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Blind Man SUPER FUNNY PRANK! 😂 Wait For It

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100 % (2 months ago)
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boss money (16 days ago)
Ollé la señora estaba buena jejeje
RAINY DAY (2 months ago)
This skit is funny because it has regret
Junior Amaya (20 hours ago)
Parte 2
Trollin92 (23 hours ago)
badabun its sh*t but the prank is good :v
sock it jeff (1 day ago)
that old lady was thirsty af
NEGAN (4 days ago)
Lmaoo, those girls wanted u though
Haizal Izwan (4 days ago)
I dunno khabib also do a prank 😂
Drāno drain cleaner (5 days ago)
Haha saw it on fb lol
Hilton Islandboii 680 (5 days ago)
This is gonna piss off blind people when they see this
Thresh Wayne (9 hours ago)
Laurence Xander thx for explaining the joke
Laurence Xander (13 hours ago)
+Sultan Alshamsi Stop about ur self. Ur the Joke
Sultan Alshamsi (13 hours ago)
Laurence Xander no it’s not stupid you are just an idiot that doesn’t get jokes You know what let me tell you a joke about planes. You know what it’ll probably fly over your head anyways
Laurence Xander (1 day ago)
+υмвяα ʝєαииє A stupid joke, oh yeah jokes are meant to be stupid.
+Laurence Xander ...that's the joke
Kiro Perida (8 days ago)
2:21 Starting that day, he learned his lesson..
Father Gasconie (9 days ago)
2:22 that guy wished he was never born
WOWitsANT (10 days ago)
The guy who pushed him should have been flattered that someone this attractive would be looking at him. Male or female. 😂😂😂
Armando Gonsales (11 days ago)
Idk Spanish but this was a very good video
BuzzFlow (12 days ago)
1:49 gotta be Indian 😂
X.Mixed. Baby.X (12 days ago)
Too Funny🤣🥵
Ghyserses (14 days ago)
2:03 aww my heart, i like the way he comfort him after the push and also feelinh guilty bout it. this vid its not just about a prank, it teach us not to act first, and told us how fragile human are
xxDylanProxx123 (14 days ago)
Give credits to the original video owner
C Martini (16 days ago)
Poor lady. She thought she was gettin' her a snack.
Ali3n (20 days ago)
he doesnt do leg day LOL
ASHISH SINGH (20 days ago)
Bro...Part 2 must 😝😝😝😝😝🤣🤣🤣🤣
Michael Prosper (20 days ago)
The lord took his time making that one XD
Arun Vk (21 days ago)
Gray Owlthousand (23 days ago)
Khris 504 (24 days ago)
2:22 :(
بلبل Hi (1 month ago)
ههههه أم الأحمر
Allyson Moretz (1 month ago)
I am blind too but this is funny....i am not offended
Enes Koç (1 month ago)
Will you make new one?
Nisha Nishoo (1 month ago)
Part 2 Please
Mason Archer7 (1 month ago)
Is he actually blind
Enes Koç (1 month ago)
Man you should make a lot video like that, I am sure it will be liked more and more
Nizam Masood (1 month ago)
No ending for the girl at 1:17. And even her face was pixelated. Does that mean he slept with her instead of pretending to be blind??? Haha
RaZZ z (1 month ago)
Lol superb
Fortnite S3k09 (1 month ago)
U deserve wayy more subs
Sebastian B (1 month ago)
The music was perfect when that guy pushed you😂
CR. 7 (1 month ago)
اكو عرب
makhdoom Rana (1 month ago)
Hehe. I am from Pakistan.. hahaha I like ur prank hhehehe
cheristar (1 month ago)
It's a good thing the guy in grey stop or else he would have been more of a jerk.
LMAOretarded (1 month ago)
the Girl with glasses, oh my god...You're damn beautiful 💗
mariano racelis jr. (1 month ago)
I like the babe in 0:31😍
Its verryyy sad
tavia warner (1 month ago)
Super funny!!
Ele Mesmo (1 month ago)
Mirko Stridi (1 month ago)
Grande! Ah ah
Juan Diego Pérez (1 month ago)
I really hate that homophobic man in 2:06 Society doesn't have enough tolerance
bRoNzE pLAyeR (8 days ago)
yeah dhnsdnbs his reaction really says alot... glad he at least understood the guy was "blind" and quit it.
You steal it from badabun but its ok xd
Julian Perez (1 month ago)
What happened to that red dress girl?
SYED SAQIB (20 days ago)
Thinking the same
Saul A (1 month ago)
2:26 he is looking into his soul
ranz t (1 month ago)
2:27 looks like miranda cosgrove from icarly
Other 49ers highlights (1 month ago)
Blind man Really made me sad he was trying to Enjoy some ice cream 🍨 But he feels Very Guilty in the End I’m Glad he Apologized
pinchi gato (1 month ago)
Badabun WTF is not that a mexican YouTube Chanel?
Isabella Rafael (1 month ago)
Blind or not If that ever happened to me i would have just walked away he is wayyyy to hot for me lol 😂😂😂😂
disphuggin flip (7 days ago)
If that’s you in your profile pic you cute, no mismatch.
Dauntless Harsh (1 month ago)
Girl in Red skirt picture
Dude (1 month ago)
LEGENDS SAY ...He's still licking that ice cream
stanbalo (1 month ago)
That is one hot guy!!! Perfect hot body..lean with full muscles
Sneaky Castro (1 month ago)
That girl with the book bag and braces fucking sexy
Jerry Sta Ana (1 month ago)
The girl with a maroon dress she's so pretty
AGENT 47 (2 months ago)
2:00 that boy must have felt like a depressed bitch after realising hes blind
Wilbert Manalo (2 months ago)
I would take advantage of this guy if he is really blind
Anonymous 101 (2 months ago)
The old Puta just thought she was Mrs.Beautiful looking like hammered dog shit.
Ketin Porta (2 months ago)
So fucking fake
fhamideas (2 months ago)
As a blind person it hurts to watch video like this, why would people react like that, is that because we're blind? 😞 this is so sad, i wouldnt recommend people like us watch this 😩
Ketin Porta (2 months ago)
fhamideas it's fake dude
nick seven (2 months ago)
Carlos condit sure knows how to play blind
Kedar Nigudkar (1 month ago)
hahaha... not just the looks, even the body types same!
Lucia Cajigas (2 months ago)
nick seven as
BUFF AF (2 months ago)
I like the nerdy looking girl at 1:08
Jonnel Sunga (2 months ago)
He looks like Zac Efron 🥰🤗
Yoongi's Toothbrush (18 days ago)
Not even my dude 😕
Kedar Nigudkar (1 month ago)
No he looks exactly like Carlos Condit!
steven cellugi (2 months ago)
0:42 would smash her exotic brains out.
Samantha Peters (2 months ago)
I don't like the licking noise.
Iltaf Ahmed (2 months ago)
lolzz great one the one is pushing
Ahmed H (2 months ago)
2.05:1st impression....Asshole 2.Sweetheart
berrouachedi hamid (2 months ago)
تجربة روعة
Medico Kokun (2 months ago)
No need to be a prick. Or get mad.
robert garcia (2 months ago)
why the blurred to the lady with red dress?
jusben atkinber (2 months ago)
Wtf...very good acting as a blind man
Mariefe Castillo (2 months ago)
ang gwapo naman kase putcha! 😂
OC TU (6 days ago)
Flying Boi (1 month ago)
HAHAAHAHA kalma ka lang
Shamil Taib (2 months ago)
Kōsen光線 (2 months ago)
Muito bom 😁😁😁😁😁😁💋
Kōsen光線 (2 months ago)
Muito bom 😁😁😁😁😁😁💋
Lil, Charmander (2 months ago)
I dont understand why some straight people go overboard and act physical Just because a Gay person was hitting on you or it seemed like it If anything They should take it as a dang compliment! Theres someone of the same sex that finds you to be🔥...dang I'll be proud of that If you dont like what you see Here's a suggestion ...just walk away
VinMarcial (2 months ago)
2:01 When you act so fast😂
babyb 214 (2 months ago)
Damn thats the most perfect body ive ever seen WOW
Electro ELECTRONIC (1 month ago)
then you dont know jeff seid
InCider Trading (2 months ago)
Ewww, stop creepi...oh he's attractive.
SYED SAQIB (20 days ago)
Lol best one
J Fett (2 months ago)
So fake
100 % (2 months ago)
Next Video In January 29
26DeislerFCB (2 months ago)
dont skip legs bro
xgames 1111 (2 months ago)
part 2 pleaseeeee...i wish it will be happen
Lam Yogur (2 months ago)
It’s so funny dude!!Love it and subscribe🤟🏻
haha (2 months ago)
kasuke yuchia (2 months ago)
the big guy should not have touch him first...he should have talk first before engaging tsktsk AKWARD!!😂
Iltaf Ahmed (2 months ago)
yeah very right
Shmulik Al Abdul (2 months ago)
Haram !!!
Mamnoon Hussain Blouch (2 months ago)
Osem one more
prateek tigga (2 months ago)
Sound effect is funny
666jon (2 months ago)
very good :D
Sam Fisher (2 months ago)
02:27 I like this girl. She so pretty
kasuke yuchia (1 month ago)
Me this one 2:53
AGENT 47 (2 months ago)
Go blind
What his ig ?
Maryjane Espina (2 months ago)
More please
karpetcabin (2 months ago)
Gonna start working out...
Aries Duke (2 months ago)
l wants more from this.. dude..hahah youre awesome
igor novak (2 months ago)
he looks like hes made of wax
Aaron Baker (2 months ago)
Dont Know what you was saying but mate do more of these
100 % (2 months ago)
No Problem just Subscribe to Our Channel
J (2 months ago)
Please keep making videos like this
Alan Redzepagic (2 months ago)
saynomore xyz (2 months ago)
Why break those poor girls heart lol
kasuke yuchia (2 months ago)
i dont know about break...they didnt even start anything yet? 😂

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