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The Secret Billionaires You've Never Heard Of

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Text Comments (86)
Crystar DeWolf (11 days ago)
Asset Rich - Cash Poor the Motto of Donald Trump. These people are not Hidden, just not well known. If you are looking for hidden billionaires or even hidden millionaires you aren't going to find them in a youtube video.
DAVID Stenton (6 months ago)
*seriously* you need to do a segment on the Rothschild's! There are currently 195 countries on earth, the Rothschild's control banking in *193* of them! Vast real estate, wineries, arms contracts, its staggering and thus family *IS* the poster child for old money, 350hrs & counting.....
Abhay Sharma (8 months ago)
The title should have named as billionaires most of the Americans never heard of because speaking of Mukesh Ambani it's like more than a billion people know him and same for Huateng ma in China.
Chubby Chibi Club (8 months ago)
True story, my best friend is the heir to a multi-billion dollar fortune and I can promise you've never heard of him, he and his family are VERY low pro
Chris Snyder (8 months ago)
Really, you didn't think we knew who the founder of Google is? [email protected] Ok, you may not know such things but don't deflect your short-comings onto others. Makes you seem like an ignorant, twat, hack. Not even going to bother watching past this fail.
Lary Mayotte (8 months ago)
And if you look back at them in history you will find they are all just rich criminals..... just like ALL politicians every where.
T Hyde (8 months ago)
I'm a fan of "Slim's" style.
6th Wilbury (8 months ago)
Title: The Secret Billionaires You've Never Heard Of. First guy on the list: someone pretty much everyone has heard of.
screenwriterjohn (8 months ago)
All those billions buy a lot of fortune cookies. Get it?... No, it's not racist!
Erik S (8 months ago)
I'm not sure Hui Ka Yan appreciates being called the Chinese Donald Trump these days, especially given the covfefe's dumb trade war with China. Though it would be somewhat hilarious if he opened a casino in Atlantic City, called it Hui Taj Mahal, and it was wildly successful.
Thomas Soubirous (8 months ago)
Ever heard about Prince Moosa Bin Shamsher, richest man in Bangladesh, arm dealer and founder of Datco, the company supplying poor rural Bangladeshi workers to Middle East construction industry? He is a billionaire too, offered 5 millions pounds to Tony Blair in 1995, and never wear the same suit twice. Worth the look
DenseAlloy (8 months ago)
10:19 $20 million sounds like a lot. But he's worth $70 billion. He gave .02857143% of his net worth. It's awesome he did it but $70 billion is just hard to grasp.
81killscontent (8 months ago)
I've watched every single biographics video and every today I found out video how did I just now find this channel?
dippst (8 months ago)
bernard is NOT the 3rd richest person. warren buffet is.
Tommy Kelly (8 months ago)
I can't say I'm jealous of them, but I also can't say I respect any of them. Most of their wealth is based on the mere luck, not extraordinary mental talents.
Trailerpark040304 Parker (8 months ago)
Talk about times people have fell from great heights and lived
Christian kathryn Grimes (8 months ago)
i like how layed back number 1 seems to be
Lenard Segnitz (8 months ago)
Thank you for rounding out the list of candidates for the guillotine. The top few, the really grotesquely ostentatious are easy to spot. It's these humble ones the coming revolution have a hard time finding and building a case against.
#0 Satoshi Nakamoto Estimated net worth: All the money, #1 world's richest person and nobody even knows his real name
Matthew Hannah (8 months ago)
You gotta a better than Simon I’ve heard of every one except 6, yes I study the rich list but there’s more than 2000 in the world
Max Ant (8 months ago)
Have you ever heard of Forbes magazine?
Axxess Mundi (8 months ago)
Kudos to pronouncing the name Jorge correctly! It's often mispronounced.
Sandy Kd (8 months ago)
All that money and still can’t buy happiness.
naughtyUphillboy (8 months ago)
Many have money and are happy as well......
Nicholas Jackson (8 months ago)
I liked my own comment. Just to get the ball rolling.
William Morey-Baker (8 months ago)
such a stupid list. these are extremely well known billionaires. how about you do some research and look into Trusts and their likely benefactors
Johnny Pereira (8 months ago)
Hard to believe John Paul DeJoria isn’t on this list.
A.S. Holmes (8 months ago)
No African billionaires on the list? The only continent that is left out....
Lenard Segnitz (8 months ago)
Isabel Dos Santos, Angola, made her fortune by having her father steal it from Angola and putting her in charge of it. Portugal is all too happy to help her pillage Angola and transfer her wealth there. But she's worth "only" $2.8 billion. African billionaires are traitors to their continent. They got their fortunes by helping Western colonialists pillage African wealth.
Terry Weaver (8 months ago)
I don't admire these "people" and I have ambition. Ambition to over through the capitalist class and bring about communism.
Lenard Segnitz (8 months ago)
This list and Forbes on-going tally make the perfect list of candidates for the guillotine. We socialists have a couple of options. 1 - let the current system get so obscenely broken that the masses have no choice but to take up arms or starve. 2 - found worker co-operatives to show a better alternative. Both have the drawback of being temporary. The pendulum of history infuriatingly keeps swing back toward a Gilded Age decades after a world calamity to bring on socialism. Perhaps we're doomed to repeat history every 80-100 years.
Terry Weaver (8 months ago)
Remember to keep your gun loaded while cleaning it ;)
George (8 months ago)
Terry Weaver the best way to bring communism is to drink plenty of antifreeze !
John Spera (8 months ago)
All that money; WOW! To have just a piece of that...LOL
VCColey (8 months ago)
Awesome video
Chris Balfour (8 months ago)
Who wants to follow a billionare? (the reality show where you get roughed up by bodyguards)
vizionthing (8 months ago)
No Rothschild' s?
DressiKnights (8 months ago)
Plus they aren't entirely unknown. The list was of mostly unknown billionaires.
vizionthing (8 months ago)
Lenard Segnitz what a sound and concise reply!
Lenard Segnitz (8 months ago)
Rothschild fortunes are much diminished. Yes, back in the day (1700-1800s) they were bankers to kings. Since then there loads of others in the game. There are a few Rothschilds in banking, and still worth multi-millions, but they're just run-of-the-mill investment managers now. It's pretty common for mega-fortunes to diminish with subsequent generations. You barely hear about the Carnegies or Rockerfellers today. Lots of reasons why. Reversion to the average: the founder of the fortune is a special kind of genius/psychopath in special circumstances that later generations simply can't replicate. Competition: one great fortune attracts others into the same industry all with the goal of trying to be as rich as the first guy, but the joke's on them because the first guy got rich because he had a monopoly. Great fortunes diminish for similar reasons why monarchies fail. The founder is a bolt of lightning, a black swan. While it's not impossible for later generations to be as brilliant or psychopathic it's really, really unlikely.
Eoin Sweetman (8 months ago)
Not a Saud in sight either, and they have a country named after them.
Spicy Chad (8 months ago)
The family is believed to have over a trillion, so no.
The Winspear (8 months ago)
A person has a $1,000,000,000 but spends some of their money are they still Billionaires or are they Millionaires?
Do the math...
Void Echo (8 months ago)
This list is disgusting. Not because of what theyv done to achieve this, but they hoard the wealth they have and never consider helping those in need, like getting out of unreasonable debt, helping to get rid of poverty, etc.
Tom Frazier (8 months ago)
This calls to mind people who want to break people down because they are there. Billionaires with a public persona come across as jerks, even "Philanthropic" ones. If so many of the "1%" are jerkish, the same percentage of the 99% must be so.
B. Tisdale (8 months ago)
You imply that "those in need" would use the money more responsibly than those "hoarding". I grew up in a poor, inner city environment (as far as poor goes in the U.S.), and for every family that used donations/benefits for food, schooling, etc, there were three more who used them them to buy drugs or Jordans. Obviously that's not a credited statistic, but just giving someone money because they "need" it can be entirely irresponsible.
VipeITup (8 months ago)
20mil is not alot to them abort 0.5% of The wealth. The problem is even if a person wanted to give away all ther 70b tö cheerity its not that easy. They have to set up a company for it prob. Why a individual shoud not be able to own that mutch
vizionthing (8 months ago)
pretty nonsensical - nope probably many houses with many floors, and income will be sweet for all the hard work put in - so it looks like both your statement and question fail on all points.
Void Echo (8 months ago)
vizionthing both boy
Al Snow (8 months ago)
Beard game strong my dude
That Guy Again (8 months ago)
Being anonymous is now a better option then trying to be famous online, best way is to just have a persona like some youtubers do and stay away from the public eyes That way you can have a Normal Life plus a Persona
Jame C (8 months ago)
I'm gonna go pop some tags, only got twenty dollars in my pocket, really, i only got twenty dollars left in my wallet.
Rachel Robert Davies (8 months ago)
5 more years and this whole list will be filled with Chinese.
Abhay Sharma (8 months ago)
Americans are getting triggered by this comment, They often can't accept any other country succeeding in any terms by theirs.
Lenard Segnitz (8 months ago)
No they won't. The Chinese government is dedicated to infrastructure spending and alleviating poverty. Goals like these are detrimental to building individual fortunes. Sure, there are some Chinese billionaires but given the size of the Chinese economy there are a tenth as many by American standards.
servomoore (8 months ago)
Meh. They said the same thing about Japan in the early 90s.
Adam Jensen (8 months ago)
I'm gonna go out on a limb and say almost everyone of these assholes is a lefty even though the left wants everyone to think all rich people are conservatives. Gullible bastards.
The Government is Lying (8 months ago)
Lol hm yea probably all satanists or pedophiles, or partaken other nefarious activities and stay under the radar.
Shantanu Shekhar (8 months ago)
No way is Mukesh on this list.. Pls see his shambolic home n tell me he wants to be discreet
Shantanu Shekhar (8 months ago)
@Jonathan *sitting purposeless in life.. Rambling on things cluelessly.. Pretending to be erudite while missing the point entirely * Which is that apart from having 3 commas in his name Ambani shares naught with these People. I really hope I don't become a fine dysfunctional tubelight like urself. Cos I cant blink away my life like that. 🙏
Jonathan (8 months ago)
*watches a video about billionaires he doesnt know about* *sees a billionaire he knows about* "Man that guy shouldnt be on this list because i know about him forget about everyone else" wew lad well some logic escapes you there my friend, if you dont see anything wrong with this conversation thus far then continue with life you will enjoy it alot more than me :D
Shantanu Shekhar (8 months ago)
@Jonathan I wouldn't and the guy has the richest personal home in the world. All I m saying is amongst these luminaries he clearly does not belong. Odd one out by far. Not my fault if u don't know..
Jonathan (8 months ago)
You would lose that bet billionaires have ridiculous homes and properties in general...the theme for this video is not discreet but ones we've never heard of which he is for most people outside of india man lol.....
Shantanu Shekhar (8 months ago)
@Jonathan I bet not as much as this guy.. N still he is not discreet in any sense of the word. Just cos he is Indian does not mean it is discreet.
Pistos En Agape (8 months ago)
Stop the background music!
GigawingsVideo (7 months ago)
The background music sounds like that sad trailer for Dead Island game.
Cloudy . (8 months ago)
Yeah, made it kinda hard to focus.
Arthur Van Rodds (8 months ago)
They took way too seriously the word "secret"
Inna Te'o (8 months ago)
These are all tied up in assets. How much do they have in the bank.. Me : 0.50
T Hyde (8 months ago)
Does it matter, the fact is money is all fiat these days, so isn't production capacity more valuable?
Inna Te'o (8 months ago)
@Dakota M Thanks for clearing that up!!!
Dakota M (8 months ago)
Having money in the bank is one if the worst things you can do with it. Not only does it not make you more money but every day it is actually worth less due to inflation.
B. Tisdale (8 months ago)
Joel D so is a sense of humor.
Joel D (8 months ago)
Inna Te'o assets are more important than cash you nitwit.
Ronald McDonald (8 months ago)
My goal in life is to impregnate Oprah and put her on child support
Vsure79 (8 months ago)
Dave Chappelle had that same goal....lol
Spicy Chad (8 months ago)
She never eats McDonald's, only Taco Bell. The chihuahua from TB has so much seductive charm, it's unfathomable to mortals.
Ken Fulton {Baby Elder} (8 months ago)
What did the blanket say to the bed? 
 Don't worry, I've got you covered!
King of Arabia (8 months ago)

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