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To The Moon (PC) Review

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Here is my review and thoughts on the very unique and creative game 'To The Moon'! Definitely a very interesting experience, with a very different storyline. Not a lot like this out there, which is pretty neat. My YouTube pal dustinkreis recommended it to me and definitely check out his channel which is here: http://www.youtube.com/user/dustinkreis :) Also, here is a link Freebird Games, the developer of 'To The Moon'! http://freebirdgames.com
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Thot Ramen (12 days ago)
I shouldn't have watched this review. Should've marked spoilers.
Erasmo Rayon (4 months ago)
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tonanon (2 years ago)
yeah, tough gril you are!
Ian Li (3 years ago)
Why you don't find it sad is because it's a more complex story than you think, but takes a while to understand.
Lamain Diclonius (4 years ago)
i think the puzzles are there to take your mind off the game so u wont end up having a heart attack from all the crying :/  they kinda saved my life :(
Hikizuru (4 years ago)
Just finished it in one sitting, didn't really find it sad except for a few parts but I actually found myself crying because of how beautiful it was...which I can't recall ever doing for something before.
Gorilla Monsoon (4 years ago)
Today I played "To The Moon" for the first time. I spent nearly the entire duration so deeply entrenched in its story that I can say that I didn't have a dry eye the entire time. I played it all the way through in one sitting; it was easily one of the most emotionally powerful games I've ever played. "Final Fantasy VII," "Ico," "Shadow of the Colossus," "Braid," and "Journey" have been among the very few games to grab me by the heart and never let go. Now "To The Moon" joins their ranks as a game that was so much more than that. It was an experience I will remember for many, many years to come.
Nice review! Gave a different perspective from other reviews!  :D
Cool (4 years ago)
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newcoolnarutard1 (4 years ago)
Just finished this game about five minutes before posting this comment - so many feels, so many tears. I absolutely loved this game and I so glad my brother told me to play it.
SurvivalHorror100 (4 years ago)
Don't really understand how you didn't find this game sad. It's arguably the saddest game of all time.
timj11dude (5 years ago)
Nice review. In terms of how emotional it was, it would've been useful to have some reference to what other games you think affected you more or less than this game did, so one could have a frame of reference from their own experiences of those titles.
Patrick Mulligan (5 years ago)
I had a few bad days after playing the game.I think it depends on how you view the events of the story. From my view it was very sad and depressing while others focused on the more upbeat parts of the ending.
Wary Trout (5 years ago)
  I liked the games story a LOT but it was way too simplistic and short, I literally beat it in one sitting (6 hours straight though lol).  It just felt extremely on rails but I actually cried at the Twins scene and I haven't cried from a game in a really long time.
Ian Li (3 years ago)
+Gary Glitter Actually it's more complex.
Kosmozer0 (4 years ago)
Please keep spoilers out of review videos in the future, not that I haven't played the game but you will ruin it for the next person.
Cow (5 years ago)
Actually, the game is really good. It has a very beautiful story.
Ryu BLADE (5 years ago)
UGH hipster alert - this game is shit by default if a hipster likes it; i know all i need to know within 10 seconds of this video; hipster garbage it is.
Robbinia2004 (5 years ago)
now, I would really like to know which part it was that made you cry... ;)
A Literal God (6 years ago)
sometimes >hype< can be a spoiler in and of itself so it's i "try" not to buy into superfluous hyperbole cos it can sometimes lessen the experience
yerra42315 (6 years ago)
So pretty... and I agree the game is so deep, I like this masterpiece more than all of those crap games this year combined
doomwaves (6 years ago)
Finally watched this because I finished the game... LOL! Totally agree with you.. Very sad & definitely got teary eyed, but not near as much as I thought I would. It is excellent tho!
MrNorwegianNOOB (6 years ago)
Half the apeal of this game is that the story told well in a short time. Five hours sounds very nicewhen I think of most of the games on my to-play-list.. Lots of looong jrpgs.. Because I play
femtrooper (6 years ago)
I agree! I think I didn't cry because I expected to and perhaps it was over-hyped? Either way it was a really cool game and I hope more games like it get made.
femtrooper (6 years ago)
Awesome! I definitely have to check out those two titles you mentioned as I haven't played those yet!
TriforceRich (6 years ago)
It was a great game or experience should I say. I didn't cry either, which is surprising because I really expected to. Maybe I was just told I was going to cry by everyone and so I was prepared? I mean only two games have ever made me cry anyway, but this goes into the several games that have made me feel very emotional but not quite the crying level. The game had a ton of substance for a short game. I wish more games would learn from the simplicity, yet complexity of this game
femtrooper (6 years ago)
Check it out, and see how you respond to it!
femtrooper (6 years ago)
Thanks, and yes I know what you mean, it really depends on the subject and the person.
femtrooper (6 years ago)
Yeah, it's pretty neat, check it out!
femtrooper (6 years ago)
Yeah, I've always wanted to get one of those RPG Makers, but oh man, I'm sure it takes forever to actually accomplish something.
femtrooper (6 years ago)
I meant that the guy who pretty much made the game is Canadian.
femtrooper (6 years ago)
Thanks! And you can't get it for Mac? I didn't even look on their site to be honest, but I bet you can!
femtrooper (6 years ago)
Ah, true true. It was very interesting! It was kind of neat how complex such a short game could be. And yes, perhaps my heart is made of stone, lol, but the more I think about it, it becomes more touching and sad in my head.
r0b0m1r0 (6 years ago)
What a smile at 4:58!
Ausluc007 (6 years ago)
if it even made a soldier shed a tear, than it must really evoke alot of emotion. i gotta check this game out.
JakalairVG (6 years ago)
Nice job reviewing this game. With games like this it is often hard to explain what is going on without spoiling it, but you did an amazing job. I think different things are going to tug at peoples heart strings differently. I was in the Army and love Shakespeare, so when someone gets up to give a great speech at that critical moment I get a little choked up
BLACK ROSE WAR (6 years ago)
SHIT Its made with RPG maker! Awesome!
GN0LAUM (6 years ago)
The creator is "essentially Canadian". What does that mean?
dustinkreis (6 years ago)
Paige McBeth, heart of stone haha. I guess of me it really hit home because his wish ended up not being for him and it made me think about things that I regret and would change. Plus I went into it when no one was talking about it haha.
UltimateFloyd1 (6 years ago)
Great review! I really want to play this but oh the woes of having a MAC.
trance dj (1 year ago)
F a mac. evil evil mac. mac is the nazi germany of computers.

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