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WF FMCG Venture ScaleUp Helps “Arshaveda” to Address its Scaling Challenges | MD Venkatesh AnilKumar

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Click here to subscribe this channel: https://goo.gl/mR1FKK Arshaveda, is a startup which offers Ayurvedic products made as per the principles laid out in the classical texts of Ayurveda. In the current day scenario, authentic Ayurvedic products are not user-friendly. The modern customer focuses on authenticity, simplicity and convenience. All the products made under the brand are user-friendly, effective, natural and purely ayurvedic at its core. Venkatesh Anilkumar, Managing Director, Arshaveda says, "When we start a business, we are so focused on the product that we often ignore important factors involved in running a startup. I would recommend this program to all entrepreneurs so that they become aware of these critical factors". WF NEN Venture ScaleUp: WF NEN Venture Scaleup is a three months’ hyper-growth business accelerator with a goal-oriented, deep engagement, zero equity, no fees program, and a strong focus on individual attention and a vast mentor pool. It is part of a bouquet of accelerator programs simultaneously run across Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune catering to early growth and growth startups across diverse business sectors. WF NEN Venture Scaleup focuses on workshops, one on one mentor and expert sessions and experiential learning from WF NEN growth coaches, domain experts, mentors, entrepreneurs, service providers, investors and experts who work with participating entrepreneurs one-on-one to help achieve tangible growth and the right ‘Traction Metrics’. A critical element of the program has been the connects with customers esp. sectors with preferred customer/partner base. WF NEN Venture ScaleUp has 3Cs as major areas of focus - Customer, Cash and Capacity using SCALING LEAN principles enunciated by U.S based Ash Maurya who is the author of the international bestseller “Running Lean: How to Iterate from Plan A to a plan that works” and the creator of the one-page business modeling tool “Lean Canvas”. He is known for offering some of the best and most practical advice for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs all over the world and has developed a systematic methodology for raising the odds of success built upon Lean Startup, Customer Development, and Bootstrapping techniques. WF NEN’s goal is to create an open-source, high-quality accelerator model for national and international replication. About Wadhwani Foundation: Wadhwani Foundation was founded in 2000 by Silicon Valley-based entrepreneur and philanthropist, Dr. Romesh Wadhwani with the primary mission of accelerating economic development in emerging economies through large-scale job creation and job fulfillment. The Foundation is present in Asia, Africa and Latin America operating in association with governments, educational institutes, corporates, mentors, and investors. Its Initiatives are driving job creation and jobs fulfillment through entrepreneurship, skills development and innovation. About National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) : National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) inspires, educates, and supports student entrepreneurs, startups, and SMEs for creating high-value jobs. NEN creates city-based entrepreneurial ecosystems consisting of institutes that teach NEN courses, NEN run or supported accelerators and a network of mentors, investors, service providers supporting startups and SMEs. To know more about Wadhwani Foundation and its initiatives visit: Wadhwani Foundation Website: https://www.wfglobal.org/ National Entrepreneurship Network: https://www.wfnen.org/ Connect with us: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wadhwanifoundation NEN Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NEN Twitter: https://twitter.com/WadhwaniF LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/wadhwani-foundation Google + : https://plus.google.com/u/0/+Wadhwani-foundationOrg
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Kg Nikhil (6 months ago)
great to hear you. all the best Venky !!

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