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TradingCoachUK (1 year ago)
Check out - Amazon's Deal of the Day! http://amzn.to/2xRUvK5
Mathew (3 months ago)
What's this show called so I can try to view it elsewhere in high quality? This is unwatchable. I'm just listening.
Mathew (3 months ago)
It's 2019 guys. How about some fucking HD.
Carol Ann Burke (1 year ago)
Catalin Harrison (1 year ago)
Kudos for the Video clip! Excuse me for butting in, I would love your thoughts. Have you tried - Schallingora Brain Reconstruction Scheme (should be on google have a look)? It is an awesome one of a kind product for learning how to acquire the mind of a millionaire without the headache. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my GF after a lifetime of fighting got astronomical results with it.
Russell Petrie (15 days ago)
41.30 got shafted by the middle man by the sounds of it
Without Prejudice (16 days ago)
Soros why is he in the west -
Robert Rodriguez (19 days ago)
john b (28 days ago)
Richard Branson london safe and secure🙈🙈🤐
Larkinchance (1 month ago)
Oh, the Victorian age? The time of Charles Dickens when London slum was squalor...We aren't there but they are working at it... He clear the fields of riff raff...Fuck you!
Still Tranquil (1 month ago)
Britain is tacky
Daniel Young (1 month ago)
Warren buffet has donated more than 45B$.... Bill Gates has given away more than 27B$... But still there millions of people living in poverty!! It means no one can change ur life except urself!!!! So stop vomiting ur shitty knowledge 😒😒😒
Micheline Burgett (2 months ago)
Send back those Diamond to Africa , their own those Diamond . Those Diamond aren't yours , give back to Africa . You took a way Their wealth . Africans must be a wake know . You keep stealing Africans , you Europeans their gold, their Diamond , their copper , etc... Stop stealing Africans Continent .
chuck Charles (2 months ago)
They can aquire all they want non of them brought anything to this world. They can't take anything out of this world. Seeing that death a necessary end will come when it comes.
HUGESTIR06 (2 months ago)
Yeah who cares about ending poverty for millions when someone can own a skull with diomonds encrusted!!!
Warren buffet has donated more than 45B$.... Bill Gates has given away more than 27B$... But still there millions of people living in poverty!! It means no one can change ur life except urself!!!! So stop vomiting ur shitty knowledge
HUGESTIR06 (2 months ago)
Yeah who cares about ending poverty for millions when someone can own a skull with diomonds encrusted!!!
Frederick Malouf (2 months ago)
The lead players made this happen and everyone towed the line. Start with Greenspan. They knew what would happen.
unboxing theboxx (3 months ago)
Lucky Lucky (3 months ago)
Incredible. I am happy for them however, I have got an offer to read my Masters but can not find 19, 000 pounds to fund my studies, how I wish a few of them can come to my aid.
Harles Veide (3 months ago)
All lies...what a load of horses..t!
Michele Conley Eckert (3 months ago)
The answer to the question is..... Education!
WhispersOnLy (14 days ago)
Michele is right but it's really " The Right Education ." If you know the path, you walk it and get there eventually unless death finds you first. Stay healthy*
that guy (3 months ago)
i was gonna disagree but u could be right
Luxus Häuser (3 months ago)
This reporter sounds like he's just landed on Earth and discovered all of these outrageous financial practices. Would love to see how much tax he chooses to pay if he ever becomes wealthy.
David Partee (3 months ago)
Of course the number of sub-prime loans defaulting went up, maybe they could've afforded to pay if they didn't hike the rates up 75%.
Bams9 (1 month ago)
@David Partee I wouldn't worry about it happening again though, it's not possible. This era of cheap credit is artificial & when the Boomers retire en mass & take their money with them, getting a loan is going to be a lot more expensive.
Bams9 (1 month ago)
@David Partee You're right. But it was probably inevitable with so much Baby Boomer money invested needing to find ever higher rates of return, the loans are going to reach everywhere. Ports in Angola & cities in the Dubai desert were also high risk but paid off.
David Partee (1 month ago)
@Bams9 well they're not profitable at all when a much higher percentage of them default. They were repackaged and sold as low risk investments so the companies thought they could home the rates and the people would pay yet it was just a bunch of sub-primes repacked and people couldn't afford to pay anymore
Bams9 (1 month ago)
But then they wouldn't have been profitable to loan out in the first place. The borrowers are high risk for a reason.
STEPHAN FEIBISH (3 months ago)
If money can't be borrowed by startups/companies directly. It has to be borrowed from a middle man. Adding a whole layer of overhead to the process. And making it less efficient, ... ==> startups/companies borrow directly from public. Except now the ultra wealthy have all the money. So where else do you get the money from. If 80% of the population can't afford a $400 emergency medial bill.
Ernst Eck (3 months ago)
Now do a video on the leverage losers.
Ernst Eck (3 months ago)
Baphomet banksters worship in the SINagogue of Satan.
Cb Rich (3 months ago)
Just Good vs Evil. make your choice life is short, hell is forever.
Miss Kealoha (3 months ago)
And imaginary
Zak Echikr (3 months ago)
this doc is ridiculous .NO SHIT if you make 1 billion for someone you expect more than 1 percent. If you're genius earned them a billion then paying you 200 million is not outrageous. Thats a 800 million profit. Either 800 million or nothing.
Aby a (3 months ago)
A Jet Fighter in your garden - !!!!...better than a garden gnome
Maria Makinen (3 months ago)
Money can't buy the best things in life.........
wick (3 months ago)
I am a rich banker but these guys are wayyyyy richer
Luis Moreira (3 months ago)
Bank’s were lending money they didn’t had !!
French Fry (3 months ago)
lol all these bad comments about rich people.. thats why you‘re poor, seeing wealth as a bad thing.
theflaca (18 days ago)
Correction! Bad comments about rich FOREIGN people. It's called an invasion.
Kevin Johnson (1 month ago)
The losers will always complain. There can literally be no other way for society to function; envy for those at the top will always be inevitable. The losers will also always disguise their envy under the facade of being "oppressed". The best thing though, is that for all of the complaining the masses do, *nothing changes* . The top always stay at the top, and there's always a ruling class that they follow, regardless of how much noise they make.
Nannie Martin (3 months ago)
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unboxing theboxx (4 months ago)
E C (2 months ago)
@Syndicat K perhaps you are right, Does it help him if his thought process is rich? Does it help if his educational background is rich? Or does it help them if he hangs out with rich people so that he would be rich minded as well? What you are stating is indeed ignorance. The poor is a symptom not a problem and you just throw your solutions at symptom and expecting it to solve problem. Take it from the medical doctor perspectives, the flu is a symptom, you take medicine to treat the symptom, not the problem. After which you have to tough it out until you feel better. See? When America or western civilisation comes up patriotic statements like *"we leave no men behind"*. Have you forgotten about the people back at home? What about your old parents? What about those that has help you get those resources? What about those that have help you to your standards of living? See? Your country has advance so much and so fast that you forgot to look behind you. And when those behind you tried to voice out, you keep moving forward. And those that have manage to get as close to you, voice out to you, you call them *sandbags*, *deadweight*. I dont agree with lazy people but what about those that have worked as agreed? How do you expect anyone from any nation to work with you, American mentality. It is as though you would employ cheap labour and then cast them aside when the job is done. IS that what you are planning to do with Vietnam? Myanmar? Philipines? Indonesia? Is this what you call in business you have to be ruthless? Is this the way you want to live your life? Your name in your profile, shows that you are hiding your identity, it would appear as though that you dont want to be identified, but would rather throw such statements without taking responsibility for it. Then you have no right at all, isnt it? Or is it fear? fear that you would be judge by others? Ah.... interesting.... you would call them poor and call them pro minded, mingle with poor people and have poor consequences. You would rather pass judgement onto others without being seen. Very interesting. But it is ok... Ill take your statements... and what i do with it... it would be none of your concern. Brilliant . more material for my work.
unboxing theboxx (2 months ago)
@Syndicat K You are right
Syndicat K (2 months ago)
You are poor, coz your thought procces is poor or your educational background is poor, or the people you hang out with are poor minded which makes poor minded as well.
E C (3 months ago)
you're not the only one.
Tarz Thomas (4 months ago)
I NEED HELP , I wish a Millionaire would help me out just to get started, if not With Money Than Spend some Time with me and Give me some guidance, i want to start a small Business, i grew up poor , ive made plenty of Mistakes as well but when your poor you have no where to turn when u make Mistakes or start a business and it fails and you have to regroup and try again, i have some good ideas but no way to start financially, money is a tool and when you dont have that tool its really tough So i just wish some millionaires especially ones that know for fact they have more than they will ever need and they will die with piles of money Would help someone like me just to Get started If your reading this and your a millionaire send me a message i want to start a business and if you help me start you can be part owner of the business, i have the knowledge from working in the industry i want to start a business in i did it for 20 years im 40 , i just do not have the Capital or Credit, or family with any means.
Tarz Thomas (2 months ago)
@Syndicat K thanks for your reply, i have opened a small business since i posted that. And there is another that i want to start, the 2nd thing i am extremely passionate about , and i have zero doubts that it will be successful. Have you ever heard the saying? "If you want to make a million dollars Solve a million dollar problem" This couldn't fit that saying any better. My hold up is its Very Very niche and i haven't yet figured out how to get a meeting with the people i need to meet. And how to get them to listen to me for at least 30 minutes.
Syndicat K (2 months ago)
A piece of advice for you: make a businessplan and go approach a venturecapitalist. If your plan is good and the venture-Capitalist blieves in you and your plan and sees opportunities for your business plan then they will finance your business plan. There is s program of these venture-Capitalists in USA and it is called the “Shark Tank”. Type Shark Tank in Youtube and see how people like you with sometimes Brilliant Ideas pitch their ideas to these rich guys and how these rich guys reponds to these ideas. Very inspiring and informative as well for you. Good luck!
Sentience (4 months ago)
a small loan
Anthony owen (6 months ago)
It's always amused me (and been part of the banking delusion) that bundles of debts are called 'securities'. As anyone who has ever held a debt knows, a debt is about as insecure as anything can be. Interesting that ALL major religions (except Judaism) have specified that credit and charging interest on credit is not allowed and is 'ungodly'..
Swift Allan (7 months ago)
Are these rich people "Happy"?
mohammed ibrahim (8 months ago)
We are not here to see what they made but to know how they make good bye
c hopkins (9 months ago)
I'm a winner. So are you!!!!
William Arrington Jr. (10 months ago)
SCHOOL LIBRARY TEST, ????????????????????????
Paymon (11 months ago)
2.2 million at 32 yrs old
Paymon (11 months ago)
That have and the Have mores. Education means NOTHING in wealth its Drive Risks and Patients and a no give up attitude I have been worth a mint and lost it all wont make me give up Education LMFAO I was expelled in year 9 Made 2.2 Million in Coffee and Food. NO EDUCATION NEEDED just TASTE BUDS and Good taste!! Education is a just a tool for some. I know people that can turn Hobbies into money do this you do something you love and now get paid for make it you don't work to earn first KEY rest work it out yourself's I had too on my own Net wasn't even willing to give this type of information. Oh and did I come from wealth NO I WAS A MARIJUANA DRUG DEALER in a commission home community got caught and decide on my holiday (JAIL/PRISON) I turn those drugs into COFFEE wooooooow THUG TURNED TYRANT! MONEY IS EVERYWHERE its need for Value is what people aren't targeting example's MEDICAL, FOOD, MIT, and DEFENSE Tape anyone of them see what comes out. TURN THAT PIMPLE INTO A SIST.
Electric Punishment (10 months ago)
Um, that made absolutely no sense at all.
Nanix1991 (11 months ago)
sub prime borrower => always a black person...
Stephen Cotton (11 months ago)
The person said that hedge funds are the top traders of US treasuries and other Euro gov instruments... and not the banks. The investment banks own their own hedge funds - so their name is not on the hedge fund - but they own part of or a controlling interest in other hedge funds or 100% own a hedge fund... to compete with the larger hedge funds. So it may appear that the large banks are not big players... but in fact they are still getting a healthy slice of the pie... just in an indirect way.
desmond brathwaite (11 months ago)
All I see is greed.
Geoff Bowcher (11 months ago)
Jewish bankers, war mongering wankers, controlling the lives of millions, public savant puppets to the vocal minority and the one percent uber rich .
bill curtis (11 months ago)
just kidnap them, they will stop faulting it
Alex Simon (11 months ago)
Charles Long (1 year ago)
Long Term Capital Management almost failed, but Greenspan bailed them out. Did Greenspan have any interest in LTCM?
Charles Long (1 year ago)
If you print up $1000 and loan it out, then when the person who borrowed it comes to pay it back, where does he get the money to pay you the interest?
Be ta (1 year ago)
USA we have a show called American Greed This video is no different, I'll call it "Globalist Greed" This is where government fail to protect it's people from con artist like this. I think they need to be behind bars with the rest of those who where in Americans Greed. Obama baled out the big corporations instead of helping Americans who where loosing their jobs and their houses Rich people pay with poor people like cat and the mice! That's why I use cash for everything and got rid of it credit cards. This need to stop
Simple Mind (1 year ago)
Last I check the sun came out for the poor and the rich at the same time. Stop whining and do something about your life.
Maria Arif (1 year ago)
because the white people don't care about the black people
RatherFatJewishMan (10 months ago)
Maria Arif why should they? Idiot
Maria Arif (1 year ago)
they are all using me and you all should use me too to make yourself rich
Maria Arif (1 year ago)
looks like the same pieces of white people
333jas (1 year ago)
The Fraudulent Reserve Bank along with the regular fraud banks caused the subprime crisis by lying to people that they had fixed interest rate loans rather than the variable rate loans they really had. Then once all the suckers were hooked in the Fraudulent Reserve came in and raised interest rates 17 times in a short period causing all variable rate loans to default.
333jas (1 year ago)
All these easy money hedge fund frauds will lose their asses during the 2006-8 housing and equity crash.
MarvelExtra (1 year ago)
"Now we ave 4.2 billion dollars." and he looked top right which means he was lying :D
Miss Kealoha (3 months ago)
I do that on purpose all of the time, just to fuck with people who believe that. 😂🙄😂
Delete Not Yet (1 year ago)
Why would they do this? When they could’ve kept the profits coming by making an honest loan that these people could pay. This was done on purpose as an act of economic warfare in my opinion. I Because greed is too simple of an excuse, and no one has been arrested or reprimanded for the evils they have committed. So no one got punished, is makes you think that this was done on purpose.
Paul Warren (1 year ago)
bbc salary quip at 24:06 .. Nearly 3.5million Brits have stopped paying their TV licence as it's 'out ... https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/5176188/bbc-tv-licence-stopped-brits-paying/ 27 Dec 2017 - OVER the past four years, almost 3.5million British citizens have decided not to pay a penny more to the BBC – the world's oldest broadcasting organisation. Until not so long ago, the Beeb was unquestionably a national treasure. So why have they stopped paying for it? Is TV licence tax out of date with
Laura Christianson (1 year ago)
They kill toy stores☹️
resistradio (1 year ago)
eat the rich
Teksal1 (10 months ago)
Yeah, that would make you wealthy.
ucheucheuche (1 year ago)
0:33 Who're you calling 'we'? I'm just here for kicks to see what you think of us. 😏
Uncle that hurts (6 months ago)
Your name sounds Nigerian
King Brilliant (1 year ago)
Peston has an effected, 'twatish' (if you will) inflection
Some One (1 year ago)
#אדמונד אדמונד Apparenty your elite school didnt tell you that ½ of the rich never went to college, another ¼ bought their way in and the other ¼ that stayed out are the richest of all. School is a lie. You're only learning what those teachers know, its limited information. You're better off teaching yourself on a laptop today with the unlimited sources at your fingertips. Think of the money you save and you'll be a step ahead of most that only learned from a handful of ideas.
Jorge Guerrero (1 year ago)
Let's see this equation here: Leverage + Low Tax Havens = Super Rich. First of all, who EXACTLY do banks allow to borrow these HUGE amounts of money in leverage? It's not your average working even educated citizen, oh no! Second, what tax bracket must you meet in income to pay lower taxes than your help? You can say people can do what they see fit with their lives and education, but banks are not about to lend leverage amounts of money to whomever should ask and that makes the game grossly unequal and unfair for the rest of us working both to sustain the companies and to pay-off this debt created by the rich in public debt.
John Luders (1 year ago)
A man on five grams of psilocybin mushrooms is more wealthy than any of these frauds
Sheila Rosario Tuaño (1 year ago)
The rich who has the knowledge of how money works in this present industry does benefit from this kind of hedging activities. This banking deregulations may cause a dangerous bubble of a country's economy. Where debt becomes cheap, using just a portion of one's money plus a huge portion of money from the bank to borrow as leverage to invest in buying a property and in turn earn high returns because of such successful investment. And , this rich enterprising borrowers are given the privilege of paying lower or even zero rates of interest as compared to the general population. And this American banks transforming the low-quality subprime loans and repackaging these loans to investors in the middle east or Asia, without insuring that the borrowers can pay-up....And, this dodgy loans are rated as triple A's in the market? Que horror. Hope we are learning a lesson from the past.
Surplus Division (1 year ago)
The Queen is a Sea Hag!
Simple Mind (1 year ago)
Wrong, she's a reptilian with diplomatic immunity.
Bughatii (1 year ago)
Had the loans been at a fix rate I reckoned this could have been probably the best thing ever to happened to this world because for the first time poor people with low credit could finally afford to own their homes .
Alex RC (1 year ago)
Enthusiasm??? Is he serious? Its obviously “GREED” took over and no consideration for others...
Bobo Mercedes (1 year ago)
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Some One (1 year ago)
Lets have a *bail out the consumer year* so we can turn around and bust these greedy thieves who got rich off scamming us!
Some One (1 year ago)
*Stop consumerism! In other words, quit buying their poisonous shit thats making them rich!* *Yes after the U.S. blew up their own buildings on 9/11, Bush said, " don't let that stop us, go shopping!"* _What a lying ass!_ *They are not earning it, nor are they using any intellect on getting rich!* *They are greedy bastards stealing, scamming and poisoning the world for a buck!* _The world is going to suffer like never before when this deregulation hits a wall!_
Clevagal S (1 year ago)
Not matter how rich you are....they stll control money and they can make you bankrupt. The recession is given by them to make you loose power in order for them to be rich and gain more power. They also control the bank. Becareful with loans.
Dr. Mike (1 year ago)
Rich people have terrible taste! Who needs 5 pools and 10 bathrooms?!
larbmur (1 year ago)
soros didn't earn his money he stole it from his own people during the holocaust
333jas (1 year ago)
Yes and a lot of rigged currency trading and fraud.
elly sheraton (1 year ago)
George Soros is EVIL - responsible for meddling and trying to manipulate politics in the US - EU - UK and so on ..
tee wee (1 year ago)
Most rich peole are criminals
Teksal1 (10 months ago)
And where are the statistics to prove that?
DAT TAPE (1 year ago)
Uk is a shithole lol
All the fed. res. does is Print New Money. there is nothing to back it up. And the fed. Charges you "" Interest "" on Brand New money it hasn't got !! and who owns the fed. res. ?!! a PRIVATE Bank. Not owned by the American people. J.F.K. wanted to shut it down. GOoD versus Evil been going on a long, long, long time.
Lau taro (1 month ago)
Yes, there is. Money is created on loans, for example. There is also the pre-existent monetary mass, the gold and silver coins that circulated before the paper notes. The Fed. is a mixture of central bank with privates.
R Jackson (3 months ago)
Yeah... You speak the truth. 😑
LIZ R (1 year ago)
Mahfuz Munir Khan PT (1 year ago)
banks make it up on computers, and then u make them money on the debt it should be interest free sinc eits not even printed by the mint these days!
eu euu (1 year ago)
Mahfuz Munir Khan PT very good point of view
Sian's Bookcases (1 year ago)
Super rich people have tacky taste.
Don Dressel (1 year ago)
It’s simple quit buying their shit and invest in stocks real estate and commodities And young men don’t get MARRIED
Don Dressel (1 year ago)
The problem with the rich is they can never get enough
Teksal1 (10 months ago)
Ever notice how the poor always blame the rich? Poor people make poor decisions.
Paymon (11 months ago)
I came from the Poor 21.64 / Ph to owning Coffee Stocks and Shops 54 employees and a Personal net worth 2.8 mil today!! its addiction once you LEARN how EASY it is if YOU!! YOU!! YOU!! open your eye's AND stop blaming everyone else BAR YOURSELF FOR not taking risks OR GIVING IT A CRACK. 19yr old works at coles put 5000 of his years savings on Stocks turned it into 22k he learnt there and then there are MILLIONS of ways DOLLARS ARE EVERYWHERE and you need your own NIESH to earn for you. Why is it a UNEDUCATED PERSON (myself) can watch a car drive past wise dream drive push and never give up makes it but all you EDUCATED people cant even get a Mort-age. I suggest you take a few steps back and start a NEW pathway. DONT MAKE EXCUSE GET ON WITH IT YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE no RISKS YOUR A BORING JOE BLOW THAT DOESN'T DESERVE TO BE RICH. Get back to your servant life otherwise.
Dewayne Smith (1 year ago)
Financial education is what changes the game. Did your second grade teacher ever talk about how compound interest works? Or ever mention how to start a business?
The rich are always taking, that is how come they have so much.
Reji (1 year ago)
Promotheus Ninja fr lol
Feministikon Prøjekt (1 year ago)
All these uber-rich do something the rest of don't....they practice the Law of Attraction, they visualize money, they pray to the Universe so money can flow and do seminars on the LAW how to attract money. At the moment I work at a hotel with basic salary but I noticed by applying the Law of Attraction and repeating a mantra "Everyday money comes to me, I have received an extra bonus and increase and practice meditation to unblock the negative blocks that prevent me to have access to the unlimited wealth....Law of Attraction works. So if I keep practicing possibly I will have more increase in my salary and perhaps a rise or more bonus so one day I will compete with all these hedge fund managers and investment bankers and purchase my dream home in Mayfair London and possibly on 5th Avenue in NYC...I visualize that energy flows through me and I apply my visualization and affirmations before I sleep every night...I am sure it works and I will join this group of billionaires one day.
John Stern (1 year ago)
Fok daet.
Charles Lee Ray (1 year ago)
Because we let them with subservient cuckold ways kill the motherfuckers and stop serving them as paid Slaves
Etienne van Rensburg (1 year ago)
When value is "value", and money is "money" ... oh, the depth of a black hole
back2thefuture1000 (1 year ago)
This is just sickening; my brother works at a local community centre where every day he see’s people who have lost their jobs, been evicted from their homes and stripped of everything they have because of these banking scum, one day all of these satanic criminals are going to get exactly what they deserve, life in prison without the possibility of parole, and if they don’t repent for their vast crimes they can then look forward to an eternity of burning in hell. I can’t watch this garbage anymore it’s making my blood boil!!
back2thefuture1000 (1 year ago)
I'd be careful whom you tell that to, that's an extremely dangerous, and completely false, assumption. With a comment like that I'm going to assume that you're an atheist or agnostic and so I'm not going to try and convince you of heaven and hell, I cant do that - only the great Lord above can. However, I would strongly recommend that you at least read the book of revelation in the Bible it specifically warns of what is to come and the punishment that people like this will face. If you already have read the bible then you need to ask the Lord to help you really take it into your heart and live it out. God loves you brother/sister - so do I. Trust in Him, he WILL deliver justice!
I am Nat (1 year ago)
sad reality is...there is no hell...and this scums...lived life more comfortable than people like you
back2thefuture1000 (1 year ago)
Its not as simple as rich versus poor. There has always been rich and poor but this is a unique time in history where the rich are actively colluding amongst themselves to ensure that the poor do not merely stay poor but get poorer and ultimately die off.  The one thing you have to know about these criminals is that they love to brag! While the rest of us are sweating, starving and dying that's when they love to rub it in our faces. A million dollar watch, a million pound car ? That's just another way of spitting in your face - essentially saying "look how much money we have and you and your family cant even afford to feed yourselves HA,HA!" That's the Satanic spirit of these people. Please don't misunderstand me, I am not against people who have actually invented something or contributed something helpful, or beautiful to society and profited from it but unfortunately (thanks to people like these bankers) its almost impossible to  generate wealth in that "industrial age" way anymore. Now its generally about scams and buying off the right people, which is basically what this disgusting documentary celebrates.The problem is this get rich quick, scam culture percolates into the rest of society and suddenly it becomes very difficult for anyone to make a legitimate living and everything collapses. Look at Venezuela, Nigeria, Brazil and countless other examples.
Promotheus Ninja (1 year ago)
back2thefuture1000 stfu
ashsqx324 (1 year ago)
back2thefuture1000 great response... problem is majority are too lazy or dumb to do anything .. until it's crisis by when it will be too late
Beautiful mind (1 year ago)
how you can borrow 500k to 1m pounds ?
Swapneel Bhambore (14 days ago)
Just ask
rebekka k (1 year ago)
Would be nice but with more money comes problems im sure.
Zuwadie Nieta (1 year ago)
michelle zoey more problems will come to you if you don’t know how to manage your money
paul washington (1 year ago)
can someone give me a million pounds please.
Syndicat K (2 months ago)
You are funny hhhhhuh
H.AmZ.A (4 months ago)
They can pound you a million time. That the only thing availabal
Andrew Ugale (4 months ago)
paul washington Donald Trump will loan you a million pounds.
richard mouton (1 year ago)
things are not assets. they are liabilities. if the junk sits ,it makes you no money if you buy to resale and you can sell it quick, then you are making money. hopefully at a profit. either way risky.
Ma Ra (1 year ago)
They sold their souls to Satan ( devil).
Kate (1 year ago)
Ma Ra thanks for explaining who satan is we were confused
Haani Sodhi (1 year ago)
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Daniel (1 year ago)
I never really find these mega expensive houses comfortable when I see them on videos like this. Too much cold steel and/or stone used.
Carlos Ruiz (1 month ago)
I love them only because I get paid to put that stone/tile and charge a pretty penny for it.
Erwin Gentry (1 year ago)
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InterAct Party (1 year ago)
Screaming out for debt jubilee. The only way this financial roundabout can continue is with a ready supply of folks at the bottom of the feeder pool with enough income to be able to fund their own mortgages. That doesn't look likely going forward as we watch millions of waged human labour melt in to the spectrum of super shiny automatica and advanced general intelligence software. I would say debt forgiveness is a practice of necessity. Isn't it morally corrupt that these people who lost their homes lost very real money they earned attempting to keep a roof over their heads in the face of a simple double entry book keeping system that creates loans out of thin air? Why not understand that we are moving towards a world in which there will be very little real waged human labour, however the need for the consumer to afford to consume to businesses will remain as strong as ever. In such a world it makes no sense at all not to introduce regular debt relief as a feature of the new economic system.
InterAct Party (1 year ago)
Banks never look to deposits to fund loans. What rubbish! loans create assets as deposits at banks in a double book keeping exercise when anyone is granted a loan at a bank.
Kailaashavaasi Amble (1 year ago)
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