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Assassin's Creed Odyssey: Legend of the Eagle Bearer (Main Theme) | The Flight

21673 ratings | 1658314 views
Download or Stream: https://IDOL.lnk.to/AC_Odyssey_Main_Theme Assassin's Creed Odyssey: Legend of the Eagle Bearer (Main Theme) | Music by The Flight Subscribe to Ubiloud! http://bit.ly/Ubiloud Follow Ubisoft Music Ubiloud Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/UBILOUD Spotify: http://spoti.fi/1IuiO2k Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/UBILOUD Twitter: https://twitter.com/UBILOUD Deezer: http://bit.ly/1F2uPrX *** Plus d'infos sur Ubisoft Music / More info on Ubisoft Music Suivre sur Twitter / Follow on Twitter https://twitter.com/UBILOUD S'abonner à la chaîne / Subscribe to channel http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdQavj042YyAEGP9cnBqFVQ/
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Text Comments (3022)
Asoom Alamry (22 hours ago)
Love it
lapos (1 day ago)
One of the best ac yet.
oyun krale (1 day ago)
Siktir git lan amana koyim wolverin en iyi karekterdi x mani siktiler olm sen en büyük hayvansin esek oglu esek logen senin baban mal bir daha da logene bisiy dersen sikerim seni piç
Ahmet Han (4 days ago)
lan çok gaza getiriyo
hellenictech (5 days ago)
'Ασχημος μαλάκας!
Alex Fancy (5 days ago)
As a long time ac fan, I thought this game was bad and I was reluctant to get it at first but then eventually I took the chance and got the game and now I can't stop playing it, it is just so damn fun. The combat is much more satisfying and the game makes me want to travel back in time of the Greek era.
Jack Willis (6 days ago)
It's looks like persia music
Ms Malik (6 days ago)
Have they gotten ridden of the ezio theme is background now 😯
Ms Malik (6 days ago)
Really i can't here it
ashens eden (6 days ago)
No don't worry its still there , just with this.
Erif The fox (7 days ago)
Hopefully this series never die out. Its creative and clever. Making music to fit with the time period
xD HD (7 days ago)
I love assassin's creed 😍❤️❤️❤️✌️🧬🗡️⚔️
AmirHossein Imani (8 days ago)
This game is horrible, but I love this music.
•Gio Aguilar• (9 days ago)
This AC is trash
YoRHa 2B (4 days ago)
Unity is even worse than Odyssey.
Prince Of Persia (9 days ago)
This shit sound Mediterranean af haha
Amira Hasnaa Gasmi (9 days ago)
wow MÀLAKA !!!
Berdan Afşin (9 days ago)
digvijay_warrior (9 days ago)
You are just a little Misthios! xD
Tejas Titre (9 days ago)
still gives me creeps in 2019!!!
Zashalamel 91 (9 days ago)
I love the trditional greek sound to it. It feels Mediterranean. but i also get huge AC2-brotherhood vibes
Sharon Lanmark (10 days ago)
Amazing game
It really turns up theplayer
It really turns up theplayer
lome leialoha (11 days ago)
300 spartans
lome leialoha (11 days ago)
When a level 11 comes after you and ur level 8
andrea cesarone (11 days ago)
To who puts I do not like to this song I have only one word for you MALAAAAAAAAAAKAAAAAAAA
Holy moly
BestOfEverything (12 days ago)
Tony Montana (12 days ago)
Origins had the weakest soundtrack in AC series. Good to see Ubisoft done something about it with Odyssey
CV Prasad (13 days ago)
Listening in headphones.......GOOSEBUMPS GOOSEBUMPS EVERYWHERE 😍😍😍
Elix Potterhead (13 days ago)
342 Malakes disliked this
Derpz (13 days ago)
Is it only me who likes playing ac odyssey?
NOOB isHERE (13 days ago)
0:36 with 1.25x speed When you running away from 5 bounty hunters with level above you
Dark Artistries (14 days ago)
I'm not crying, I just have Athenian blood in my eyes
I love assassin creed odyssey
Guardian (14 days ago)
Give us splinter cell already.
Martin Boss (14 days ago)
This game to me is probably the best newer ones that was made so far, and the last good one was Black Flag. I don't know why people don't like it so much, I love that the devs are moving beyond that boring old mechanics of Assassin's Creed and starting to make it more fun to play instead of "Stealth simulator" all the time. They're mixing it now into a better RPG, love the concept of going in loud with heavy metal armor and any weapon of the Era, and still being able to play like an Assassin at the end of the day. Thank you Ubisoft <3
inner decay (14 days ago)
Οσοι ελληνες το δουνε αυτο το σχολιο πειτε μ ρε μαγκες σε τζουρα η σε μπουζουκι το παιζουνε????
Berrlett&TheGameplay (15 days ago)
ACO and it’s music are awesome.
SoulScr3am (15 days ago)
1:40 I love how you can hear the assassin soundtrack feel in the background.
Dante (15 days ago)
0:52 bi boss'u yendikten sonra şuranın girmesinin verdiği tatmin hissi muazzam
KoenJanssen (16 days ago)
Y’all ever just wait starting up your game to listen to this soundtrack?
Darius Emil (14 days ago)
The original name of this song 0:37 is Motörhead - Brotherhood of Man 🤔🤘
fabio ginevra (16 days ago)
Great song BUT..........The witcher 2 song "end is never the same"............you are welcome
BT Alpha Gamer (16 days ago)
bro wtf i start shedding tears when i hear this!
Kowalski The Penguin (16 days ago)
_This. Is. PATRICK!!_
yaro42 (16 days ago)
This is third best ac i ever played and I played all of them, the story in this game is amazing, world is way beyond beautiful and gameplay is just incredible. I don't get the hate, for me it is solid 8/10 would bang again
karimkopra (17 days ago)
worst assassin creed game EVEr :( take like i love how this end at 3:10 .. great sound track for bad game
RDT Tech (17 days ago)
It reminded me with the Witcher 3
Emre Budak (17 days ago)
Respect from Turkey 👊 👊 👊
CRYSTAL KNIGHT (17 days ago)
*Are you my step dad !?*
Osmanlı Tokadı (17 days ago)
Dear ubisoft developers. Please just do music. No game.
Kod GR (17 days ago)
Chris Duitsman (17 days ago)
338 malakaes cultists didn't like this.
Spoon Legend (18 days ago)
Too bad the game sucks
Gip I O (18 days ago)
my eggplant listened to this now he is thanos
ZP gaming (18 days ago)
02:32 when u step on a lego
ZP gaming (18 days ago)
MtMarshi (20 days ago)
This is honestly my second favourite game of all time (behind Breath Of The Wild) and I think it's my fave AC tune. Ezios family will forever be a classic but it's overused at this point.
Nickolas Kupper (21 days ago)
The Legend that started it all
Sami Mhanna (21 days ago)
By the gods! Malaaaaaaaaka!!
Drowning Suns (22 days ago)
I love this game to death idc what anyone says second best to the Ezio games
I dont really care what anyone else says. I FREAKING LOVE THIS GAME ❤️❤️
Αναξαγόρας (22 days ago)
Most people do
H. Gökhan Doğan (22 days ago)
i've seen many of AC games, and some of them were too bad, but i never heard a bad AC soundtrack
joe jeba (22 days ago)
2.34 Hits chills in my spine
eric gallant (22 days ago)
Assassins creed oddesy in one word MALAKAA
TrollDeL'Internet ! (23 days ago)
Epic song ❤️❤️❤️
the illegal seagull (24 days ago)
Amanda G. (24 days ago)
My son and daughter listened to this Now one of them is a legendary mercenary and the other is a bloodthirsty cultist warrior
Amanda G. (5 days ago)
+Dark Artistries thx
Dark Artistries (14 days ago)
epic parenting, ma'am
holy shiet (18 days ago)
+Kiel Hyre i assume both, lol
Amanda G. (20 days ago)
+Kiel Hyre yes
Kiel Hyre (20 days ago)
Which one you throw of the cliff??
Can't wait for a viking assassin's creed. 😁 😅
Chase Hofmann (25 days ago)
I can’t open my game until 0:54
Valerious (25 days ago)
Kenny Chong (25 days ago)
need the music sheet for this
Assasins creed died with Ezio.
Jon snow (25 days ago)
Para mí murió con Connor :v
Jon snow (25 days ago)
Auditore :v?
Eldad Israel (25 days ago)
"I'm on fucking fire! "
SmaZe (26 days ago)
I love history. I love AC. Don't give a fuck what you say.
ammar qayyum (26 days ago)
Mu first word study at assasins creed odyssey, MALAKA !!!
Antonio Raul (26 days ago)
I've played this song at midnight and my neighboor called Police... They came and arrest him!
Carter Bowden (26 days ago)
Any one here Greek or part?
John Maharjan (27 days ago)
i dont know about others but i loved this game
Brennan Cattermole (28 days ago)
Is it just me or is there hints of AC4 theme???
JDGaming (28 days ago)
"Pirates of the Caribbean has the best theme" Alexios & Kassandra - "Hold our malakas beers"
JDGaming (5 days ago)
Lee Everett POTC, although Black Flag’s theme is decent too
OmG _ (5 days ago)
+Lee Everett Nope, I think he meant Pirates of Caribbean's theme, it was made by Hans Zimmer
Lee Everett (6 days ago)
JDGaming when you said pirates of the Caribbean are u referring to assassins creed black flag
evanBe _ (28 days ago)
I love this track
LazerzZ (28 days ago)
Okay this is epic.
mrArchduke (28 days ago)
My favorite Assassin's Creed.
Wandy Rodriguez (28 days ago)
DosBrostacos (29 days ago)
Misthios Kassandra (29 days ago)
Geek Frost (29 days ago)
People say it’s bad cause nostalgia and cause origins kinda sucked but it’s probably the best game of the entire series
Ryo Inspiritus (29 days ago)
Well...despite all of the shit that came out in Gaming in 2018...this title was quite amazing.
Ismail (30 days ago)
0:37 when you’re late for school.
greek freak 34 (30 days ago)
Amazing theme! Thanks Ubisoft for this art! Malaka gamaei!
IRAQI BlBos (1 month ago)
IRAQI BlBos (1 month ago)
Kas Adam (1 month ago)
my fav ac game AC II
FIRE STORM 2.0 (1 month ago)
Ικάρος (1 month ago)
One of the best Assassin's Creed games ever made period. I've played all the installments since Altair Ibn AL La Ahad.
Sydney (5 days ago)
+Ικάρος damn your savage haha.. I LOVE IT!!!
+Ικάρος Τσιλαρε ρε μη το γαμας το παιδί
Ικάρος (11 days ago)
+EJR Actually there should be. If you know how to speak Arabic but obviously you don't, UbiSoft choosing to write it this way for some reason still doesn't make it grammatically correct in Arabic. In Arabic you'd have to add the ال for it to be pronounced correctly. You're still dumb. Now crawl under your bed and wank to Jessica Alba's fake porn pic.
Thatshow ED (20 days ago)
Same for me, I've been playing AC since the first release, at first I was disapointed that we didn't get a new prince of persia but this is so much better. So far AC2/Brotherhood and Black flag had been my favourite, but Odyssey is fighting for that top spot.
EJR (29 days ago)
😂 its not the 'i' that i was pointing out, it was the actual spelling itself... tou spelt it as 'Altair ibn AL la ahad' but theres no 'AL' in it, its spelt 'Altaïr ibn la ahad' thats all i was pointing out you sad fucker 😂😂😂😂
Sandy Alexander (1 month ago)
322 malaka dislike
Riley Lye (1 month ago)
A great song for a non-Assassin's Creed game
Mike Sole (1 month ago)
μαλάκα perfecc
Paige Anne (1 month ago)
Sikander Hayat (1 month ago)

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