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Assassin's Creed Odyssey: Legend of the Eagle Bearer (Main Theme) | The Flight

16163 ratings | 1115643 views
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Text Comments (2407)
jimmys Greece (13 hours ago)
Μαλακα έχω λιώσει με την παιχνιδαρα
Stamy (17 hours ago)
Im Greek and I fucking love this game and music and I truly hope they make a movie out of this
Shantia Ghodsi (1 day ago)
Its a iraninan music 😁
Aiman Rahman (1 day ago)
PS4ProNerd (2 days ago)
So good.... ♥️
Özgür Deniz Işık (2 days ago)
0:36 daki giriş Tam Diriliş Ertuğrul
Su1cida_Da _RPG (2 days ago)
ezio's family S2.
Ben Prior (2 days ago)
2:31 sounds amazing at 1.25
rebwar j. anwer (2 days ago)
Ubi soft is done well with Odyssey
Kingshuk Sarkar (2 days ago)
Ubisoft! Ubisoft! Ubisoft!
Meena Oej (2 days ago)
This music is mythical
Unkindled One (3 days ago)
witcher 3 has roots in slavic music which have some similarities with greek music,thats why people misunderstand.Most people dont also know that slavs have made colonies in greece in ancient ages and vice versa, so its only natural that the music sounds similar.
r3l1csvk (3 days ago)
0:36 start here
Gaara of the cheese (3 days ago)
Great I’m getting the game
Gopal Phamber (3 days ago)
269 malakas disliked this
*Baltalar elimizde* *Uzun ip belimizde* *Biz gideriz Ormana Hey Ormana Hey*
Kratos Spartan (4 days ago)
Spartan ❤
Hassam Gamer (4 days ago)
very nice track song
Badusername2000 (4 days ago)
Ive heard what that guitar is playing in another AC game, but i cant remember which one, this is annoying.
SNAYERDREK (4 days ago)
Please...the true theme is Ezio'family
홍덕화 (4 days ago)
Kavel Gian (4 days ago)
Very nice and atmospheric, especially for me as a Greek guy!!! Nice job Ubisoft!
Goktun Tas (4 days ago)
ChillOut 98 (5 days ago)
Πολλοι Ελληνες στα κομμεντ ;)
Raging Gamer (5 days ago)
2:31 best part
Painless Airz770 (5 days ago)
1 millions views that’s amazing 🔥
Drouxuza Cuprahz (6 days ago)
Men I’m tired of killing these bandits!
Drouxuza Cuprahz (6 days ago)
0:22 - 0:35 💕
Squiddy Pearl (6 days ago)
Madness? this is Sparta!!
Cinar Dagli (6 days ago)
Baha Han (6 days ago)
Şu ana kadar dinlediğim en iyi oyun müziği 👍
Eshays Lard (6 days ago)
Everyone in the comments saying malaka what skata kefali’s
Moonarea_Icw (6 days ago)
Ayser Xo (5 days ago)
imma gonna like all the comments..the fans here are amazing
The Antiquity Goth (7 days ago)
Praise the Gods!
no commentary (7 days ago)
fuck this song is inspired from witcher 3 for sure
Matthew Boy (7 days ago)
This isn't the Witcher! There are no banana tigers.
Warrewall (7 days ago)
263 malakas dislike this.
Maciej Szeremeta (7 days ago)
"I should probably not climb on this..."
Marios Nouaros (7 days ago)
Ubisoft welcome to our world ;)
Mirza Khalid (8 days ago)
These theme felt like Arabian Porn music than Assassin's Creed :D Should be "Ass In Greed - Legend of the Dick Bearer" :D
Ala Ounissi (8 days ago)
Thank You Ubisoft
Dormouse (8 days ago)
Love the way it explodes. Great theme!
DUMB ASS (8 days ago)
They stole it from old Turkish Songs.
Remilou (7 days ago)
really? what is the song called
It’s ya boy (9 days ago)
This is by far my favorite piece in any AC game
RIFAT SADEQ PRIYO (9 days ago)
Greetings to all GREEKS from BANGLADESH
Rob Zerø (9 days ago)
*koff*... the witcher ...*koff* but good anyway
hello (10 days ago)
origins theme song blows this garbage out of the water bruh
A hOoMaN (8 days ago)
I played odyssey and origins both. I both have good experience if and all that shit. But I also hated the odyssey main theme music, And I still don’t put odyssey music higher than origins, Origins is nostalgic. Beautiful. Amazing, And even more plus origins had amazing sense of music. But odyssey is same except it doesn’t give the sense of the music to the story like in origins it did. Odyssey story felt complicated. Not complaining tho
Arthur Schmidt (10 days ago)
Oh man! This is THE BEST epic greek music ever made! Atop all soundtracks ever made so far. You can clearly feel like sailing a Trirreme spear in hand. Ready for an adventure. Wish i could play this game.
Canal do Pedro (10 days ago)
257 malakas...
Δήμιος (10 days ago)
One of best games i ever played
suraj mayande (10 days ago)
This is better than "Ezio's Family"!!!
AVALON (10 days ago)
This song is dope
LAYLA JOHNO123 (11 days ago)
When Kassandra gets angry you might wanna get out of her fucking way.
M 17 (12 days ago)
Best game ever for me
bundy 55 (12 days ago)
Im gonna play this at my wedding fam
Meena Oej (12 days ago)
Why are people hating on this game? I mean, why? It's a great AC and a lot of people like it. Maybe you haven't played the game yet. I've already played it and it was a damn glorious game. Of course, everyone in the internet is gonna salt on AC: O because there's no assassin, bit hey, every AC has they're own unique style. I've played AC since black flag (sorry i was more of a COD fan) and it was the greatest one for sure. My cousin rocky is an AC fan, and he wanted to buy the game. He talked about the game and i went in his house just to visit. While we were going there, i wanted to buy McDonald's and then we were there. He turned on his PS4 and put in the CD and as soon as i saw the gameplay... i was already amazed. We had to take 1 hour to play then we switch. I didn't know how to fight, i just walked around until he teached me how to fight. After that, we ate our chicken and burgers and etc. I went back home, but before that, i went into gamestop just to buy the game and it was DOPE. and that's it. Like if you love AC: O.
Bradley Keats (12 days ago)
Who else loves this game and doesn’t care what anyone else says!?
Manaa Almarzoqi (13 days ago)
Assassin's Creed Wild Hunt Best Theme Song 1:20 on repeat
Elvin Talıbzadə (13 days ago)
Jesus , (13 days ago)
Redouane Fellah (13 days ago)
There are 255 malakas around
Kameron (13 days ago)
The boss fights with this playing in the background are so badass
Boku Noweeb (13 days ago)
Best soundtrack yet
RAYS (13 days ago)
Seriously, Ubisoft know how to make perfect music
Marcelo Macedo (13 days ago)
Very much 😍😍😍😍😍😍
ThatCheekiPolish Boy (13 days ago)
The only good Assassins creed besides the first 3
RAY Channel (14 days ago)
255 malákas is here...
Gamer KilladiYT (14 days ago)
alex75346 (14 days ago)
great main theme but the version of ezio's theme in this game is atrocious
Dapple Dog (14 days ago)
Origins was better.
Akirama (14 days ago)
0:36 i love that.
Prince Radhakrishnan (15 days ago)
255 cultist disliked. Malaka...
A5Ronic (15 days ago)
After AC Black flag main theme, this one is secound place :D
Wezz Simple (14 days ago)
Two best Assassins Creed games, which aren't even Assassins Creed games
Crows_KW (15 days ago)
hi guys, check my assassin's creed odyssey cosplay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shHdUK4Q3LI , there is also another video in the channel
Aaron Marcus (15 days ago)
Firdaus Alpha (16 days ago)
The greatest adventure I've played since AC Black Flag.
José L. (16 days ago)
Not nearly as good as Origins' main theme, but still pretty good.
Omega 3370 (16 days ago)
Shoutout to our Greek friends, founders of democracy and mathematics. Canada loves you
Suraj Satheesan (16 days ago)
Malakas odyssey :) beautiful setting btw
HyperionRed (16 days ago)
This game is awesome. Doesn't entirely feel like Assassin's Creed, but that's not necessarily bad. Having something that stands out is good in my view and they nailed it with this one.
shigeo tokuda (16 days ago)
Hmmm...this music make my medallion trembling....
Thiery Williams (17 days ago)
What dose malaka or whatever mean? I must know it’s like the line of Rome
Thiery Williams (14 days ago)
Oh ok thanks Akirama
Akirama (14 days ago)
Is like "Damn you!" .
BATZOO 123 (17 days ago)
Assassins creed revelations soundtrack IS WAYYYYYYYYYY BETTER THAN THIS ONE
칭청 (17 days ago)
Steel for Greeks, SIlver for Spartans
Super-J Gaming & Co. (12 days ago)
But Spartans are Greek...
Blacktele (18 days ago)
So, I just had the most epic walk into the bathroom
SWGANGSTA 313 (18 days ago)
This is noice
Psycho_Matt (18 days ago)
Just finished the game, this song brings tears in my eyes
Sebbel TV (18 days ago)
I like the ac games i have roge/ black flack/origins and odyssey but i have never played uncharted
MattDraws (18 days ago)
Alex Vause (19 days ago)
This theme gives me Witcher 3 vibes
Mayur pujari (19 days ago)
Wil Ezekiel (20 days ago)
Gosh dang h*ck this game is so good
KAROKUL (20 days ago)
This is our odyssey
Samarskia Play (21 days ago)
Sooo Epic Song
A J (21 days ago)
My 3rd favorite ac game, which 2nd is ac 2 and 1st is ac black flag
Wezz Simple (17 days ago)
It's more like 3. Origins 2. Black Flag 1. Odyssey With more content coming to Odyssey, we can only assume it's going to be breathtaking
A J (20 days ago)
Alex Dabaghian ever heard of revelations?
Alex Dabaghian (21 days ago)
NO CHANNEL they should do an ottoman set
Ashikh Bhat (22 days ago)
Banana tiger banana tiger 🤣
timur ll (22 days ago)
Origins Ost is better

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