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Alexander McQueen ➤ Fall/Winter 2009/2010 (Full HD)

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Vincenzo Furcas (1 month ago)
Semplicemente fantastico.
mao zeDONG (1 month ago)
Im here for 3:50
sarah halton (1 month ago)
this was magnificent I have chills
codebrker24 (1 month ago)
What I thought then and now was that he put Chanel Chanel~~!
Jose Ortiz (1 month ago)
That intro was badass! Loved it!
camaleon9 (2 months ago)
This makes me think on Grace Jones all across the show.
Tattooo Me (2 months ago)
make up inspired by Marilyn Manson
NTH THN (2 months ago)
10:23 the fact that she can move her arms make that Body Amor more appealing.
NTH THN (2 months ago)
8:50 I want that cage :3
NTH THN (2 months ago)
That headpiece at 5:21 is everything!!!
NTH THN (2 months ago)
This collection is LEGENDARY.
saeeda hunter (2 months ago)
This is why they called him a savage!!
Ibkahn bahim (2 months ago)
His soul was claimed by the devil...
# (2 months ago)
Unfortunately not the real audio
Adriana Granadoz (2 months ago)
The best modeling show I've ever seen.😳
Adriana Granadoz (2 months ago)
Wow. The first time I'm wowed by what I considered to be silly ....but this was clothing art as well as human. Loved how they would do their poses and throw in some attitude.
Tika Nguyen (2 months ago)
Speechless! We miss you Lee. May you rest in peace.
Elhadji Lo (3 months ago)
Rich women in expensive clothes... still grumpy lol
Milos Jovic (3 months ago)
Best fashion show ever!
Lynn Troller (3 months ago)
AzDesertFoxx (4 months ago)
Oh my dog...…...so beautiful! I adore the hounds tooth flouncy/ruffled dress. Swoon!!
Will’s WJW Channel (5 months ago)
This man was such a genius. I can't even describe how his shows make me feel.
Pietro Pete (5 months ago)
I'm so impressed and in love with Lee as a person and as designer...such a waste to have him no more :-(
from37on (5 months ago)
Damn! What a talent... R.I.P
TheEduardopoke (5 months ago)
4:43- 4:50 Me arriving at your funeral
Alistair Stepien (5 months ago)
It truly takes you somewhere else watching this show. Rip
David Loaeza (6 months ago)
Trash, always copying Galliano’s CD work. I’m glad you’re dead you fucking copycat.
Machine Time (8 months ago)
This is what fashion should be looks like.
Dave Torrealba (8 months ago)
Borracha Falante (9 months ago)
2:12 pied de poule realness
Richard Morales (10 months ago)
Does anyone have a playlist!?
Richard Morales (10 months ago)
Diana Z (10 months ago)
Sand (1 year ago)
Where can I find it in the better quality? Thanks
Luiz Carlos Feitosa (1 year ago)
Qual o significado disso mesmo? Que coisa esquisita. São seres terrestres ?
J Vega (1 year ago)
Alexander McQueen shows are very Halloween
Sylla Atlas (1 year ago)
The horn of plenty. What a masterpiece.
Syd James (9 months ago)
Most amazing and mesmarizing fashion show ever. Simply Out of this world. Nothing short of genius. I m not into fashion yet i find this awe inspiring. I suppose genius transcendes all.
Carlos Martinez (1 year ago)
This isn't fashion. This is ART.
Yukiko (25 days ago)
I think so too.It's ART.
kenny Choi (1 month ago)
That's why I like Alexander Mcqueen different from other fashion house
joussefysf (11 months ago)
news flash: Fashion IS art
KIRE (1 year ago)
Vanessa Zi (1 year ago)
These girls cant walk
MSRyu Yumimoon (2 months ago)
You saw the shoes they were wearing right, also the headwears and some of the dresses as well? And they were pretty much instructed to walk slowly This show was a mockery after all
Danielle Hudak (1 year ago)
Reminds me a little of Marilyn Manson. Just BC of the makeup I guess..
LeChevalierPourpre (2 months ago)
R H oh so it’s commissioned? Good to know.
# (2 months ago)
LeChevalierPourpre  the music was edited in by McQueen themselves. It’s all Mekon… close mcqueen band for many years. A lot of designers do that, and it’s definitely not royalty free
LeChevalierPourpre (3 months ago)
In the actual show the opening song was Marilyn Manson - beautiful people (in a lot of these fashion show vids they find royalty free music with a similar vibe to the original songs.)
João Guino (1 year ago)
It's inspired by Leigh Bowery
renee martin (2 years ago)
Mr. McQueen...This is the best of the best!  Mr. Galliano is magnificent as well!
My favorite fashion show EVER
Stuart Simpton (3 months ago)
Juan Eduardo Cabezas Cáceres same.
Dissily Mordentroge (7 months ago)
Not mine. It does however go to show, no matter how brilliant the pieces, a bad lipstick job and a silly hat can ruin any outfit.
Matthews Kate (2 years ago)
This is one of those shows that just blows away ur senses. I was transported somewhere otherwordly left adrift in a world created by McQueen .flawless
TheKay830 (2 years ago)
why they don't do something useful instead of spending plenty of time to make these, it's not even cloth, even they are pretty and amazing. besides I bet it must be ridiculously expensive,and at least take a month to make just one of those massive pieces...kind of meaningless...
NTH THN (2 months ago)
MSRyu Yumimoon agreed. Many are extremely extra, yet can still be passed as wearable!
David Kent (2 months ago)
You literally came to an Alexander McQueen video and made this dumb ass comment... your ignorance is astounding.
ANA PANA (3 months ago)
He mixed every sences to make this art work if you will feel it all or not
Subin Hahn (3 months ago)
That's exactly what he wanted to tell from this show, to criticize haute couture industry where they produce a pile of crap every season lol
stvh B (1 year ago)
TheKay830 90% of them are wearable. just don't pay attention to the makeup and their extravagant headpieces.
Amtra1778 (2 years ago)
Some of the clothing designs are gorgeous but I don't some of the saran wrap looking hats?
music dewd (3 years ago)
Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter 2009-2010 music: 1. Mekon- Yes Yes Y'all 2. Mekon- Disco Bloodbath 3. Mekon Feat. Afrika Bambaataa -D-Funktional -remix 4. Siouxsie - Into A Swan (Mekon Mix) 5. Mekon - G.S.E. mixwd w/Call of the Wild Players - Call of the Wild 6. Tradelove - The Race (remix) 7. Pig - Inside
Mochila Creative (9 months ago)
the fashion show did - it was remixed by one of mcqueens friends mekon
Andreas Fiegenbaum (1 year ago)
Yes yes Yale y
A Littlefin (1 year ago)
This wasnt the original show music though when it debut live...who added this new music?
Lindsay Elan (5 years ago)
wow... goosebumps! fantastic video!!!
J.J. B.13. (5 years ago)
at last i found a clear version of this
ucha10 (6 years ago)
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR UPLOADING THIS!!!!!!!!!! this season is everything to me

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