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NO Milk, Creams or Sugar Vegan Ice Cream Recipe!

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Text Comments (163)
Nabilla Msuri (8 months ago)
Im not vegan but I've got no milk or cream right now
Youtube Watcher (1 year ago)
this was published a day before my birthday
Diorene T (2 years ago)
such a good recipe video omg 😂👍👍
Brian Turner (2 years ago)
It's so tasty!
George Kelly (2 years ago)
Amazing video Brian
yiannis lazarou (2 years ago)
Are you high when filming these ? lmao
Kim LLL (2 years ago)
This looks amazing, but the titles makes no sense. This isn't ice cream. lol
veridian roots (2 years ago)
where's the taste test O_O
iLoveAltNation (2 years ago)
How you not gonna have a lift heavy or die mirin tank? I'm try to get them to die mirin bruh,
Brian Turner (2 years ago)
hahahah I love it :D
Kyros 13 (2 years ago)
Did i sense some buff dudes in this video?....haha
Kyros 13 (2 years ago)
haha its all good. Awesome channel bro, keep it up!
Brian Turner (2 years ago)
hahaha maybe! I didn't know about them til a few years after I made this one :)
Adam Turrisi (2 years ago)
Would this be a good alternative for ice cream since diary products have an effect on acne cuz I'm on accutane and it's hard staying away from diary products during the course of it
Brian Turner (2 years ago)
+WhosNytro yea it would be perfect for that! :)
Bill Z. Lawson (2 years ago)
Thanks for the recipe, just tried it today. Delicious.
LoverOfPhotography (2 years ago)
That ain't no ice cream!
Why would you ever get rid of that intro?
Ashley Hoogenboom (2 years ago)
I need to order me some Cacao nibs 😂😂 I always see you using them and I crave them even though I've never tried them 😂
Ashley Hoogenboom (2 years ago)
+Brian Turner btw stoked for the new clothing line 👌🏻 definitely gonna order something
Brian Turner (2 years ago)
+Ashley H you WIIL fall in love with them haha they are bomb
Timothy Dahmen (2 years ago)
Have you tried the batter
Ashley Hoogenboom (2 years ago)
The intro and outro are so lit omg
Brian Turner (2 years ago)
+Ashley H thanks for appreciating it, I try my best to communicate with everyone supporting me :)
Ashley Hoogenboom (2 years ago)
+Brian Turner thanks for taking the time to respond to your subscribers man! We appreciate it so much, you're one of the only youtubers that does that
Brian Turner (2 years ago)
hahahah stoked you liked the throwbacks XD
YourFavoriteVegan (2 years ago)
Rebekka Noble (2 years ago)
Amazing video, editing on point! I might try this!
Brian Turner (2 years ago)
+Rebekka xx haha glad you enjoyed this :)
HJ (2 years ago)
I know why you first posted this only on your second channel. It's way too dramatic for such a simple recipe lol. I laughed so hard at the "srs" and "mirin music choice? yah you mirin"
Brian Turner (2 years ago)
+Hanna J haha yes had to do a quick control test 😂
TL C (2 years ago)
Brian can you ask LP to upload again please!
Master Splinter (2 years ago)
That old school introoooo
Aesthetic Power (2 years ago)
*WHere's the ice cream?? o_O*
All Tin (2 years ago)
I love how hyped he is to make a video about vegan ice cream. You're awesome man
Miguel Amaya (2 years ago)
Hey brain have you watched "Veganism DOES NOT Cure Acne...What Does" please watch it and give us your insight
TurboldTuvshinbat (2 years ago)
what's that fuck for?
TurboldTuvshinbat (2 years ago)
+Brian Turner haha
Brian Turner (2 years ago)
+TurboldTuvshinbat for fun! :)
VeganKathy (2 years ago)
Daniel (2 years ago)
Great recipe! So nostalgic seeing big j
Daniel (2 years ago)
Great recipe! So nostalgic seeing big j
Daniel (2 years ago)
Great recipe! So nostalgic seeing big j
Brian Turner (2 years ago)
+Daniel haha knew some poeple would love that!
exstacy069 (2 years ago)
Calvin (2 years ago)
That's ice cream?
Aleks K (2 years ago)
Hey Brian Out of Context Q? Any New T shirt Designs On being a strong Vegan ! Would LOVE To Buy That ! Great Vegan Shirt a-likes is The Patrik Baboumian Vegan Beast Mode etc.... I think you should think about it , I would Love to somehow Support your Hard Work !
Aleks K (2 years ago)
Awesome To Hear That !!!! Can't Wait . Keep Us Posted
Brian Turner (2 years ago)
+Aleks K making a whole vegan apparel line my friend, updates on my personal Instagram :) @briansgettingpersonal it's gonna be fire!
ANGELA BLACK (2 years ago)
"Poo like consistency" lol
Liya Roo (2 years ago)
It's easier to blend frozen bananas in a food processor with the other ingredients
Liya Roo (2 years ago)
+MaxToTheMax94 just ice cream form, ya know, that you can spoon
DrewDating (2 years ago)
any idea what i can use instead of bananas ? my girl is allergic
Lisha Raghani (2 years ago)
I felt like the intro was like POG lol!
Curtis John (2 years ago)
I would lift to your outro if there was an mp3 of the full song.
Helios (2 years ago)
Guys I need help 😰 I just got off actune two months ago, now, about a week ago, my sex drive lowered greatly, seems like a slight bit of ED AND IM ONLY 15... should they ware off soon
Kat M (2 years ago)
Hahaha love this style of video Brian!! Intro and outro (?) are sick too👌🏼👌🏼
KnightNight (2 years ago)
could use a fork....... or a wooden spoon
Zahria 269 (2 years ago)
not gunna lie, this was very entertaining to watch at 3.21am
egee1010 (2 years ago)
It's easier to keep frozen slices of bananas and then throw all the ingredients in a food processor. It would actually have an soft serve ice-cream feel and you can eat it right away.
Odin Son (2 years ago)
That good old Brian right here! We just need the dub step haha
Brian Turner (2 years ago)
+raveallnightlong play the dubstep! Damn that's OG right Ther man
Jane The Vegan (2 years ago)
Thanks Brian for being a vegan and proud of it.
Jamelle Smykalski (2 years ago)
once again, this video has made my day 😂😭
Mrs Plant (2 years ago)
Brian...This sounds amazing. We will try this very soon! HUGS FROM TEXAS! ~mrsplant
Nicholas Busetti (2 years ago)
Whats the song title name at 2:20?
Donn (2 years ago)
2 table spoons of pb2 = 2 grams of fat? nope
Biceps Tendonitis (2 years ago)
LMAO I was just about to comment "miring the music choice" and then I saw that pop up the screen wtfffff hooooow???
Brian Turner (2 years ago)
+Biceps Tendonitis I'm in your brain!!!
Natalie Holle (2 years ago)
Does it taste very banana-ey? I absolutely DESPISE bananas but this looks pretty damn good. Kind of seems like all that chocolate might mask the banana flavor.
Kevin Crawford (2 years ago)
I make this ice cream every morning for breakfast. I tried pb2 for a while but I ended up having to add so much until I liked the flavor I actually use less calories with normal peanut butter. The way I make it is cut up three bananas and put them in a ziplock bag, then freeze it. The next day I put the bananas in a blender add two tablespoons of peanut butter three tablespoons of cocoa powder add a little almond milk to get the blender started and just blend to a creamy consistency.
Michelle Brus (2 years ago)
I see no ice cream homie but I made banana ice cream today so tomorrow I'll do this SO CLEVER
JackoWackoVegano (2 years ago)
Looks epic man!
Kelci Atkinson (2 years ago)
brian you're a dork lol
BRAD (2 years ago)
Hahahahaha best voice over ever
Fruity Liana (2 years ago)
Omg Hahahaha did you do a f*** to your chocolate in the freezer!?
Fruity Liana (2 years ago)
Lol I couldn't help myself from laughing 😂😂😂
Anthony Garcia (2 years ago)
lmao I was almost expecting it to say "beast mode" while listening to the intro for the first few seconds
Thiago Pereira (2 years ago)
Wait, isn't this more like a chocolate bar? Why is it "ice cream" on the title? hahah
Kwashiorkor Vegan (2 years ago)
WTF! You said this was vegan. But you added Cow Cow powder @ 1:40 Not cool man. I'm not eating no powdered bovine! Poor cow! buahahahaha
awkwardmariah (2 years ago)
Why does it say ice cream in the title
theyyluvv. skyy (3 months ago)
Dont try to be smart
KidInHat (6 months ago)
cause thats wat there making
Robin (2 years ago)
The narration is hilarious! Looks like a delicious banana fudge (v. an ice cream).
Brian Turner (2 years ago)
+Robin glad you liked it!
Mics_868 (2 years ago)
recipe on point doe
Mics_868 (2 years ago)
bro i need to meet u,so hilarious lmao
Jess H (2 years ago)
I did not expect to laugh that hard at a short recipe vid! I'm not a vegan but I try lots of your recipes and have cut out a large amount of animal products from my diet. Not everyone will turn vegan but your vids show people how to eat more cruelty free, keep up the awesome work
Jenni Valentine (2 years ago)
I've been...THUNDERSTRUCK!!!! **duckwalks for eight hours** \m/
Mehdi X. Ismael (2 years ago)
Hahaha I'm giving this video a BIG LIKE this was hilarious and educational please please post videos like this more often!
theyyluvv. skyy (3 months ago)
DreamingTata VeganMama (2 years ago)
This looks really awesome! Your creativity in cooking is impressive!
Indian soul in europe (2 years ago)
awesome recipe
Eliza Don (2 years ago)
Gave the finger - check out minute 2:13.
T Eye (2 years ago)
Freeze those nanners first and then blend! The texture will be like soft serve. :) And more what I eat in a days maybe? Your creations are epic.
erik lascano (2 years ago)
This isn't ice cream , or even vegan yogurt. Manuel add coconut milk what add that much calories compared to regular ice cream and taste way better. Made vegan ice cream like that. Also cashews work too
我妻 由乃 (2 years ago)
No sugar in the title, Sugar right on the PB2 label?
我妻 由乃 (2 years ago)
Just pointing it out, some consider sugar vegan and some don't. http://veganproducts.org/sugar.html
Brian Turner (2 years ago)
+Trans ExFeminist Autism this :)
我妻 由乃 (2 years ago)
I just made this with some regular peanut butter but I will look into the regular kind. Thanks
JennOscura (2 years ago)
Only the chocoalte pb2 has added sugar. So use the regular kind if you want to avoid added sugars.
James A. Lancaster (2 years ago)
I would like to request more mouth sounds, like explosions.
Brian Turner (2 years ago)
+James A. Lancaster Bahahah will attempt to keep in more of those ;D
Tami Torossian (2 years ago)
Lol I love this!
Joshua Wichner (2 years ago)
gonna make this flax added ~thanks Brian!
Dee Murter (2 years ago)
dsmgrl94 (2 years ago)
I miss the Big J ending. It was great seeing it here!
Otto Kalliomäki (2 years ago)
Ice cream 0.0?
Sagar Dolli (2 years ago)
what's pb2
austin moen (2 years ago)
Hey guys, my brother is allergic to wheat and peanuts, are there any replacements for the PB2?
austin moen (2 years ago)
Robin (2 years ago)
Try any other nut or seed butter. Cashew, sunflower seed, almond, etc.
elbitapmoC (2 years ago)
I'm going to try this. Going to throw in some coconut chips and chopped almonds in it. I think the CT outro is my favorite.
Crypto Nomad (2 years ago)
Weird I been wondering about dairy effecting me negatively. Just an easy protein source. cutting way back.
Tim Thebodeau (2 years ago)
Brian Turner (2 years ago)
+Tim Thebodeau waaaaaaaaaay back in the day holy fuckkk
Joseph Vanni (2 years ago)
Throwback intro!
fruitprincess (2 years ago)
Am I the only one that considers banana nice cream not.. ice cream? like its good and I eat it and like it but it's def not ice cream :P
Liya Roo (2 years ago)
Antoine Leonidas (2 years ago)
Okay, so I'm new to this channel, only subbed about a couple of months ago, and I truly enjoy your recent contents. However, I never watched any of your past uploads AND I MUST SAY, the energy from this video was so energetic and fun that I would watch it again just for the lols. Please bring back this style of entertainment.
lemonsnick25 (2 years ago)
This looks awesome
S O N J A (2 years ago)
this was hilarious!
Nicole J. (2 years ago)
Such a good recipe and yet it makes me laugh so hard haha
Darren Robert (2 years ago)
Brian did you know that you are awesome!! :) thanks for the amazing videos
Ill Pat (2 years ago)
coolest video ever
JCoMoto (2 years ago)
only the veterans will remember this video..
JCoMoto (2 years ago)
+Brian Turner I made one too
Brian Turner (2 years ago)
+Sports Vlogs true OGs remember the first upload fuaaa
Ethan Urquhart (2 years ago)
haha you should add guitar music to all your full days of eating 😂
Random Vegan Girl (2 years ago)
Your recipes are so awesome... This looks really good! Can't wait to try it!!!
hoolachic (2 years ago)
Love the voice over hahaha! Awesome recipe, I love me some pb2, gonna try this:-)
pbeechie (2 years ago)
Fudge!!! Have you ever decided afterwards like nah I wanna blend this - I think that'd come out so creamy since it's already in small pieces and easy to blend! Wondering if truuuu
ChrisC. (2 years ago)
You should try the type of ice-cream called "Sorbet" :D
jlebrech (2 years ago)
poolike consistency mhhhh
Daniel Milliams (2 years ago)
Brian can you make a video on stretch marks and how to deal with / prevent them? It's pretty annoying, but from what I've heard that it's not that uncommon among body builders especially on chest and buttocks muscles lmao

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