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MakeMyTrip.com - Best Online Travel Agency

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Makemytrip.com India's best travel agency offers Holiday Packages, cheap air tickets and Hotels in India. An inside of its old office
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Vincent Joseph (2 years ago)
MakeMyTrip has no transparency .... they should be brought under the RTI Act. Efforts are being made to have Regulatory Body for such online travel agencies. They have a mind of their own when it comes to "REFUNDS" .......
Jay Thattai (7 years ago)
Biggest bullshit on earth by Makeymytrip..They have delayed paying back my cancellation refund for 6 months now..I have got emails to say the refund will be processed in 5 days and its already half of the year.Their accounts department do not have a number..And the customer service representatives do not know how to do a call transfer..After being on call with an hour for the 8th time I am still in the same situation..Watch out folks!!!

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