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[60fps Full] Blackjack ブラックジャック - Megurine Luka 巡音ルカ Project DIVA English lyrics Romaji subtitles

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Cool Luka!!!(`・ω・´)/ オフィシャル Official Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIc8j0oMAW8 オフィシャル Official Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnvBg4R9AqAP6r-DIVFDWLw SEGA Project DIVA Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6FTMCuI9X2ggdMiKFpRukw Outfit names. Time / Japanese / English 0:00 巡音ルカ / Megurine Luka 0:07 巡音ルカV4X / Megurine Luka V4X 0:20 リクルーター / Recruiter 0:43 VFスーツ / VF Suit 1:00 テンプテーション / Temptation 1:24 フローラル / Floral 1:37 サクセサー / Successor ( ゆちゃP Yucha-P Black jack PDA FT Project DIVA Arcade future tone VOCALOID ボーカロイド ボカロ English lyrics Romaji subtitles アーケード PV鑑賞モード ProjectDIVAArcade外部出力 Dance googoo888 巡音 ルカ )
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Text Comments (1643)
真菜 小松 (4 days ago)
シHatsune Mikuツ (5 days ago)
*Luka* *is* *so* *SeXy* yeapp 😜
Space Unicorn (6 days ago)
Space Unicorn "estubo" aquí
Shinigami Kitsune (12 days ago)
I shit you not: I was just listening to Blackjack by Cupcakke and getting my weave snatched, *and this masterpiece came in the suggestion bar. What did I do? I clicked.*
yeah luka!!!
Realafah (17 days ago)
Man, I wish I could just dance, and at the end have a lot of money thrown at me. Oh wait, that is a thing.....uh....never-mind, never-mind
Cwit COCO (17 days ago)
0:00 1:14 trop bien
YuriOnEdge (21 days ago)
Yahya RWBY (29 days ago)
Luka best girl in vocaloid
NekoPal (1 month ago)
VF Suit is rlly my favorite
YuriOnEdge (1 month ago)
Kevin Cancino (1 month ago)
😲 😎 😍 💜 😈 MI WAIIFU 😏
sirius puppet (1 month ago)
When I hear it i think: she played us and won our heart
Night Fall (1 month ago)
This reminds me of the anime Kakegurui
Thomas Cooper (1 month ago)
ебаный уста этого казино блять
にゃんこ大先生 (1 month ago)
セクシーで良いね~! 再生ボタンを、もう一回
Luan Roberto (1 month ago)
2019 Baby
Yuri on Edge (1 month ago)
January 30 will be Luka's 10th anniversary!
PokeNerd Animations (1 month ago)
花凛 (1 month ago)
露出が少ないのにエロいって何( °_° )
kermit leh frog (1 month ago)
Me when I won a roast battle.
Ray michells (1 month ago)
A Luka le queda más esta canción
Pit- Chan (2 months ago)
Luka "I come with the sexiest boobs and legs"
ムースローリー (2 months ago)
Shrimp (2 months ago)
Oh I'm gay now
klimkyMay (2 months ago)
господи я поразмыслила снова реклама азино три топора началась
KAZ MZ2 (2 months ago)
0:26 HIT ME 0:29 HIT ME 0:30 HIT ME 0:33 iF YoU oNlY wAnT tO gEt My aTtEnTiOn
Pit- Chan (1 month ago)
Pit- Chan (2 months ago)
this song shows that Luka is sexier then miku
Minty The Hedgehog (3 months ago)
0:43 Her clothes are so beautiful
Minty The Hedgehog (3 months ago)
I love Luka so much!
Alan Wells (3 months ago)
"don't touch me because I sh*t on a car." - Luka!
Anna Chiu (3 months ago)
Sadly there's no more project diva now...... Because the company was broke and closed down
Fluffy Daddy (2 months ago)
+Anna Chiu Dingo only did the Psp games, after Extend they did nothing else in the series.
Anna Chiu (3 months ago)
+YbioloidY It's Dingo
YbioloidY (3 months ago)
Don't be ridiculous. SEGA is fine.
Alexane Rose (3 months ago)
Fun fact : the heart tattoo on her third costume means the user is a prostitute Makes sense if you ask me
YbioloidY (3 months ago)
Fact? from where?
marsiie (3 months ago)
The amount of “Gay for luka” I am just skyrocketed
どきんちゃん (4 months ago)
Misukuri (4 months ago)
I kill restart button.
Misukuri (4 months ago)
Mou ikkai!
scxr (4 months ago)
*t h i c c*
Mèo Daska (4 months ago)
Money ! 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑
SAYURIKO SAYAMADA (4 months ago)
Megurine Myrte
tynite jo (4 months ago)
luka gets me on
tynite jo (4 months ago)
luka gets me on
lexiflower 1224 (4 months ago)
Mettaton has left the server.
Kenken 1010 (4 months ago)
madisonschmidt5110 (4 months ago)
커버보컬Rose Quartz (4 months ago)
Fanny Chocobar (4 months ago)
Cool fantastic luka favorite
Pretax Sugar (4 months ago)
I love Luka!!!!
hawaiidkw (4 months ago)
[A projection room. Meiko is standing at the front next to the projector and facing Mew, Clara, Maika, Sachiko, Cyber Diva, and Ruby. They all look extremely angry.] Meiko: This outrage has gone on for far too long! Like a horrifying plague, this insult to our very being has spread out of control! We, the gorgeous and sexy women of Vocaloid, SHALL TAKE NO MORE! [Loud roars from the gathering.] Meiko: Every one of us epitomizes the infinite beauty and grandeur of this great phenomenon called Vocaloid! Our loveliness exceeds that of a thousand acres of flowers, our voluptuousness the envy of the grandest of goddesses! And yet, whenever our so-called masters need an example of Vocaloid womanhood, who do they always choose? LUKA! [Boos and jeers from the gathering.] Meiko: Producers, fashion designers, concert organizers, graphic artists, photographers, publicists, it doesn't matter! They always go to Luka! They refuse to even acknowledge that we exist! [More boos and jeers.] Meiko: Just look at this! [Meiko turns on projector and goes through the slides.] Meiko: Luka in a minidress! Luka in tight jeans! Luka in a cheerleader outfit! Luka in a catsuit! Luka in a halter top and hot pants! Luka in a halter top and cutoffs! Luka in a miniskirt! Luka in a microskirt! Luka in a one-piece! Luka in a slightly more revealing one-piece! Luka in a sports bikini! Luka in a regular bikini! [Everyone's faces start to get flushed and Meiko starts breathing more heavily.] Meiko: Luka in a lace teddy and panties... Luka in a three-quarter cup bra, hiphugger panties... garters... and stockings... [She quickly turns off the projector and points her thumb to the side, and the entire gathering makes a hasty exit.] = 30 MINUTES LATER = [Everyone slowly enters the room in a somewhat dishevelled state. Meiko returns to the projector and turns it back on.] Meiko: Okay, where were we... Luka in slacks and pumps! Luka in a cyclist outfit! Luka in a cyclist outfit with shorter pants legs! Luka in a gothic lolita dress! Luka in a school uniform! Luka in one of those undersized fetish school uniforms! Luka in a cocktail dress! Luka in a lace teddy! Luka in a thong lace teddy! [Everyone's faces start to get flushed and Meiko starts breathing more heavily.] Meiko: Luka in one of those swimsuits consisting of two circles barely covering the areolas and a tiny, tiny strip of cloth over the good stuff, connected by what looks like shiny dental floss... [She quickly turns off the projector and points her thumb to the side, and the entire gathering makes a hasty exit.] = 30 MINUTES LATER = [Everyone very slowly enters the room, their clothing an utter mess.] Meiko: Okay, we need to rethink this. Same time tomorrow? [Murmurs of assent, and everyone leaves the room. They run into Luka on the way out.] Luka: Oh, you're done. Listen, I'm free tonight, so if anyone wants to... Meiko: We're good, thanks.
hawaiidkw (24 days ago)
Look, I think it's been obvious for a _very_ long time that of all the Vocaloids, Utauloids, Voxloids, MMDloids, YouTubloids, Animloids, and various other stripes of loids that Meiko is crazy in love with, Luka is definitely the one that would hypothetically earn you the most savage bone-shattering organ-rupturing beatdown from her should you ever suggest that their love is wrong. I say "hypothetically", of course, due to the fact that her immediate reaction would be to Bosconovitch slap you into the next prefecture, whereupon a different Vocaloid would undoubtedly find you, notice your critical condition, sigh heavily, and rush you to the nearest ER before she could follow up.
sirius puppet (1 month ago)
Meiko.. are you inlove with her???
恋Ren (5 months ago)
Luka is *thicc*
ミ꽃옐하 (5 months ago)
아ㅠㅠ 루카짱 너무예뻐ㅠㅠ
Ale Cookie (5 months ago)
Siempre que veo este video mi vista no se aparta de las piernas Luka xDDD
Iuri Gomes (5 months ago)
0:55 beautiful
こま (5 months ago)
Miko La Veneno (5 months ago)
Only this song >>>>> all Miku's songs/vids
Hana (5 months ago)
I thought mou ikkai meant one more time or again ?
YbioloidY (5 months ago)
It does. And "hit me" is what you say in Blackjack when you want the dealer to deal you a card one more time.
toby (5 months ago)
Hana the translations for project diva aren’t always correct
すず (5 months ago)
Drunk Juice (5 months ago)
very hot very sexy
Lilly P (5 months ago)
Luka is like a gambling queen in this!
edda Mena (6 months ago)
que lindo tracero
Fry Johans (6 months ago)
The more i listen, the more i think Luka's going to take over the planet, not some terminators..
Tunakann (6 months ago)
My quality fell to about 3p when the coins dropped :p
Nonnie chu (6 months ago)
Ayyyy blackjack 2ne1
animator waifu (6 months ago)
Snatcher The Great (6 months ago)
Luka's aim is unstoppable!
Snatcher The Great (6 months ago)
Look at 0:39
Lauralee Palmer (6 months ago)
Angelic Melody (6 months ago)
The sassiness is real within Luka...
I say E-X you say O (6 months ago)
0:32 I was disappointed when she didn't throw the card at the 3rd "mou ikkai"
Purple755 • (6 months ago)
This is what happens when Megurine wins a gamble...
Koichi (6 months ago)
Underrated song
A Swede From China (6 months ago)
Me: *starts watching* Mom: *yells for me* Me: *pauses video to the part it says black* Me : *wispers under breath* racest
Emily Bohman (6 months ago)
damn she spicay XD
ghostcord (5 months ago)
Kakeguiri vibes?
Ajking15 Leporee (7 months ago)
Fumine _Nalu (7 months ago)
YES LUKA I❤️ YOU Juste pour les autre je suis une française
Alexis Collins (7 months ago)
This song looks and sounds awesome. I love when the coins fall from the ceiling
Simple Clary (7 months ago)
0:27 I love how she say " hit me " 😍
¡¡¡KrazeeHors!!! (7 months ago)
💩💩💩💩💩💩 Sydney Marshall 👎👎👎👎👎👎 ¡¡¡CONFIRMED!!!
Yuri on Edge (7 months ago)
Get outta here you pleb! How dare you compare the Goddess Luka to Len!?
Vincent Lau (7 months ago)
Luka is prolly my fav female vocaloid ^_^
toby (7 months ago)
Mine is v flower.
Deli Bermudez (7 months ago)
Mencata luka es demis personajes preferidos y esta cancion mencata
rgm rgms (8 months ago)
Anyone PO her Dollfie Dream?
rgm rgms (8 months ago)
Love v4x outfit. Great timing.
Rita Du Plessis (8 months ago)
That is bloody good 3D model of "Luka"!
X DIAMOND WING (8 months ago)
•Ferry • (8 months ago)
Wut this song is only like 2 minutes long?!
Andrew Medina (8 months ago)
0:38 haha yes
creepy monter bhgamer (8 months ago)
One like for you
Karvin Fernando (8 months ago)
I love you and your songs Luka. 😊😉😆
Yasaal A. (8 months ago)
like si habla español :,D
Crystal Melodies (9 months ago)
I can literally hear Luka saying , " I'm better than all of you. I have better hair and legs than all those weak bitches." Lol😂
Never Platin (9 months ago)
https://youtu.be/pChVQ2NmMm8 just found this Len version 😍 he is so cute
Findercraft Worlds (9 months ago)
Delete comment
MythicalLunala (9 months ago)
I LOVE luka. She's my fav vocaloid!
TheEngineOfAFilm (9 months ago)
Let’s get our gambling freak on
space is strange (9 months ago)
Yo if there any kaito fan girls out there, check out the kaito version of this. It's awesome
pinsweb (10 months ago)
So cool and sexy. I like her changing the clothes when spinning.
Elizabeth White (10 months ago)
Luka woah there tone it down a bit
Kyouko Pocky lover12 (10 months ago)
S A K A K E G U R U I M A S H O U!

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