
Jeremy Sumpter is in this movie.Peter Pan got upgraded:)
riko2186 (6 months ago)
What is the song playing at the beginning of the movie in the disco????
AgirlcalledMolly (7 months ago)
The hell is this anything like the hunger games??? You people are stupid. If anything it's a rip off of the 1991 movie Toy Soldiers.
whogoes _ (9 months ago)
this look bloody shockin' hahahahah
BRSM (9 months ago)
Peter Pan was always into mermaids😂😂
Michaela (9 months ago)
who else is here for Chuck Bass?
Farwa Batool (10 months ago)
Hayley show them your wolf side !
The Nobody Show (10 months ago)
Tina Amara (11 months ago)
Tvd meet GG Iam in
lou (11 months ago)
peter you grew up :(((
Derek Von Hohenheim (11 months ago)
H2O meets Gossip Girl meets Peter Pan meets The Blood Sisters. Wtf
Ana Mile A V (1 year ago)
lo puedes suvir en ingles pero la pelicula
Patrece James (1 year ago)
Phoebe Tonkin H2O, vampire diaries,the secret circle,and the originals god she's so good
Poppy Davies (1 year ago)
I saw phoebe Tonkin and Ed west wick and I was like right gunna watch this right now 😂
Blunie tanan (1 year ago)
I am a fan of phoebe tonkin!!
alicia low (1 year ago)
it has that hunger games vibe
Disney Lover (1 year ago)
0:29 Is that Jace from Shadowhunters?
ava (1 year ago)
Only really watched this for phoebe and jeremy
Jobs mine (1 year ago)
The shittiest movie after twilight.. smh 🤦‍♂️
Sophia Neves (1 year ago)
Put a bunch of REALLY REACH PEOPLE'S reckless kids in an island, great idea, what could go wrong amiright??
Sophia Lawrance (1 year ago)
omg its cleo
DOnONe733 (1 year ago)
His father is Oliver Queen
Brooke Schwartz (1 year ago)
I don't need to watch this movie because the trailer already told me what happens
katie bee (1 year ago)
Peter Pan grew up
Denishea Bates (1 year ago)
wow hi Hayley
Charlie Trocke-Fowler (1 year ago)
Yo is this the new fortnight trailer
Mystkal Diamond (1 year ago)
Rich kids doing all that ? No way only the poor can kick ass simple.
Strictly Kae (1 year ago)
I'm down
Hirak J. Paul (1 year ago)
Chuck Bass
This movie was actually really good
Virtually Amazing (1 year ago)
for best tv series check out this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TP4vDH0BNh4
Nat Padma (1 year ago)
just saw my jace in there!!
lisa cant fry eges (1 year ago)
ok wait is that peter pan? as in 1999 peter pan ???
Keyla Estrella (1 year ago)
The only reason I watched this trailer when I saw it on my recommended was because I saw phoebe on it and I love phoebe since I grew up watching her in h2o just add water.....anyone else😂 Edit: that and Peter Pan
LoveIsaLosingGame (1 year ago)
How did this go from like The fast and Furious to The Hunger Games ? Lmao
Zara Zoobear (1 year ago)
Is it me or did i just see Peter pan 😍😍😍
Queen 1989 (1 year ago)
Why tf does Ed Westwick always has terrible haircuts and oh my gosh Phoebe Tonkin and Jeremy Sumpter💕 P.S funny how literally everyone only know these actors by whatever show or movie they been on like "Is that Peter pan aka Jeremy Sumpter or H2O girl even Gossip girl Chuck Bass"
Hanifah khanom (1 year ago)
kaw thy (1 year ago)
no need to do this Chuck...you are already rich
Ameliaglendinning_ (1 year ago)
Definitely used the set of hunger games for this
vivi sandoval (1 year ago)
I spot chuck bass
Niamh Doherty (1 year ago)
Was that Cleo from H2O: just add water!?!
Liz Montgomery (1 year ago)
H20, The Originals, The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, Shadowhunters! My life’s complete
Mercy (1 year ago)
Owww I was going to say hunger games but someone already did...oww this did it.
saran kumar (1 year ago)
Aliya K (1 year ago)
Jeremy omg!!!!
nevertwenty seven (1 year ago)
Agent Psycho (1 year ago)
I only watch this movie because of phoebe Tonkin and Jeremy sumpter
Altaf khan (1 year ago)
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Rishika Singh (1 year ago)
phoebe 😍😍😍
The Gaming Panda (1 year ago)
I loved this movie, it's my favorite movie now :D
Andrew Daniel (1 year ago)
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Stephany Ezard (1 year ago)
The shorter blurbs are ok to read but the video moves to fast to be able to read but a line or two of the longer blurbs. If you slow it down just a bit......it will be perfect
Andreea (1 year ago)
Dominic Sherwood made me watch this movie.
Why isn't Klaus here to save the mother of his daughter?
Miz Aria (1 year ago)
Peter Pan, Haley and Chuck in the same place WoW
Alfred Shawn (1 year ago)
But.....Hes Chuck Bass
Neuro Weaver (1 year ago)
No one thought this one through. Who can possibly be the demographics for this crapfest?
Agent Psycho (1 year ago)
Phoebe tonkin Jeremy sumpter Dominic Sherwood Thats the reason why I'm gonna watch it
Jeimie Q (1 year ago)
Chuck Bass is broke.😨
Antheaaa L (1 year ago)
Bella cyute (1 year ago)
Janette Gibbs (1 year ago)
Omg cleo
Rid Z (1 year ago)
Isnt Phoebe Tonkin suppose to an immortal hybrid? Why dont she just use her super vamp speed, and wolf form to jus snack on everything?
NattyJane (1 year ago)
message of the movie don't underestimate rich kids
OnTheHouse (1 year ago)
JD McCoy!
Kelly Anne (1 year ago)
This looks really really really retarded.
Nathalie Marty (1 year ago)
JACE ???
sdmv (1 year ago)
The main character's dad is soo rich that he can talk in his phone without pressing the accept button.
Annick Rakkar (1 year ago)
Literally this film looks crap but if it's got actors from shadowhunters, vampire diaries, the originals and gossip girl then I'm watching it😂
DEMA ABDULLAH (1 year ago)
very good movie btw i 100% recommend
DEMA ABDULLAH (1 year ago)
Jace Wyland, Peter Pan, Hayley Marshall & Chuck Bass. how can it get any better?
Jimmy (1 year ago)
did she get shot in the knee?
TheRedBaron Lives! (1 year ago)
Dam phoebe another b- movie straight to video garbage.Your to talented and hot to settle for this shit.
Nicole Reign (1 year ago)
Jeremy's name should be in the title
Tony O'Sullivan (1 year ago)
At least get so shorts that fit... if your gonna wear short shorts don't let your leg flab stick out... go back to 2 broke girls.
Brianna Lee (1 year ago)
Can't wait to see this!
edo j (1 year ago)
dora s (1 year ago)
so everybody's talking about hayley, chuck, peter pan and jace, but no one is talking about stiles' jeep on 0:25 ????
abu bakar bin khalid (1 year ago)
so movie version of far cry 3 anyone?
nhyan alsayed (1 year ago)
trying to make a hunger games kinda like movie
Hedgehog3342 (1 year ago)
look its peter pan all grown up. lmao
Gabriella Amon (1 year ago)
I'll watch this just because of Phoebe Tonkin & Dominic Sherwood
Allen Wolf (1 year ago)
Jenelle Lutchman (1 year ago)
Ed westwick playing an action packed bad guy. I like it
Abi L (1 year ago)
Eh so confused thought this movie was called take down
Joli Kiwi. (1 year ago)
WTF !? No ! I SAID NO ! NOOOOOOOOO ! Wanna hear it in Spanish ? Noh. This ruined my childhood ! WHY THE FUCK DID PETER PAN GROW UP !?
Akshita Kandlikar (1 year ago)
Jace Wayland, Hayley Marshall, Chuck Bass and Peter Pan. Wow XD
Leah Sleator (1 year ago)
Right... so we got Peter Pan, Hayley Marshall, Chuck Bass and Jace Wayland in one movie. Cool.
DIY Travel (1 year ago)
Yup, a battle royale...
Lady Ayumi (1 year ago)
Hayley, hold on! Elijah's coming! But he was compelled by Marcel... :(
Luke Bacon (1 year ago)
hunger games rip off
Jay Raniga (1 year ago)
River Flow (1 year ago)
Can't take the villain seriously after Californication.. He was a gay who tried to write a vampire novel and was in love with Hank Moody (David Duchovny)
Antoinette Mathis (1 year ago)
omg! chuck take me!
coolkid23 (1 year ago)
A mermaid, Peter Pan, and chuck bass?

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