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H1Z1 PS4 Gameplay | SO IT BEGINS (H1Z1 PS4)

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H1Z1 gameplay has officially hit PS4 in closed beta, and I couldn't be more excited! Let me know what you think about the new style of gameplay and weapons here, and DROP A LIKE if you'd like to see more!! H1Z1 Playlist: https://bit.ly/2k1bIuF Subscribe for more videos: http://bit.ly/1eaoj9p New shirts and hats available now! http://bit.ly/2ty09kl Keep up with me on social media here! Twitter: http://twitter.com/OpTic_BigTymeR Instagram: http://instagram.com/TheBigTymeR Check out this book I'm in: http://opticgamingbook.com/ Use code "BigT" for 5% off your next https://scufgaming.com/ purchase! Check out our sponsors: http://www.turtlebeach.com http://www.turtlewax.com http://www.dxracer.com http://www.scufgaming.com
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Text Comments (1284)
OpTicBigTymeR (1 year ago)
WHO'S HYPED FOR SOME PS4 H1Z1?! Super excited to bring this series back for you guys, be sure to drop a like if you'd like to see more!
artofwar gaming (6 months ago)
Shut up loser
DaDARKPass (11 months ago)
ew! low fov, looks like a mobile port, and little loot in each area? hate it!
Abiinthehouse (11 months ago)
OpTicBigTymeR hj Sorry for my bad english,i habe a question,is h1z1 forever free? Or is this a open beta? (for ps4)
Blaze 808 808 (11 months ago)
Straight garbage!!!
The Unique Name (11 months ago)
OpTicBigTymeR I got a 15 kill game and posted it to youtube it has no views..... lol
N2Deep 1eighty7 (2 months ago)
Most viewers from console lovers. 1 k tournaments every Friday for ps4 players ✊✊
KillMonger Forever 17 (4 months ago)
Lol and 6 months later 😂😂 you left that sniper on the ground
James Fitzgerald (5 months ago)
Optic is so good at h1z1 your crazy
SIMPLY VANU (6 months ago)
Is the survival version coming to ps4???
El MiniTroll2887 (2 months ago)
v kam (7 months ago)
Robert Beene (8 months ago)
There was no certain time I played PC and PS4 I had h1 on PS4 the day it dropped. Never had certain times I could play
drake blah (9 months ago)
White trash accent threw me off.
dani3l. _ (9 months ago)
bro you ca only get an a r on a military crate
Ronnie2787 (10 months ago)
Fortnite fan boy at 28:00 lol cmon man just take the death like a man and on to the next match. He wouldn’t have said the game sucked if he killed you i bet. Good shizz.
Creative Concepts (10 months ago)
Graphics are like ps2
Hindukush TheGreat (10 months ago)
Hi I'm a chill h1z1 PS4 player I'm not a money hungry YouTuber just want to share my YouTube short videos I also got the scavenger mask I can give tips
S3PH1ROT PS4 (10 months ago)
h1z1 is a god game and first battle royal 👍
Daniel Cannon (11 months ago)
Good to be back watching your videos again!
Danish101xHD (11 months ago)
I bet when BigT realised the Marauder was 3 burst fire gun he had flashbacks to his Black Op 2 days with the M8 LOL
FilthSquad Games (11 months ago)
Check out my h1z1 kill compilation video on my channel and hit that subscribe button! Legit gaming videos brought to you by thefilthsquad
hussen jasim (11 months ago)
How to open the bag in pa4?
Günes Bulut (11 months ago)
I have the same controller
Oh bummer (11 months ago)
i was dying inside watching vids everyday of people having fun on pubg with pc and now the asshole Xbox. now i get to play H1Z1 battle royal on ps4 im not complaining about a god damn thing!
XxSmiley 707 (11 months ago)
H1Z1 ps4 be litt🔥🔥🔥
Rise&Gride_KushSmoking187 (11 months ago)
Fuck fortnite gang who's with me
Oh bummer (11 months ago)
im with you! LOL
J4NN3K (11 months ago)
Hey dude - i absolutely like your vids, so 1st of all thanxxx for that ... I think, they tried to speed things (gameplay) a bit up on consoles ... at least everything goes a lot faster than on PC ... Gas comes quicker and sooner a.s.o - i thought, this could become a cool light but tactical survival shooter on consoles which is now not (in my opinion) an inventory menu would have been great, that's what I was so looking forward to .... users could have much more time and play muich more tactical like ion DAYZ or ARMA e.g. - i'm gonna have a look tonight, how duos feel but I think they could do much more for the console version ... cool game anyways and no LAN chaos anymore is fine
Angelo Shikewa (11 months ago)
Did I hear right 12:19
18:07 lol there was a guy standing on a cupboard on his left in the room
Mind Peace 17 (11 months ago)
Change the scope thing ... it's garbage
Mind Peace 17 (11 months ago)
Third person aiming or ads yess... change the way the character holds the guns. Mostly the body covers the gun and u don't know if or what gun u have.
H.Cruzz10 (11 months ago)
Looks like a ps2 game LMAO
AGORA JaO (11 months ago)
Got an AR15 from a military crate its pretty noice
• Prince Zomboツ • (11 months ago)
Tips. Always pick up Hellfires Also Combat Training is basically the Purge
JM556 (11 months ago)
Hating that it’s not out on the Xbox 1
Anicasio Rdz (11 months ago)
Stfu u old fuck , this game is fucking garbage
john boss (11 months ago)
Z not zee
Skare Krow (11 months ago)
Walked past most of the things 😂
Joshua Sardar (11 months ago)
17:00 fuck is that? N ALIEN TELEGRAM?
PRIVATE SECTOR 042 (11 months ago)
So lame when game developers make the up and down sensitivity so much higher than the left and right. And even worse that they don't give you the ability to adjust it that's just ridiculous. Yeah I know it's just a beta but this is an ongoing problem and it usually ends up like this in the finished product without any changes.
The Dragon Ball God (11 months ago)
This is gay h1z1 was better
Just downloaded yesterday i really enjoy these mmo games...
Thomas Kilner (11 months ago)
You missed a at 15 times ur soo blind
Jerome b williams (11 months ago)
This game glitchy as fuck
Ink_addict 93 (11 months ago)
Dud was mad because he sucks at the game “this game sucks” nahh you just suck lol
lil trio (11 months ago)
Is this game kind of like pubg
SCOUT (11 months ago)
lil trio why pubg on mobile get it on pc
lil trio (11 months ago)
SCOUT well is all coo now cuz i got pubg on my phone and bouta get this , but i like ur baby ceo profile pic
SCOUT (11 months ago)
lil trio not really man
Omega 2k (11 months ago)
They couldve kinda did the crafting mechanics like minecraft so wouldnt have to take it out lol
Abiinthehouse (11 months ago)
Sorry for my bad english,i habe a question,is h1z1 forever free? Or is this a open beta? (for ps4)
Baconator883 gaming (11 months ago)
Great another sucky just like fortnite at least this game was better graphics and you can drive
Bryan (10 months ago)
Baconator883 gaming h1 came out before fortnite lol. It’s only just coming to console now
Eli Jones (11 months ago)
This game looks trash
Enmanuel (11 months ago)
Tons military crates??? I've just seen 1 military crate per 20 houses. I would be good if you also can find good weapons like AR15 and AK47 in the floor, not only on crates
The Mind of Zohra (11 months ago)
It looks like your streaming I’m new btw you are a boss at H1Z1
Rap Nation (11 months ago)
H1z1 is shit, play fortnite if u want subscribers
Knallsack 123456 (11 months ago)
This game trash Except driving the cars
Blade_Mas1er719 (11 months ago)
Holy views
madmax2069 (11 months ago)
This game blows Fortnite away.
Ich Liebe Bettdecken (11 months ago)
Why I can't jump off when I wan't?
Tay Guap (11 months ago)
saiful islam (11 months ago)
Blaze 808 808 (11 months ago)
Straight garbage!!!
Daniel (11 months ago)
On the PS4 when you shooting your guns They needs to be quicker instead of holding that sugar down I don’t know if I’m the one who notices problem with shooting guns and it’s very hard to shoot pistols
keelan boyce (11 months ago)
Anybody else notice he got killed by blue aqua- rr twice
blue berry (11 months ago)
I have open beta
Slugcat (11 months ago)
this game needs like 15023 updates to be enjoyable, feel so low budget, takes way to much bullets to kill
YouDontHave IT (11 months ago)
22:23 had me DEAD 💀 😂😂😂 they gotta fix that
Chuck Mangione (11 months ago)
Who still plays H1Z1? Actually who played H1Z1 a year ago?
OxxY MC_TaKeS DuBs (11 months ago)
Omfg wassup with all these damn BR games
OxxY MC_TaKeS DuBs (11 months ago)
SCOUT nah its just the point with all the BR all pf a sudden
Syver Olai Elvestad (11 months ago)
If you hold L1 you get a boost and if you click/hold R1 you use the emergency brake
Angry JO (11 months ago)
Game pretty bad I tried today
Reginald phill (11 months ago)
is it only me or are the loading screens horrendously long?
Liam Mciver (11 months ago)
18:07 was a guu on left of screen in corner tht u never seen 😂😂
Brad Mortimer (11 months ago)
Great game if I’m honest ! As soon as server issues are sorted this will be my go to BR ! Fortnite is going to die and pubg..well I don’t think there is room for it anymore :/ And getting the views for live stream will be easy
Sponge Cracker (11 months ago)
No u hid
HQ OnTheGo (11 months ago)
18:08 guy hiding on desk lol
ISAK (11 months ago)
Is this recorded on ps4 pro and can I get 60 fps on ps4 slim?!
DP Bricks (11 months ago)
Faze up
turnstile89 miranda (11 months ago)
Pubg knock off
turnstile89 miranda (11 months ago)
MrPerfection wow do some research. Or better yet I played pubg 2014 on pc. H1z1 was no where near as successful as pubg. Insurgency, pubg are the biggest tactical games of 14- till now. You must be a ps4 gamer. Stop acting like you know h1z1 this game just got recognized cause ps4 gamers were desperate for something simular to pubg fuck out of here with that fake news
CallMeGoku (11 months ago)
h1z1 came out first lmao its just been on pc its not a knock off pubg is the knock off lol
Tofu (11 months ago)
Fortnite is always best
pattern18 (10 months ago)
For Kids
SCOUT (11 months ago)
Htet Kaung fortnite is garbage
MURDASHOW (11 months ago)
M skid (11 months ago)
i dont wanna cheat on Fortnite.
Dam Tanker (11 months ago)
The graphics look shite.
XxRodellxX (11 months ago)
How can u do first person on ps4
Calistro Llamas (11 months ago)
Is this ever gonna come out on Xbox, cuz it actually looks so nice
KineticUncertainty (11 months ago)
Looks boring as fuck. Shitty ps1 graphics
vazzyjazzy (11 months ago)
The old (preseason 3) h1z1 was so much better
Conor Francis (11 months ago)
So happy for this game
Scott Black (11 months ago)
Wtf is this shit
Chris Nighthawk (11 months ago)
Dude in the first game you jumped over 4 fucking ARs and kept saying "where's the ARs bro" lmao goddamn BT git gud
Truezy (11 months ago)
Dont forget to get that free stuff if you have PS Plus
Entice (11 months ago)
Looks shit
FaZe Ridge (11 months ago)
How do you lean?
Davin Goodwin (11 months ago)
looks like pub g
filipe Valente (11 months ago)
Dont worry guys it will be out of closed beta in 4 years time kappa
kkoxik (11 months ago)
Fake solo is locked
Tevita Vunipola (11 months ago)
This game just looks real simple guess I just got use to the mechanics of fortnite but I do wanna try it out
VaiOsif_TV (11 months ago)
Anyone trying to blow up lmk, I'm a be streaming this game till it's empty
Hillbilly Gaming (1 year ago)
Hey 4 eyes go get a life and while your at it grow some hair loser
Kevin Villatoro (1 year ago)
Sick gameplay you just earn my sub
JagBoyQ (1 year ago)
This looks better than pubg no bs
Jack Makackov (1 year ago)
Played it yesterday. This game makes Radical Heights look like breath of the wild. Noone will be playing this by Monday.
Patrick xxx (1 year ago)
Release date ???
Nordernox (1 year ago)
Why using a woman and not a man like you? Boring the thing is create something like you... or you want to have a vagina..?
Trevor Bronkema (1 year ago)
This is like Fortnight without building, a little more realistic, and vehicles. Nice, Im stoked.
MOR DERCA (1 year ago)
Owen Mcfry (1 year ago)
yes I feel good

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