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Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed Vita Gameplay

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Check out the Japanese voice acting (just search for アキバズトリップ2) -- it sounds much better to me than the English one. Especially Shizuku's voice...
Jonathan Isenhour (4 years ago)
omg guys it's todd haberkorn
TheFabulousRBK (4 years ago)
Even though it's a month late...of course critical attacks get though your block.
FREEZINGKNIGHT (4 years ago)
How unfortunate, I would've liked to play this game but it seems that it never came to new zealand, now I start to worry about the release of Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus
Big Puff Daddy (4 years ago)
Yeah, I can totally understand that. There are so many games I want, but having the funds to get them is another story. I take it you don't plan on buying Akiba physically, then?
FREEZINGKNIGHT (4 years ago)
yeah I kind of got used to the games released in NA being released only a couple weeks/days to the EU/AU area that I forgot to check the date on their page as well, I was glad to see that it was coming out in October but that kinda worries me because that means that I have 4 games that I'm after in October which makes me worry if I can afford them along with a new memory card to keep all of them
Big Puff Daddy (4 years ago)
It should come out in October, that's the EU release and we usually get that ver. 
Mabi Nerd ツ (4 years ago)
the battle arena and the side quests in this game are a riot. Maybe because I get most of the tropes they joke about but dear god..having to fight all 27 members of an idol group...or the great nation of japan..or hell even the acquire staff XD nice. 
Kuropon123 (4 years ago)
Of course your clothes and weapons feel weak, you're only level 5! And you're playing the hardest difficulty. XD I played on casual and you can actually see the difference of your weapons and clothes after fusing them with strong stuff you get from progressing the story. 
FREEZINGKNIGHT (4 years ago)
oh god the english voices remind me of chaos wars for the PS 2
Zvineda (4 years ago)
Please help me I CAN'T DOWNLOAD THE game I paid for it and everything and when ever I download the game it says preparing to download and then it says error has occurred
Gravyboy25 (4 years ago)
I think you're being too hard on the game.  I started on Gamer difficulty as well and (not to insult anyone) defeating the group at Rin's concert wasn't all that difficult.  A trick is to attack the one that the AI has been attacking for a fast chain strip.  You can also use the environment to ur adavntage like going behing the guardrails so the enemies come at you in a line instead of a horde.  As for you getting combo'd, dodge better. =/
RandyArmy (4 years ago)
yeaa japan voice
Jamm3r (4 years ago)
no description available
Jonathan Harding (4 years ago)
I honestly think the voice acting sounds good.
stinky lizard (4 years ago)
I can't put this game down. It's gonna own my life.
IIyana08 (4 years ago)
I know the feels man.
Daniel Robles (4 years ago)
Honestley this game looks really fun :p and the frame rate isnt shit plus the graphics are good and just looks fun x)
DanielSD12 (4 years ago)
Hey Blue Maxima I don't know if you will read this but I wanted to let you know that the Gamer difficulty is more for a second playthough so when you want to replay you can use all of your weapons from your last playthough on Casual the game is a lot more fun as you can take a lot of hits and just breeze though the game, wanted to let you know love the videos keep up the good work and stay positive. 
Nonscpo (4 years ago)
I've been enjoying the game so far, but yeah I agree Nanas voice is unforgivable and the timing was really bad; they really should have held off till next year so they could release it along with the PS4 version.
Ray102396 (4 years ago)
Wait what? You'll have Danganronpa 2 next week??? Care to let me know how? o.o
Uguu Cthulhu (4 years ago)
Often times a reviewer/popular channel can email a game company asking for a "review copy". If the company agrees they will send the reviewer a copy early for review, the company does this mainly to get some last minute input and to get some free advertisement. Love your icon btw, Naoto is best Persona waifu.
AdramGaming (4 years ago)
It really is a good game people, it's just a fun and weird Japanese game, and it also has the Japanese voices for those who dislike the English dub.
Seth Maxwell (4 years ago)
The voice acting is amazing compared to disgaea 3's voice acting
CasperJ (4 years ago)
can't believe how many people are looking forward to this
FREEZINGKNIGHT (4 years ago)
to each their own, I'm willing to play this game because there aren't enough games that catch a little bit of my interest around where I am, and I get the feeling it wont even come out where I am or atleast it wont be obvious when it comes out because our ps vita psn store is a mess here, it's not even funny
Travion (4 years ago)
@rhythm2k4 just saying that when you summarize a game like that, everything sounds bad about it
caos024 (4 years ago)
@rhythm2k4 U do know it's not only about pulling clothes off, right?... Sure it's the main thing but there are other things to do too...
CasperJ (4 years ago)
yeah i agree disgaea is awesome but this? gameplay, you mean running around pulling peoples clothes off? yeah i mean it's amusing but nothing worth the hype it's had.
caos024 (4 years ago)
Wth? This game look really Good. Especially for those who like these kind of games. And gameplay seems really fun. I'll be picking it up this weekend for sure along with Disgaea 4.
IIyana08 (4 years ago)
I respect your opinion but I disagree. I love this game and out of all the ones you mentioned i'll probably only pick up Neptunia. It's all about personal preference, and none of those other games interest me really.
IIyana08 (4 years ago)
@AJ123097 I totally get you. I've been trying so hard to like the Neptunia series and I just haven't been able to which i'm hoping to change. I like the Disgaea series but i'm not very good at it or patient so that's why i'm not getting those. But when I have money i think i'll pick up Rebirth and pray I don't feel like I wasted my money.
Alex Taveras (4 years ago)
I am not buying this day one, but like you said his opinion is appreciated but I am gonna still get this game and enjoy it. Although, Disgaea and Neptunia take higher priority right now.
Eric Heydenreich (4 years ago)
Thanks for the video review. You saved me from buying this!
A7MAD (4 years ago)
I don't blame your for the voice acting it's killing the mood 
ahchurro111 (4 years ago)
Despite whqt you said in this video, I'm still going to pick this game up for myself. I have heard worse voice acting (still can be better though) and gameplay doesn't look too bad. You mentioned the games coming out later that would be better, but TBH, the only one of those I'll be getting is Hyperdimension Neptunia ReBirth 1. In the end, it's all opinion though.
Thank god i saw your video, i was actually thinking of getting it ill just wait for a different game
liang hour (4 years ago)
Is iy available in Europe yet?

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