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Roy Lichtenstein: the art and the artist

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He was the founder of American pop art Now the Tate Modern is holding the biggest retrospective of Roy Lichtenstein's work for twenty years. Read more here: http://www.channel4.com/news/whaam-roy-lichtenstein-the-art-and-the-artist You can follow Jane Deith on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/JaneDJourno
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Bacwaden ART&LIFE (1 day ago)
He is one of the reason why i'm learning how to paint.
Chaoxys.A (8 days ago)
team petit prince vs etes la?
Mlle Biscotte (1 day ago)
Chaoxys.A Nn mais je le connais moi c anaë
Chaoxys.A (1 day ago)
Mlle Biscotte mdr c toi victor
Mlle Biscotte (2 days ago)
Chaoxys.A ouiiii💪🏽
Marianne Nlandu4 (16 days ago)
Prof ďanglait 4ème😄😄
Brice Duprat (7 days ago)
Antonin ROUX (1 month ago)
C nulle
Xx- Mineur (2 months ago)
4 e3 crr78 ma gueule
Ryan Mechan (2 months ago)
Epic Orca (4 months ago)
Great artwork.
SWIIIZ (5 months ago)
Prof d'anglais. Seconde 5
El's_eggos ST (6 months ago)
Hey 7b1
Martin Moal (1 year ago)
Prof d anglais 4e5
Mlle Biscotte (2 days ago)
Martin Moal moi ausssi
Brice Duprat (7 days ago)
Moi aussi
Reagan Douglas (2 years ago)
Great quote in this: "Even in our moments of personal high drama, we're actually just imitating the media we consume. We might think we're living desperately original lives, but are we?"
Love this video! Feel free to check out our channel for more pop art related videos, specifically Andy Warhol!

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